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The HugeDomains fixed pricing model makes it easy to make a decision to purchase a domain or to look for another option. That is some ways better getting into a prolonged negotiation with businesses or people selling to investors or end users. ( Which often ends badly in terms of the eventual offer to sell price ) The actual purchase process for me was intuitive and painless.

Purchasing my domain name through was easy & seamless. Their purchase plan allowed me to secure the domain name and was a simple, no-fuss set-up. Very professional, with email confirmation of purchase instantaneously arriving into my inbox.

Extremely happy to have acquired (aka The process with quick and easy and I had access to the domain within a few hours and later the domain transferred into my name within a couple of days.. LA Buy & Sell is now active and making money.

The folks at HugeDomains are always a pleasure to work with. They go out of their way to make sure you're happy with your domain, and their step-by-step instructions as to how the process works could not be any easier. I'm always happy when a domain I'm interested in is available through, because I know it will be offered at fair price, and all the technical details will be done right the first time.

There was a waiting period while purchasing my domain, but the staff was kind and let me know about it promptly. Although I personally had to reach out about the availability, the purchase process was simple and easy. Overall I would have to say it was a great experience.

I tried purchasing on a different domain site and the transaction failed to go through. Horrible communications so I search ICANN and found a phone number to call. That lead me to Huge Domains. I called and the rep updated the system to let me purchase. I had it in under 10 minutes when the other company just gave up. Phenomenal service and happy customer!

It's quick and it worked really well... They don't mess with you. Verify your email... I'm using the webmail and had a professional email within 20 minutes. Super cool. The domain was expensive, but it wasn't insane.

I couldn't be happier with our several domain purchases with Huge Domains over the past year. This company is the real deal when it comes to consistency in their selling process. The prices are fair and their payment plans definitely help ease the burden of a substantial investment. If you're looking to start an online business or rebrand an existing one with a better domain, I can definitely say Huge Domains is a place you need to search. Your best domain may very well be here.

Even that some people complain about these guys, they just do business like the rest of us. They took the time to update the domain membership terms and so I purchase it. The service from the support is quite good as well.

Buying a premium domain was a seamless experience. The customer support team provided answers to my questions in advance of purchases and afterwards. Overall, will now be my go to company for domain registration.

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Our custom glass is made to your specifications, right at the time of your order. We source only the highest-quality glass for our custom glass products, and fabricate it right here in our own factory. This means we can be sure of the quality of each custom-cut glass product we make.

Sometimes you might want to replace your broken glass with a specialty glass. Here are some additional types of glass and glass alternatives you can order from us:

For those ordering online, we offer 4 glass thicknesses: 3/16", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2". To discuss options regarding other glass thicknesses, please contact our glass professionals at 1-866-452-7707, or request a quote.

After your order is received, our manufacturing process usually takes 5 to 7 business days. Once your order is fulfilled, we will ship it immediately and send you a confirmation email with tracking information.

Yes! You may customize your glass online and we'll ship it anywhere in the contiguous United States (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, all off-shore U.S. territories and P.O. Box addresses). Please note: the maximum online shipping size is 119-5/16" x 79 15/16".

For all shapes with edges (i.e. square, rectangle), corners are usually nice and sharp to create a clean line. However, if you have small children or pets, you may want to finish the corners for safety. Corner finishes offered are listed below:

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Its rare to come across a serious smoker that doesnt have a selection of silicone, wood, or glass hand pipes ready to light up. Aptly named for their spoon-shaped design, spoons are some of the most widely known hand pipes to be used by smokers worldwide. Not only are spoons easy to pack and smoke out of, but many of these glass spoon pipes also come in an eye-popping variety of colors and styles that make it easy to add some personality to any smoke session. Although spoon hand pipes are one of the simplest designs, they still offer a variety of unique styles from hundreds of brands including GRAV, Empire Glassworks, Chameleon Glass and SMOKEA just to name a few.

We serve smokers of all shapes, tastes, and sizes here at SMOKEA, and we bet you can find what you're looking for here as well. We're so confident that you'll love our glass hand pipes, in fact, that you can redeem a free pipe when you earn enough points through our SMOKEA Rewards program, and youll get access to all the best deals and new finds ahead of the pack. We've got the highest quality glass spoon pipes at prices the competition can't beat.