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There are many types of milling equipment on the market, and the models are different. In addition, there are many manufacturers. Therefore, the price of limestone mills cannot be generalized. Specific models and specific analysis are required. A commonly used machine for limestone milling equipment is the trapezium mill.

During work, the grinding roller and the grinding disc do not directly contact, and the grinding roller and the lining plate are made of high-quality materials, so there is less wear, long service life, and low operating cost.

The grinding roller is used to crush the ground materials on the grinding disc, and the energy consumption is low. Compared with the ball mill system, the energy consumption is saved by 30% to 40%, and the electricity cost is saved by more than a little.

The residence time of the material in the mill is short, reducing repeated milling, easy to detect and control the product particle size and chemical composition, and easy to stabilize the product quality.

The equipment runs smoothly with little vibration, so the noise is low. The system is hermetically sealed and works under negative pressure. There is no dust spillage, the environment is clean, and the emission standard far exceeds the national standard.

The customer wants to place the milling equipment in a limited space, which not only needs to consider the maintenance space of the equipment, but also considers the way of incoming and outgoing materials and the transportation of finished products.

The client's time limit for this project is as short as possible, time is money. Under the circumstance of tight construction period, high requirements were made for the speed of preparation for shipment, installation and commissioning.

The Shibang project team organized engineers to carry out detailed surveys on the customer's site, and carried out reasonable planning and layout in the space reserved by the customer to solve the customer's site planning needs.

In order to achieve the speed of production line construction that customers want, after signing the order, Shibang formulates detailed production, ready-to-deliver, basic production and engineer dispatch installation and commissioning plans to ensure that the final delivery is completed on time, so that customers can quickly put into production and profit quickly.Environmental Protection Intelligence To Ensure AutomationLoading, grinding and finished product transportation and storage are equipped with pulse dust removal equipment to ensure that the production site is clean and environmentally friendly without dust pollution. High degree of automation, equipped with PLC intelligent control cabinet and remote central control system, saving labor costs and simple and fast operation.Improve Equipment Quality, Reduce Costs And Increase EfficiencyThe suspension roller mill used in this project has a service life that is 1.7-2.5 times the life of traditional wear parts; some wear parts adopt a combined design, which can more effectively save the use cost of wear parts and reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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FTM limestone grinding mill is the star product of Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co,.ltd.and it is a grinding mill is specialized in limestone grinding.With genuine components provided by world famous manufacturers and advanced technologies, FTM limestone grinding mill is your best choice to supply limestone powder for portland cement production,high-grade paper making materials, coatings and calcium carbonate products and so on.

Limestone is a kind of resource with extensive use, which is often used as building materials, and it is also an important industrial raw material. Limestone can be used to produce silicate cement, the coating used for high-grade paper making, heavy calcium carbonate products as well as the production of plastics and paint. The processing technology of limestone is the mechanical grinding by the special powder grinding machine, and the heavy calcium carbonate can be produced after the grinding process of limestone.

Low energy consumption, long service life of limestone mill wearing parts;Its grinding roll and ring adopt special materials, thus greatly improve the durability of the limestone mill. In the case of same finished product fineness , the service life of wearing parts is 200%-300%longer than impact crusher and turbine crusher, which is generally up to one year or more; for the processing of calcium carbonate and calcite, its service life can reach up to 2-5 years.

Safe and reliable;The chamber of limestone grinding mill has no rolling bearing or screws, so there are no vulnerability problems of bearings and sealing devices or the damage of the machine resulted from screw loosening.

Fote Machinery is specialized in producing limestone mill which has more than 30 years production experience, and we also have marble grinding mill, clinker grinding mill, barite grinding mill, dolomite grinding mill, bentonite grinding mill and other stone flour mills for sale. The grinding mills of our company have high quality, reliable performance and reasonable price.

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Limestone powder has a wide range of applications, the most common application is used to makePortland cement, and it is also used to make coated heavy calcium carbonate products for high-end papermaking, as a filler in the production process of plastics and coatings, it is used to make foundry sand for machinery manufacturingand desulfurization absorbent.Limestone can be calcined and carbonized to produce light calcium carbonate products, etc.

Limestone superfine grinding millis used to grindsnon-metallic minerals into powder of the fineness between325-2500 mesh. The limestone powder that produced by HLMX Superfine Grinding Millfeaturing high whitenessand superior dispersibilty, excellent dimensional stabilityetc, to ensure customers get the desired grinding effect. The HLMX superfine grinding equipment can be also applied in processingcalcium carbonate, dolomite, potash feldspar, bentonite, limestone and other non-metallic ores.

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