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review on sensible thermal energy storage for industrial solar applications and sustainability aspects - sciencedirect

Solar energy can be utilized in many industrial processes.TES methods offer flexible solutions that render solar energy systems sustainable.Integrating TES into industrial processes shall produce significant savings.Using cost-effective and sustainable TES systems in SHIP is essential.

Industry is one of the leading energy consumers with a global share of 37%. Fossil fuels are used to meet more then 80% of this demand. The suns heat can be exploited in most industrial processes to replace fossil fuels. Integration of a thermal energy storage system is a requisite for sustainability in solar heat for industries. Currently there are only 741 solar heat industrial plants operating with an overall collector area of 662,648m2 (567 MWth) that cover very small share of total global capacity. This is only the tip of the iceberg- there is a huge potential that is eager to be exploited. The challenges of increasing cost-effective solar heat applications are development of thermal energy storage systems and materials that can deliver this energy at feasible economic value. Sensible thermal energy storage, which is the oldest and most developed, has recently gained interest due to demand for increased sustainability in energy use.

This paper attempts to review these latest trends in sensible thermal energy storage systems and materials that are used in solar industrial applications with a special focus on sustainability. The aim is to provide information for further research and development that shall make solar heat a cost-effective method to meet the increasing energy demand of the industrial sector.

zero liquid discharge (zld) | systems & technology

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) is a wastewater treatment process in which all wastewater is either recycled or evaporated, thus leaving zero liquid waste to be discharged. The purpose of a Zero Liquid Discharge System is to produce clean reusable water and safely dispose of wastewater. Thus, minimizing disposal costs, and reducing your environmental footprint.

Every industry produces different types of wastewater each with unique challenges. Met-Chem has the expertise, experience, and technology to treat a wide variety of wastewater. Achieving Zero Liquid Discharge is accomplished through water purification, evaporation, and sludge dewatering. Met-Chem offers various systems for water purification including Ultrafiltration (UF), Reverse Osmosis (RO), and Deionization (DI). Met-Chem manufactures both Thermal Evaporators and Atmospheric Evaporators. Sludge dewatering is handled by a Met-Chem Filter Press.

The first step in achieving Zero Liquid Discharge is to pretreat the wastewater if required. This may be needed to remove certain toxins, and reduce the number of Total Suspended Solids (TSS). This step will also help to preserve the life of the Reverse Osmosis (RO) or Ultrafiltration (UF) membranes.

In this step, the wastewater is purified to the level of reuse. Some industries require ultra-pure water (UPW), and other industries only require potable water. Met-Chem will purify the water to the level your company needs.

Any wastewater that cannot be purified will be transferred to a holding tank to be processed. The wastewater is pumped into a heated tank system where the evaporator will evaporate the water. The wastewater will concentrate. The concentrated slurry will then be pumped into a Filter Press to capture the solids. The filter press will also keep the heated tank clean and provide a seamless operation.

In the final step, the filter press will capture solids, and return the remaining liquid for evaporation. The solid waste is discharged into a Sludge Cart where it can be properly disposed of in a landfill. In some cases, the solids can be sold or processed for reuse.

Met-Chem can manufacture a Zero Liquid Discharge Treatment System. TheEvaporatorand Heated Tank System can be manufactured with a gas-fired burner, steam coil or electric heater. EachFilter Press will be designed to your specifications. The manifold and piping can be constructed using, but not limited to CPVC, Carbon Steel, or Stainless Steel. As your operation grows, our filter presses can be expanded by adding additional Filter Plates, reducing the need to purchase new costly equipment.

Dewatering of waste solutions can save the users of evaporativetanks thousands of dollars in disposal costs. Where the need is for only 3 to 4 gallons of evaporation per hour, no added heat is required. Heat for evaporation is taken from the room.

Met-Chem can offer start-up and installation as an additional option. We can provide full support as you get your system up and running. We have installation technicians and technical representatives that we can send to your facility to make sure the system is running as it should.

techgen | a leading rice milling machinery supplier

We Offer a Complete Set of Rice Mill Equipment for 120T/Day, with High White Rice Yield, Excellent Polished Rice Quality. Additionally, We can Do Reasonable Design as Per The Customers Specific Requirements, So as to form aComplete set or System to Your Satisfaction.

Rice Color Shorter Separates Rice Grains According to Color Differences in Raw Rice Arising from Anomalies Like Bits of Stone, Bad Rice, Black Rice, Half-Husked Rice, etc. A High-Resolution CCD Optical Sensor Drives a Mechanical Sorter to Separate Different Granular Materials, Automatically ShortingHeterochromatic Particles Out of The Batch of Raw Rice

This milling machine is comprised of drum pre-cleaner, vibratory screener and de-stoner, rubber roller husker, gravity paddy screener, rice grading and rice polishing machine and so on which can work continuously and automatically

Techgen Engineering Ltd operates the business with a group of dynamic, hardworking and committed people who have vast knowledge in connection Auto Rice Milling & other Process Equipment in the Industrial sector.

Techgen Engineering Ltdalways sees the interest of the client and not only consider the machine with superior price/performance ratio and low running cost, but also keep a close look at the experience for products

Techgen Engineering Ltd.is a professional Grain processing equipment Supplier enterprise, the main products are rice processing equipment including the raw grain cleaning machine, de-stone machine, paddy husker, paddy separating machine, horizontal rice milling machine, vertical rice milling machine. The grinding mill can also be combined with a variety of other devices such as the rice sorting machine, rice polishing machine, bucket elevator, and power distribution cabinets. In 1994,

The R & D Department is staffed with a highly experienced team of Engineers, who aptly support us in our continuous efforts to excel by designing new machinery and re-engineering existing products. The company has a strong sales network, and we supply products throughout the major rice producing areas.

TECHGEN ENGINEERINGis a trusted supplier and installer ofauto rice mill machineryall over the world. We supply rice mill plant of capacity from 10 tons per day to 1000 tons per day. The price ofauto rice mill machinery depends on the selection of machinery and their functions. To know more about ourauto rice milling machines, please visit our office or call us for a meeting to discuss the project you wanted to set up. We provideconsultancy service to set up a new auto rice mill, to get a loan from banks, to preparethe project profile of auto rice mill, etc.