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10 best wet tile saws with reviews for the money in 2021

Few things can be stressful or as exciting as remodeling your home, and this applies doubly when using beautiful, if delicate, tiles. With all the different types of tile saws and their numerous features, it can be hard figuring out which one is right for you. As such, we are here to present you the 10 best rated wet tile saw reviews in 2021 with a helpful buyer's guide and FAQ.

Of course, that does depend on how much you are willing to spend on a tile saw, but the DEWALT D24000 can cover nearly any job you throw at it with a motor that pushes 1 horsepower to spin the blade up to 4200 RPMs.

On top of that, this tile saw also features one of the best cutting capacities with a depth of 3 and rips of 26 and 18 for straight and diagonal cuts respectively. With a 10 blade and an amazingly efficient and convenient design, the DEWALT D24000 is more than capable of delivering miter, bevel, and plunge cuts.

Many brands all but fled the wet tile saw market including big names like Bosch and Makita. Though SKIL was able to stay in the game by being a consumer-grade power tool manufacturer and the SKIL 3550-02 is a perfect example of this.

Though clearly underpowered compared to professional-grade manufacturers, the SKIL 3550-02 is still the most powerful and effective consumer-grade tile saw and pushes the boundaries of that definition with a 5 amp motor.

It will likely surprise some of you to find this out--especially those of you who use tile saws in a professional context, but the SKIL 3540-02 is actually the best wet tile saw under $300, we reviewed--by customers anyway.

Of course, this also has a lot to do with the fact that the SKIL 3540-02 is a consumer-grade saw which presents itself as such, meaning that the SKIL 3540-02 inherently appeals to a larger consumer base and quickly generates loyalty by being honest.

For instance, the stability of the design and the guide are seriously suspect, but it is otherwise a decent tile saw on the go. With a 4.5 amp motor that pushes the blade at a maximum of 3600 RPMs, the SKIL 3540-02 also packs a surprising punch when compared to many of the other smaller tile saws.

As the name implies, it may be a bit surprising to see a product from Chicago Pneumatics on our list as they do specialize in pneumatic power tools, but their wet tile saw is a breath of fresh air in a market drowning in overpriced mediocrity.

That said, this is actually part of the Chicago Electric division of the Chicago Power Tools company, and it puts many manufacturers on notice. With 2 HP and a cutting depth of 3 , there are few workpieces that the Chicago Pneumatic cannot chew through with ease.

Lackmond may not have the same name cache as DEWALT or Makita, but it is a company which specializes in manufacturing power tools to work with stone. In fact, the Lackmond Beast is so effective and apt for its name that we rank it the best tile saws, that we reviewed.

For one, this tile saw can churn with a 2.4 HP motor that can push its blade up to 4200 RPMs. On top of that, the body of this tile saw is made of die-cast aluminum for both stability and durability while the body is then rubberized in strategic locations for further stability and work safety.

Finally, this tile saw features the deepest cutting depth on our list at 3 as well as respectable straight and diagonal rip cut lengths of 24 and 18 respectively--and the Lackmond Beast can make every cut you would expect too.

QEP is another one of those lesser-known companies founded to serve an extremely specific niche. In this instance, QEP was designed to be a consumer-grade brand of power tools that specialize in tile, grout, and similar products.

This means that you need to understand what the QEP 22650Q 650XT is meant to be used for and what it is not meant to be used for. For instance, if you have the time and patience to feed the tile slowly, this tile saw will cut material every bit as good as those many times its price.

MK Diamond may not necessarily be the company that they once were, but they are still able to produce a fairly impressive tile saw on the surface.Of course, the fact that MK Diamond is more expensive compared to its peers and is also recently noted for not being as durable does not help matters.

Thankfully, the MK-370EXP does at least compensate with a litany of features you are not liable to find on other tile saws. For instance, the body of this tile saw is made of die-cast aluminum while the table is made of a zinc-plated steel.

Aside from being fairly durable on their own, both of these materials are inherently rust and corrosion-resistant. This tile saw also features a solid 1 HP motor that can push the blade a blistering 6000 RPMs--the most on our list for a wet tile saw.

Out of all the different brands on our list, none of them carry the kind of reputation or prestige that MK Diamond does. Founded as a hand-cut tile company, MK Diamond eventually became known as one of the best manufacturers of high-end, professional-grade tile saws--wet or dry.

That said, MK Diamond has recently seen a drop in their quality, specifically in regards to the engineering and how that affects the products longevity. Basically, there is too much play given between the fastening of moving parts which will lead to premature failure the longer you use it.

On the plus side, the MK Diamond 157222 does at least acknowledge that it is meant for infrequent use. It does have high that average blade speed for a wet tile saw with max RPMs of 5500--though this may be part of the durability issue.

The DEWALT DWC860W is by far the most unique tile saw that we reviewed, but that is not to say that it is the best. Instead, the DEWALT DWC860W distinguishes itself by being one of the few we saw, and the only we reviewed, of the hybrid tile saws.

Basically, this means that the DEWALT DWC860W is a dry tile saw in all general contexts, but it has the option to feed a 12 tube with water so that it can serve as a wet tile saw when blade overheating.

This means that while the DEWALT DWC860W will be far more precise when cutting than other standard dry tile saws, it will not be able to come anywhere near the precision of an even a similarly price wet tile saw--not to even mention the higher-end models.

That is why it is all the more surprising that Makita has all but exited the tile saw market with but a few stragglers still clinging on. The Makita 4100NH is just such an example, and for a dry tile saw, it is actually a fairly effective tool.

However, the dry tile saw is inherently less precise when cutting which also happens to be one of Makitas major downsides in general. Still, with a 12 amp motor and 13000 maximum RPMs, you should not have much issue tearing through whatever is in front of you.

When it comes to the qualities that you will use for deciding on which tile saw to purchase, the type is likely the first thing that you will look at because it will ultimately determine which jobs the tile saw is meant to be used on.

This is by far the most common and generally most effective type of tile saw used, though it does come with plenty of limitations. The reason that wet tile saws exist in the first place is that the heat generated from the friction of the saw blade cutting into stonework weakens the surrounding stone.

This leads to the tile shearing during the cut or knocking off the tips of diagonal cuts, making them ineffective for precision cuts. Wet tile saws have some sort of a system which continuously feeds a stream of water onto the saw blade and tile.

The water cools the blade and tile during the cutting action leading to far more precise cuts and far fewer instances of the tip of a diagonal cut being knocked off. Wet tile saw minimizes floating dust particles.

Of course, this also means that you will need to constantly keep the water tank fed, the saw will need to be larger to accommodate the basin, and the saw will both be more difficult to clean as well as needing to be kept cleaner in general

Of course, dry tile saws were not even made to cut tile but to cut brick--a type of stone mixture often significantly denser and than the materials used in tile. As such, dry tile saws will often be more powerful per pound than even professional-grade wet tile saws and will spin the cutting blade at significantly higher speeds and generating far more torque.

This makes dry tile saws great for demolition, rough cuts, cutting large work pieces, or cutting pre-existing stonework. On top of that, dry tile saws are a modification of the handheld power circular saw making them incredibly easy to transport and use.

This is easily the least common and newest type of tile made--though the design has existed for decades. Manufacturers had simply been unable to miniaturize the technology so that it was both effective and within the price range of consumers--with most of the older hybrid tile saws being used exclusively for industrial manufacturing.

Of course, if you are a contractor or a consumer on a budget, the ability to functionally accomplish the 2 primary types of stone cutting tasks makes it a great value. However, if you rely on producing high-precision tile cuts, then you will want to stay away from a hybrid type of tile saw.

There is no straight answer to this question since different people will have different needs which no one tile saw has yet been able to satisfy--largely because many of these people require contradictory features. For instance, one person might require a light tile for portability while another person will want a heavier tile saw for stability.

Until such time that manufacturers figure out a way to stabilize a motor running at multiple horsepower and spinning a blade thousands of times a minute with less than 10 pounds of additional weight, those 2 people will have to buy different tile saws.

As such, there is no tile saw on the market that is universally the best. Instead, it is a better idea to identify the most common type of butting tasks you will use your tile saw for and then purchase a tile saw that specializes in that function.

The only time this is not the proper selection method is if you are a professional contractor who will likely need to to use the tile saw to cut a number of different materials, sizes, and even designs for a variety of different jobs.

This is definitely a major question considering there are a couple of ways to distinguish the tile saw by type. Generally, tile saws are categorized as either a wet tile saw or a dry tile saw--though recently some manufacturers have been able to hybridize the 2.

At the same time, within the wet tile saw group you can further break it down into portable, job site, table, and cabinet table saws with each of these having different situations in which they are the most appropriate.

That said, there is a good chance that you can make due with most tiles saws for a given job so long as it has enough power to do the job and is the appropriate type in regards to wet or dry. In terms of the types and their uses, portable tile saws are generally the smallest and least powerful and are meant more for the consumer-grade market.

Jobsite tile saws will often skirt the line a bit in that they can work all day at a moderate load but will struggle with continual heavy workloads. The table tile saw are large enough to require a significantly sturdy foundation on which to sit to prevent undue vibration from throwing off the precision of the cut.

The size of the tile saw does not matter as much except insofar as you may need to transport it from one location to another. Even then, only cabinet tile saws are unable to be easily moved with the help of a second person.

Though again, the necessity for the extremes of this consideration is rarely used outside of uncommon jobs or projects. Few tiles are larger than 12 and even less is thicker than 2, so many of the capacities of tile saws are designed to exceed the likely need.

This question is about as common and about as important as the one wondering how big the tile saw should be. These factors will rarely determine whether or not you can complete the task as much as they will influence what using the tile saw feels like--for better or worse.

For instance, a tile saw that is a bit underpowered will be able to cut through nearly all the same materials as a tile saw which is more powerful. However, the underpowered tile saw will have to take more time to cut line the same amount and will have to rest longer between uses to cool down.

As we can see, the search for the top rated wet tile saws will lead different people down different roads and to different products. That said, there is no reason that you cannot figure out which is the best tile saws in 2021 for you, and with the help of this guide, not only should you know what to look for in a tile saw but should also have a pretty good idea of which tile saw on our list best suits your needs.

If you are looking for a cutting edge guide tile saw that can handle pretty much any and every job you throw at it while still being easy to use, then we recommend our Editors Choice the DEWALT D24000. While professionals who specialize exclusively in tile work may want to spend a bit more for the slight edge, pretty much everyone else should find something to love about this tile saw.

Whether it is the sizeable power source, the numerous types of cuts, the innovative feed system, or the cut capacity, the DEWALT D24000 can handle pretty much every job that a professional and homeowner alike might throw at it.

Of course, if you are looking for the cream of the crop, then the Lackmond Beast is easily the most impressive tile saw we found--though the price makes it a bit untenable unless you have a need for its particular advantages.

Specifically, if you need to be able to comfortably make every kind of wet tile saw cut on pretty much every material used with wet tile saws, then the Lackmond Beast is one of the few products we found at all that has you covered.

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