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We are manufacturers and suppliers of energy and wood products like Hardwood Charcoal, Wood Pellets, Pine Wood Logs, Wood Chips etc.. We are currently offering best services and prices on the market with prompt delivery. Product: Wood Pellets Raw material: soft wood, hard wood or customer design

Sugar beet has a conical, white, fleshy root (a taproot) with a flat crown. The plant consists of the root and a rosette of leaves. Sugar is formed through a process of photosynthesis in the leaves, and it is then stored in the root. Sugar Beet Pulp is a by-product from the processing of the sugar beet, usually in pellet form, high in energy, fibre, and protein and used for feed for horses and livestock. It is supplied either as dried flakes or as compressed pellets. Despite being a by-product of sugar beet processing, beet pulp itself is low in sugar and other non-structural carbohydrates, but high in energy and fibre. -Specification of SBPP: -Moisture - 14 % max. -Protein content -8 % - Sugar content -8 % max. - Ash - 7 % max. - Longines of Pellets - 20-60 mm - Diameter of Pellets -10 mm -Crop- Lastest -Specification of SBPP: -Moisture - 14 % max. -Protein content -8 % - Sugar content -8 % max. - Ash - 7 % max. - Longines of Pellets - 20-60 mm - Diameter of Pellets -10 mm -Crop- Lastest -Packing-in 25kg,50kg or as per request

Tamarind juice Concentrate is the main ingredient used in all the brown sauce- like Worcestershire Sauce, Steak Sauce, Lea-perrins, etc. Specifications 100% Natural Appearance/colour :Dark brown viscous liquid 65 to 67 brix Ingredient for all the Brown Sauce like Worcestershire, Steak Sauce, etc. Fresh Tamarind Taste Type: Concentrate Fruity Flavor Taste from Special characteristic of Sour Tamarind Fruit Acid Content as Tartaric Acid Shelf Life One year at Ambient Temperature No artificial colouring or flavour added Packaging & Delivery Tamarind Concentrate is the best tangy ingredient for the curry pastes & pickles We have retail packs for the direct consumers for their kitchens of sizes ranging from 227gms, 454gms. We have separate pack for institutional market of the size 1.2kg & 6.5kg Can. The Bulk sizes available with us are 25kgs Cans/ Pillow Pouches, 55kg Carboys, 250kg Metallic drums with a alluminium foil as an inner Delivery Detail: Within 15-21 days after payment deposit is receive

Particle size: 6mm to 8mm for domestic and small scale systems, 10-12 mm for larger systems Moisture content: less than 10% Calorific value: less than 4.7kWh/kg Ash content: less than 1% (low), less than 3% (standard) or less than 6% (high); to be clearly labelled Bulk density: less than 600 kg/m Sulfur content: less than 300 ppm Chlorine: less than: 800ppm Only additives: lignin and trace amounts of vegetable oil as a die lubricant Mechanical durability of pellets is specified in EN 335, with determination by technical standard CEN/TS 15210-1:2005. The CEN/TC 355 standards include detailed specifications for sampling and testing biomass fuel. Specifications Our company is manufacturer of 100% natural wood pellets Pine wood, No additives, no chemical, no harm for human beings Ignites quickly and quietly High burning efficiency, low ash Wood pellets fuel is a limitless and environment friendly fuel source. It is a clean-burning home heating alternatives. General Specification Pellets made from Spruce, Beech and Pine Diameter: 6mm to 8mm Length: 10 to 50mm Total moisture:

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