medium cobblestone pellet machine in ella

how to build a pelle mill?|small,medium or large scale

Where should I start to build a pellet mill? Small, medium or large mill, which is suitable for me? Here at ABC Machinery we provide a so explicit range of pellet mills and plants. All pellet manufacturing plan and facilities are customized depending on the situation and requirements of each client.

Our pellet manufacturing equipment adopt high quantity materials. Most of the pellet mills for sale online are not designed for your budgets and projects, however ABC Machinery can supply tailor-made business plans of both mini and large pellet production, so you can always find one that is especially suitable for you. Just send an email to us to tell us you needs, and we are always at your services!

Our small pellet mills are widely used in many countries and regions. For research such as lab testing and training or small scale trail production, we suggest you should choose the small pellet mills. We have different types small pellet mills and the capacity of that can range from 50 kg/h to 400 kg/h. we have abundant clients who produce the biomass pellets for their own pellet stoves and boilers or the feed pellets for animals. Please visit our products page to learn more information. Small pellet mill order >>

Generally speaking, our medium pellet mills are used in farms for processing various different biomass materials. The output of our medium pellet mills can range 400kg/h to 800 kg/h. many clients send enquiries to us for the medium pellet mills and finally most of them would choose small pellet mill plants, which contains hammer mill (crusher), conveyor, pellet cooler, flat die pellet press and bagging machine (optional). Pellet Mill Parts >>

To the large pellet mill plant, we usually design and install that depending on our clients special requirements. The capacity of large pellet mills line can between several tons per hour to dozens of tons per hour. The yielding high quantity pellets can be used for heating and burning.

Please review the pellet mill plant we can provide, if you are interest in our machines and want to learn more information, please send an inquiry to [email protected] We will help you purchase the suitable pellet machine within your budget. Welcome to consultation.