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Oatey University offers best-in-class education, training, research and hands-on practice, both on-site and online. It is our goal to create a welcoming and stimulating environment to share with our customers, associates, vendors, media, and trade professionals, fostering the exchange of new ideas and innovations to make our company, products and industry even better. We take pride in our role as industry thought leaders and remain dedicated to excellence and improvement. Learn More

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True commercial refrigerators and freezers now come with a parts and labour warranty. Contact our warranty team for more information. Our warranty support agents will be happy to answer your questions.

quality control of rubber fender - jier marine rubber fender systems

The commitment to quality is our top priority. JIER Management System is ISO9001:2000 / ISO14001:2004 and CCS certificated and complies with all demands of the standards during manufacturing procedure. Our Quality Control Center is equipped with complete testing equipments therefore all quality tests will be finished in our factory prior to delivery. Those essential tests include Compression Test, Tensile Test, OZONE Resistance Test, Abrasion Resistance, etc.

We routinely test our rubber fenders to verify their consistent performance and quality. We adopt the latest verification testing protocols defined by PIANC and ASTM to confirm rubber fenders meet the published Rated Performance Data.

Meanwhile, our factory has approved by BUREA VERTITAS to PIANC 2002 Guidelines for the design of Fenders systems Appendix A. Procedure to determine and report the performance of marine fenders and ASTM D Standard Test Methods for Vulcanized Rubber and Thermoplastic Elastomers-Tension.

rotary dryers

Weve built a reputation on building the best rotary dryers in the industry. All of our dryers are custom designed to suit the unique processing needs of your material. Whether you require low or high inlet temperatures, short or long residence times, counter current or co-current flow, FEECOs design team can design a rotary drum dryer for your application.

Rotary dryers are a highly efficient industrial drying option for bulk solids. They are often chosen for their robust processing capabilities and their ability to produce uniform results despite variance in feedstock.

The drum is positioned at a slight horizontal slope to allow gravity to assist in moving material through the drum. As the drum rotates, lifting flights pick up the material and drop it through the air stream in order to maximize heat transfer efficiency. When working with agglomerates, the tumbling action imparted by the dryer offers the added benefit of further rounding and polishing the granules.

All FEECO equipment and process systems can be outfitted with the latest in automation controls from Rockwell Automation. The unique combination of proprietary Rockwell Automation controls and software, combined with our extensive experience in process design and enhancements with hundreds of materials provides an unparalleled experience for customers seeking innovative process solutions and equipment.

Rotary dryers are known as the workhorse of industrial dryers. They are able to process a wide variety of materials, and can lend a hand in nearly any industry requiring industrial drying solutions. Some of the most common industries and materials in which rotary dryers are employed include:

Unlike direct dryers, indirect dryers do not rely on direct contact between the material and process gas to dry the material. Instead, the rotating drum is enclosed in a furnace, which is externally heated. Contact with the heated drum shell is what dries the material.

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Our rotary dryers are built to the highest quality standards, with longevity in mind. The best part about buying a FEECO rotary dryer, is that you get the security of knowing your equipment is backed by over 60 years of experience, material and process knowledge, and a proven track record.

industrial food drying machines & commercial dehydrator manufacturer

Our mesh belt food drying machine is designed to utilize the combination of heat and air to rapidly dry the material. Material enters via the conveyor into a multi-layer belt system whereby it is dried by airflow and heat. It is a fast, industrial-scale solution to massive food drying. All material touchpoints are made from 304 stainless to meet food-grade standards.

The Heat Pump Drying Machine provide a fast, efficient, and fully automated drying solution for various of food. It designed for low operating costs and maximum efficiency. Our Heat Pump Drying Machine are based on the reverse Carnot principle and a programmable control system to create the most efficient drying curves and consistent and repeatable end product.

Do you have a food drying project we can help with? We are specialized in manufacturing food drying machine. We can offer you complete food drying solution. Customization is available to meet your special need. Superior quality. Reasonable price.

This multi layer mesh belt vegetable dryer is a continuous convective drying processor of which the vegetable drying takes place on ventilated conveyor belts. The dryer is featured with fast drying, high evaporation strength, good product quality. It is best choice for large scale vegetable drying.

The industrial fruit drying machine adopts medium and low temperature for drying, It is suitable for all kind of fruit drying in commercial use. After drying, the fruit's original color, shape, and nutrient content can be completely retained.

The Continuous Mesh Belt Leaf Drying Machine uses clean hot air as a drying medium, will not contaminate the raw material, it is the ideal drying equipment for drying herbaceous plants. Fast, industrial-scale solution to leaves drying.

Our mesh belt hemp drying machine is designed to utilize the combination of heat and air to rapidly dry hemp leaves and flowers. The Mesh Hemp Belt Dryer is a fast, industrial-scale solution to massive hemp drying.

Hot air circulation chili drying machine, also known as heat pump chili drying machine, is a wise choice for chili drying if your Chili drying capacity is not very large. It is low cost, easy installation and operation, high efficiency and stability

This continuous mesh belt industrial chili drying machine is the best choice drying machine for large scale chili drying production. Fast drying speed, high evaporation intensity and best finished chili drying quality.

We offer three types of food dryer machine: multi-layer belt drying machine, heat pump drying machine and microwave food drying machine. Generally speaking, multi-layer belt drying machine is more suitable for large-scale food drying, heat pump drying machine tends to be easier to operate and frequently used in the small and medium drying process, and microwave drying machine is featured with higher efficiency. Based on your production situation, you can choose the suitable one.

That depends on a number of variables so there is no fixed answer to this question. There are some factors for your reference. The water content of the materials The sugar content of materials The size of the piece of raw materials the temperature you want to dry at the surrounding environment the desired texture of the end result The most important is that whether the dryer you chose is suitable for drying

Generally speaking, food drying is the least damaging form of food preservation. Here are some specifics: Vitamin A is retained during the drying process. The caloric value of a fresh food stays the same when it is dried. Some dried foods, fruits, for example, taste sweeter because the water has been removed and the sugar is concentrated. Dried fruits and vegetables are high in fiber and carbohydrates, neither of which is affected by drying. Dried fruits and vegetables are naturally low in fat.

The best way to identify if the material is dried well is to touch it by hand. They will be sticky, moist, leathery, or hard. When touching foods for dryness, remember food feels softer when warm; therefore, always let food cool for a few moments. If you are not sure if the material is sufficiently dried, please remember that its better to overdry than to under dry.

1. The warranty time is one year from the date you get theindustrial fruit dehydrator, except the easy-wear parts. 2. If any parts are found defective in quality in the first year, we shall replace it for free. 3. We are responsible for the smooth operation of the machines. If you have any problem during production, just feel free to contact us. We assure you our soonest response.

maag | excellent solutions for polymer processing

MAAG Group will offer a free webinar about Innovations in Strand Pelletizing on Dec 10th. Register now and take the opportunity to talk with Maag Automatiks Strand Pelletizing experts and learn more about our new product portfolio.

MAAG Group has strengthened its digital capabilities by acquiring Germany-based XanTec Steuerungs- und EDV Technik GmbH ("XanTec"). XanTec plans, designs and manufactures advanced industrial control systems that are employed in production plants, pelletizing systems and extruders, thereby improving process control and machine intelligence to reduce cost and improve quality.

Successfully applied by hundreds of customers, the proven PRIMO E pelletizers produce the highest quality of cylindrical pellets or microgranulate compounds particularly suitable for further processing.

The production of polymers is a complex process. Gentle handling of the melt in the production process is essential to the high quality of the end product. The optimum combination of gear pumps, filter systems, pelletizing systems and dryers is key.

Concentrated and precisely dosed, masterbatches contribute to the coloring and functionality of the finished polymer products. With integrated processes and systems for conveying, tempering, filtering, pelletizing or grinding and drying, MAAG Group machines achieve uncompromising results for spherical pellets, cylindrical pellets, micropellets, or powder.

Spherical pellets, cylindrical pellets, micropellets or powder these are the production output at the end of polymer processing. No matter whether high filler content, low melt stability, sticky material, or high MFI content with the right pelletizing system top results are achieved from every product.

The recycling of plastics varies widely: Recyclable waste can be processed in the MAAG Groups pelletizing plants. High-performance filtration systems play a decisive role in this. Direct recycling to create the final product, with no intermediate pelletizing stage, is also possible. If powder is the end product, there are also suitable pulverizers in the portfolio.

What produces top extrusion results in terms of processing quality and appearance? Gear pumps that precisely convey the product flow and efficiently apply the die pressure to relieve the pressure buildup on the extruder and gently convey the processed product. And filters that reliably remove dirt from the molten plastic.

Powder of the highest quality, with good flowability and the required particle distribution at high bulk density these are the requirements placed on the powder in rotomolding. The MAAG Groups pulverizers, as laboratory machines or production plants, supply powder material with outstanding product surface quality for rotomolding.

All types of pumps are used in the polymer, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. The pumped media have different requirements in terms of viscosity, pressure, temperature or corrosiveness. With a sophisticated modular system, the MAAG Group can manufacture pumps that are ideally suited to a specific production process.

Micropellets are becoming increasingly important in the pharmaceutical industry. Micropellets are not powder, and not pellets, but particles of uniform size and shape to which active substances can be bound. The MAAG Groups micropelletizer technology enables optimum direct and downstream processing.

The high-quality machines of the MAAG Group are also subject to wear and tear on components subject to heavy loads. Our warehouses worldwide stock key spare parts, including for older machines, in sufficient quantities to be able to deliver in the shortest possible time. High-quality original spare parts assure the long service life and productivity of your pumps, filters, pelletizers and pulverizers.

With eight grinding centers around the world, the MAAG Group provides the largest service network in the polymer industry. Die plates can be cleaned and overhauled, and cutting rotors reground, within a very short time. Regular and careful regrinding permanently improves the pellet quality, as well as extending the service life of the cutting rotor.

Over a long machine lifetime, some components will need to be repaired, upgraded or replaced. Repair and maintenance is carried out by trained specialists, using original spare parts, in order to maintain the high machine quality over the long term and safeguard the capital investment in the machine.

For machines to work optimally over the long term, they must be serviced regularly. The MAAG Group offers service contracts that are adapted to the individual requirements of companies and their production processes. Additional periodic inspections provide even more planning assurance for scheduled maintenance procedures.

At the MAAG Groups test and development centers, individual plastics can be tested, innovative ideas can be tried out under realistic conditions, a pilot production run can be commissioned, or solutions for special requirements can be devised. This means the MAAG Group is always close at hand to serve you as an innovation partner in your polymer production.

Trained employees are motivated employees. At the same time, trained personnel enhance machine availability. We teach this specialist know-how at MAAG Group test and development center locations or directly on-site. The seminars on polymer production plant operation provide instruction in theory and practice.

The service lives of the MAAG Groups machinery, plants and systems can be extended further by means of technology services and upgrades. Thanks to the comprehensive after-sales program, machines remain state-of-the-art, can be optimized to individual needs and machine outputs, and can be adapted to market requirements.

We run two shifts every day, and will extend to three shifts if and when necessary. Downtimes are practically eliminated. Once the plant has been started, it runs for hours. We only have to shut down when there is a material change, and that is planned accordingly. We check the plant only about every half hour, while it simply continues to output pellets. If we need to expand our operations, Im sure Ill turn to you again. Thank you once again for all the support you have given us. I really appreciate it.

ONeil Color and Compounding has been using GALA pelletizers for at least 17 years, and the number of GALA underwater pelletizers it operates is increasing every year. In the course of our expansion and growth, Galas pelletizing plants have become our preference. Every time we expand our production, whether by installing a new production plant or modernizing existing lines, GALA is part of the process. We now have a whole range of different sized plants, with various models. We can pelletize a wide variety of polymers, and achieve pellets of a quality that other pelletizers can only achieve with difficulty, if at all. Given the customer support, reliability and design quality we get, the decision when upgrading is an easy one to make.

With its reliable equipment, GALA is an important business partner for Danimer. The GALA laboratory lines were key to the development of our adhesive products. GALA listens to identify its customers needs, and surpasses them every time.

One of our extrusion pumps had developed a seal leak after 19 years of great service, so we sent it in for evaluation and repair. Maags service and maintenance team bent over backwards to get me my pump back before our start-up of a critical line. The communication and service was some of the best I have experienced in my maintenance career.

No business can succeed without motivated and skilled employees. MAAG employs around 1,000 people worldwide at over 16 different locations. We expect high standards in terms of expertise, quality, reliability and personal commitment. We constantly endeavour to appoint the right people to the right post, so that we can offer them the opportunity to develop, grow and achieve their goals. To enjoy personal success, you must be able to contribute experience and expertise along with a sense of fun, motivation and belief in the company.

freeze dryers for sale - pharmaceutical & industrial models

We carry top-of-the-line Harvest Right freeze dryer models, available in small, medium, and large varieties to accommodate harvests of all sizes. Check out our handy guide here, and compare the various capacities, features, sizes, and more.

The Labconco FDry-8L Freeze Dryer System is a premium solution with a pharmaceutical grade pump that makes it easy to freeze-dry your ice water hash. With cycle times as low as 6 hours (compared to 24 hours with conventional freeze dryers), this machine saves you time and effort. Store up to 30 programs and 16 steps, and use the sophisticated on-board logging data to maintain consistent quality from batch to batch.

Each dryer includes a vacuum pump and requires no additional accessories to get up and running. Preserve your terpenes, increase your clarity, and enjoy unrivaled quality thanks to the state-of-the-art freeze-drying technologies and patented software. These freeze dryers are self-monitoring, so you can set it and forget it.

Every Harvest Right and Labconco freeze dryer purchase from us gets you access to professional tips and tricks on how to use it - something you won't receive when buying a freeze dryer anywhere else. We'll beat any price, too.

No matter which option you choose, you can rest easy knowing that its never been easier to produce 5- and 6-melt hash with consistent results. If you need any assistance or have any questions about our freeze dryers, please contact our helpful sales team today.

Made it all the way down here, huh? Nice work. We're dedicated to offering the very best in all things solventless processing, so thanks for visiting our website. If you have any questions whatsoever, don't hesitate tocontact us.

washing machine brands to avoid (we have the answer) upgraded home

The idea of scouring the internet for the perfect washing machine may sound like a daunting task. Out of all of your home appliances, a washing machine is often the most frequently used tool. Needless to say, this purchase is important!

You want a machine that will last you years if not a full decade with little to no maintenance. But, with so many options on the market, how do you choose? The last thing you want is to get stuck with a sub-par machine and a hefty repair bill.

When choosing a washing machine for home purchase, you may want to avoid Whirlpool, Samsung, and Costway brands. Whirlpool and Samsung models are notoriously testy and require frequent repair. Costway washing machines are positively affordable, but their compact size is not practical for higher volumes of laundry.

Before choosing which washing machine to purchase, it is helpful to understand the different types of machines. You will also need a better understanding of the key features to look for when choosing a machine.

Space Saver:If space is limited in your home, a front-loading machine is a great option. Most front-loading machines have the option to stack with their dryer counterpart. This feature is beneficial for townhouses, condos, or apartment homes that do not have a designated laundry room.

May Require a Pedestal:The downside of a front-loading machine, as mentioned above, is that a front-loading machine requires bending down to insert laundry. Should you suffer from back problems, or if you have limited mobility, this style may not work for you. Most manufacturers offer pedestals as a potential solution to this issue. You can place a pedestal underneath the machine to heighten the door level.

Potential Mold:Another downside that is not present with top-loading machines is the potential for mold growth and foul odor. Water from front-loading washing machines tends to puddle in-door crevices, in the drum or in the detergent dispenser. If you do not regularly clean your machine, this could cause a health hazard.

Top-loading washing machines have a door on top of the machine. This type of machine is a more traditional option and works in homes with more laundry room space. Most homeowners prefer this type of machine to the front-loading options.

Less Risk for Mold:A top-loading machine drains water downwards. This feature prevents pools of water from forming in the tub like front-loading machines. As a result, top-loading machines tend to be a cleaner option overall. It is still recommended to wash the tub and dispenser of your washing machine once per month for optimum cleanliness.

Larger Tub Size:The tub of a top-loading machine tends to be slightly larger than many front-loading machine models. If your volume of laundry is slightly larger, you may want to choose a top-loading model.

Energy Consumption:The downside of top-loading washing machines is their energy usage. Top-loaders tend to use more water than front-loading machines. As a result, your electricity bill may be slightly higher than if you chose a front-load model.

It is recommended to measure your laundry room space and keep these numbers handy while shopping. Washing machines generally range from 24 to 27 inches. Make sure the machine you choose will fit in the designated space. If you are choosing a front-loading machine and plan to stack, make sure to factor in the height of both machines.

A larger tub size is key if you have a higher volume of laundry from additional household members. You may also need a larger tub if you plan to frequently wash larger home items like curtains or washable rugs.

If you have kids that play sports or participate in a lot of dirty activities, a presoak cycle is helpful. You may also want a longer wash option or an auto-adjusting temperature feature. Cold wash temperatures below 60 degrees will not effectively dissolve powder detergent, if this is your preference.

If, however, you only have lightly used or soiled garments, you need a quick wash cycle option. Or, if you frequently wash heavy, bulky items, you may want extended spin to ensure drainage of extra water.

If you have limited space, a stackable front-loading washing machine is the best space saver. You must also consider the location of walls or doors in your room that could block the washing machine door from opening properly. You certainly dont want to be stuck with a machine that blocks a doorway or hits the wall when opened.

Not all users are concerned with power consumption and energy efficiency. If this is important to you, you may want to choose a power-efficient washing machine. You can identify low-energy machines by looking for the Energy Star label from the U.S. Department of Energy.

The Energy Star label ensures that your machine meets the governments standard of energy consumption. Machines with this stamp of approval may also offer a rebate of up to $300 if you live in a qualified state.

You can visit the Energy Star rebate finder website to see what rebates you qualify for based on your zip code. This does not just apply to washing machines, but also appliances like furnaces, water heaters, and more.

Purchasing a washing machine requires some future planning. How long do you plan to keep your washing machine? If you are purchasing a washing machine and dryer for your home, how long do you plan on living there?

If your intention is to move in a few years, you may want to spend less than $500 on a washing machine. However, if you plan to live in your current home for many years, a larger investment makes sense.

We scoured popular websites that sell home appliances to find brands with poor customer reviews. The following brands have multiple models with 3-star reviews or lower on Home Depot, Lowes, Best Buy, and Costco online shops.

You may be surprised to find popular brands like Whirlpool and Samsung on this list. This list was developed as a cautionary tale rather than a do not buy list. The brands on this list have many additional models that are rated with 4 or 5 stars.

We recommend that you do further research on the particular models you are interested in with the following brands. Reading online reviews and talking with store specialists will help you make the best decision for your home.

After reviewing hundreds of reviews on home appliance websites, we found the Whirlpool 3.1 cu. ft. front load commercial coin-operated machine and the 2.3 cu. ft. front load compact washing machine to be the lowest-rated models.

With the Whirlpool 3.1 cu. Model, users stated that the coin box broke soon after purchase which prevented the machine from working. Other users stated that the machine showed an error code that was not covered in the user manual. These issues lead to long conversations with customer service and high repair costs over time.

The consensus from customer reviews is that Whirlpool customer service is difficult to deal with. Customers also claim that the repair costs for issues with their Whirlpool washing machines rack up to almost the cost of the machine.

The Samsung 6.0 Total cu. ft. High-Efficiency FlexWash Washer and the Samsung 5.5 Total cu. ft. High-Efficiency FlexWash Washer had ratings of 3.6 and 3.5 stars, respectively. Both models connect to your mobile device for operation. Reviews did not identify the mobile connectivity as an issue.

The feature options on Samsung models are highly rated, however. Samsung washing machines are notoriously high tech and robust. The FlexWash feature on both machines allows users to wash two separate loads at the same time. This feature was highly rated on customer reviews.

A Samsung washing machine may be an option for you if you want many features and do not mind a high repair cost. The mobile connectivity and FlexWash are interesting features that may appeal to high-tech users.

The Costway 15 in. 1.4 cu. ft. High-Efficiency 120-Volt Smart Portable Top Load Washing Machine with Steam ENERGY STAR and the Costway 14 in. 1.6 cu. ft. Portable Top Load Washing Machine Mini Compact Washer Dryer are low rated online.

Both machines require users to shut off the water during each load since these models do not have an auto shut-off feature. Both the 15in and the 14in models come with drain tubes. Users must also drain dirty water after each load.

Customer reviews for Costway washing machines spoke negatively about the compact size. Many users claimed that the machine was unable to reach a water source, which made it impossible to use. Users also shared that drainage was a complicated process.

The Costway 19 in. W 1.34 cu. ft. Smart Portable Top Load Washing Machine Spin Compact Washer is a highly rated model. At 4 stars and $299, this model seems to work well with customers. Users do recommend that you purchase your own hose from a home improvement store. The provided hose may not reach the water source effectively.

The 15 in. and 19 in. Costway models are not available in California. If you are a California resident, these models are not available to you. If you are in need of a compact model for either mobile living or a tiny home, Costway is great.

It is important to keep in mind that Costway machines will require action on your part to complete your laundry load. Without a water auto shut-off feature, it is imperative that you stay by your machine. If you fail to do so, you risk flooding your room or your home.

LG is a South Korean electronics brand established in the 1950s. The LG brand offers products from cell phones and TVs to solar panels and air purifiers.LG is considered the top washing machine brand on the market as rated by consumers. LG offers both top-loading and front-loading washing machine models with a variety of cycle options.

The washing machine and dryer designs offered by LG are sleek and uncomplicated. Most LG machines have Energy Star seals, which means they are effectively energy efficient.LG washing machines range from $600 to $4,000 and offer a range of cycle options based on your needs.

Maytag provides a variety of top-loading and front-loading washing machine models. Many of the Maytag models are rated 5 stars by customers who rave about the brands reliability and consumer-friendly machines.

The Maytag 4.7 cu. ft. Smart Capable Top Load Washing Machine is the highest-ranked model. This model offers a remote start so that you can operate your machine from anywhere using the Maytag app. The Advanced Vibration Control on this model also reduces the sound of the machine to ensure quiet operation.

GE washing machines are consistently ranked the highest washing machines on home appliance websites. General Electric is an American technology company that produces kitchen and home appliances among other technology products.

GE offers a variety of washing machine models that range from simplistic design and function to high-tech Odor Block and vent systems. The GE 5.0 cu. ft. Front Load Washing Machine with OdorBlock UltraFresh Vent System, for example, is rated 4.7 with over 1,000 reviews with a 94% approval rating.

Front-loading washing machines tend to outperform top-loading washing machines by a fraction. Also, front-loading washing machines are more energy-efficient using the least amount of water per load. A front-load washing machine also has stackable functionality, which is a great space saver.

You may want to purchase an extended warranty if you are not experienced with simple washing machine repairs. Make sure to look for free warranties before you make a purchase of an extended warranty. Your credit card may offer perks that include extended warranties.

Speed Queen is considered the most reliable washing machine brand on the market. While their machines are aesthetically minimalist, the Speed Queen machines can last up to 25 years. Speed Queen dryers are similarly built and can last just as long.

On average, your washing machine should last around 14 years at around 5-7 loads per week. This would total 2,800 to 3,900 total loads of wash. If you do more than 7 loads per week, your washing machine will have a shorter lifespan.

We are a team of passionate homeowners and home improvement enthusiasts who enjoy sharing home improvement, housekeeping, decorating, and gardening tips with other homeowners! Whether you're looking for a step-by-step guide on fixing an appliance, cleaning your carpet, or even putting up a fence, we've got you covered.

sefar world-class screen printing, filtration & architectural solutions

Leading in technical fabrics for around 190 years, Sefar has been setting standards worldwide as a problem solver with an absolute customer focus. Sefar AG produces precision fabrics, filter components and ready-made products for filtration/separation, high-precision screen printing fabrics as well as innovative, functional fabrics for a wide variety of applications.

Sefar is the worlds leading manufacturer of precision fabrics from monofilaments for the screen printing and filtration markets. Sefar products are used in a wide variety of industries, reaching from electronics, graphics, architecture, medical, automotive, food and pharmaceutical applications to mining and refining, aerospaceand smart fabrics. Sefar operates weaving mills in Switzerland, Romania and Thailand.With Monosuisse, the Sefar Group has its own yarn production with locations in Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Romania and Mexico.Based on extensive know-how, our global network of subsidiaries, and manufacturing centers in 27countries on 6 continents, we can quickly and efficiently helpour customers to achieve the bestresults intheir industrial processes and applications.

Sefar also provides comprehensive technical application expertise and is committed to ensuring optimal and practical use of our products by supplying leading-edge technical application support.Due to our many decades of international activity, our experience and knowledge have steadily increased. Technical centers in Asia, Australia, America and Europe give us the ability to take care of individual queries and concerns quickly and easily.

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Does your animal farm have much animal waste? Do you want to turn them into money? Manure handling equipment is a set of manure machines for turning animal waste into money. Whether your material is chicken poo, cow dung, horse little, or some other animal waste, our manure fertilizer machine can help you get rid of them. Moreover, our manure fertilizer processing machine uses advanced technology for making better organic manure fertilizer. Meanwhile, we also provide different manure fertilizer processing equipment for your different animal waste materials. Especially, there are various types and specifications for you to choose.

Dewatering is the first step for making organic fertilizer. Using a manure dewatering machine, you can get dehydrated organic manure with low moisture content, which is suitable for composting. It is applicable for you to dewater the cow dung, pig waste or some other animal manure, which has high moisture content.

As long as you are going to make manure into available organic fertilizer, composting is necessary. Meanwhile, it is suitable for you to add functional bacteria for making bio organic manure fertilizer. What you need to do is adding bacteria when you turn the manure. There is a spraying device installed on our compost turner machine for adding bacteria.

A mixer is mainly used for mixing pulverized organic manure evenly. This process is helpful for improving granulating effects. Whats more, it is a good chance for you to add bacteria if you want to make bio organic fertilizer. What you need to do is batching the materials you want to mix at a certain proportion. For you information, we can also provide you batching equipment.

Besides add bacteria during fermentation and mixing, it is also applicable for you to add bacteria when granulating. The new organic manure fertilizer granulator, disk pelletizer and rotating drum manure pellet making machine are suitable for adding liquid bacteria during the granulation.

These three machines are used for processing pelleted organic manure fertilizer. Usually, a drying machine will be used with cooler for making manure fertilizer more convenient for transportation and storing. For your information, the drying temperature should not be to high. Because high temperature will kill the bacteria you added.

Turning manure to fertilizer, there many key processes in organic manure fertilizer production line. With manure production equipment, your organic manure production will be more convenient and efficient.

Composting is a necessary process for making organic manure fertilizer. Because of the harmful bacteria in fresh manure, it will hurt plants if you use fresh manure for fertilizing. Making a compost, the fermented organic manure will be more suitable for fertilizing. There are various organic manure compost processing equipment for your reference.

Making chicken poo compost, there are static fermenter and dynamic chicken manure composting system for you. Whether you choose static or dynamic compost making machine for your organic chicken manure compost, you can get well fermented manure in a short time with no stinks.

For making poultry litter compost, there is windrow type and groove type compost fertilizer making machine for you to choose. Besides, it is alternative for you to choose a suitable machine according to you chicken farm scale.

Cow dung is a popular materials for recycling as an organic fertilizers. Similar to other animal waste, composting is the key process for turning cow dung available. Because of the large amount of cow waste, here we provide you different types of composting machine for you to get high-quality cow dung fertilizer rapidly.

The compost making system has wide applications. It is applicable for you to use it for your pig farm. There are not only turner machine, but also fully automatic organic pig waste composting machine for you to choose. Both of them can help you get high-quality organic pig waste fertilizer in a short time.

Besides, it is also suitable for you to apply these composting machines for your rabbit manure management. According to your production capacity, we will recommend you suitable machines. For your large scale compost making, there are fermentation tank and high output compost turning machine for you. Besides, there are also self-propelled organic manure turner machine for composting, these machines are more suitable for small scale manure compost making line.

If you want to make organic manure into fertilizer granular for selling, the manure fertilizer granulators will be helpful. With a granulation machine, you can get high-quality organic manure fertilizer pellets, which is more suitable for transporting and storing. You can also use these machines for your organic compost fertilizer granules pelletizing.

New designed organic chicken manure pellet making machine employs wet granulation technology for granulating. This machine can process your high moisture chicken manure. Whats more, it is available for you to get pure organic chicken manure fertilizer granules.

There are pan granulation equipment and new organic cow dung manure fertilizer pellet making machine for your cow manure pellets production. Besides, for your large production capacity requirements, you can choose our rotating drum pelletizer for granulating cow manure pellets.

The plate type poultry manure granulator is suitable for your small scale fertilizer production requirements. This machine has many specifications. Thus, it is applicable for you to choose a suitable size of pelletizer for your poultry farm.

Manure handling equipment can be used for making all kind of organic fertilizer and bio organic fertilizer. You can use it for processing organic fertilizer by using animal waste as materials. It is suitable for you to use it for your animal farm, such as, chicken farm, cattle farm, stud-farm, etc. With a set of manure handling equipment, you can turn you animal waste into money.

In your chicken farm, there must be many chicken poo. However, the chicken poo is not convenient for storing or transporting. Meanwhile, putting them aside is also great waste because it is rich in organic matter. Thus, it is essential for you to equip with a set of manure making machine. With a chicken manure equipment, you can turn them into available organic chicken manure fertilizer. And then there will be not only money, it also gets rid of your waste.

Poultry manure is a general name of chicken poo, duck litter, goose waste, and pigeon dung. They all have high organic content. Compared with livestock dung, poultry litter has more organic matters. Moreover, it takes you less time for fermenting poultry poo than livestock litter. Whether you use it for your crop or selling, it will be a good choice for you to equip with poultry manure making machine.

Even if there are more organic matter in chicken poo than cow dung, the cow produces more dung than chicken every day. Whats more, dealing with lots of cow dung is a difficult thing. As a consequence, making cow dung into available organic fertilizer will be a wise way for you. You can not only deal with cattle dung well, but also get economic efficiency. What you need is a set of manure processing machinery.

Vermicomposting is different from other animal manures. It utilizes gut-contents of earthworms for making high-quality organic manure. Our company provides vermicomposting processing method and equipment for your reference.

Besides the fertilizer granules making line, we can also provide you powdery fertilizer production machines for you to make fertilizers for selling easily. For example, if you want to make cow dung fertilizer powder, you need to equip with a dewatering machine, composting machine and pulverizer. Then you can pack them for selling. Meanwhile, this cow dung powder processing line is also a basic preparation for making fertilizer granules.

Our company has various organic manure fertilizer processing machines. They have different functions in an organic fertilizer making lines. Meanwhile, each of them has many specifications. For your different requirements on production capacity and applications, we can recommend you suitable equipment configurations according to your plant scale and budget.

Producing organic fertilizers in small scale, there are two types of equipment configurations for your reference. If you want to produce organic fertilizer granules with small production capacity for commercial use, we have machines with small production capacity. Whether the organic manure fertilizer composting machine or the granulating equipment, we will recommend you suitable machines according to your requirements on production capacity.

While, if you own a small scale plant, it is applicable for you to equip with less machine. The less the equipment, the less the space. According to your production capacity, plant scale and the budget, there are some key equipment for you to make the organic fertilizer efficiently.

For your commercial organic fertilizer production, equipping with the whole processing machines, you will get high quality fertilizer products conveniently. It includes all the machines from preparation of organic materials to packing the finished fertilizers. Whether you want to produce fertilizers in large scale or small scale, we have suitable specifications for you to choose. Besides, if you have some other requirements, it is available to customize for you.

For dewatering your fresh manure, we use screw press dewatering technology on manure dewatering machine. It takes advantages of screw press force for separating liquid from solid manure. Whats more, there is a screen in the front of machine for separating liquid and solid.

Whether the compost turner machine or manure fermenter, they all employs aerobic fermentation technology. As we know, the traditional static fermentation is easy to become anaerobic fermentation. Moreover, it will cause stinks. Meanwhile, the fermentation effect is not so good. However, our manure composting equipment use aerobic fermentation technology. Thus, you can get well fermented organic manure.

This aeration-drying technology is mainly used on our manure drying equipment. There is a hot blast furnace in front of drying machine for supplying air. And then the manure pellets inside drying cylinder will be well dried.

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Making manure into available fertilizers, our company is a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer. we have been founded for almost 30 years. There are various types manure fertilizer processing machines for your animal manure production.

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