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December 2017, Russia, 200 tons steel-structure building equipment The production line is created by Pingles technical team, it uses the steel structure and the form of building, follow the "low energy consumption, high quality, high powder rate" designing concept, reducing flour ash to the greatest degree, improving the flour precision indicators, rending this production line a standard project of Pingle in Russias operation, and laid the foundation for further development in the Russian market. The first batch of equipment parts has been shipped starting from February 2018, and the whole shipment was completed in April shipments. Currently this project is under intense process of installation. This equipment is composed of unprocessed grain reception part, wheat cleaning part, wheat flour milling part, finished goods warehouse, flour collocation part, centralized packaging part, loading parts and so forth. Its design included computer report system, packaging control system, automatic water add system and other advanced automatic control procedures, thereby achieving overall automation production line with minimum labor costs, improved production efficiency, and obtaining greater potential profits for customers.

500-ton large automatic flour production line turnkey project in Tajikistan On September 2017 this project was completely installed as we began to test and adjust each single device. On October 15, 2017, the 500-ton large-scale automatic flour production line turnkey project ushered in the first batchs commissioning. Our clients invited people from Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and other countries in the industry together, they observe the project's initial commissioning. The success of the first batchs commissioning signified that this project as a qualitative leap for Pingle Inc. in international food processing engineering field, and marked our companys taking a crucial step in large-scale equipment international standardization.

100-ton Corn gritting production line in May 2017, Kenya Pingle has designed and installed new production lines for our customer in Kenya, the coproduction line can process 100T corn powder daily. Not only can it co-produce corn powder, it also produces different fineness of gold corn powder. The 100-ton steel corn-gritting factory equipment was shipped in December 2017, and is currently under intense installation. This product designed and manufactured by our company has been given high appraisal for its equality by our customer.

200-ton steel frame in January 2017, India The contract of this project was signed by Pingle and AMAR UNIVERSAL PVT LTD, India in January 2017. The shipping was completed in August 2017 and the project entered the trial period in May 2018, and immediately put into operation after the test was completed. During the course of the projects construction, the whole team has carried forward the craftsman spirit from the beginning to the end. The project has been carried out smoothly, and highly praised by the customer.

complete grain processing line and flour milling plant for 10-500tpd project

AGICO is a world leading professional grain processing line manufacturer that provides turnkey project design, installation and commissioning. We mainly engage in 10-1000ton/d wheat flour mill plant, 10-200ton/d maize/corn flour mill plant, and other grain processing machines.We specialize in supply the technology and service on single flour milling machine, small flour milling machinery from 10TPD to 30TPD and complete set of flour mill 40-500TPD for wheat, corn and cereals etc. Depend on the support of many different factories, we can supply the different designs with different cost to meet different buyers request for grain processing line. If your business is simple and initial investment is limited, 40-60TPD flour mill plant is right for you, it is steel frame construction, low cost. But if you intend to large scale supply of flour, you would have to take care of 80-250TPD or 300-500TPD complete flour mill plant. It occupies larger land spaces to build the plant workshop. We also supply all the flour mill machines which can be used in complete grain processing line, like grain cleaning plant, grain hulling plant and flour milling plant. With more than 20 years of production experience in grain processing line, AGICO has built many turnkey projects for our clients in New Zealand, Chile, Zambia, Argentina, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Colombia, etc.

Grainmilling is the process of turning grain such as wheat, corn and other kinds of cereals into flour. Find out this knowledge could help you start a business of grain processing line. AGICO is well recognized worldwide turn-key project design provider, especially for wheat milling, corn milling. We are capable of A to Z engineering services from consultancy, design, manufacturing, onsite installation, staff training, repair and maintenance and business extension ideas.

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We are proud to say that our mills are currently in operation in over forty countries all around the globe. Our company history dates back to 1949 when the original KADY design was made and we have since gone on to continue producing products that go above and beyond expectations.With experience working with a wide range of industries, chances are we have designed mills for an application similar to your own from a chemical mixer or laboratory mixer to a continuous mixer or a batch mixer. We are proud to say that we are the only manufacturer of bottom entry industrial mixers and mills.

We are proud to provide our customers with a number of options when it comes to laboratory mixers. This is why we offer both top entry industrial laboratory mixers as well as bottom entry lab mixers. Both of these designs offer highly efficient mixing solutions and can serve virtually any mixing or dispersion need. Lab Mills

We are known for our top entry and bottom entry mills here at KADY International. Our top entry mills are some of the best in the business and serve a variety of applications when dispersion is needed. Using our unique design these top entry mills are able to effectively and efficiently disperse solid materials into liquids in a uniform fashion. Top Entry Mills

Similarly to our top entry mills, the bottom entry mills found at KADY International are unique to our product line and have been designed with our customers needs in mind. We work with our customers to fully understand their applications in order to better serve them by designing a bottom entry mill that is made with their process and application in mind. Bottom Entry Mills

Our goal is to work hard so you dont have to work any harder than needed. This is why our continuous flow mills are some of the most efficient products on the market. These mills have the ability to provide a continuous flow of power to your production line and thanks to our random path approach our continuous flow dispersion mills offer more work per pass than alternatives. Continuous Flow Mills

Here at KADY International we take a lot of pride in providing some of the best production mills in the industry. Our mills can disperse, suspend, cook, emulsify, aerate and so much more! All of our mills can be specifically engineered to your specifications. Production Mills

Refurbished Mills help cut the costs of purchasing a brand new mill while still getting a high quality product. Especially when you are working with KADY International! From bottom entry mills to continuous flow mills, we offer a number of refurbished mills. Refurbished Mills

tube mill machine | rolling mill machine | lotos 2020

Tube Mill Machine | Rolling mill machine | LOTOS 2O19 is a new welding technology, which coats thin stainless steel on the surface of carbon steel pipe with high strength, the product has the features of both artistic appearance, therefore, corrosion resistance of stainless steel and high strength of carbon steel. It is the best substitute for stainless steel pipe as its lower price compared with that of welded steel pipe.

Choose us, you do not only get the tube Mill Line from us, but you also get technology from us. We select the best welding method for customers from high-frequency welding, TIG welding, plasma welding, and laser welding depending on the usage, welding requirements, and production efficiency.

The tube mill is widely used in household commodities, shoe racks, public facilities, and guardrails such as all kinds of clothes racks, retractable poles, article racks, all-purpose combination racks, table, and chair legs, indoor handrails, ship and bus racks, and outdoor guardrails.

Firstly, the stainless steel strips are made to go through various quality checks and are trimmed at the edges. The strips pass through the number of rollers as per the required size. In the tube mill, the strip is gradually converted into a tubular shape. The fitted welding machine is then used to weld trim edges of the strip welding process. In this way, rolled pipes and tubes are formed.

The rolled stainless steel pipes thus manufactured are cut to the required lengths depending upon the industrial demand. These stainless pipes and tubes are then subjected to cleaning to remove the dirt. Further, a heat treatment is given to these rolled pipes and tubes to remove the stresses that may occur due to welding and formation processes. Heat treatment is given on the continuously rolling hearth furnace. The furnace is fitted with temperature recorders and controllers. After the heat treatment process, the stainless steel tubes and pipes are straightened and subjected to pickling for removing scales from the surface.

In some cases, the required size may not be obtained from the mill directly. Then, the cold operation process can be used to obtain the desired size. In the cold drawing process, the tubes or pipes are coated with oxalic and soap solution. This solution acts as a lubricant to reduce friction while cold drawing operation.

The drawn-out tube or stainless steel pipe is then subjected to cleaning, heat treatment, pickling, and straightening. The computerized inkjet marking machine is used to do the marking on the finished pipes or tubes.

Raw material (steel coil) uncoiling shearing and butt-welding material accumulating non-power leveling mill-forming high-frequency welding removing burrs outside of weld seam Zinc spraying cooling sizing roughly straightening fixed-length cutting run-out table

Sizing device: Mainly fine shaping pipe after welding and controlling size accuracy. Every 6 sets of the horizontal roll stand, vertical roll stand and drive gearbox, 12 sets of a universal shaft.(structure same as forming device)

bohle | container blenders pm | pharmaceutical industry

L.B. Bohle has produced blenders for pharmaceutical production since 1987. To date, several thousand blenders have been built, and every day a wide variety of blending systems are used worldwide in the production lines of pharmaceutical companies and contract manufacturers.

With the right mix of successful ideas and design, L.B. Bohle is among the world leaders in blending technology for the pharmaceutical industry. And this success ranges from laboratory blenders to blending systems with 12,000-liter containers.

Thanks to our great flexibility in design and manufacturing, we can offer a highly sophisticated product portfolio. This means that all L.B. Bohle pharma blenders can be used in all conceivable production scenarios in pharmaceutical production. Whether your company uses round or square containers for production, it all works because the blenders come in a wide variety of pick-up systems. We offer the solution that fits your manufacturing process.

The patented blending elements inside the container lid allow Bohle blending systems to achieve the homogeneous mixing of dry powder batches . The blending procedure is scalable for volumes between four to 12,000 liters.

For highest flexibility, blending containers with different capacities can be used. The patented Bohle blending process guarantees the effective mixing of batches between 20 85 % and with densities between 0.2 1.2 kg/l.

The blending operation is a fully closed process. For filling, each container comes with an inner lid. In addition, the blender can also be used as a milling station for the transport from container to container.

Internationally, L.B. Bohles grinding and sieving machines are considered as state-of-the-art precision granular size reduction facilities pursuant to industry standards. The BTM Hammer Mill, the BTS Turbo Sieve and the BRS Rotation Sieve are ideally suitable for application in continuous and batch productions, as well as research and product development.

Versatile and individualized solutions: Perfect handling makes a crucial contribution toward optimizing your production processes: Whenever there is a need to supply raw materials or to transport, securely seal or store products, a wide range of containers and lifting systems are used. Learn more about our comprehensive handling applications.

ocrim used flour milling production line

So many clients ask me if we can provide the same quality of flour milling machinery same as Buhler, Ocrim, GBS, Satake, Golfetto, Sangati, Simon or Miag. These European brands are welcome known by all around the world. Most the world famous brands have been sold orbankrupted decades of years ago. Nowadays the biggest flour millingmachinerysupplier in this world is BUHLER Flour Milling Machines Supplier. BUHLER has its own factories all around the world and the biggest BUHLER FlourMill Machinery Factory in this world is inChina Wuxi city. There are millions of parts suppliers in China mainland. We know them very well and we know the BUHLER partsquality is accepted without any problems as long as the model type is same as BUHLER SWISS or BUHLER GERMANY.

However, the price of BUHLER made means Extremely Expensive. So some of the customers will choose to buy the old and used BUHLER Flour Milling Machinery to save thebudget to buy more accessories to maintain the old BUHLER Machinery made in year of 1980s or 1990, and 1970s serial model types. This is a better way to save money for the potential customers.

So we do used BUHLERFlour millingmachinery exporting business with the Flour Mill owners or the customers who want to do Flour Mill Machinery Dealing Business. Wehave been exporting All European Flour Mill Machinery made by BUHLER, OCRIM, GBS, Simon, Robinson, Sangati, Satake, Berga, Miag, etc. The Flour Mill Capacity is 100Tons-3000Tons per 24hrs. We will do the dismantling, cleaning, packing, loading into the customer containersandtransporting to theportservice by request from customers.

As times goes by, some of our customers asked us to do the refurbishing job to upgrade their mill machines made by BUHLER such as the MDDK Roller mills, MDDL Roller mills, etc. We will used the brand new BUHLER factory made spare parts and brand new rolls to refurbish the used mddk roller mills or mddl roller mills 250/1250/1000/800. Wehave soldmore than 40pcs in past two years to Mexico, USA,South Africa and Korea,Prague,Australia and New Zealand. So we have our new business REFURBISHING USED BUHLER MDDK MDDL Roller Mills/ Rollstands in year of 2010. Most of the workers are from BUHLER retired engineers and part-time job workers from BUHLER Wuxi company. Webelieveoriginal BUHLER factory parts supplier and BUHLER engineers is the qualityguaranteed Promise. We alsoGive one year of parts quality Insurance for the totally refurbished BUHLER MDDK MDDL roller mills/rollstands.

The third partof our business is Supplyingclients the Best of Best of BEST quality China made Flour Milling Machinery withextremely China-made good quality at reasonable price, sometimes the total cost just be 1/3 of BUHLER's. Maybe the BUHLER FlourMill Machine can run 20-30 years, however our best quality of China made Flour Milling Machine Can run 15-25 years as long as the spare parts can be supplied on time and worn parts can be replaced on time.

Four cleaning operations combined in a single ma- chine: Separator for grading according to size, Concen- trator for sorting according to specific gravity, Destoner for removing stones, and Aspirator for eliminating dust and low-density matter.Design: with or without air-recycling system

For precleaning granular and floury bulk materials in grain mills, storage elevators (silos) and other installa- tions of the food processing industry. For removing coarse impurities such as pieces of straw, strings, paper, etc. High capacity and low power requirement.

For cleaning and classifying grain and other granular materials. Removal of coarse and fine impurities by screening and separation of low-density matter by the MVSH aspiration channel or the MVSQ air-recycling aspirator.

Four cleaning operations combined in a single ma- chine: Separator for grading according to size, Concen- trator for sorting according to specific gravity, Destoner for removing stones, and Aspirator for eliminating dust and low-density matter.Design: with or without air-recycling system.

For separating stones from a continuous material stream. Reliable removal of high-density impurities such as stones and pieces of metal and glass is achieved on the basis of differences in specific gravity. Design: with or without air-recycling system.

For sorting a wide variety of granular materials by length. The machines modular design allows various combinations of the individual design versions: round- and long-seed separator and round- and long-seed final separator.

For the surface treatment of wheat and rye for removing adhering dirt and impurities such as dust, sand, earth clots, insect fragments, etc. The intensive surface treat- ment improves both quality and sanitation.

For sorting a wide variety of granular materials by length. The machines modular design allows various combinations of the individual design versions: round- and long-seed separator and round- and long-seed final separator.

The automatic moisture controller, type MYFC, ensures precise continuous measurement and control of the grain moisture. The MOZL dampener achieves the best possible distribution and penetration of the dampening water, which is crucial for efficient grinding.

For grinding grain into flour, semolina and bran. The new Newtronic roller mill meets the stringent require- ments of the modern Flour Milling industry in terms of economy, ease of operation, maintenance and sanita-

For sifting mealy and floury materials and for sorting various granular materials. Available with 4, 6, 8 or 10 compartments, 22 to 30 sieves per compartment, and sifting areas of 24 to 100 square meters. High sifting capacity thanks to the Nova sieves with their metal insert frames and combi-cleaners.

For purifying and classifying semolinas and fine semo- linas in durum and soft-wheat mills.High capacity: 3 sieve decks, net sieve widths of300 mm and 460 mm. Retensionable metal sieve frames with brush cleaners. Also available as space- saving stacked (double-deck) machine version.

Drum detachers (MDLA/MDL) are designed for the gentle detaching of the stock flakes obtained during the reduction passages. Impact detachers (MJZE/ MJZF) are ideally applied for supporting grinding work.

For sifting very difficult-to-sieve materials such as filter flours or screen jacket throughs from bran finishers. Easy-to-withdraw sieve cylinder with nylon cover. High specific sieving capacity and low power requirement.

For sifting a wide variety of materials encountered in the food processing industry or for the rebolting (final sifting) of finished flours. Equipped with one (MPAR) or two sieve stacks (MPAQ). 6 to 10 sieve frames per sieve stack. The flow scheme and number of separa- tions can be adjusted to suit customer requirements.

For discharging free-flowing to extremely non-free- flowing materials from concrete, steel or plastic stor- age bins. For supporting segregation-free, complete discharge from round, square or rectangular bins.

For the complete discharge of non-free-flowing mater- ials such as flour and fine semolina from storage bins in order to load tankers at high throughput rates. The loosening (fluidization) of the material is achieved by means of compressed air through porous aeration plates.

For mixing free-flowing dry materials encountered in the food processing and animal feed manufacturing indus- tries. The optimized geometry of the mixing trough and the carefully matched shape of the paddles reduce the mixing time to 1.5 minutes while maintaining a homo- geneity meeting quality requirements.

For bagging granular and non-free-flowing materials at capacities ranging from 6 to 10 bags per minute and with bag sizes of 10 to 50 kilograms. Weighing can be done by a net weight scale or a differential dosing scale.

Suitable for bagging non-free-flowing, bulky materials. Optimal compacting action with bran, low-density millfeeds and byproducts. Capacity up to 300 bags per hour, depending on the material and bulk density.

For bagging non-free-flowing and free-flowing materials. Design versions with 3, 4 or 6 spouts for bagging capacities of 8 to 20 bags per minute. Multitude of possible combinations with net weight and differential bagging scales, with or without bag attaching de-

For conveying floury, fine- and coarse-grained mater- ials. Can be applied as a unidirectional or bidirectional conveyor. Is characterized by its high operational reliability, smooth and quiet operation, high degree of sanitation and easy maintenance. Can be used for horizontal and slightly inclined conveying at a rate of up to 200 metric tons per hour.

Ideal conveyor for the vertical elevation of bulk mater- ials with particle sizes of up to 50 millimeters. High throughput capacity and low power requirement. Applied in the food and nonfood industries.

For conveying all floury, fine- and coarse-grained materials that are not friable, only slightly abrasive and non-adhesive. Can be used for horizontal, vertical and inclined conveying as a distribution, collection, feed or discharge screw. Available with diameters of 100, 160, 200 and 250 millimeters and lengths of 1 meter to maximum 12 meters.

For interconnecting machines and other system com- ponents inside a mill. Standardized modular system. Clamp ring or beaded collar connections with cord inserts for special applications. Spouting components available with wear-resistant powder coating or made of stainless steel.

Bag (sleeve) filter with electronic-fluidic purge system for cleaning the filter bags. Applied as a total separator at the end of pneumatic conveying lines or as an aspiration filter, a built-in filter or a bin-top filter. Available both as a Top Removal (bag changes from the top) and as a Side Removal (bag changes from the side through a door) design version.

Bin-top filter or filter for dust control of machine components, small conveying systems, manual intake hoppers, etc. Available with round or angular housing, 2 to 9 vertical bags (sleeves), with or without attached fan.

Branch-off component in a pneumatic conveying line. Suitable for powdery and granular materials encoun- tered in the Flour Milling and feed manufacturing industries. Available in stainless steel for corrosive materials. Special design version for slightly sticky materials and those with a tendency to adhere such as sugar.

Pneumatic conveying system for moving flour, semolina and mill byproducts in any required direction. Low power requirement thanks to the low conveying veloc- ity. Distinguished by its high operational reliability and high degree of sanitation.

Application in the cleaning section or ahead of the grinding system for removing ferrous matter. The permanent magnet is easy to lift out for removal of the tramp iron separated. Magnetic separators contribute significantly to assuring product quality as well as to protecting machinery.

For separating ferrous matter from granular and floury materials. The magnetic core is fastened to the swing- out door, allowing easy removal of adhering iron par- ticles. Combination with the MMUF Magnetostat remote monitoring system allows operational reliability to be increased.

For checking finished products ahead of the bagging and bulk loadout points. Final sieving of flour, sugar and other powdery products to remove foreign objects or lumps. Sieving of different floury and granular bulk materials in two fractions.

Ifyou arelooking for some best quality brands ofChinamade Flour Milling Machinery and Buhler Accessories to upgrade your old flour mill capacity. We are here to Help You out no matter what service you need. We will try our best to make you happy and find the satisfied Flour Mill Machinery Made in China, Used/secondhand in China or all around the world.

Bart Grain Foods Processing Machinery Co., Ltd. provides both used Buhler/Ocrim/Simon/Golfetto/GBS Flour Milling Machines for upgrading old flour mill and new Flour Milling Machinery for new built flour mills. Our Main Business Range: Machinery Used in Wheat Flour Mill, Poultry Feeds Factory, and Rice Processing Plant. Products include Grain Flour Mill Conveying Equipment, Cleaning Equipment, Wheat Flour Milling Equipments, Flour Mill Spare Parts etc..

We design all Grains Flour Mill construction buildings and provide the technical solutions for the whole grains, edible oil and food processing industries, which including collection, storage, cleaning, grading, sieving, grinding, mixing, production. We have our own designing and installation and engineering teams to serve our clients. We also provides both New and Used Flour Milling Machinery for our clients because of the shortage of the investing budget. Our Main Used Flour Milling Machinery Store have Used Buhler MDDK MDDL 250/1000/1250 Rollermills, MQRF/MQRE46/200 Purifiers,MPAG/MPAH Plansifters, European Used Machinery named: Ocrim, GBS, Golfetto, Sangati, Simon, Robinson, Satake,complete Flour Mill[More]