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On 1 March 2017, JCHX won the bid for First Phase Production and Remaining Capital Works at Parrot Gold Mine in Tajikistan, after a fierce competition with several strong bidders. The project is located in Parrot Gold Mine, Vakh Dart area in Tajikistan. Leadership of JCHX attached great importance to the bidding process and made very detailed plan to prepare for the bidding document as it saw it as a significant move in expanding international market. The whole bidding team worked day and night and formulated a high quality proposal, which together with the good reputation, abundant experiences and professional strength of the company, won the recognition from the client at last and finalized the deal. The winning of this project is another successful move of JCHX on exploring overseas market, further enriched its footprint, representing the core competitiveness of JCHX, right decision making from the leadership and hard work of whole crew. Moreover, it symbolizes the recognition from the client and embodies great significance to JCHX in terms of further promoting global businesses and expanding market share in the world.

the future of tajikistan mining equipment and services markets to 2025

The Future of Tajikistan Mining Equipment and Services Markets to 2025Tajikistan Mining Equipment and Services of USD XX million in 2017 is expected to increase to USD XX million by 2022, at a CAGR of XX%. Driven by surge in market conditions and technological advancements, the Mining Equipment and Services has witnessed strong growth in terms of sales.The countrys Electronic communication industry has strong growth potential across the market. In terms of investment opportunities and product sales, the sector is offering strong growth prospect for both domestic and international companies. Evolving Market TrendsNew market trends continue to emerge in Tajikistan Mining Equipment and Services, in particular, driven by improving economic conditions. Foray of new companies coupled with technological advancements continue to shape new market dynamics. Market Segmentation The Mining Equipment and Services is further segmented by type and in addition to overall market forecast , the report provides forecasts for Mining Equipment and Services by type. Further, the growth and industry conditions in the Tajikistan market are assessed in comparison to regional Mining Equipment and Servicess. Report Scope Market overview for Tajikistan Mining Equipment and Services along with regional comparison and competitive analysis Current status of the market together with detailed analysis on drivers and challenges Identification of factors fundamental for growth in the industry, potential opportunities along with trends shaping the future of global and regional Mining Equipment and Servicess Supply opportunities including tenders available for bidding in Tajikistan Mining Equipment and Servicessegment Trade value, import and export values and quantities of Mining Equipment and Services sector In depth analysis of companies present in Mining Equipment and Services along with their strategies and company SWOT profiles Analysis and forecasts of both macro and micro factors set to impact the existing players in Mining Equipment and Services Insights into recent industry developments and their impact on companies operating and planning to enter Tajikistan Mining Equipment and Services

1 Table of Contents1.1 List of Tables1.2 List of Figures 2 Tajikistan Mining Equipment and Services Market Overview, 20182.1 Introduction to Tajikistan Mining Equipment and Services Market2.2 Industry Snapshot, 2018 3 Tajikistan Mining Equipment and Services Strategic Analysis Review, 2018- 20253.1 Key Trends Shaping the Future of Tajikistan Mining Equipment and Services Industry3.2 Industry Drivers3.3 Challenges Facing Mining Equipment and Services Companies 4 Tajikistan Mining Equipment and Services- Market SWOT Analysis4.1 Key Strengths4.2 Major Weaknesses4.3 Potential Opportunities4.4 Key Threats 5 Tajikistan Mining Equipment and Services Market Value Forecast, 2017- 20255.1 Tajikistan Market Outlook, $ billion, 2017- 20255.2 Tajikistan Mining Equipment and Services Market by Type, 2017- 2025 6 Global Mining Equipment and Services market Analysis6.1 Major Micro and Macro factors shaping global Mining Equipment and Services markets 7 Tajikistan Mining Equipment and Services Trade (Import- Export) Value and opportunities7.1 Mining Equipment and Services Exports by Country7.2 Mining Equipment and Services Imports by Country8. Tajikistan Mining Equipment and Services Supply Opportunities8.1 Tenders Available from 2018 to 20229 Tajikistan Economic Outlook, 2019- 20259.1 GDP Outlook,2005- 20259.2 GDP Per Capita Outlook, 2005- 20259.3 Household Disposable Income, 2005- 20259.4 Population Forecast, 2005- 2025 10 Tajikistan Mining Equipment and Services Competitive Landscape10.1 Major Tajikistan companies operating in Mining Equipment and Services Industry10.2 Business and SWOT Profile- Company A10.2.1 Snapshot10.2.2 Business Description10.2.3 SWOT Analysis10.2.4 Contacts10.3 Business and SWOT Profile- Company B10.3.1 Snapshot10.3.2 Business Description10.3.3 SWOT Analysis10.3.4 Contacts10.4 Business and SWOT Profile- Company C10.4.1 Snapshot10.4.2 Business Description10.4.3 SWOT Analysis10.4.4 Contacts 11 Recent Industry News and Developments12 Appendix12.1 Publisher Expertise12.2 Sources and Research Methodology12.3 Contact Information

tajikistan: mining, minerals and fuel resources

Tajikistan, with a total population of 7,768,385 as of July 2012, is located in Central Asia, to the west of China, and south of Kyrgyzstan. The country mostly has a midlatitude continental climate and covers a total area of 143,100 km2.

Tajikistan gained its independence from Russia in 1991 and from 1992 to 1997 the country experienced civil war between many religious groups. This civil war led to intense weakening of the countrys already depreciating economic status and also led to a steep fall in production of agricultural and industrial commodities.

The countrys per capita GDP seems to be the lowest among that of the former Soviet republics. Tajikistans GDP as of 2011 was $16.43 billion and its economic condition is very unstable due to corruption, external debts, lack of proper execution of structural reforms and power shortages.

Tajikistans key natural resources include petroleum, gold, uranium, silver, tungsten, zinc and lead. The country also has natural gas, oil and coal reserves and more than 400 mineral deposits. In 2010, the country experienced an increase in its production of coal, gold, natural gas and cement. Coal increased by 13.4%, cement by 47.8%, gold by 50.6% and natural gas, by 18.8%.

Cement production in Tajikistan increased tremendously from 2000 to 2010. Although Tajikistan was not a significant cement producer, the country still managed to produce 50,000 t of cement in 2000 and 288,200 t of cement in 2010. A total of 10 cement plantsare activein Tajikistan .

Tajikistans aluminum output in 2010 amounted to only 348,850 t which indeed was a 3% decrease in comparison with the countrys 2009 aluminum output. Insufficiently qualified personnel and aging equipment were the causes for this decrease in the production of aluminum.

Central Asia GUP TALCO (TALCO) is the only aluminum production company in Tajikistan, capable of producing 517,000 Mt of aluminum per year. In 2010, TALCO got into trouble and lost some of its engineers due to low wages.

According to experts, though Tajikistan is rich in mineral deposits, the country lacks of sufficient foreign investments. For a period ofmore than 10 years Tajikistan has constantly struggled to attract foreign investments, though it has one of the worlds largest silver deposit, the Kalon Konimansur silver- lead-zinc deposit and also a large number of mineral deposits.

Recent reports highlight that Tajikistan has been struggling to get bidders for its Kalon Konimansur silver-lead-zinc deposit. Experts blame the ongoing violence and corporate issues for the countrys failure to attract foreign investors.

Tajikistan has a number of unexplored mineral resources and hence stands a good chance of attracting foreign investments in order to develop these resources and improve its economic status. This significant revival in the countrys mineral and mining sectors will be effective based on the execution of suitable measures to improve the countrys infrastructure and solve issues relating to its remote location and mountainous terrain that result in high transportation costs for moving materials.

Disclaimer: The Author of this article does not imply any investment recommendation and some content is speculative in nature. The Author is not affiliated in any way with any companies mentioned and all statistical information is publically available.

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