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Some YouTube channels always have buttery smooth video, even when the person is walking around. Other YouTubers struggle to keep the camera steady when they're sitting still. The difference between the two lies in a device called a gimbal, a tri-axis device that tilts, pans, and pitches to compensate for shaky hands and body movement. It helps keep footage stable and relatively free of jitters.

DJI's revamped Osmo Mobile 3 brings that buttery smooth video to your phone. (DJI also released an Osmo Action cam and wheeled drone earlier this year.) Slide your phone into the tension tray and activate DJI's Mimo app. Depending on the video quality of your phone, you may have a better setup than Alfred Hitchcock used to film his masterpieces.

As the name suggests, the Osmo Mobile 3 is DJI's third take on this gimbal and it's very much an iteration on the previous model, fixing most of the pain points while adding some nice new features to the software.

While DJI is not the first phone gimbal with a folding design, it's the simplest I've used. Unlike some gimbals with lots of twists and latches, this is one piece. Extend it and you're ready to go. Fold it upeven with your device still attachedand it's ready to pack away.

The foldable design also makes the Osmo Mobile incredibly easy to carry around. If you opt for the slightly more expensive bundle ($139), the handy carrying case fits easily in a bag. The gimbal itself weighs just over 14 ounces and fits any phone between 2.5 and 3.5 inches wide (6288 millimeters). I tested it with a Motorola Moto X4, Sony Xperia 1, and an iPhone 8, which all fit, though I had to remove the X4's case.

Mounting your phone is also simple. There are no screwsjust a spring-loaded tension grip. It feels plenty secure and can fit larger phones than the previous model, meaning those giant Galaxy S10 phones should do just fine (again, thick cases may not fit). DJI says the new mount design decreases the chances of the mount pressing your phone's hardware buttons since it has a lighter grip and holds onto a smaller area of your phone's edge.

The design gives you easy access to your phone's charging port and headphone jack (if it has one, that is). You could add an external microphone to your setup for improved sound quality, something vloggers will be happy to hear.

The front handle trigger mechanism is also back on the Osmo Mobile 3a feature that the first-generation Osmo Mobile had and the Mobile 2 dropped. The trigger now lets you lock the gimbal, re-center, track, activate "sport" mode (more on that in a minute), and switch between front and back cameras.

There are two other buttons and a joystick under your thumbenough controls that you can operate the Osmo Mobile almost entirely with one hand. There's plenty about DJI's Mimo mobile app that requires two hands, but I almost never needed to use a second hand when I was actually filming.

DJI claims 15-hours of battery life and that's what I've seen while testing. Along with that battery life comes a new full-size USB port that can charge devices from the Osmo. I was happy to sacrifice a few hours of gimbal time to keep my phone going since nothing drains your phone quite like shooting 4K video. It's also worth noting that the Osmo Mobile 3 support USB-C for fast-charging on devices that support it.

Easy isn't always better. My least favorite new feature is the quick swapping between vertical and horizontal orientations. All you need to do is tap the lower button twice and your phone will rotate into vertical mode. But seriously, don't do that. The world does not need more portrait-mode video.

While the gimbal hardware is impressive, most of what I like about the Osmo Mobile comes down to software in the DJI Mimo app. The intelligent filming features like ActiveTrack, Hyperlapse, and Motionlapse all make it easier to get great video results, even from a phone.

ActiveTrack in particular works incredibly well. All you have to do is tap and drag a box over the object you want to track and the app will do the rest. In my testing, it easily handled situations where you lock onto a fixed object and move around it, and when you lock on a moving object and the gimbal tracks it.

I was able to track most things with ActiveTrackthe exception being my kids running and cartwheeling across the room. They were just too fast to ActiveTrack. To capture that I switched to Sport Mode by pressing the trigger twice and then long-pressing it for a few seconds. That speeds up the gimbal, so you can manually pan much faster, but you do lose the ActiveTrack auto-follow feature. After you've developed some skill with the gimbal, Sport Mode is a huge asset. Hyperlapse mode is also fun. It creates time-lapse videos while you're in motion.

The app has a couple of other new features, including Story Mode, which helps you create videos quickly using pre-set shooting templates with matching music, and a panoramic photo mode which takes multiple images and stitches them together to create either a 180-degree or 330-degree image.

The app also lets you use gesture control, which is especially useful when recording yourself. The Osmo Mobile bundle package includes a small tripod, which means you can step out from behind the camera and use a hand gesture to take a photo or start recording video. The gimbal will then track your movement.

The Osmo Mobile 3 is more compact, easier to use, and has more hardware and software features than its competitors. My only real gripe is that currently shooting at 60 fps is limited to iPhones, but I've learned that is more of a problem with Android phones.

You can buy the Osmo Mobile 3 for $119 at DJI's store , Amazon, Best Buy, or B&H Photo. If you can afford it, I suggest upgrading to the Combo bundle for $139, which adds a nice case and small tripod. You can also get the Combo bundle at Best Buy, or B&H.

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beginners guide to dji osmo mobile 3 (with videos tutorial) - dji guides

Unlike previous Osmo Mobile models, Osmo Mobile 3 now connects to your phone through the DJI Mimo app. By using Osmo Mobile 3 with DJI Mimo app, users can take advantage of new features like Story mode, which allows you to easily shoot, edit, and share your everyday moments.

To balance Osmo Mobile 3, place your smartphone in the phone holder, making sure the DJI logo is facing forward with the phone camera on the left. Adjust your phones position until it stays still. If your smartphone falls to one side, adjust its position until it remains level.

Before using Osmo Mobile 3 for the first time, you will have to activate the device. To do so, open the DJI Mimo app and tap the camera icon in the top left corner of the screen. Search for your Osmo Mobile 3s Bluetooth, and tap connect. Enter your DJI account name, and follow the on-screen instructions to finish activation.

Press the M button three times to enter Standby mode. In Standby mode, the LED indicator will flash yellow or green, and you will be able to use your smartphone while the gimbal is folded. This mode saves you from having to remove your smartphone or rebalance the gimbal before every use.

The M button on DJI Osmo Mobile 3 has multiple functions. As well as being the power button, the M button can be used to customize modes depending on your specific needs. By default, it allows users to switch easily between taking photos and recording videos. However, it can also be used to bring up the Quick Menu, allowing you to change functions without having to touch your phone screen.

Story mode uses preset creative templates and to help users create short cinematic sequences with minimal effort. To create a video with Story mode, select a template, then shoot each clip individually. DJI Mimo APP will then automatically place the shots together with creative transitions and music to create a unique video.

The new design features a USB port on the right side of the grip, allowing you to charge your smartphone while shooting. Additionally, you can charge DJI Osmo Mobile 3 with a power bank, which means youll never run out of battery at a critical moment.

Keeping DJI Osmo Mobile 3s firmware up to date is the best way to take advantage of all the latest features and improvements. If a new firmware update is available, a prompt will appear in the DJI Mimo app. Just follow the on-screen instructions to update.

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dji osmo mobile 3 review | trusted reviews

A great way to level up your smartphone video, the Osmo Mobile 3 combines solid stabilisation, versatile camera moves and excellent value. There's a slight learning curve to mastering its many tricks and it's a shame there's no livestreaming in the Mimo app yet. But its folding design makes it much more portable, which means you feel inclined to take it out more often, and new features like phone charging make it an improvement over its predecessor. There are even cheaper smartphone gimbals out there, but DJI's software tricks like ActiveTrack give it this the edge over its rivals.

While todays smartphones often have excellent electronic and optical stabilisation, the real benefit of the Osmo Mobile 3 is its pro-looking camera tricks from ActiveTrack to Timelapses which make it a fine, affordable sidekick for YouTubers, vloggers or anyone who wants to make a particularly glossy holiday album.

On the left is a zoom switch, while on the front you get a joystick (for manual pans), a shutter button and mode button double press the latter and itll flip between horizontal and portrait shooting

Its still far from pocketable (unlike the DJI Osmo Pocket), but you can easily carry it around one-handed with your phone clamped inside. This reduces the number of times you need to pack the whole thing away and re-balance it, which was always an issue with previous Osmos.

While thats the biggest physical change from its predecessor, there are four other handy tweaks. The front-mounted trigger returns from the original Osmo Mobile, which is a comfortable way to make your gimbal behave itself (one press locks it, while two makes it instantly re-centre).

Another change is that you now instantly flip between landscape and portrait shooting with a double-tap of the M button. The grip now leans forward a bit more and has a rubberised grip. And the final, and perhaps most useful, tweak is that you can now access your phones port while in landscape mode.

This means you can charge your phone via the Osmo Mobile 3s new USB-C port while roving around shooting your guerilla masterpiece. Considering DJIs gimbal has a 15-hour battery life, your phone will likely run out of juice first, so its handy to be able to top it up between shooting locations.

Aside from these changes, the Osmo Mobile 3 is the same trusty sidekick that we called the best gimbal available last year. The cradle can stretch wide enough to take phones that are up to 88mm wide and 9.5mm thick, which covers most of them. The 6.8-inch Galaxy Note 10 Plus, for example, is 77mm wide and 7.9mm thick.

If you havent used a gimbal before, theres a slight learning curve you have to balance your phone, for a start, and wrap your head around quite a few button combinations. It takes a little while to build up the muscle memory, but once you do youll become a certified timelapse addict.

While the standard 99 Osmo Mobile 3 bundle (which includes a pouch and anti-slip pads) is temptingly priced, Id recommend stumping up the extra 20 for the Osmo Mobile 3 Combo bundle I was fortunate enough to review.

This includes a tripod which is essential for timelapses, and very useful for balancing your phone and a hard case that keeps it safely cocooned while in your bag. The Osmo Mobile 3s 1/4-inch thread is compatible with standard tripods, of course, but this one is just the right size and that extra protection could well help the motor last a good while longer.

In Timelapse mode, this path menu lets you pick up to four points from across your scene for the camera to move between, which means you can go beyond the standard horizontal pan set up more dramatic diagonal arcs.

Other modes include Hyperlapse (like a timelapse, only without the camera being in a fixed place), slow motion (iOS-only), panoramas, stills and Story mode. The most useful are the first two, and you can see examples in the video below.

The Mimo app isnt perfect. I tried it on both a Sony Xperia 1 and Apple iPhone 8 Plus, and its better on iOS you can, for example, only shoot in 30fps on Android with no 60fps option, and slow motion is currently only available on iOS, which is a shame.

Still, the app is otherwise pretty feature-rich, with a Manual mode that lets you tweak shutter speeds, ISO and exposure compensation. In the options you can also change the control sticks speed (I found it best to go with slow for manual pans) and flick it into Sport mode, which helps it react well to being in the middle of sporting action.

Itd be nice to see a path mode for standard video (rather than just timelapses) and YouTubers will be disappointed to find that theres still no livestreaming option in the Mimo app. But its otherwise a solid and reliable companion to the Osmo Mobile 3.

The Osmo Mobile 3s stabilisation is very impressive and, despite improvements in smartphone EIS and OIS since its predecessor, its still a big step up in terms of the quality of the footage you can produce.

There were odd occasions when my movements overloaded the gimbals motor and it can be difficult to keep joystick pans moving at a consistent speed. Your camera roll wont be packed with wall-to-wall keepers and youll still need to do some editing.

But keep your instant Terrence Malick expectations in check and youll find that youre producing some very polished looking clips than can be woven together later. This, of course, depends on the quality of your phones video shooting, but even todays budget and mid-range phones are very capable in this department.

I didnt really find there was any real battle between my iPhone 8 Plus electronic stabilisation and the Osmo Mobile 3, and found it possible to get around its pretty limited vertical tilt by moving my hand out to the side.

While the stabilisation is excellent, its not completely infallible. When I put it on a vibrating platform between two escalators it struggled to smooth out the judder, and slowing down my 60fps running footage clearly shows some distracting vertical movement. However, these are extreme examples and in most situations youll find it helps your phone produce buttery-smooth clips.

The Osmo Mobile 3s battery life is superb so good, that I didnt have to charge it once after several days of testing and the new gesture controls work well too, letting you start a clip by giving your camera a peace sign or showing it your palm. This also starts ActiveTrack, which makes this a brilliant budget vlogging tool, if you dont mind your phone lens slightly unflattering focal length and lack of natural bokeh.

It mixes excellent stabilisation, a feature-packed app, a handy new folding design and superb battery life, not to mention impressive value with that new 99 price tag. That said, if you dont already have a mini tripod, I recommend getting the 119 Combo bundle.

The Osmo Mobile 3 isnt completely without its usability issues having to regularly re-balance your phone can be a faff, and the sheer number button combinations can take a while to wrap your head around.

This means some prospective buyers might well be considering the Osmo Pocket instead. While that gimbals built-in camera means its smaller and generally quicker to set up for each shot, it does also need your phone mounted on its side to really unlock its potential, and also doesnt come bundled with a joystick.

While Im a big fan of the Osmo Pocket, both of these issues limit its advantages, and it does also cost 230 more, making the Osmo Mobile 3 the better buy for most people assuming you have a smartphone that shoots video quality youre happy with.

DJIs Mimo app currently lacks some features like livestreaming, but the ones it does have particularly the excellent ActiveTrack really give it the edge over cheaper rivals and mark it out as the best smartphone gimbal around.

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If you've purchased DJI Osmo Mobile 3 gimbalfrom us and still have problem after reading the user manual, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Just fill in the ticket with your questions at ourSupport Centerand send it to us. We will do our best to deal with your problem as soon as possible. We are always happy and willing to help.

We are here to provide an answer to all of your questions (FAQ) and help you choose what you really need. Click, register and download firmwares, operating instructions, user guides and more. Follow what's new in Gearbest!

osmo mobile 3 faq: your questions, answered - dji guides

To switch between landscape and portrait mode, double-tap the M button. You can also change the orientation manually. In addition, press the trigger three times to change between the front and rear-facing cameras.

Yes. You can enable Gesture Control via the DJI Mimo app. Currently, Osmo Mobile 3 recognizes the palm and V gestures. Use these gestures to take a photo, start recording, or enable ActiveTrack 3.0.

By default, the video resolution is set to 720p, but you can change the settings in DJI Mimo depending on your needs. However, its important to note that the maximum video resolution you are able to record with will depend on your smartphone camera.

All Osmo products come with a standard 1-year warranty. This can be extended by purchasing the Osmo Shield service plan that is valid for 2 years and includes both water and impact damage for extra peace of mind.

The DJI Mimo app allows users to choose from Timelapse, Motionlapse (with up to four camera waypoints), Hyperlapse, and both 180 and 33 panorama. You can choose from a variety of creative options, including Glamour Effects, which helps you look your best. *

The DJI Mimo app also features Story mode. This incredibly useful feature comes with preset camera movements as well as filters and soundtracks perfect for creating short cinematic clips. For more information, check out our full guide to DJI Mimos Story mode!

To discover more about Osmo Mobile 3, please check out the DJI Support Facebook page, the DJI Support Twitter, or subscribe to the DJI Tutorials YouTube channel for more in-depth tutorials to help you get the most out of your DJI product.

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Transform your videography with DJIs Osmo Mobile 3 Gimbal Combo. It's DJIs most foldable, lightweight, and portable 3-axis stabilizer yet for iPhonehelping you to effectively eliminate shake and capture smooth, stable footage. Along with the Osmo Mobile 3 Gimbal, this combo pack includes a tripod, carrying case, and other essentials to help you start shooting immediately.

The 3-axis gimbal delivers super-smooth, stabilized footage. Its lightweight, ultra-responsive design reacts to your movements in real time, letting you focus more on the moment at hand.

Record and share your unique story easily and creatively with Story mode. This feature provides multiple templates that transform your footage by automatically adding movement, music, and other effects for a polished result in just seconds.

A simple gesture is all it takes to snap a selfie or begin recording. Both the front and rear camera can recognize Gesture Control, which makes shooting your solo travels and group shots a snap.

To capture scenes that require fast movements, simply press the trigger, make a gesture, or select a subject on your phone to start tracking. ActiveTrack 3.0 incorporates deep learning and computer vision algorithms, resulting in smooth and reliable tracking technology. In addition, the powerful combination of EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) and gimbal stabilization is perfect for shooting Hyperlapse videos. Enable ActiveTrack 3.0 for an even more unique Hyperlapse creation that tracks your subject while recording.

With Panorama, you can capture entire scenes with automatic 33 and 180 panoramas. Condense time and movement for stunning results with Timelpase. Use Slow Motion to record every detail of movements you would otherwise miss.

Well-placed buttons and intuitive functions make Osmo Mobile 3 convenient to use with just one hand, providing more versatility and freedom of movement. Other useful functions include Quick Roll, which lets you rapidly transition from portrait to landscape mode.

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