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Features:1. Design of vibrating sieve plate structure leads to high moisture adaptability and less moisture loss to avoid blocking. 2. Hermetic structure improving the operation environment and easy for cleaning. 3. Equipped with 13mm and 6mm sieve plate, the discharge size is even and good. 4. Good safety with the transmission protection design. 5. Durable materials for hammer decrease the maintenance cost.

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Gaofu company is a coal crusher manufacturer. Gaofu teeth roller crusher is composed of teeth rollers with high speed and strength to realize the opposite running. The material freely falls and meets the gap of teeth roller, among which that bigger than two teeth rollers gap will be instantly broken before freely falling, to achieve the crushing purpose and meet the size requirements. Relative rollers in differential operation directions can clean each slot of the material, so as to prevent sticking and blocking phenomenon and make the material without staying on the surface to avoid the material against being repeat broken and over crushed.

Relative roller differential speed operation with mutual scraping action, because of its higher running speed, and also has role of former pulling back pressure, former blowing back inhaling, the crusher has no requirement of moisture and mud content in any time, will not affect the crushing effect. Material is always all into the whole out to ensure overfill force.

Low crushing rate, fine grain size: The coal crusher adopts combined crushing but not impact and strike breaking. It does not produce secondary crushing phenomenon, so the crushing rate is very low. Two teeth rollers center distance will not change once fixed, the materials are hard crushed instantly, and almost not repeatedly broken, to ensure uniform granules.

Gaofu company is a coal crusher manufacturer dedicated to reducing customers costs. Screen and crush together need a small investment: two teeth rollers relative rotations form a rotary space lattice sieve. To achieve the double effect of crushing and screening, one machine can complete the crushing and screening work. So, you dont need to match the screening equipment, simplifying the whole system and reducing related total investment cost.

If the input size350mm, the outlet between 3-50 mm can be freely adjusted. A crushing ratio can reach 50.GF crusher machine energy consumption has a function of reserving and releasing kinetic energy.

The coal crusher features less than 0.03mm amplitude, below 70 decibels noise, micro positive pressure, and all enclosed structure forms, completely eliminating the work-site three evils phenomenon, prevent workers silicosis, it is truly environmentally friendly products. Gaofu company is a coal crusher manufacturer protecting the environment.

Vibration feeding, uniform distribution: choosing our companys new type anti-adhesion and anti-blocking vibration uniform feeder can reduce the tooth plates eccentric wear and prolong the lifetime of the tooth plates.

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... 59 Effect of Coal Moisture Content and Coal Type on Mass ... Posts Related to average rom coal moisture content. impact crushing work index;PF Series Impact Crusher; PFW Series Impact Crusher; HP Series Cone Crusher; S Series Cone Crusher; ... coal properties which affects the coal crusherGet Quotation.

Ore beneficiation equipment, sand making equipment, crushing equipment and powder grinding equipment, which are widely used in various industries such as metallurgy, mine, chemistry, building material, coal, refractory and ceramics.

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5E Series Coal Sample Preparation Apparatus Application - 5E-HCA400x260 Humid Coal Hammer Crusher is especially designed to crush humid coal. Features - 1. Design of vibrating sieve plate structure leads to high moisture adaptability and less moisture loss to avoid blocking. 2. Hermetic structure improving the operation environment and easy for cleaning. 3. Equipped with 13mm and 6mm sieve plate, the discharge size is even and good. 4. Good safety with the transmission protection design. 5. Durable materials for hammer decrease the maintenance cost.

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The charcoal crusher machine can mainly pulverize various charcoal and coal briquettes into powder based on the required fineness. The charcoal coal crusher machine is mainly used to produce charcoal powder by crushing charcoal fragments, charcoal leftovers, finished charcoal, etc.

The charcoal powder grinder machine is a device for crushing lumpy or rod-shaped materials. The machine shell is welded with high-quality steel, and the feeding port is on the top of the crusher, which can be matched with various feeding structures, and the hammer pieces are arranged symmetrically.

The charcoal grinder is one of the main equipment widely used in mineral processing equipment, which can be used for coal, charcoal, limestone, cement clinker, mixture, gypsum, gangue, slag, copper ore, iron ore, and other materials crushing, is also one of the most common equipment is used in the fertilizer industry.

Under the action of centrifugal force and airflow, the crushed material is crushed rapidly along the outer edge of the rotor by the continuous extrusion, collision, striking, and rubbing of the hammer, tooth plate, and screen.

The material enters from the inlet and collides with the high-speed rotating hammer inside the housing. In the process of falling, the material becomes powder after several times of impact, or particles below 3mm are discharged from the lower outlet.

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In Bubbling Fluidized Bed Combustors (BFBC) utilizing coal, efficient combustion requires that feed size of coal particles be in the maximum size range of 2 to 6mm. This requires that the comminution process be effective. In this work, various types of coals have been comminuted in an impact crusher. The size reduction process is characterized by four process parameters and relevant properties of the coal samples. Taguchi's design of experiment was used to minimize the number of experiments done to obtain meaningful results. It was concluded from the experiments that among process parameters, RPM has a more prominent effect on generation of fines compared to feed rate, feed size and gap setting. Among coal properties, volatile matter, ash content and fixed carbon have significant effect, followed by moisture content. RPM has relatively less influence on coarse particle (>6mm) content. An empirical correlation has been formulated based on the data to predict the generation of fines for a given set of process parameters and physical properties of coals. The results obtained using the model was within the acceptable accuracy when compared to the experimental data. The same correlation has also been applied successfully to fit the cement production from a plant, indicating that it has merit beyond the laboratory and that the specific type of crusher is immaterial, provided the mechanism of size reduction remains the same.

influence of the feed moisture, rotor speed, and blades gap on the performances of a biomass pulverization technology

Siyi Luo, Yangmin Zhou, Chuijie Yi, Yin Luo, Jie Fu, "Influence of the Feed Moisture, Rotor Speed, and Blades Gap on the Performances of a Biomass Pulverization Technology", The Scientific World Journal, vol. 2014, Article ID 435816, 5 pages, 2014.

Recently, a novel biomass pulverization technology was proposed by our group. In this paper, further detailed studies of this technology were carried out. The effects of feed moisture and crusher operational parameters (rotor speed and blades gap) on product particle size distribution and energy consumption were investigated. The results showed that higher rotor speed and smaller blades gap could improve the hit probability between blades and materials and enhance the impacting and grinding effects to generate finer products, however, resulting in the increase of energy consumption. Under dry conditions finer particles were much more easily achieved, and there was a tendency for the specific energy to increase with increasing feed moisture. Therefore, it is necessary for the raw biomass material to be dried before pulverization.

Concerns about the depletion of fossil fuel reserves and the pollution caused by continuously increasing energy demands have made biomass an attractive alternative energy source [1]. However, the disadvantages of raw materials (i.e., variability of quality and calorific value, difficulty in controlling the rate of burning and in mechanizing continuous feeding) limit the industrial application of biomass [2, 3]. Several disadvantages may be attributed to the adverse effect of heterogeneity, which could be eliminated by pulverization pretreatment [4].

Several types of size reduction units are in common use for the pulverization of biomass, such as cutter mill [5], vibration mill [6], and refiner. Cutter mill relies on shear force; vibration mill bases on impact and shear stress; refiner works through grinding force. The above pulverization technologies can crush biomass into micron dimension products; however, the energy consumption of these processes was very high [6]. At present, research activities mainly focus on the development of novel biomass pulverization technology with higher efficiency and lower energy consumption.

In our previous work [7], a novel biomass pulverization technology was developed, which can break wood chip (22mm) into wood powder (150m) with lower energy consumption (80kWht1). The novel crushing system was mainly composed of primary crusher, advanced crusher, cyclone dust extractor, bag filter for collection of products, fan, and so forth (shown in Figure 1).

The production procedure was as follows [7]. The raw biomass materials were firstly crushed in the primary crusher, where particles with particle size less than 5mm were generated, and then they were automatically pushed into the advanced crusher by the driving force from the fan. After further pulverization in the advanced crusher, the fine particles with particle size below 250m were driven into cyclone dust extractor and bag filter in sequence by the driving force from the fan, while the coarser particles stayed in the crusher for further fragmentation.

It is very important for maximizing energy utilization to optimize the operation conditions of the crushing system. Because the crushing forces in the crusher are shearing force, impacting force, and grinding force, blades gap and rotor speed are key influencing factors for energy efficiency and product quality [8]. In addition, the effect of raw material characteristics should also be taken into account. Feed moisture, a widely concerned parameter when referring to parameters optimization, showed a significant effect on the behavior of crusher in our previous study [9]. Some researches indicate that at high moisture content, the materials tend to absorb the impact energy of the crusher and deform rather than break. High feed moisture also has adverse effect on products quality.

The present work is mainly concerned with detailed studies of the effects of feed moisture and crusher operational parameters (rotor speed and blades gap) on product size distribution and energy consumption. The results would be helpful in the design of high-efficiency crushing system and the selection of technical parameters for minimal energy consumption under pulverization.

Approximately 100kg of raw material for pulverization tests was cotton stalk, obtained from Qingdao City, China. In order to eliminate the adverse effects of material properties on experimental repeatability, the cotton stalk was artificially broken into about 500mm in length. Then the crushed cotton stalk was solar dried for 27 days. According to the difference in drying time, the raw material was separated into four groups, with the moisture levels being 10.6%, 16.1%, 18.8%, and 24.2%, respectively.

The lab-scale crushing system was mainly composed of primary crusher, advanced crusher, cyclone dust extractor, bag filter for collection of products, fan, and so forth. The structures of primary and advanced crushers were specifically described in the previous paper [7]. The technical parameters of the crushing system are shown in Table 1.

During pulverization tests, all operating parameters were recorded, including rotor speed, blades gap, energy consumption of power equipment (like primary crusher, advanced crusher, fan, etc.), and output rate. As the effects of primary crusher on specific energy and product size distribution are less pronounced, this paper mainly focused on the discussion of operating parameters of advanced crusher. The rotor speed and blades gap of primary crusher were kept constant at 2000rpm/min and 50mm, respectively. The experimental conditions were summarized in Table 2.

The driving motors of primary crusher and advanced crusher were coupled to commercial wattmeter to measure the consumed power online, PP and PA, respectively. Based on the power plots shown on the wattmeter screen, the net exposure time, tE, could be estimated. The total power (PN) was estimated as follows: where PF was the power of the driving motor of fan. The specific energy EN was given by where mM represented the product mass.

The collected products were sieved in a commercial mechanical sieve shaker. The duration of sieving was 10min for each sample, which was previously determined through trials to be optimal. After sieving, the mass retained on each sieve was weighed.

Drobny et al. [10] indicated that with hammer mill higher rotor speed generated finer particles with higher energy consumption. The same results were achieved by Fitzgerald and Themelis [8] on size reduction of municipal solid waste (MSW), which showed that the specific energy could be optimized by lowering rotor speed.

The particle size distribution and specific energy consumption obtained with different rotor speeds are shown in Figure 2 and Table 3, respectively. Different rotate speeds were achieved by changing the belt pulley diameter ratio of rotor to motor.

The trend shown in Figure 2 was similar with the results reported in the previous studies. The products size distribution became much finer with increasing rotor speed, which can be explained as follows: higher rotor speed improved the hit probability between the blades and materials, enhancing the impacting and grinding effects. The variation of specific energy with rotor speed showed an increasing trend (Table 3). The specific energy consumption changed from 72.0kWht1 at 3000rpm/min to 88.1kWht1 at 4200rpm/min and increased by 22.4%. It can be explained as follows: up to 20% of high speed crusher power was wasted on bearing friction and windage of the rotor; meanwhile many interspaces between raw materials and discontinued feeding lead to the blades idling, increasing energy consumption consequently. And the trend became much more pronounced at higher rotor speed. In general, it is necessary to choose a proper rotor speed based on reasonable energy costs and the desired products size distribution in industrial production.

As shown in Figure 3, the smaller the blades gap, the finer the products size distribution was. As the blades gap was 20mm, 42.8% of biomass powders were below 106m in size, and for the blades gap of 8mm the value was 71.5%. In the unconfined crushing system the energy transfer is a hit-or-miss proposition [11]; the narrow spaces between blades increase the density of particles in crushing chamber and intercollision proposition, as well as enhancing meshing and grinding effects between blades and particles. Alternatively the increase of blades gap makes the material easy to rotate under fragmentation due to increased torque, causing the decline of products quality.

As torque was kept constant, the decrease of blades gap can result in the increase of shear stress. This was illustrated in Figure 4, which showed that with the decrease of blades gap, the energy consumption appears to be an increasing trend.

It can also be seen in Figure 3 that the effect of blades gap on particles size became less significant when the blades gaps was below 8mm. The finer products (particle size below 106m) percentages were 71.5% and 75.3%, respectively, as blades gap were 8mm and 5mm, while the specific energy went on increasing. Consequently, there existed an optimum value of blades gap for the pulverization of cotton stalk in the crusher, and 8mm was an optimal value for blades gap in this test.

The results presented in Figure 5 indicated that there was a pronounced effect of feed moisture on product size distribution. As can be observed, a coarser product size distribution can be achieved at higher moisture contents. An explanation may be that volume and surface fragmentation occurs by impact and grind method, and the addition of water in material lowers the strength of crushing forces due to lubrication.

With respect to specific energy, the value steadily increased with the increase of feed moisture, which can be seen in Figure 6. As shown in (1), residence time (net explore time tE) is a key factor influencing specific energy. The residence time of particles in crushing chamber is decided by the flow rate of the fan and coarser particles content. Higher feed moisture causes the products to contain large amounts of coarser particles, resulting in the increases of residence time and energy consumption.

In summary, the drying process is necessary for the pulverization of biomass and the drying conditions (like temperature and time, etc.) are decided based on comprehensive consideration of energy costs and product size requirements. For the pulverization of cotton stalk in the crushing system, the feed moisture should be below 16%. Factually, in other pulverization processes, such as preshredding of MSW [12], a predrying process is usually needed prior to pulverization operation.

In the paper, a novel biomass pulverization technology was introduced, and the effects of feed moisture and crusher operation parameters (rotor speed and blades gap) on product size distribution and energy consumption were discussed.

Higher rotor speed generated much finer particles with higher energy consumption. Decreasing blades gap can improve products quality; however, it resulted in the increase of specific energy. The effect became less significant when the blades gap was below 8mm. Higher feed moisture resulted in the decline of products quality and the increase of energy consumption. Thus, it is necessary for the raw biomass material to be dried before pulverization.

The authors would like to acknowledge the financial support received from a project of Qingdao Science and Technology Program (13-1-4-175-jch), a project of Shandong Province Higher Educational Science and Technology Program (J12LC03), and the Natural Science Foundation of Shandong Province (no. ZR2011EEQ016).

Copyright 2014 Siyi Luo et al. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

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Coal crusher, also known as double stage crusher, is a highly efficient crushing equipment. It is a new type of equipment developed for the coal industry, and it mainly crushes high moisture coal. Besides, it is mainly used to crush coal cinder, slag, shale, coal gangue and other materials. And it can be applied to building material, highway, railway, mining and other industries.

This type of crusheris better than traditional crushing equipment. Once the material moisture content is more than 8%, the traditional crusher will be blocked and the motor will be burned. Fortunately, Aimixs coal crushing and screening plant can solve the problem. The biggest advantage of Aimixscoal crusher is that it can also have normal production even on rainy days. Even the moisture content of the material is high, the material will not be blocked when it is crushed, because itdoes not have a sieve bottom. Besides, the crushed material of the crusher is very uniform and can be controlled below 2 millimeters, and the traditional machine crusher must add a sieve to screen out the ideal product size.

The crusher has two sets of rotors which connect with each other. And when the itworks, the two rotors rotate at the same time under the drive of two motors. In the crushing cavity, materials which be crushed by the first rotor will be crushed immediately by the second rotor again. Materials in the inner cavity will collide and smash each other rapidly. That means the materials will be crushed by the hammer and other materials. After crushed, materials will be discharged. And this is the working principle of a coal crusher plant. PF1010impact-crusherModel: PF-1010 Specifications(mm): 1000*1050 Diameter of feeding inlet(mm): 400*1080 Max. feeding Aggregate Size(mm): 350 Capacity(t/h): 50-90 Power(kw): 4P 45-55 Total weight(T): 12 Dimension(L*W*H)(mm): 2370*1700*2390

1. Without the screen and grate, Aimix coal crusher for sale can crush high humidity materials. And the crusher has no any requirement for materials moisture content. At the same time, it can also crush dry materials. Besides, ithas large output, small noise, and high crushing efficiency.

2. Thecrusher adopts the new type shift clearance technique. The worn hammer of the crusher does not need to be replaced, because the position of the hammer can be adjusted. As long as the gap between the hammer and the liner is appropriate, the finished material size will be uniform. In addition, the lining board is also adjustable. So, in general, a hammer of thecrusher can replace three ordinary hammers. Moreover, the service life is much longer than that of traditional crushing equipment.

3. The coal crusher machine has centralized lubrication system, that means oil can be injected without stopping machine. In addition, it uses hydraulic system to open the shell, and the shell can be easily opened by one people. Both machine maintenance and spare parts inspection are very conveniently.

As a professional crusher supplier, Aimix has various type of coal crushers and other impact rock crusher machines for sale. In order to meet the needs of different customers, we have developed and produced many types of crusherequipments. In addition, we have different kinds of coal crusher specifications.

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