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If youre looking for information on the current washing machine prices in Nigeria, youre just on the right page. Here, we feature links to posts revealing the prices of washing machines by various brands including LG, Haier Thermocool, Midea, Nexus, etc

We also go on to enlighten you more on types of washing machines, factors you should consider when buying washing machines, and lots of other details that will help you choose the best washing machine for you. Read on to get the full information.

If you really want to make your life much easier as a Nigerian, a washing machine is one of the home appliances you need to buy. With one in your home, youll eliminate the pain of having to handwash clothes, which sometimes leads to nursing blisters on your hands for days or weeks. More importantly, youll also be able to wash many clothes at a time, and still do other things at the same time. Yes, it could be that interesting!

Even though the links listed above will lead you to pages showing the current prices of washing machines in Nigeria, we strongly believe that there is more to buying a washing machine than knowing the price.

In other words, the price of a washing machine is just one of the many factors you need to consider when buying a washing machine here in Nigeria. After all, price isnt a reliable measure of quality. With that in mind, lets now look at some of the things you need to consider about washing machines.

You need to figure out the two major types of washing machines, so you can decide which option is better for you. A fully automatic washing machine, as its name implies does your laundry with very little input from you. This type of washing machine combines a washer and spinner in a single compartment, and it controls its own intake and drainage of water and detergent. So, all you have to do is load in your dirty clothes, press the right button, and watch the machine do its magic. Note that you must have connected the machine to a water system and filled its detergent compartment with the recommended type. Just sit back for some minutes, and the machine would have washed and spin-dried your clothes.

A semi-automatic washing machine, on the other hand, requires some significant input from you. Youll have to fill it with water and detergent. The machine works with whatever amount you fill in, whether adequate or not. So, if you fill in less-than-adequate amounts of water or detergent, dont expect satisfactory results. In addition, depending on whether it has a single tub or two, youll have to transfer the washed clothes from the washer compartment to the spinner compartment.

While both types of washing machine can give satisfactory results, they are different in a number of ways. Firstly, fully automatic washing machines are usually more expensive than their semi-automatic counterparts. Sometimes, the difference in price can be really much. Secondly, semi-automatic machines are cheaper and much easier to maintain; they can work with any type of soap or detergent, unlike fully automatic ones that use only special detergents that can be expensive. Another difference lies in the availability of spare parts and repair expertise here in Nigeria. For semi-automatic washing machines, you can easily find repairers or spare parts when the need arises for either. Furthermore, fully automatic washing machines generally produce cleaner washes and are more gentle on clothes than semi-automatic ones, which also make up for that deficit by washing faster than fully automatic ones.

For semi-automatic washing machines, this isnt a major consideration because most of them are top-loaders. But fully automatic washing machines are available as top-loaders and front-loaders. And as one would expect, each has its pros and cons.

A top-loader washing machine makes for easy loading of clothes while youre in the standing position, unlike the front loader, which requires you to squat in order to load your clothes into it. A smart way around this however, is to place the front-loader on a height, such as a small table. This is the major difference. But there are also some concerns over the possibility of leakages after long-term use. In such situations, front-loaders are more likely to spill water because their washers open to the side, unlike top-loaders whose washers have blind sides and bottom.

Another factor you want to consider is the weight capacity of your washing machine, which ultimately dictates its price. The weight capacity is the maximum weight of clothes that your machine can hold at a time. So, if a washing machine is labelled as 5kg, this means it should be able to hold 5kg of dry cotton clothes at a time. If you stuff it with more clothes than that, you wont get satisfactory washes from the machine.

Note also that the weight of your capacity will determine how much space it will take up in your home. A 13kg washing machine is therefore expected to be significantly bigger than a 5kg washing machine. So, if you dont have luxury of space in your home, you should go with the smaller weight capacity options.

Popularity sometimes speaks volumes about quality. And this particularly runs true for washing machines in Nigeria. From empirical evidence, the more popular brands of washing machine in Nigeria such as LG and Haier Thermocool tend to offer better performance and last longer than those by the less popular brands. So, if youre confused as to which brand of washing machine to go for, you wont go wrong with any of the brands that are popular in Nigeria.

Since electricity supply in Nigeria is still nothing to write home about, its only smart to power consumption into consideration when buying your washing machine. While the power rating varies from machine to machine, fully automatic washing machines usually consume more power than their semi-automatic counterparts. So, if your alternate source of power supply is a small generator, you may want to consider buying a semi-automatic washing machine. Only go for a fully automatic washing machine if you use a bigger capacity generator or inverter, or if you plan to use the machine only when PHCN makes power supply available.

If you like getting more from your appliances than the basic stuff theyre made for, then thats another point to keep in mind when buying a washing machine. Note, however, that the presence of absence of additional fancy features varies from one washing machine to another.

For example, some fully automatic LG models come with steam option for deeper and better cleaning, gorgeous digital display that tells you what the machine is doing at any time, and a tub cleaning option to remove mold or mildew smells. Other fancy features available in some models include vibration and noise reduction, child locks for added safety, touchscreen controls, and spin speed adjustment.

Because their operations are not fully automatic, semi-automatic washing machines can sometimes product unsatisfactory results due to factors that you can easily control. Here are some tips on how to get satisfactory washes from semi-automatic washing machines.

become a spiral sand washer expert in 5 minutes | fote machinery

According to industry statistics, each kilometer of highways and high-speed railways requires hundreds of thousands of tons of sand and gravel aggregates. The quality of some fine sand must meet the standards for construction, otherwise it cannot be sold at a high price. A new-type spiral sand washing machine can solve this problem.

The new-type spiral sand washing machine is a kind of sand washing equipment with a horizontal structure. It is an upgraded version of the ordinary sand washer in technological innovation and structure, thereby having the features of outstanding performance, good product size, low unit operating cost, low-carbon and environmental protection.

It is widely used in construction, highway, hydropower plants, sand and gravel plants, concrete mixing plants, etc. It can not only process the coarse-grained materials, but also the medium-grained or fine-grained materials, such as river pebbles, pebbles, granite, basalt, and shale.

Regardless of single spiral sand washer and double spiral sand washer, the structure is mainly composed of sand washing tank, speed reducer, motor, main shaft, screw blade and lifter support. The structure is simple and has few parts.

The rotor adopts a central structure. The screw blades are installed on the main shaft and connected to the speed reducer to work. The impeller drives the bearing device to make the bearing isolated from water and materials, which can ensure that the finished product is not polluted and effectively improve the cleaning effect.

The spiral sand washer needs to be tilted. Its principle is that the sand and gravel are fed evenly from the feeding tank, and a certain amount of water is continuously injected into the main tank. The transmission part drives the screw shaft to rotate at a certain speed, forcing the materials to mix with water and constantly turning over and colliding with each other.

In short, the spiral sand washer aims to obtain high-quality sand by mechanical washing according to the spiral principle and the principle of different sedimentation speeds of various materials (sand, mud and water) in the liquid.

6. After starting the machine, observe whether it is operating normally. If any abnormality is found, stop the machine immediately and check the faults. The machine can only be started again after troubleshooting.

8. During the sand washing, release the flushing water pipe first, then feed the material. At the same time, adjust the spray direction and the height of overflow baffle. The water supply shall be moderate to effectively clean the sand and prevent the sand from overflowing along the notch. When feeding, add sand evenly, not too much or too quickly, as too much sand will cause the overload and damage of machine, and too little will affect the output.

1. Check the bearing once every two months and pay attention to the reliability of the bearing sealing device. Once severe wear, water seepage, or sand immersion happens, shut down the machine immediately, replace the sealing device, and clean and lubricate the bearing. Generally, the bearing can be oiled every 5000 hours.

2. Pay attention to the noise of machine at any time; observe the operation of the screw shaft, V-belt, sealing device, water pipe and other components; check whether the motor and gearbox are overheated and whether the bolts of each part are fastened, etc.

4. The electrical device of large sand equipment must have a reliable grounding device. And the electrical wires shall be reliably insulated and installed in a snakeskin tube. Check the motor wiring frequently for wear and leakage to avoid accidents.

In production, spiral sand washers often appear with some common faults. The faults include that the sand is not clean; splashing when washing sand; sand washing reduction or leakage; the machine cant start or makes noises; bearing is overheated or damaged; frame vibration; gear damage; noises in transmission part; and blockage of discharging port.

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