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Beston biomass charcoal making machine for sale uses the most advanced carbonization technology (also known as pyrolysis technology) to convert biomass into charcoal. So far, the charcoal making equipment produced by Beston Machinery has been sold and installed in Turkey, Ukraine, Chile, Spain, and more than 30 countries and regions all over the world, which helps our customers obtain a huge profits while using biomass waste.

The charcoal maker machine takes advantages of the agriculture wastes or forestry wastes that are rich in lignin, cellulose, hemicellulose, such as straw, sawdust, rice husk, fruit hush, coconut shell, palm shell, tree bark, logs, etc.In the high-temperature oxygen-free pyrolysis process, the carbon and hydrogen elements in the raw materials are converted into high-calorie mixed combustible gas, charcoal and by-products: wood vinegar and tar.

Biomass materials pass through belt conveyor sealed feeding device fall into the inner tank of high temperature carbonization machine (medium temperature zone) fall into high temperature zone for high temperature pyrolysis, flue gas volatilization, sulfur release, carbon enrichment the process of carbonization finished three-stage sealed and water-cooling discharging

A large amount of flue gas (combustible gas) produced in the carbonization process piped to the first-stage cyclone dust collector for duct removal the flue gas after purification is converted into combustible fuel gas and then introduced into the auxiliary furnace as the heating source (the combustible flue gas is ignited with automatic ignition), the exhaust gas after heating source utilization go through the cyclone dust collector for dust removal exhaust gas dust collector for discharging

As one of the leading charcoal making machine manufacturers and suppliers in the world, Beston is capable of designing, researching and manufacturing high-quality and advanced charcoal maker machines. We have our own research center and a strong data supporting center.

As one of the strongest biomass charcoal making machine manufacturers in China, Beston doesnt only aim to manufacture good products for the customers, but also care the customers profits and the sustainable development of the planet. For you, it is a great chance to grasp and a real profitable investment you can try. Beston will help you throughout every phase of your business plan. Contact us freely if you want to know more about our machine. Fllow us on Pinterest.