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best 5 antique/vintage coffee grinders to buy in 2021 reviews

The antique coffee grinder is also known as vintage or old-fashioned coffee grinder. Its a machine for grinding the coffee beans with the mechanism and design of the old coffee grinders. Therefore, the vintage coffee grinders are manual since the first grinders origin from the time the electric energy wasnt in use.

Although these models look old-style and are made of the materials that today are not in use anymore, the vintage coffee grinders are functional as well as modern coffee grinders. The grinders are made nowadays so the metal materials didnt rust and the wood didnt crumble. The whole construction is functional so you can use it normally.

Since its the manual type of coffee grinders, the vintage coffee grinder doesnt spend electricity and doesnt need a socket. Its design makes the grinder attractive so its a nice souvenir for coffee lovers. Since vintage coffee grinders are usually cheap, its a good idea to give an antique coffee grinder as a gift to your friends.

The price of most vintage coffee grinders is under 100 dollars, which suits the price of manual coffee grinders. The price depends on the size of the coffee grinder so the cheapest one is the grinder with the capacity for one serving. Its easy to get the antique coffee grinder for a discount price if you visit Amazon.

The Peugeot coffee grinder comes in a light wooden design with a metal hopper and crank. The knob of the crank is wooden just like the container. The wooden knob ensures comfortable use. Its big enough to hold it and rotate the crank.

The wooden container has a little tray that is like a tray of furniture. You can remove the tray practically after grinding so you can take the coffee ground without making the mess. The container is made of beech wood that ensures the resistance for a long time.

After you fulfill the metal hopper, you can grind coffee for one or two servings, depending on the size of your favorite serving. That means the grinding time is short but you can repeat the grinding as often as you want. The grinding system is made of stainless steel so it can last for long.

The grinding system consists of burrs that are resistant to corrosion. You can use this coffee grinder with a vintage style anywhere. Its possible to use it both indoor and outdoor. You dont have to place it near the socket. The power of your hand is enough.

If you would like to see more designs of this model, there are also white and dark wood designs so choose the version you like the most. The quality of the materials is always the same. The burrs are also the same no matter the design. Read this post to see what is the quality of the burrs in other burr coffee grinders on the market.

The Evelyne coffee grinder has a wooden container for coffee ground and the metal hopper for coffee beans just like the previous model. The hopper includes the wheel you can rotate to activate the grinding system. The overall height of this vintage coffee grinder is about 10 inches. The container is square-shaped and the size is about 5 inches.

The hopper and the wheel are made of cast iron. Its a strong material so its sure the coffee grinder wont get damaged so easily. You will feel comfortable holding the wooden knob of the hand crank. The big wheel of the crank makes this grinder look old-fashioned.

You can adjust the texture of this antique coffee grinder due to your preferences. If you want to make espresso, you need to adjust the fine grind size. There are also medium and coarse grind sizes if you want to make French press, cold brew, and other brewing methods.

To fulfill the hopper with coffee beans, you need to open the hopper. Its closed with the screws so you need to loosen them and open the hopper. Its enough to open one side of the hopper. Its possible because the lid has two parts. The cast iron protects the coffee beans inside the hopper. To find out more about the benefits of cast iron and to see similar models, check this cast iron coffee grinder post.

The previous two coffee grinders have a similar design that is different than the design of this Bazaar Turkish coffee grinder. Its a small coffee grinder with oriental decoration. It seems like the coffee grinder from the old Ottoman tradition. The coffee grinder has a diameter of about 2 inches and its about 4 inches high.

The hand crank is not as big as of the previous model. Its more practical when it comes to storing. You can ensure some small place in your kitchen closet for this vintage coffee grinder. If you like Turkish design, you can place this coffee grinder in your living room. It suits any home design.

You need to loosen the screw of the grinding mechanism if you want to change the coarseness. You can set fine, medium, or coarse grind size according to the type of coffee youre preparing. The container is big enough to store about 2 servings.

Not only the coffee beans but you can use this Bazaar coffee grinder to mill also pepper, salt, cumin, mustard, cardamom, and so on. Its a multifunctional machine so you can use it to spice your meal. Most Turkish coffee grinders are multi-purpose, so check them out.

The Realegend coffee grinder is similar to the first two coffee grinders I reviewed. However, this one doesnt include the lid of the metal hopper for coffee beans. You will see the coffee beans you grind. The hopper is big enough to prevent the mess during the grinding.

The metal crank is removable so its easier to store this vintage coffee grinder. The crank is about 4 inches long. Its practical for travel since its manual so you dont need the socket for it. This antique coffee grinder has a compact design so it will suit any luggage bag. You can bring it also camping.

There is a screw on the top you can loosen to adjust the texture of the coffee you choose. The ceramic burrs of this model are the most suitable for making coarse coffee for the French press or Moka pot. The coffee grains are stored in the beechwood container with the tray. Its easy to remove the tray when you want to take the coffee ground.

On the bottom of this old-fashioned coffee grinder, there are the attachments that make it nonslip. You can place the coffee grinder on the countertop and it will be stable during the grinding. You can rotate the crank without the worry of accidents. To see a detailed offer of wooden coffee grinders, check the post.

This Matte coffee grinder has the most antique style. Thats because it includes double wheels with handles. You can hold the handle and rotate the wheel transforming the coffee beans into the ground coffee of the coarseness you choose.

The double wheels are made of cast iron while the base is made of wood. On the dark wooden base, there is the container. You can take out the coffee ground using the tray. The mess is prevented because its easy to remove the tray and get coffee for brewing. You can adjust the grind size of the coffee depending on the brewing method you want to use.

While the wheels are made of cast iron, the burr grinding system is made of ceramic. This material prevents the metal odor of the coffee. The taste will stay the same. The ceramic burrs are resistant and durable so you can use this coffee grinder for many years.

The ceramic burrs are strong enough to grind all the beans such as spices, herbs, and finally coffee beans. No matter how hard the coffee beans are. This vintage coffee grinder is resistant enough to mill all types of coffee beans. Its one of the features of the best coffee bean grinders.

Most people buy antique coffee grinders for decoration so you should take the model that has the design you like. All the antique coffee mills are made of durable materials so you will be able to use any of the old coffee grinders for years. If you like classic vintage style, the Peugeot antique coffee mill might be the best choice for you. If you love Turkish style, take Bazaar Anatolia multifunctional coffee grinder and you will be able to grind both coffee beans and spices.

Just like the Bazaar model, most vintage coffee grinders are multifunctional thanks to durable burrs. The conical burrs are especially quality, so check this post and see the best conical burr coffee grinders. Moreover, most old coffee grinders require your hand to be able to grind. Read this post and explore more manual coffee grinders worth buying. To learn all about the best coffee grinders, check this post with review and guide.