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Granule sieve is thecrystalof wisdomandexperience of HongDa Machinery which has designed and manufactured vibrating sieve for Pharmaceutical Industry for years. The vibration power come from the center-of-inertia of rotating motor shaft, make the screen body produces approximate circular trajectory, the materials rotating rolling on the screen surface, rolling forward at the same time. In the whole process, the material stressevenly and roll smoothly on surface of granule sifter, almost no damage, and we can also have the same effect even screening wet pills.

1. The Granule sieve could match withvibrating feederin order that the material could feed into the screen machine equably. Therefore, the screening precision is higher. 2. Making specialscreen meshaccording to different materials, no blocking, high screening efficiency. 3. Unique design of vibration amplitude and frequency, dry pill will not be broken, wet pill will not be out of shape and make particles and powder separate thoroughly. 4. Low consumption, high output, easy cleaning, fully closed structure, automatic discharge the material, more suitable for assembly line production.

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S49-A series rotary vibrating sieve is a kind of high precision sieving machine, low noise, high efficiency, only 3-5 minutes to replace the screen rapidly, fully closed structure. It can apply to granule, powder and liquid screening and filter.

S49-A series rotaryvibrating sieveuse upright motor as the source of vibration, equipped eccentricity hammer on the both sides of motor, change circumrotate to level, upright and incline movement, then pass these three movement to the surface of the screen. Adjust the phasic angle on the both sides of the top and bottom to change the movement orbits of the surface screen.

1. High efficiency, refined design, duration, any powders and mucilage are suitable for using. 2. Easily to replace the screen, simple operation and convenience washing. 3. Never jam the hole meshwork, no powder flying, filter size of the powder between 5mm to 0.025 mm. 4. Discharge the impurities or coarse materials automobile and operates continuously. 5. Unique screen flame design, long duration of screen, only 3-5 to replace the screen. 6. Small volume, move easily. 7. The highest layers of the screen are about 5 layers. But 3 layers are suggested.

Food Industry Sugar powder, starch, salt, rice flour, milk powder, soybean milk, egg powder, soy sauce, juice, tea, drink, dairy products, sweets, small food, frozen food, spices, protein, food additives, dehydrated vegetablesetc.Pharmaceuticals Industry Active pharmaceutical ingredients, pharmaceutical intermediates, tablet, granule and granule, penicillin, tetracycline HCL, vitamin, powder, Chinese medicine medicinal slices, etc.Chemical Industry Epoxy resin, resin, phenolic resin, polyethylene powder particles, EPS, PVC, catalyst, blowing agent, rubber additives, desiccant, accelerant, fluorescent whitening agent, paint, etc.PowderMetallurgy Industry Iron powder, copper powder, molybdenum powder, tungsten powder, silver powder, aluminu.Other Industries Magnetic materials, lithium iron phosphate, cobalt acid lithium, graphite powder, laundry detergent, activated carbon, starch glue, glass fiber, feldspar, white corundum, quick lime, mica, polishing powder, refractory material, kaolin, carbon acid calcium, quartz sand, paper, etc

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Granulepill sieveis Gaofucompanysempirical wisdom crystallizationwhich engaged in medical screening equipment design and manufacturing, the machine body produce approximatecircular motiondriven bythe motor shaft rotation traction, granule pillmaterial rolling on the sieve surface,the size smaller than the mesh will pass, bigger than the mesh directly discharged.the whole process of material force balanced and smooth rolling, almost no damage, even wet sieving pill can also play the same effect.