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Tekna offers a full range of feeders that enables the transportation of low-fluctuation powders with low or high powder flow rate. We also offer liquid and vapor suspension feeders for plasma processes.

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The transparent hopper allows easy control showing the amount of powder left inside. With an additional sensor the operator will be timely informed when low powder level is reached. In combination with the PLC, calibration of powder feed rate is made easily.

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The Mould Powder Feeder is applicable for all types of powder and granules. The Mould powder feeder is basically equipped with two feeding tubes and one powder container, installed on the carriage. The complete equipment is manufactured using standardised modules, which result in high reliability and low maintenance of equipment, and specially selected electrical and mechanical parts that are designed, well tested and proven to function in heavy industries.

The casting powder has to be filled manually into the powder container. To avoid clogging and to keep the powder dry, the powder container is equipped with a heating and a stirrer. The heating is mounted on the outer surface of the powder container. Inside the powder container the stirrer is mounted in order to get sure, that the powder slides into the feeding housings. In the feeding housing the powder will be transported by means of the feeding spirals through the outlet tubes over the mould.

The powder feeder will be moved manually to the working position in the way, that the ends of the feeding tubes with the outlets are located above the mould. The carriage is supported by two linear wheels and one flexible wheel. For adjustment of powder feeding height, these wheels can be fixed at different heights onto the carriage.

The stirrer inside the powder container further serves for the powder transport to the feeding housings. From the feeding housings the powder will be transported by means of the feeding spirals through the feeding tubes to the outlet tubes over the mould.

During casting process the powder feeding rate will be controlled according to the casting speed which is sent by the plant control system (Level 1). A capacitance proximity switch indicates the time for refilling the powder container. After casting or before a standstill the manual slides at the outlets of the powder container have to be closed and the feeding housing has to be emptied.

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Made from the juice of fresh, young coconuts, our coconut water powder is rejuvenating and rich in essential electrolytes. The liquid is freeze-dried into powdered form to protect its vital nutrient content and make it easy to transport. Cheaper and more environmentally-conscious, coconut water powder is a great alternative to bottled coconut water. It is low in fat, calories, and sugar, making it a healthy alternative to sports drinks.

To prepare a refreshing glass of coconut water, mix 1 tablespoon of the powder with 1 cup of water. Coconut water powder has a light and sweet nutty flavor and gives you the ability to control the amount you want in your beverages. To replenish lost fluids, bring coconut water powder along to the gym, on hikes, bike rides, or other outdoor activities. This supplement is an excellent source of nutrients and energy for anyone. Coconut water powder can be added to smoothies, juice, coffee, and other drinks. It can also be stirred in puddings, oatmeal, and yogurt

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Automation of the powder dispensing process in the life sciences, pharmaceutical or analytical laboratory can be done with the programmable powder dosing pump as it reduces human error, risk of spillage and conforms to laboratory safety standards.

The powder dosing instruments such as DOSER 0.2 L, DOSER 1 L, DOSER 3 L, HI-DOSER 1 L, HI-DOSER 3 L and its accessories & consumables can be viewed atwww.lambda-instruments.com/powder-doser/doser-hidoser-image-gallery/.

You can connect up to 6 powder dispensers via RS-485 interface and cables to USB or serial port of the computer, without having to purchase additional software licenses for the additional laboratory equipment.

The powder dispensers LAMBDA DOSER and LAMBDA HI-DOSER allows a safe and reproducibledosing of hazardouschemicals in the lab and conforms to modern safety rules.To protect the laboratory technician or researcher or student, the powder dosing device can also be controlled remotely.

The powder DOSER can be configured with the electronic LAMBDA INTEGRATOR (optional) and allows the quantification of the amount of powder added as a function of time. This provides important information on the processes or reactions, e.g. when the DOSER is controlled by a controller (pH-stat, thermostat, etc.).

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11. The feeder (LAMBDA DOSER) was placed on the top of the DTF to continuously and uniformly feed the pulverized coal with a flow rate of 0.6 to 0.7 g/min.Aims to investigate the hydropyrolysis behavior of pulverized bituminous coal in a drop-tube furnace (DTF) with a temperature of 8001000 C.

Rui Gao; Benhao Dou; Qinghua Chang; Jianliang Xu; Zhenghua Dai; Guangsuo Yu; Fuchen Wang. (2020). Effect of temperature and hydrogen on product distribution and evolution of char structure during pyrolysis of bituminous coal in a drop tube furnace. Fuel, ISSN: 0016-2361, Vol: 267, Page: 117078; http://doi.org/10.1016/j.fuel.2020.117078.Keywords:Hydropyrolysis; DTFT; Tar composition; Char structure evolution.

12.The solid powder feeding system (LAMBDA HI-DOSER 1L) was usedto feed the premixed iron ore and lime continuously into the plasma arc zone during the arcoperation. The powder dispenser consists of a dosing unit and a powder distributor coupled to a stepping motor to control the number of turns per minute and accordingly the dispensing rate.

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The biggest particle size for powders that could be dosed with our DOSER is about 4 mm. A good dosing of powders depends essentially on the flowing properties of the respective powders to be dosed. In general, homogeneous and free-flowing powders can be dosed best.

The powder / granules / solid must be properly treated for good flowing properties It is also possible to allow a gas flow to pass through the Lambda dosing vessel in order to create a controlled atmosphere.It is often possible to substantially improve the flowing properties of the respective powder / granules / solid by adding Aerosil (fumed silica pure SiO2) to your powder (~0.1 - 2% by weight).

The motor of the driving unit is controlled with quartz-driven electronics, similarly as it is done in electronic watches.Therefore, the accuracy depends mainly on the powder. For best accuracy and precise doses, the powder needs to be free-flowing and homogeneous.

It is always possible to control the mass flow rate of the powder using the LAMBDA Doser. You could program the DOSER up to 27 pairs of speed and time settings to control your desired mass flow rate (g/min).

Yes, the powder DOSER can be controlled by Mettler Titration Excellence T50/T70/T90 via RS-232 communication (most common type of connection with Mettler accessories), to dispense the desired amount of powder to the titration process. The powder DOSER has to be included as RS-232 control in the titroprocessor unit and the desired activity can be selected (e.g.: the signal would switch off the DOSER or switch it on, etc.) For integration of DOSER with your Mettler titroprocessor, you would need the RS-232 interface activated in the powder dosing unit and RS-232 connection cable.

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Our high quality and user friendly DM 1200-PF rotary powder feeder is designed to suit Laser Cladding, HVOF and Plasma Spray processes. Utilizing proven technology and electrical controls, the DM 1200-PF is highly efficient and reliable. The heart of the DM 1200-PF electrical control is the digital closed-loop controller, offering precise and accurate wheel speed. The DM 1200-PF is also capable of remote control by PLC or computer, allowing wheel speed to be controlled remotely by a 0-10 DC or 4-20 mA signal. All machined parts are manufactured and fully inspected to guarantee the highest quality and functionality.

Highlights: Digital wheel speed local / remote control Hour meter Heater blanket 15 RPM motor (standard), 32 RPM (available) 90 PSI (6.2 bar) maximum pressure 115 VAC or 230 VAC & 50 / 60 Hz capable +/- 2 % feed accuracy Applicable for use on either Laser Cladding, HVOF or Plasma Spray Interconnect Carrier Gas Flow Controller for Laser Cladding & HVOF Oxygen/Gas Fuel system