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7 best pressure washer sandblasting kits - (reviews 2021)

It is not a bad idea to use a pressure washer sandblaster with your power pressure washer. The reason is it can help you in removing paint and rust, and hard stains from your driveway. These kits enhances the power washer by transforming your pressure washer into sandblasting machines. The sandblaster is durable, and its detachment must be easy, made of sturdy material, affordable, and can handle maximum pressure.

By using the best pressure washer sandblasting kit, you can vapor blast at home not only this, you can do it in a clean and quick way. In this article, we will provide all information that will help you using a pressure washer sandblasting kit.

Sandblasting is an excellent tool for cleaning old rusty surfaces, worn-out paint, and timeworn wheelbarrow. In this guide, we will explain to you the best sandblasting kit, its features along with their pros and cons.

According to users reviews, this Pressure Washer Sandblasting Kit is one of the best kits at an affordable price. It is a well-known sandblaster as it can handle up to high rated pressure 5000 PSI. It is a perfect choice for those projects that normally you cannot complete at home. Usual tasks like removing old paint from the car or old layers of rust.

So you do complete many challenging projects at a very low cost. It consists of a 17-inch sand wand made of stainless steel. This sand wand can easily handle higher sand flow that is the requirement of higher pressure. The high-quality hose is 10 feet long, which is secured by two points with clamps.

This is a great thing as it makes the detaching and drying process easy if any water comes down. Nozzle is coming with replaceable ceramic tips and is made out of brass. A standard inch quick connector can be connected to this sandblaster. So if you want to use your sandblaster for a long time and at a reasonable price, then you must go for it.

This pick is a bit pricier than others, but this sandblaster is a good choice for those who want to use their sandblaster for a long time. It can handle pressure up to 3500 PSI and is made of sturdy material.

It can also handle10 gallons of water/ minute from your pressure washer. This Sandblaster kit from Valley Industries has 18 feet long sand suction that is made of rubber and reinforced with a metal mesh that makes this sandblaster long-lasting. Its sand wand is also made of stainless steel and has two tubes for sand and air intake.

This results in even and smooth sand flow. One better thing about this sandblaster is that its wand can be connected to many standard pressure washers having inch male plug. Its price is indeed a bit high, but it is a worthy investment as it is made of sturdy material and its high quality together with the durability. It also consists of a Carbide nozzle tip which is the most durable out there.

Our next pick is M Mingle sandblasting pressure washer. This sandblaster can help you in completing home-based sandblaster projects. You can call it a mid-range product and valuable for users of Karcher pressure washer.

It is good for the users having K series pressure washers that include K2, K3, K4, K5, K6, and K7, as it fits well with them. The reason is, it consists of an adapter. Its adapter is best compatible with the Karcher pressure washer sandblaster series and can be used with any standard inch connector with a sandblaster. If we see reviews, you can connect it with many standard inch connectors. Its sandblaster for pressure washer is of medium quality, of course, according to its price. Sand wand and nozzle both are made of plastic.

The length of the sand hose is 10 feet which play an important role in smoothness, even suction with no worry of shortage. The wand is made of good quality sturdy material with a length of 16 inches. Also, a ceramic tip is available inside its nozzle. It is best for pressure up to 2500 PSI. It works well at a temperature below 140 degree Fahrenheit. In this kit, you can get a Karcher adapter, sandblaster and protective eyewear.

If you are looking for an affordable and simple daily usage pressure washer, then Tool Daily 2500 PSI Pressure is for you. This sandblaster for a pressure washer can handle pressure up to 2500PSI, so ideal for daily usage.

This sandblasting kit is very good for low-quality materials and also if you dont want to use it regularly. It has 10 feet long hose made of rubber, and with the help of it, you can easily reach the sand bucket but not sanction power.

The tip of sturdy plastics made sand wand provide smooth sand suction flow. Its 16-inch long sand wand can fit any 1/4-inch pressure washer connector. It contains a plastic nozzle that can be replaceable with a ceramic tip. And you also get eyeglasses pair with this for your protection, thus justifying the cost.

AgiiMan is the next product that we talk about, it is the perfect household sandblaster at an affordable price we must choose this. There is a sandblaster kit that consists of an adapter, protective eyeglass pair, and a sandblaster. The adapter is used to change 1/4-inch quick connector pressure washer wand into one to fit into Karcher pressure washers from series of K.

This powerful sandblaster is used to handle water pressure up to 3200 PSI. And it works perfectly until the water does not go over 150 Fahrenheit. This sandblaster for pressure washer is made up of plastic, steel, and brass.

The sand hose is made up of flexible plastic, and its length is 10 feet. On the other hand, the tapered wand is made up of solid plastic. This stainless made pressure washer has a connector at the end with slight longer height. A solid plastic nozzle with a brass gasket is also connected whose nozzle tip is ceramic.

The next product is Interstate Pneumatics. It is not a pneumatic tool; still, they made this wet sandblaster for pressure washers. And if you want a reliable sandblaster that will be of your use for many projects, then this powerful sandblaster must be your choice. It is also a pocket-friendly model and has the ability to handle 3500PSI pressure with ten gallons of water per minute with continuous flow.

This pressure washer has a PVC hose that is 18 feet in length, and it is as far that it protects from water kickback and short enough to have a smooth flow of sand. This hose ends with a sand wand made with steel. It has two pipes; one pipe is used for sand output, and the other is used for the proper flow of air. Moreover, it cannot extend, and it can fit up to a 1/4-inch connector.

If you are looking for an affordable pressure washer sandblaster, then your choice must be DUSICHIN. But we must keep in our mind that if it is low in price, then it must be low in quality that it would not work for longer projects.

It is because it has a nozzle tip that is made of brass, and it gets damaged quickly. And due to this, we recommend using a sandblaster with baking soda so if there is dust, it removes quickly. This sandblaster for pressure washer can connect with any 1/4-inch connector and can handle pressure up to 1000 to 2600 PSI.

A sandblaster is not a toy, so when we work with it, we must keep in our mind the possible dangers that may occur while dealing with it. And if you are worried about your safety while working with the sandblaster, simply follow the directions and use the instructions given by the manufacturer of the sandblaster kit.

Deciding what type of sandblaster is right for you is totally dependent on the type of your job. If you are confused between finer or coarser media, then check the work of finer. If the results are good, it otherwise goes for the second option, which is coarser. The reason is that high-pressure media chunks can damage the surface. Baking soda and crushed walnut shells are examples of finer media. On the other hand, coarser media comprises crushed glass and swimming pool filter sand.

The water pressure depends on many factors. But most importantly, the rigorousness of rust, paint, and dirt you need to remove and the type of media you are using. The output of pressure must be more than 1500 PSI. The start must be with low pressure and then adjust according to your choice.

The sand hose must be above the water wand, and in this way, the water will come down the sand hose. And if it happens, you should have a safe side for this situation. Turn off pressure washer and sandblaster. Now please remove the sand wand from sand, as we do not need it wet. If it is designed as a gun trigger, then hold it open. Continue working when the hose is dry.

From restoring a rusty, old wheelbarrow to stripping paint off your car for a repaint, sandblasting is the ideal solution. However, air-based sandblasting comes at a very high price and is also injurious for the lungs. That is why, for domestic usage, pressure washer sandblaster kits are the solution. Its price is low, silica can be controllable, and it removes everything we want.

We have tried our best to provide you with all the answers about the pressure washer sandblasting kit. We strained our best to give you all kinds of information and organize our buying guide so that it helps you in choosing the best pressure washer sandblasting kit. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask in the comment section. is a One Stop Review Shop providing its readers with in-depth reviews about the products listed on the website. It saves your time and helps you decide which products will perfectly fulfil your requirement.

best pressure washer sandblasting kit - top 5 reviews of 2020

You may be wondering on how to go ahead with removing an abrasive material from any surface. Try using a sandblasting tool to remove all of this old rust and paint effortlessly. Today, you can get a sandblaster attachment that you attach to a pressure washer and simply rip away any of the rust or peeling materials of the walls or surfaces. The sandblasting kits include guns attached to the pressure washer to blast away the sand. The kit may consist of sand or not, but it will have a metal probe, a sandblasting hose and a set of nozzles for effective spray. Many brands have come up with the best solutions. Let us check the best five available in the market.

The kit includes an attachment for sandblasting and is not suitable for use on gentle surfaces. It comes with a pair of safety goggles and high-end hose with specific nozzles. Attach the kit to the Karcher pressure washer to remove any abrasive material.

The product comes with 5000psi pressure works with a suction fed injection of sand. The product has nozzles for replacement available, and the temperature it can work on is a maximum of 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The kit works well on abrasive cleaning or for removing paint and old baked-on grease.

The pressure is of 3200psi and comes with a durable material that is also anti-corrosion and resistant to wear and tear. It works at a maximum temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit. It comes with a multi-functional sandblasting nozzle to clean varnish, paint, and old graffiti.

The product works at 2500psi pressure. The sandblasting kit fits most pressure washers. Moreover, it has quick connection at the end of the gun and has a maximum temperature setting of 140 degrees Fahrenheit. It is ideal for sandblasting paint, graffiti, baked-on grease with great simplicity.

The kit gets a PVC 18Ft long hose. The hose has an outer diameter of 0.625 and a inlet plug. Besides, the maximum temperature is 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The water-pressure can remove hard-to-remove stains, old graffiti, or multiple layers of peeling paint with the utmost ease.

After a lot of contemplation, my choice is the Karcher Electric Pressure Washer Sandblasting Kit. The kit is compatible with Karcher pressure sandblaster. It is ideal for removing rust, paint, and other abrasive materials only. You can find the products link in table.

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Sandblasting Kit General Instructions: Run the sand suction hose on top of the lance. If sand suction hose is under the lance during operation water can run down the sand suction hose getting the sand wet and it will not flow through the head. Eventually the hose will plug and the assembly will need to be cleaned and dried before using. Several pieces of electrical tape can be used to hold the hose in place. Silica sand is recommended.

Carbide nozzles are more superior to a stainless steel nozzle because they are very long-wearing and extremely corrosion-resistant. Steel or Ceramic Nozzles are suitable for light-duty work or infrequent users.

Carbide nozzles are more superior to a stainless steel nozzle because they are very long-wearing and extremely corrosion-resistant. Steel or Ceramic Nozzles are suitable for light-duty work or infrequent users.

Machine use from 3000 PSI ( min) to 7250 PSI (max). 4.0 GPM (min) to 8 GPM (max). Fan spray, industrial sandblasting kit, sandblasting nozzle with sand probe, carbide tip. Some assembly required.

Machine use from 3000 PSI ( min) to 7250 PSI (max). 4.0 GPM (min) to 8 GPM (max). Fan spray, industrial sandblasting kit, sandblasting nozzle with sand probe, carbide tip. Some assembly required.

Always point the nozzle downward when not spraying. This prevents water from entering the sand supply. If water does get into the sand supply hose, remove the probe from the sand, hold the gun trigger open, and let the hose air dry. Always be sure the sand hose is dry before using.

Sand Mesh: sand mesh refers to the size of sieve through which a particular grade of sand will pass. A "16/50" mesh means that normally, most of these particles will pass through a No. 16 sieve and a very small percentage will pass through a No. 50 sieve. Note: A No. 16 sieve is a mesh that has 16, 0.046 sq. in. (1.19mm) openings per inch.

Blasting Angle and Distance: this blasting angle can affect the nozzle distance. Always maintain the recommended blasting angle and the proper distance from your work surface for the best sandblasting performance.

Adjustable Sand Intake To increase sand intake, loosen the valve. To decrease sand intake, tighten the valve. By experimenting with different settings, you can determine which setting is most economical for the job. See below for approximate sand usage per minute at each setting.

top #3 pressure washer sandblasters [ top listed sandblaster washers]

A pressure washer sandblaster or just a sandblaster. What would you prefer? Well, everyone has their own preferences. Some find pressure washer sandblaster more useful and efficient while some are satisfied with just a sandblasting tool.

It simultaneously cleans and washes the surface that reduces your workload of cleaning the leftover material later. Well, this is one of our reasons why we are here today with the Top #3 Pressure Washer Sandblasters.

And apart from features and quality, this best sandblaster is also a budget-friendly product. Well, you can also check the best budget sandblasters over the link if you cant afford to buy the expensive one. Here we have reviewed the best sandblasting tools that you can have under your budget.

Well, even if you can afford to buy an expensive product, you will not prefer the one if you will get a tool with durable and astounding features at a reasonable price. And this is what this Tool Daily Pressure Washer Sandblaster is all about.

This sandblaster has the attachments having a goggle, 17 sand wand (sand input), 10 hose, 16 pressure washer wand (water input), and two hose clamps. These are all the important attachments that you would require to make your blasting job easy and efficient.

Well, this best pressure washer sandblaster also provides the replacement nozzles and two replacement wet sandblaster attachment. Well, tools like these are only useful if they produce a great amount of pressure on the surface.

Well, with this much amount of pressure, it guarantees you that it will not leave any surface uncleaned. This best sandblaster works amazingly for abrasive cleaning. It quickly and efficiently removes rust, paint, graffiti, and baked on grease.

Now another great tool in the list of Top #3 Pressure Washer Sandblasters is Angela&Alex Pressure Washer Sandblaster. It is another best sandblaster that is budget-friendly and supports amazing features.

So, yes, with these long wands you can grab a great amount of media and throw it out with full pressure. The working principle that this handheld sandblaster follows is to inject sand into the water system.

Well, as we have discussed above, this product produces a great amount of pressure up to 5000 PSI with a temperature up to 60 / 140F. So, with this high amount of pressure, it will sharply and bluntly clean any surface.

Now, the last desirable tool in the list of Top #3 Pressure Washer Sandblasters is Selkie Pressure Washer Sandblaster. It is under the list because it lets you perform an alternative sandblasting process to traditional sandblasting.

This handheld sandblaster works great in removing stains, paint, rust, and all the unwanted material that you find should be removed. And while this tool will perform its blasting job, it will not create dust that might annoy you.

And this is the reason why this sandblaster comes under the list of Top #3 Pressure Washer Sandblasters. The sandblasting kit includes a 16-inch pressure washer wand (water input), a goggle, four hose clamps, extra two replacement ceramic nozzle kits, and a 17-inch sand wand (sand input).

And while you will be using this tool, you would not need to worry about the quality of the product. The materials used in manufacturing are of great quality that will provide a risk-free cleaning process.