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5 Convenient for storage and transportation: Briquettes are convenient for storage with reduced volume in the shape of a square, spherical, elliptic, egg, pillow, etc., therefore their transportation costs can be reduced.

4 Metals and metal alloys: iron powders, aluminum powders, magnesium powders, copper powders, lead powders, zinc powders, tungsten powders, sulfur powders, chromium powders, cobalt powders, silicon powders, nickel powders, oxide scale, etc.

Boiler industry. It is widely used for civil and household cooking (including BBQ), power supply and heating in factories, hotels, hospitals, food processing plants, schools, bath centers, hotels, restaurants and other industries.

To ensure the normal operation of the briquette press machine, the power supply should not be lower than the nominal input voltage of the briquetting machine. When the nominal value is 24VAC, the voltage fluctuation should not exceed 25%.

Therefore, users who configure briquette making equipment should consider and perform comprehensive calculations to reduce production and investment costs while ensuring product quality and efficiency.

The material enters the hopper of the briquette machine uniformly from the storage bin through the quantitative equipment and is adjusted by the adjusting gate on the hopper, so that the material enters the middle of the roller evenly.

The unit pressure increases from small to large until the center of the rollers, and the unit pressure of the moulding reaches a large value. As the rollers continue to rotate, the molding pressure continues to decrease until the material enters the off-ball state and falls out.

65 manganese alloy, with relatively low cost, is commonly used for casting roller skins. The hardness of the roller skin is not too high, so it is not wear-resistant. It is suitable for pressing fine materials such as coal powder and clay.

92 chromium-molybdenum, with relatively high cost, is commonly used for forging roller skins. The hardness of the roller skins, which can reach above HRC62, is also relatively high. It is suitable for pressing rough materials such as iron powder and metal ore powder.

The medium and high pressure briquette making machine: They need to use type 2 bearings, such as 22318, because of high load. This type of bearing not only has a self-aligning function, but also can carry a larger load, but its price is higher than that of a flat bearing.

The large-scale high-pressure dry powder briquette machine: It has a relatively large load during operation, so type 3 bearings, such as 352144 are used. This type of bearing belongs to the double row cylindrical roller bearing that has good stability, compression resistance and durability, but its price is even more expensive.

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demand for charcoal briquettes in kenya

Demand for Charcoal Briquettes is from Different Fields in Kenya There are three main sources of energy in Kenya: wood fuel, petroleum and electricity accounting for 70 percent, 21 percent and 9 percent of total energy use respectively. But, the charcoal briquette made from the wastes such as sawdust, bagasse, coffee husks, wheat straws etc, has also become more and more important considering the pressure on the nations forestry resources and sustainable development.

Demand from urban and peri-urban households Urban and peri-urban households account for a large section of Kenyas demand for cooking and heating fuel and are very important target markets for charcoal briquette. Most urban and peri-urban consumers desire a smokeless fuel, and charcoal briquettes can meet this need. Most urban and peri-urban consumers have the compatible cooking equipment for charcoal briquettes. The burn time of charcoal briquettes is higher than competing fuels,which can meet the need of cooking and heating. The urban and peri-urban people have the awareness of protect the forests and environment, which will make them turn to the charcoal briquette. Furthermore, they have the money to buy the more expensive fuel.

Demand from rural households Demand from rural households is relatively low because the firewood can be collected for free in the surrounding areas or bought cheaply in the nearest areas. But, there also have potential demand for charcoal briquette. Collecting and storing firewood is inconvenient and people are willing to pay for the charcoal briquette. Some of the consumers feel safer if they want to cook indoors at night. Because the charcoal briquette will produce less smoke. The advantages of charcoal are very attractive to the rural people, such as the long burning time, which will save their money to some extent.

Demand from restaurants, schools and others Outside of household use, data suggests that the demand for fuel from institutions and industries across Kenya could be very large. For the restaurants, it is evident that they need a mix of fuels, not just charcoal briquettes, such as the kerosene or other quicker burning fuel. Under this condition, the suppliers should emphasize the unique performance of the charcoal briquettes when burning and set a competitive prices. For schools, since they mainly use firewood, their demand has some similarities to rural households. Schools typically pay for firewood and it is likely that the charcoal briquette will be less competitive. In other fields, biomass briquette is used by a number of industries in Kenya, especially where a longer or cleaner burning fuel is needed. For example, it can be used in the poultry cages overnight when temperatures are low and this will avoid the need to add extra fuel. In different fields, the demand for charcoal briquettes may be different in Kenya. But we have reasons to believe that it must be used more widely in the future.

makiga machine prices in kenya (2021) new & used

If you are looking to acquire a brick making machine that is absolutely reliable and efficient, it is hard to look beyond the Makiga machine. Known for its durability, reliability, and absolute efficiency, the Makiga machine has built a strong reputation in Kenya that rates it among the very best in Kenya today. Like some of the top-rated brick making machine brands in Kenya, Makiga manufactures only a few types of brick making machines, which ensures they deliver the very best of these machines.

The interlock pavers are widely considered among the most aesthetic and reliable options for pavements and compound floors in recent times. They are stronger than most other types of flooring materials and have over time proven to be reliable and durable.

With the increase in the rate of demand for these machines today, Makiga has ensured to deliver only the very best brick making machine to the market. If you are a consistent follower of the construction industry in Kenya, the efficiency, durability, and overall functionality of the Makiga machine shouldnt be news to you. Apart from the fact that they boast one of the largest brick making machine industries in Kenya, they are highly rated in the whole of east Africa.

Makiga machines are available in different types and ranges. Although most of their machines maintain the same shape and most times, sizes, they slightly vary in functionality. The size of the machine you are picking determines the number of bricks that can be produced per time. Generally, the higher the number of bricks that can be manufactured per time, the more expensive the machine.

One of the most talked-about topics about the Makiga machines is how much it goes for in the market. With the growing discussion about the prices of the machines, it is important to take a look at how much they actually go for in the current market in Kenya. We will also consider how the machine can be gotten and things you will like and might not like about the Makiga machine. Lets get started.

If you are acquainted with this brand, then you will most likely comprehend why their machines rank among the very best and most sought after in Kenya. From their machine designs and styles to their efficiency and overall functionality, Makiga bold stands out among its competitors; so does their products prices. One thing is sure though with Makiga, you can be confident you have made the right choice.

Their class loudly reflects in their prices. It is an obvious fact, Makiga machines are among the most expensive in the market. Justifiably so, their machines functionality, ease of use, stability, reliability, and overall efficiency raise their value and are worth the price.

Makiga machines are available for purchase at any Makiga outlet across the country. For ease, they can also be purchased online and in construction machine stores across the country. On average, a brand new Makiga machine can be purchased between Ksh85, 000 and Ksh95, 000 depending on the type, size, place, and period of purchase. The machines are usually cheaper when purchased directly from the manufacturing company or direct distributors.

Makiga brick making machines are strong and durable, which makes the used version a reasonable alternative to brand new ones. The machines are built to last for a long time and maintain their efficiency regardless of how long it has been used, provided it remains in a steady working condition. While use versions may not be as neat as the brand new equivalent, they most likely boast almost the same efficiency and general functionality.

Makiga brick making machines are among the most sought after in the market today. They have strategically distinguished themselves in the construction equipment market and have placed themselves in a class only they can surpass as it stands. Their machines, irrespective of the type, size, and functionality guarantee absolute value for your money. Here are some of the factors that make them highly rated.