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Raymond is a villager from the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch console. He is a cat of the smug personality, and in a relatively short amount of time, he's reached peak levels of sexyman across the entire internet.

As an Animal Crossing villager, he can live in the player's town and own a house, and he will interact with the player if talked to. He is of the "smug" personality, one of 8 personalities in the game, and because of this he will talk about how much he loves being a fashionable hipster. Smug personalities will also occasionally flirt with the player, regardless of gender.

Raymond is a cat with glasses, bangs, a waistcoat, and heterochromia. The player is able to alter the way villagers dress, leading a mass amount of people to put him in a maid's dress. The inside of his house looks like a small office, and his catchphrase is "crisp". His birthday is October 1st, his skill is "rapping", and his goal is to be a fashion designer. According to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, he needs everything to be neat and tidy, or he won't get any work done.

Listen, there's no way in hell Nintendo when making their cute little animal village game at any point looked at Raymond and went "Yes, millions of people across the internet will be insatiably horny for this random cat villager that's functionally identical to all the other smug villagers who only exists to fill out the roster of prenamed characters to collect and display like trophies, to the point where an honest-to-god black market for him will form rapidly reaching it's peak selling him for thousands of dollars on twitter and then crashing and burning from hackers and scams within a matter of weeks. This is absolutely what we think the fan response to him will be like."

The internet hasn't been quite the same since Raymond. People already started to hype up the cat after seeing blurry pictures of him in teaser photos for New Horizons, noticing he was a cat with glasses and heterochromia. After the game came out, however, the thirst only escalated. Having no easy way to obtain him, fans went ballistic trying to find him so they could have him in their town. He's become a commodity on the trading site Nookazon, his average price being at least 1,000,000 bells (the in-game currency) for villager trading. This led to the phrase "Raymond in boxes", which means someone has him ready to move out. Some people took advantage of his popularity and listed him for trading at ridiculous prices, and some people have been combating this by depicting Raymond as a sad little cat getting passed around.

Of course, one of the most notorious parts of Raymond's popularity is the maid dress. When Raymond came to Pocket Camp, someone posted a video on Twitter of him wearing a maid outfit and playing a tambourine. It got widely spread, and shortly after, people started making him wear a maid dress in their New Horizons games. This led to an influx of fetishistic fanart of him wearing a maid dress and being embarrassed, some internet groups tried to combat this by making him wear other gender nonconforming clothing and looking happy with himself. Some also attempted to re-characterize him as a middle-aged business man, or like David Byrne in his "Once in a Lifetime" video. Ultimately, these efforts failed to change his reputation, since he's now regarded as a pest and an e-boy by the average internet user. He also represents his fandom's greed and lust, being traded like a commodity for insane amounts of in-game money (and some real money) for looks alone.

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Before Animal Crossing: New Horizons became an internet obsession, one character had already formed a fandom based solely on a pre-release screenshot. Meet Raymond, a new Animal Crossing villager whose heterochromia and winning personality have inspired a wave of devotion and fan art.

Raymond is a cat who stands out: His boxy glasses, sharp suit, and stylish haircut make him one of the most modern characters in the Animal Crossing compendium. Raymonds smug personality type can make him a bit of a type-A egotist, but somehow, it works. Another way of putting this is, Raymond may look like a huge hipster with a superiority complex, but but his cuteness diffuses the negative associations that come with that label.

Shortly after the release of the Nintendo Switch game, folks discovered something huge about Raymond. Like all villagers, the player can gift Raymond items or clothes that he may or may not wear. As it turns out, if you give Raymond a maid dress, he will absolutely wear it. Actually, Raymond will wear the maid outfit while cleaning, which is just perfect.

Its the sort of thing that has inspired some questions about the ethics of making your villagers wear things, especially when it comes to cross-dressing, but its worth noting that all characters have specific preferences. As New Horizons Harvey notes when you first embark on photo island, villagers will only wear things that they like. So, if Raymond wears the dress after you give it to him, its because he enjoys the look.

Raymonds striking looks, and his willingness to don a surprising outfit, have made him a fan favorite, with players going out of their way to try and recruit the feline. Raymond is probably the single character Ive seen people talking about the most, aside from returning favorites.

Raymond has proven so popular theres now a small industry of horny fan art floating around the maid outfit made this inevitable but for the most part, folks are enjoying an adorable character who stands out from the rest.

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Whoever created him was a mile high. He's so hot that he turns straight men gay and gay girls straight. And if he's not appealing enough, he'll put himself in a maid dress and pull a Bayonetta pose. He has houses stuffed with maid outfits. You get the point, he's a twink.

Raymond is a million times richer than Bill Gates and has the money to fill a continent with diamond encrusted maid dresses. How did he get this money? That's not important, but it definitely wasn't by legal means. Of course the government doesn't give a damn, they're gay for him too.

Raymond is a smug and narcissistic tsundere. He sees mere humans as nothing but a pebble in a river. Even the god Komaeda is seen as inferior to him. If anybody tries to argue otherwise, he often resorts to assaulting them with a feather duster. If a feather duster isn't enough, he uses a kitchen knife instead. He's will insult you with a straight face. Of course, his face is the only thing that's straight about him.

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Its easy for Animal Crossing staple characters like Isabelle and Tom Nook to gain massive fandoms (or hatedoms in Tom Nooks divisive case). Its much harder for one of the many regular villagers throughout every game to achieve this, though Roald the penguin has shown its not impossible. But, if you thought Roald was popular, get ready to learn about Raymond the cat.

Raymonds popularity has taken my Twitter feed by storm. If you follow many Animal Crossing: New Horizons-focused accounts or even have many friends playing it, youve probably seen the same happen, too. Or youve at least seen fanart or screenshots of a specific grey cat with stylish black-framed glasses, a tuft of blond hair at the top of his head, and different-colored eyes.

Raymond has heterochromia, a condition that causes a persons irises to be different colors but thats not the only unique thing about him. He is a Smug personality-type, which was first introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the last mainline entry in the series that was released in 2012. There are currently 35 smug villagers in the series, which makes them the second most rare personality-type after villagers with the Sisterly personality.

Interestingly, he was introduced in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, the 2017 mobile game and the last entry in the series before Animal Crossing: New Horizons, on the same day of the latter games release. His identity was first revealed four days prior on Twitter by Crossing Channel, a third-party Animal Crossing YouTube channel that contributed to the official Animal Crossing: New Horizons guidebook. He is also the first and currently only Smug cat villager in the entire franchise; he is the one cat who, while pleasant with mostly everyone, will often brag about how cool and good-looking he is.

And thats just a small piece of his popularity. Looking him up on Twitter leads to anything from more popular fanart to confessions of love for the catboy and people sharing how much theyve spent in Nook Miles to find him.

The outreach and influences of Animal Crossings passionate fans are contagious. Before working on this article, I was like, okay, fine. Raymonds a cat. He seems cool. Nice eyes. Great. But going through tweets from his fans has made me go from that to, oh, hes so precious. It made me wonder just what is the appeal to Raymond.

Sometimes, characters just take on an unexpected form of their own thanks to peoples headcanons. The popularity he gained through a viral video of him playing the tambourine in a maid dress has captivated many, from Animal Crossings passionate LGBT community to queer allies and enthusiasts of extremely cute and cool cats. Its certainly worked in his favor that fashion in the series has shifted from simple shirts to explicit styles and combinable items like dresses, jackets, and pants, so people can get more creative than ever with his fanart and in-game looks.

While the meanness villagers could convey in old entries didnt make its return in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there is a realism to the villagers that wasnt there before. They do little things that often make your heart sing like water plants, study flowers, and craft items in their homes. More than ever, its easier to get attached to these characters.

Another part of it is undoubtedly Raymonds exclusivity and novelty. Hes a new villager with a rather uncommon personality type (and the only one of his species), as well as extremely distinguishable physical traits. It feels only natural that the fandom has latched onto him and shot him into stardom. While Animal Crossing: New Horizons was always going to be a huge success, its undoubtedly more popular for the escapism it can provide from all that is happening in the world due to COVID-19. With so many people playing it right now and sharing aspects of their island on social media, its hard to resist the outpouring of love for Raymond and not want him on your island, too.

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@WeirdFanGirl923 I mean the community. Ever seen the bad side? They make every gay love story with a guy in a maids dress to have appeal. Im just using Gacha as a reference as its commonly known to have the femboy-maid-dress trope, and is well known nowadays with it being everywhere. Sorry this went off topic and if you are in the Gacha community, sorry if I come across as rude :)

@Artsy Rose As A Retired Gacha Life Person, I Agree With You. I Watch Gacha Life Stuff On Youtube, And Most Of The Time, Its Some Boy In A Maid Dress. And Now Its Spread Into The Wholesome World Of Animal Crossing. Specifically With Raymond, And I Dont Even Hate Him. He Has A Cool Concept. But People Kind Of Ruin The Game With Raymond In Maid Suit, Selling Him for 1,000,000 Bells And So On.