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This Buckwheat Protein Pancake Recipe is perfect to fuel your morning workout or your weekend hike. Buckwheat has many health benefits that provide great nutrition for you to start your day. We're keeping it simple with just a few ingredients: our Buckwheat Pancake Mix, Vanilla Protein Powder, melted butter or oil, eggs, milk, and your favorite toppings. Whisk these ingredients together for a super filling and tasty breakfast (or late night snack - we won't tell!)

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Ground the Day It's ShippedThis is an old time favorite. We make it with the whole buckwheat groat so the mix is really quite dark. Kids tell us they look like chocolate pancakes. We found out when we started using buckwheat that it is not a true wheat. It is in the rhubarb family. When our dear friend Sharon makes buckwheat pancakes, she likes to add mashed ripe bananas and a handful of pecans. Each batch makes 10 -5" inch pancakes or 4 large waffles. Please store in the refrigerator or freezer in an airtight container. No peservatives added.

This contains much more buckwheat than what you are likely to find in a supermarket, even with a supermarket's specialty brands. If you have not had it before, it might feel heavy once you have eaten it, so to start, you should make a smaller portion. It is wonderful if you want something that will stick with you without overwhelming you, such as leaving home, commuting to work, and having a long time before lunch. Moreover, being buckwheat (which is not wheat), it might be better suited than regular store-bought mixes for those who need to be careful with their diets (diabetic, Crohn's disease, etc.), but be sure to check with your own doctor first. I like it with maple syrup and/or juice-sweetened spreads found near the jams, jellies, and preserves. Try McCutcheon's spreads with this. I have been buying multiple pancake mixes from Logan since the 1980's.

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Certified Organic by QAI. 50%+ Whole Grain: 35g or more per serving. 50% or more of the grain is whole grain. Made with organic flour. Non GMO Project verified. An employee-owned company. Dear friends, my mission is to bring you whole grain foods for every meal of the day, and that starts with breakfast! With my Buckwheat Pancake & Waffle Mix, it's easy to make a wholesome hot breakfast. Made with organic stone ground whole wheat flour and organic whole grain buckwheat flour, these are pancakes you'll feel good about eating. To your good health. For information and recipes, visit