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Hardox round bars allow you to upgrade your steel quality in different applications such as wear applications, agriculture, engineering and machining, mining, drilling and construction. These abrasion-resistant steel round bars are tested frequently in each batch and come with guaranteed properties, as all engineering steels require.

Hardoxsteel round bars change your experience in the workshop, while helping to reduce the time and cost of maintenance and repair. These high-strength steel rods are amazingly easy to weld considering their high strength and do not require any pre-heating. This property, as well as the high machinability of the round bars, is made possible thanks to a high level of toughness.

Hardox abrasion-resistant round bars feature the same guaranteed properties as the trusted Hardox wear plate. They come in diameters of 40100 mm (1.5753.937 in.) and lengths up to 5,000 mm (196.85 in.). Other dimensionsare also available and under development (AR 400 and AR 500). AR 500 round bars are available in diameters of 20160 mm (0.7866.298 in.).

The cleanliness and fatigue resistance of Hardox steel round bars are comparable with ingot casted steel, combined with high strength and impact toughness levels. This makes them an exceptional grade in every aspect. This unique combination is achieved thanks to SSABs advanced recipe for chemical composition, state-of-the-art heat treatment and upgraded processing equipment.

Engineering components subjected to high stress levels are traditionally hardened by heat treatment. But this only affects the surface of the material and fails to penetrate down to the core. Hardox round bars are hardened steel round bars that are delivered already through-hardened. The hardness is consistent from the surface right down to the core of the material.

Delivered to high tensile strength and hardness levels, these hardened steel round bars open up entirely new possibilities for stronger, lighter product design. They also help optimize workshop procedures such as machining, welding and polishing.

Hardox round bars can reach very tight tolerances. In cooperation with an expert machining center in Germany, we have succeeded in easily achieving tolerances of h11, h9 and f8 for both Hardox 400 and the developmental AR 500 bars. This capability opens new opportunities for a wide range of applications using high-strength bright bar. Examples include axel, pin and coupling applications.

Although these steels provide an acceptable solution, they pose some serious limitations. An additional heat treatment process is needed to increase the strength of the bars, which will usually result in an ununiform hardness profile on the cross section. This will also significantly impair the impact toughness levels, resulting in a product of unknown quality. Heat treatment is also a time-consuming and costly process.

As the table shows, steel round bars in Hardox have a high hardness and yield point. They also have higher toughness and much better weldability, as shown by the low carbon equivalent of 0.37. The properties of Hardox round bars compare favourably to a quenched and tempered 42CrMo4 steel.

Thanks to the combination of Hardox round bar properties and the potential for bringing the pre-heat treated metal bar into its final form, end customers can switch to Hardox for round components too and enjoy the same quality that has made Hardox wear plate famous.

The special properties of Hardox abrasion-resistant round bar offer great advantages to fabricators and manufacturers in a diverse range of wear-resistant tools and attachments. Different segments and customers can take advantage of different aspects of Hardox round bars.

The superiority of Hardox round bars in applications such as sieve or skeleton buckets has been proven by German manufacturers such as HS Schoch GmbH. HS Schoch GmbH utilized steel round bars to replace parts that were previously cut and shaped from steel plate, a much more time-consuming and costly process. The round bars are simply cut-to-length and welded in place. The round shape results in a longer and more reliable service life. There are no edges and the handled material slides more easily. The superior weldability of Hardox also contributes to simpler production. No high-temperature welding is needed. Using Hardox400 round bar brings many advantages: increased service life, less maintenance, and lower maintenance and welding costs.

Hardox round bars are also widely used in agricultural machinery like harvesting machines. Turkish manufacturerz-Eli used Hardox round bars to change the design of its potato harvester. The result? They increased their harvesting area 100% compared to the machines previous design.

Hardox steel round bars are becoming popular in the axles of different machines, such as scrap shredders. This type of machinery requires guaranteed strength and fatigue resistance, something that Hardox easily delivers. Unlike many conventional high-strength steel rods, Hardox simplifies welding and machining a key factor in reducing costs. This gives the possibility to achieve very demanding tolerance levels on the bars, a combination of parameters that is practically impossible to achieve with other heat-treated round bars on the market.

Another ideal application for Hardox round bars is construction machinery screws. The high hardness of Hardox gives a longer lifespan, while the tensile strength guarantees low risk of premature failure. The low-carbon, homogeneous microstructure of Hardox makes machining surprisingly simple, given the hardness of the metal material.

Hardox round bars are also widely used in mining and material handling applications. Here, customers witness a significant increase in the service life of their mining buckets compared with previously used steel grades like 4140. Australian manufacturer Goldmont experienced easier welding and a significantly longer service life using Hardox 400 instead of 4140. They also reported that 4140 steel rods wore down rapidly after being used in the mine, while Hardox 400 bars looked practically unchanged after days in the mine.

To satisfy our customers growing demand for Hardox round bars, we have improved local availability in order to speed up deliveries. The most common dimensions of Hardox round bars are stocked at 15 sales locations worldwide, making it easy to order production material and test samples. The local stocks can also be customized to provide certain dimensions. The central stock for Hardox round bars is located in Antwerp, Belgium. The production stock is located in Sweden.

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