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Rod Mill IntroductionAt present, rod mill is the most effective crushing machine and its performance has achieved the international standard. It is widely applied in the gravel industry. And it is mainly used for processing or crushing the feldspar, quartz, minerals and other raw materials, and it is also suitable for finely or secondarily crushing the various tough or brittle materials, such as grinding material, refractory material, cement, steel shot, pulverized slag, copper ore, iron ore, gold ore, concrete aggregate, bituminized aggregate. Now it is a most advanced high-efficient low consumption sand-maker in the world. Working principlesDepending on the reduction box and the reduction of the peripheral big gear wheel, the motor rotary drives the cylinder rotating or the motor drives the cylinder rotating directly by the peripheral big gear wheel. And inside the cylinder, theres an appropriately grinding medium-steel bar .The steel bar will drop after reaching a certain height with friction and the centrifugal force. And the material will be hit and grinded to achieve the purpose of making sand.Features and Benefits1. Higher capability and more even discharging size. Adopted advanced technology of sand maker-rod mill by controlling the input or output materials; related to the users actual grinding materials, choosing an appropriate grinding medium, replaced the traditional surface contact to the linear contact . Therefore, its discharging size is more even, the capability is higher, suitable for various hardness of ore.( Moths hardness 5.5-12). 2. Adjustable fineness of limestone. Through simple adjustment, will change the discharging size ,and inside , has finesse control device and screening device, ensuring not over grinding and avoiding the unqualified product interfusing into end products.NOTE:According to the actual situation, the user can choose the dry or wet method of the sand maker-rod mill. As to the materials which contain the ferrum, like quartz sand, dolomite and monazite, the user can add a magnetic separator to finish the processing of de-ironing.


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Finishing mill unit is combined with 10 mills, three200 mills and seven150 mills, speed increasing box, support base,arc coupling, waterproof slot, waterproof plate, buffer tank, the protective cover, coupling, piping and guide of finishing mill. Through 10 unit rack the continuous mirco-tension rolling mill will be transported upstream17-21mm of rolling piece, rolling become 5.5-16mm finished wire. The working speed of 75m/s is insured.

Laying head is used to fix spinning pipe and hollow shaft, which is derived by bevel gear in the driving box. There is a pipe inside the bevel gear. Water-cooling drive pipe is between the pipe and hollow shaft. Water-cooling drive pipe is used for cooling the pipe and it will protected the bearings of the hollow shaft from high temperature of rolled piece.

The finished wire rod is 5.5 ~ 16mm, at 135m/s working speed, and the annual capacity is 800,000 tons. The Wire Rod Mill Stand used top crossed 45 composition form to achieve no twisting, no contact axis, little axis and shock for equipment. Ten stands are the concentrated transmission.

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XIAN HANI TECH CO., LTD Hani Tech is devoted to the steel rolling mill machinery industry, we specialized in manufacturing high-speed morgan wire rod mill, high-speed rebar rolling mill, TMT rolling mill, high-speed gearbox, hard-faced gearbox, we also provide complete design for your rolling mill workshop, not only turnkey project but also tailor-made service, and we provide all the parts for roughing rolling mill, intermediate rolling mill process, including pinch roll, all kinds of shears, laying head, all of these crucial parts work ext...