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With the shortage of sand and stone, many enterprises make a lot of money. The waste rock debris left in the sand and stone mining has become an important raw material to break the sand shortage. What is debris? How to process waste rock into machine-made sand, and what else is the use of waste rock?

River pebble, granite, sandstone and limestone are common materials for sand making, which will produce more waste rock chips in the process of production and processing. The size of these debris is different, the content of 2.36-4.75mm and below 0.15mm is higher, while the content of 0.3-1.18mm is less. The stacking of waste rock chips affects the environment and takes up land resources. Processing waste rock chips for pulverizing can not only realize 100% utilization of resources, but also solve the problem of "sand shortage".

Since the waste rock chips have such a large application market, why don't sand manufacturers directly use these waste rock chips to form an integrated production line mode? The main reason is that it is difficult to use the waste because of its characteristics.

3.Different types of waste rock chips need targeted deep processing technology, and some enterprises do not have a good understanding of it. As a result, the expected economic and environmental benefits are not realized, and the enterprises have no confidence to continue to do so.

The physical properties of waste rock chips are different with different rocks and different milling processes. The waste rock debris left by limestone mining is processed into limestone powder with higher added value, while the granite and sandstone waste rock debris is processed into concrete or aggregate.

The grinding equipment used in the process of processing will also be different. HCM suggests that HLM series vertical roller mill be used to process waste rock into powder. HLM vertical mill has the advantages of low energy consumption, low cost, high output and high performance price ratio, which is suitable for limestone, slag powder, calcite and other materials. The material can accept 15% moisture in the feed, which is very suitable for processing the waste rock chips with uneven surface, edges and sizes, so that the product size is uniform and meets the standard, and the environmental protection production can be realized.

Grinding filedIt aims at all kinds of non-metallic mineral materials with Mohs hardness less than 7 and humidity less than 6%. The grinding mill is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, cement, chemical industry, rubber, paint, ink, food, medicine and other production fields.

Performance characteristic:It integrates drying, grinding, grading and conveying. It has the characteristics of high grinding efficiency, low power consumption, large feed particle size, easy to adjust product fineness, simple equipment process, small floor area, low noise, small dust, simple operation and maintenance, low operation cost, less consumption of wear-resistant materials, etc.

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In the Griffin Mill, there is a single roller suspended in a similar way to the rollers in a Huntington mill. The roller is about 18 inches in diameter, and rolls on the inside of a die ring 30 inches in diameter. It takes material up to 1 inches in diameter, and crushes either wet or dry. It does not appear to be used anywhere either as an amalgamator or to prepare ore for amalgamation, but is described here for convenience. In December, 1904, 34 Griffin mills and 14 Huntington mills were in use in Western Australia preparing ore for cyaniding.

Among other roller mills, the Bryan Mill is one of the most successful. It resembles the Chilian mill and consists of an annular mortar in which are fixed segmental annular steel dies. The ore is crushed by three vertical rollers with fixed horizontal axles, which rotate in journals fixed to an annular horizontal rotating plate. This plate revolves round the central axis of the machine, and the rollers are made to run round on the dies. A scraper follows each roller to keep the dies clean and to discharge the pulp through the screens which form the wall of the trough all round. The pulp runs round at the rate of 300 feet per minute or more at the periphery, the plate moving the rollers making 30 revolutions per minute. The mill is suitable for hard as well as for soft ores. The capacity of a 4-foot mill is about 15 or 20 tons of quartz ore per day through a 40-mesh screen. The Bryan Mill has been introduced on the Pacific Coast, in Mexico, and in Australia for crushing gold ores.

The Chilian Mill (see also p. 93), formerly used in the Patio process and for preparing ores for barrel amalgamation, has recently been re-introduced into the United States for crushing gold ores requiring very fine pulverisation. In one mill, sent to Mexico, the rollers were 8 feet in diameter and weighed 10 tons each, the shell or tire being 6 inches thick. These made 12 revolutions per minute, and the capacity was 18 tons of ore per day through a screen of 120 mesh. They are more usually employed for coarse crushing.

In Hungary, in Transylvania, and in the Tyrol, the principle of separation of the operations of crushing and amalgamation is still successfully used, the mills employed having a strong resemblance to the amalgamation pans described below (pp. 164-169). In some districts of Hungary and Transylvania, Californian stamps have been recently introduced, displacing to some extent the square German stamps, but the amalgamation is still effected in bowls or pans, which are the modern equivalents of the old Tyrolean mills still to be found at work in certain retired valleys in the Eastern Alps (see p. 98). The best known of these modern machines are the Schemnitz Mill and the Lazzlo Amalgamator.

The Schemnitz Mill, shown in Fig. 41, closely resembles the ancient form and is always used in pairs, one overflowing into the other. It consists of a cast-iron bowl, about 2 feet in diameter at the top and 18 inches at the bottom, with an internal depth of 7 inches. A massive wooden muller, B, hollowed out inside in the form of a cone, is suspended in thebowl by the iron rods, C, and is revolved at the rate of about twenty turns per minute. About 26 lbs. of mercury are charged into the bowl, and the lower face of the muller is set with twenty iron teeth, D, placed radially, which almost touch the mercury and force the pulp (delivered into the mill from the trough, E) outwards towards the periphery of the bowl, whence it overflows into the second mill.

In the neighbourhood of Schemnitz, in Hungary, lead ores, containing 2 to 4 dwts. of gold per ton are crushed by stamps and are treated in these mills, the tailings being concentrated for smelting. At Nagybanya, in Hungary, the loss of mercury in these mills amounts to from to 1 part for each part ofbullion recovered. Thus at the Kreuzberg works, near Nagybanya, in one month 155 metric tons of ore were treated, and 1 .957 kilogrammes (62.9 ozs.) of gold were recovered with the loss of 1.9 kilogrammes of mercury, and in another month 754.5 metric tons of ore yielded 5.756 kilogrammes (185.8 ozs.) of gold, with the loss of 2.9 kilogrammes of mercury. The clean-up usually takes place once or twice a month, and the capacity of each pair of mills is from to 1 ton of ore per day.

The Lazzlo Amalgamator has only lately come into use, but has already proved itself to be of value in Transylvania. It differsfrom the Schemnitz mill mainly in having a flat-bottomed bowl, which is furnished with two circular iron partitions dividing the bowl into three concentric compartments. The ore is fed into the centre one and overflows into the others in succession, and thence into a second smaller bowl. The muller is of iron, and dips into each compartment of the bowl compelling the pulp to pass down and come in contact with the mercury three times before it escapes, and the gold, owing to its density, does not readily pass upwards and over the partitions.

At the Fuzesd Dreifaltigkeit Mine, near Boicza, in Hungary, the ore is crushed by Californian stamps, the capacity of which is 0.8 ton per head in 24 hours, and then passed through Lazzlo amalgamators. The amalgam is collected in settling pans, which resemble the amalgamators, but have no iron teeth, and the tailings are classified in spitzkasten, and concentrated by passing over buddies and then over canvas tables. The auriferous pyrites is caught on the buddies and sold to smelters, but the product of the canvas tables is very rich in free gold, and is ground with mercury in iron mortars by hand with pestles. The Lazzlo amalgamators are about 25 inches in diameter, and each pair treats from 1.7 to 2 tons of ore in twenty-four hours, 75 to 80 per cent, of the gold being saved. The loss of mercury is about 1 oz. per ton of ore, and the power required for twenty-four pairs of amalgamators and eight settlers is 4 H.P.

At a mine near Brad, in Transylvania, each pair of amalgamators treats from 3 to 3 tons of ore per day, but only 55 per cent. of the gold is extracted, the tailings being treated in American pans, and concentrated on Bilharz tables for smelting. Specimens of the ore containing visible gold are amalgamated by hand in mortars, and the rest contains about 8 dwts. per ton.

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Go one mile west on Pa 272 from the center of Adamstown, turn left onto Pa 897/E Swartzville Road and travel just short of one mile, turning sharply left onto Willow Street. The mill is on the left.

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COLORADO MILL EQUIPMENT ROLL10 ROLLER MILL The ROLL is the most affordable heavy-duty roller mill built in North America. Whether your roller mill is for a lab, pilot facility, feed lot or feed mill application, our units have the versatility and power...

COLORADO MILL EQUIPMENT ROLL7 ROLLER MILL The ROLL is the most affordable heavy-duty roller mill built in North America. Whether your roller mill is for a lab, pilot facility, feed lot or feed mill application, our units have the versatility and power...

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Williams Patent Crusher is proud to offer a line of rock crushing machines that provide a wide range of available options. We understand that every crushing and grinding job is different, and we strive to make sure every machine we construct is a custom solution that gets a specific job done right. Thats why weve been an industry leader in rock crushing for over 150 years.

Our engineers have designed a whole catalog of rock and stone crusher equipment capable of completing a wide range of medium to large-sized applications. Although most of our crushers and mills are constructed for heavy-duty, industrial projects, we do offer machines for smaller stone crusher applications as well. Learn more below.

Blasting, drill, and scaling out limestone requires the right equipmentand when it comes to limestone material size reduction, its no different. Williams Crusher has designed and manufactured the most durable and efficient limestone crusher machines on the market for over 150 years. Browse our catalog of limestone mills & crushers.

Williams Crusher designs and manufactures innovative diatomaceous earth grinding mills for grinding, drying, and classifying the material to a powdery, dust-like form. Our industrial diatomaceous earth grinders can be manufactured to produce a size-reduced product needed for your application. Learn more about our diatomaceous earth grinding mills.

The Williams Crusher engineers design and manufacture rugged barite grinding mills and crushers that can accomplish the appropriate size reduction needed for your application. Each grinding project is unique, and the Williams team can help create a barite grinding or crushing solution to fit your needs. Learn more about our barite grinding mills & crushers.

Williams Crusher offers a variety of gypsum mills and pulverizers that can process both synthetic gypsum as well as natural gypsum rock to the appropriate size you need for your application. Each pulverizing and grinding project is unique, which is why our gypsum mills are designed to fit your needs. Learn more about our gypsum mills & pulverizers

Exhibiting powerful design and rugged durability, the Willpactor is perfect for primary rock crushing applications. Willpactors thrive in high-capacity applications crushing large run-of-mine rock, with machines available in sizes to accommodate 44 to 72 rock. External product size adjustment and solid impact block adjustment are just some of the features of these rock crushing machines.

The Willpactor II handles feed sizes beyond the range of conventional secondary and tertiary crushers. A large feed opening, contoured hi-chrome rotor, and easy maintenance are just a few of the features that make the Willpactor II impact rock crusher machine a great asset for any rock crushing application.

The Williams Reversible Impactor reduces maintenance and operating costs with few tolerances between crushing surfaces and no cage bars. Horsepower requirements per ton are generally low, making the Williams Reversible Impactor rock crushing machine a cost-efficient option.

The Williams Traveling Breaker Plate Mill is more suitable for clay and muddy rock crushing. The breaker plates on this hammer mill continually travel while in use with all slack on the away side. This design lengthens the life of the plates and eliminates clogging when refining wet, sticky material.

We manufacture a large variety of hammer mills and hammer rock crushers to handle virtually any size reduction job. From our large High-Tonnage Hammer Mills to smaller Type GP Hammer Mills, we have a stone crusher solution thats suitable for your project.

Our Vertical Roller Mill Pulverizers utilize centrifugal force to grind material while maintaining low operating costs. Featuring easily replaceable wear parts, automated process controls and nearly infinite turndown thanks to VFAC drives. These machines are great for pulverizing rock in fine-grind applications.

rc46dre double roller electric rock crusher rated at 2,000 pounds/hr

The Keene RC46DRE Double Roller Electric Rock Crusher has the same great features of the RC46. However, a heavy duty 7.5 horsepower, 3 phase electric motor powers this model. In addition, a very sturdy steel base supports the crusher and motor.

This Rock Crusher quickly crushes 46 rock into ultra fine powder. Over 20 years of manufacturing has proven this model. It is a tried, tested and reliable work horse. This machine is made with the highest quality material and components available.

This RC46DRE Crusher can crush rock up to 2,000 pounds per hour. The first stage jaw crushes rock into 1/8 gravel. It then is automatically moves into the roller mill. Here, the mill reduces the material into fine powder. Material is then processed through the roller scraper. This further reduces the material into Ultra Fine Powder. Oversize material may require an additional pass.

The design of all replaceable and wear parts makes for easy operator adjustment. In addition parts are easy to replace in the field. Due to a 6:1 gear reduction, this 3 stage crusher gives dependable service. As a result of its production design, the RC46 is tough and durable. Furthermore, the RC46 Double Roller Electric Rock Crusher in made with the highest quality material and components. Finally, as a result of quality engineering, the crusher is built as compact as possible. This makes for ease of handling and maneuverability.

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PG Roller Crusher PG roller crusher is widely used for fine or superfine crushing in the industries of mining, construction materials, metallurgy, chemical industries and so on. It could crush all kinds of materials under medium hardness, such as ore, rock, coke, coal, clinker, ceramic raw materials, slag, refractory materials, chemical materials and so on.

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The roller grain mills of Rostselmash are designed for uniform crushing of grain crops (wheat, rye, barley), legume seeds and oilseeds. They can be used as independent machines, and also as a part of technologica...

Product Description small animal water pto-feed-grinder per/h 5ton corn grinder feed mill machine Split combination It can easily enter the elevator and is convenient for installation. Details Images Top Quality ...

*Options shown in image sold separately and not included in price.* COLORADO MILL EQUIPMENT ROLL10 ROLLER MILL The MILL-ROLL is the most affordable heavy-duty roller mill built in North America. Whether your roll...

*Options shown in image sold separately and not included in price.* COLORADO MILL EQUIPMENT ROLL7 ROLLER MILL The MILL-ROLL is the most affordable heavy-duty roller mill built in North America. Whether your rolle...

This system was installed in 2016. It has low hours and the owner is no longer in the US. Ready to be removed! - Hopper with chain in the bottom - Screw feeder from hopper to conditioner - Bhler 520/138 pellet ...

Tiller Maschio C 300 - 3m with cage roller or tooth packer roller Cage roller or tooth packer roller Roller mounting kit hydr. Cam clutch Lighting with warning signs incl. bracket and cabling basic equipment: - w...

BMH Roller Mill, belt driven, would drive off pto pulley or Fordson Major type pulley, substantial piece of equipment, located close to Gatwick airport, loading/ delivery, final price plus vat, more info please

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Todays feeding operations are now recognizing the advantages of rolled grain. Arts-Ways Portable Rollermill provides you with efficient milling for top quality feed from your corn or small grains and does it lower horsepower requirements. Rolling feed minimizes dust while providing more palatable and digestible feed for improved feed conversion. The rolls are constructed from a heavy 10-inch-diameter cast iron roll which can be re-grooved several times for extended life. The mill can be set by rotating a handle for quick roll settings for different particle size or changing from corn to small grains in seconds. Our proven release system will allow tramp metals to flow through the rolls and expand the opening to lessen damaging effects.

Consistency Set the rolls and they say in the same position. Rolls dont spread apart when overloaded and let wholegrain through. The eccentric adjustment and shear on the adjustable roll protect the mill against overloading.