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Uzelac Industries was originally comprised of two operating divisions: Industrial MetalFab Specialties and Duske Drying systems. These companies have over 40 years experience behind the custom design and fabrication of our exclusive systems.

Uzelac Industries has, and will always, embody the ideals of the organizations that helped create us. The skill and craftsmanship of Industrial MetalFab (Poja Sheetmetal) and the custom engineering and product design of Duske Engineering. The shared core values of Integrity, Customer Satisfaction, and Innovation that these organization shared with our leadership shine as bright today!

To our prospective customers, check us out! You can expect same quality product and process expertise, along with the same service and responsiveness that our current customer base has experienced for well over 30 years.

Hemp drying is typically used to protect a harvested crop from spoiling prior to CBD extraction. While some farmers will hang dry portions of their crops, the space and labor requirements to accomplish this make this impractical for substantial amounts.

Uzelac Industries is a major supplier of Rotary Drying Systems to the poultry industry, including for such notable clients as Herbrucks Poultry Ranch, Michael Foods, Foster Farms and Tyson, building custom equipment for over 30 years.

Rendering transforms waste by-products from the animal industry into stable, valuable and safe-to-use materials such as bone meal, blood meal and feather meal, which can be used as organic fertilizer for plants or as a nutritional supplement for animals.

Biosolids are nutrient-rich organic materials produced when sewage sludge from wastewater treatment facilities are properly treated and processed. After treatment and processing, these residuals can be recycled and applied as fertilizer to improve and maintain productive soils and stimulate plant growth.

Gasification is a chemical reaction caused by heating material in an oxygen-starved environment, resulting in incomplete combustion that drives off carbon-rich gases. These gasses are then combusted in a thermal oxidizer with the addition of air. Gasification is often confused with incineration, although they are totally different processes.

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Spray Dryers ManufacturersSpray Dryers technology is used to extract powder from the Liquid or slurry by applying Hot air, we are a leading Spray Dryers manufacturers. We have completed more than 100 spray dryers projects, thats why we are a leading spray dryers manufacturers company in spray dryers segment.

Heat Exchanger Manufacturers EnviPro Engineering is a global leader in the manufacture and export of high quality heat exchanger.We have completed more than 130 Heat Exchanger projects, thats why we are a leading Heat Exchanger manufactuers company in Heat Exchanger segment.

Spin Flash & Flash Dryers Manufacturers We manufacture Spin Flash & Flash Dryers which are mainly used for drying of wet cakes, semisolids, crystals or granular products, sticky or non-sticky in nature.

EnviPro Engineering (P) Limited. is a private company located in Pune, Maharashtra and involved in manufacture of special purpose machinery. EnviPro Engineering (P) Limited. offer a broad range of industrial dryer manufacturers for food, pharmaceuticals, dairy, and chemical industries. fastest growing Spray dryers Manufacturers company in the field of Industrial Spray Dryers, Spray Coolers, Fluidized Bed dryers, Spin Flash Dryers, Heat Exchanger and Thermal Sand Reclaimations Systems. We are among largest Spray Dryers Manufacturers, Spray Coolers Manufacturers, Fluidized Bed dryers Manufacturers, Vacuum Dryers Manufacturers, Flash Dryers Manufacturers, Rotary Dryers Manufacturers, Pneumatic Conveying Dryers Manufacturers, Paddle Dryers Manufacturers, Spin Flash Dryers Manufacturers, Heat Exchanger Manufacturers and Thermal Sand Reclamations Systems Manufacturers etc. in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Are you looking for customization? Are you looking for cutting edge technology and the best after sales service? To put it mildly Prochem Systems are your only choice for the best industrial dryer manufacturers in industry today.We are located in Pune, Maharashtra a highly industrialized area and we have completed more than 100 projects. With this experience behind us we are growing and innovating to refine our processes to manufacture technically perfect machines. Our Experience in Industrial Spray Drying System. We are in this field for more than 22 years. All our engineers are highly qualified and experienced. The technical team goes through trainings and workshops to stay updated. We are also manufacturers and suppliers of air pollution control equipments,chemical reactor equipments, and industrial blowers. We have various product categories like spray cooling system,concurrent and countercurrent type, and the combined system with addition of fluid bed dryer which is our specialty. We have built up a strong and loyal client base over the years. We are growing since we are constantly trying for perfection in all departments of our company. Our business has spread worldwide and we have a client base which has remained with us due to the value additions we give along with our products in terms of service. Our clients have given us wonderful testimonials. Reach EnviPro Engineering (P) Limited. for your business growth in industrial drying system The process is really simple.Just contact us by clicking the link on this site.Our sales person will be in touch with you in no time at all. If you want to upgrade your system we will suggest the improvements and upgrade your machinery at very reasonable rates. At Envipro Spray dryer pune we understand the economy and our business is to give you the best consultancy and equipment that suits your needs and budgets. Even if you have a single technical issue we can resolve it with absolutely no delay. Research and development, quality control are our hallmarks. Our team working experience can provide you best drying system for liquid product You need not have to worry about how our equipment is suitable for you. Our technical team will do a feasibility study to assess your requirements and then give the solutions. You dont have to worry about maintenance issues. Our technical team sorts out the maintenance issues and keeps your system functioning smoothly. Spray dryers manufacturer assist our customers to plan for spare parts that they may need in the course of operating the system. We assure prompt supply of spare parts and components. Thus being our customer will be a tension free experience for you. Contact EnviPro Engineering (P) Limited. With our wide range of products and services we will be happy to assist you.

We provide maximumm range of Spray Dryers, Spray Coolers, Flash Dryers, Spin Flash Dryers, Rotary Dryers, Vibratory Rotary Dryers, Vibratory Fluidized Bed Dryers, Heat Exchangers, Thermal Sand Reclamations Systems and Paddle Dryers. We do deal and give Turnkey Solutions in drying systems.

Spray Dryer is a most popular Technology applied for drying any liquid or slurry with the help of hot air. As being the Spray Dryer Manufacturer we always keep this thing in mind that what is the end product.

Spray cooler is a technology adopted for wax category. The material is to be sprayed is kept in molten condition in the steam jacketed/hot water jacketed vessels. From this it is transferred to the feed vessels by the jacketed feed pumps with the help of positive displacement pump.

EnviPro Engineering (P) Limited. is a global leader in the manufacturer and exporter of high quality heat exchanger, heat exchanger designs, heat exchanger equipments, heat exchanger machinery, and heat exchanger types.