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Aswathi Industries Limited (AIL) has proven to be one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Rotary Kilns for numerous industries for decades now. AIL offers a wide range of kilns having superior quality, extensive workability, long service life and resistance against corrosion. AIL specializes in design and engineering of durable and cost effective kilns to give optimum performance suitable for various industrial applications. These machines are precisely manufactured and quality tested in compliance with the international standards of quality at our technologically advanced manufacturing units.

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Rotary cascade dryers have the feed materials pass through a rotating cylinder together with a stream of hot gas. Internal lifters or flights elevate the feed and drop it in a curtain from the top to the bottom cascading along the length of the dryer. Flights need to be carefully designed to prevent asymmetry of the curtain. Material moves from one end of the dryer to the other by the motion of the material falling due to the angle of inclination of the drum. Some rotary dryers are double and triple pass units where each drum is nested inside the previous drum.

Rotary louvre dryers have the feed materials supported and moving over a set of louvres mounted to an external rotating drum. The hot gas is introduced into a tapered bustle below the feed ring. The air passes through the louvres and then the product before being exhausted from the dryer. The rotation of the drum causes the material to roll and mix providing intimate contact with the drying gas. Material moves from one end of the dryer to the other by the motion of rolling, some fluidization and due to the angle of inclination of the drum.

Mostly Direct. Flow is co-current or countercurrent for cascade dryers. Flow is a combination of through the bed, cross, co-current or countercurrent for rotary louvre. Residence time Controllable. Residence time can be altered by varying the speed of rotation of the drum and the drum angle. Fill can be varied. Fills are typically between 7% and 25% of the cross sectional area of the drum.

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