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Like the Sand 3 Jacket, the Sand 3 Pants are made out of a tough combination of polyester ripstop and PWR shell material to make them ready to withstand serious use and abuse. You retain the ability to remove both the cozy thermal liner and the hydratex waterproof liner when the temperature climbs, allowing the massive VCS-zippered vents to do their job.

Improved proprietary SeeFlex open net knee armor is more breathable than its predecessors, while also earning the highest CE Level 2 certification for limb protection. The Sand 3 Pants also use SeeSmart Level 1 armor in the hips to maintain the lowest profile, most flexible feel while still providing lowside impact protection.

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We measured and tried on a selection of these pants and we developed a size chart to help you choose a size based upon your waist and inseam. The size chart below is partially ours and partially REVITs chart. REVIT hasnt been consistent in their sizing for pants, so we have to check every model for you. The largest waist size listed in the chart are with the waist adjusters full open. The waist size adjustment straps work pretty well to give you size adjustability we estimate about 2 as the range indicates.

As you can see in the chart, the pants are available in regular, short and tall inseam sizes, so choose the inseam you normally wear in slacks or jeans. The pants also have adjustability of the armor height (independent of inseam length) which can be accessed by pulling each leg inside out (see our photo gallery for a pic of this). Velcro allows you to set the armor in different spots and you can check how the armor feels on your knee when you are sitting on the bike and decide which position seems best.

Measurement tip: With a style like this that MAY be used as an overpant, youll want to measure your waist over the clothing you intend to wear under the pants. And measure yourself fairly high up the waist because protective style pants like this are cut to ride higher on your waist than a lot of modern jean styles (so relying just upon the size jeans you buy might result in motorcycle pants that are too small). Right below the navel is about the right height on the waist for measurement.

The Sand 3 Pants by REVIT! are a newly updated version of their go to adventure touring style. These pants are made to mate with the Sand 3 jacket (or Sand 2 jacket as well). Theyll also work great with nearly any brand of jacket. These pants are VERY heavy duty and built for rugged use and a wide range of riding conditions.

These pants will really shine in mild to cold weather and wet weather. The shell is a solid textile construction along with a very elaborate two part removable liner system. The pants have a waterproof/breathable barrier and also a thermal barrier. You can use these two liners in tandem or separately, or go with neither depending upon the conditions. Weve broken down the pants and taken some good close-up photos you can see by clicking the View Larger Images link above. With both liners installed the pants should be VERY WARM. If you remove both liners and then open up the zip vents on the thigh, youll be able to flow some air and make them tolerable for warmer weather. Hot weather? Nah I think youll want some mesh pants for the really hot stuff.

These pants zip to REVIT! jackets, but they do have a structured waist and could be worn with any brand/style of riding jacket. The pants have both a short and long zipper for attachment to a jacket. The short zipper is used to zip to a REVIT! jacket when the jackets rain liner is NOT in use. But if you are using the rain liner, you can hook the pants to the rain liner with the longer zipper. That way, the rain liner will be kept down over the waist of the pants and wont allow water to leak in on your back side. BRRRR! Both the zippers come with the mating half, so if you use these with another brand jacket, you just pay a tailor to install those in your jacket, which is typically a simple matter.

Other likes: Check out the secure way the waist closes with a sliding lock arrangement very secure! And then there are two very effective waist adjusters on each side of the waist to help you get a tightness that is comfortable for you. Also, I like the way the ends of the legs work. They are wider at the bottom for substantial boot tops, but then there are strips of Velcro so you can fold them over to make them more trim to fit your own boot style.

The pants come with CE Level 2 knee armor and hip armor is included too. The pants have a couple cargo pockets and two zip-close wallet pockets too, which are well positioned for access when on a bike. The Sand 3 is just a little bit better than the Sand 2s and those were great, so I think youll really like this new version. : Paul, 02-14-17

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The Sand 3 pants have, like their predecessors, evolved from the original Sand pants, which were, in turn, an evolution of theREVIT! Dakar pants (review)and theREVIT! Off-Track jacket (review)jacket from 2007 exactly 10 years ago.

These are so thin that its very difficult to even tell that theyre installed, which makes it a bit difficult to believe they can absorb much impact energy, but apparently they do since theyre CE Level 1 rated.

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We developed the Sand 3 trousers alongside the Sand 3 jacket so you can effortlessly zip them together for a complete adventure suit. Like the jacket, the Sand 3 trousers sport Swiss Army Knife-like versatility when it comes to features. From the inside out, you will find a highly abrasion-resistant outer shell equipped with SEEFLEX CE-level 2 knee and SEESMART CE-rated hip protectors, followed by a detachable, breathable waterproof hydratex liner. To top it all off and allow you to challenge colder conditions, we also installed a snug removable thermal liner. With both liners removed you can direct air to your legs by opening the VCS zippers. Thanks to the grip panel around back, the Sand 3 trousers prevent you from sliding on the seat under acceleration or braking. Laminated reflection on the calves ensures you remain visible in the dark, and the YKK slide lock front closure adds comfort to the waist area.

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