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Sand sculptors on our powerhouse team have decades of combined experience. They pour their professional knowledge, skill, dedication, and experience into every sand castle design that leaps from the imagination. READ MORE

What better way to supercharge your corporate event than with a bit of competitive fun in the sand while doing some team bonding? Archisand can teach your group the tricks of the trade and help their imaginations go wild in the sand. With competitive sand castle building, corporate events are sure to reach a whole new level of excitement. On your mark, get set, dig! READ MORE

Archisands professional sand sculptures and professional sand castles are irresistible attention-getters. Even Las Vegas lights pale in comparison. That makes our creations excellent experiential marketing tools with the power to drive substantial traffic to your corporate event.

No Beach? No problem. Thats because Archisand can build its professional-grade sand sculptures indoors or out. In fact, some of our best projects have taken place indoors. We actually bring the sand to you! Creating spectacular custom sculptures on our very own sandbox display tables: theres no mess for you!

Archisand was formed in 1989 by a group of architects and other talented artisans. Archisand has expanded its sculpting services to include a wide range of events and promotions. Sand Castles and Sand Sculptures of any theme can be created to promote most any occasion.

Sand sculpture is also a performing art. In shopping mall and trade show environments patrons will return many times to watch a multi day sand sculpture be created. This increases revenue and builds excitement for your event.

Groom Brandon: The video is amazing. It is so nice to see it from a different perspective. Great job! I put the link to the video on my Facebook. I have received so many positive replies. I cant thank you enough. Your work and commitment speak for themselves.

BBQ Express: Another job well done to Archisand & Team! They are very professional and easy to work with; and always seem to exceed my expectations. I refer them all the time when clients are looking for a Team Building suggestion or a Sand Logo to enhance their event at the beach. Look forward to the next time I get to work with Archisand!

deluxe tower kit from create a castle

Our modular split mold sand castle system will allow you to build beautiful sand or snow structures in a short amount of time. Just buckle it, fill it and Create A Castle. Bring your castle making to the next level with an additional 6 inch tower to place on top of the base 10 inch tower, giving you nearly 20 inches in height for a head turning centerpiece! Can't stack on your beach? No problem, build a lower profile kingdom instead of a tower, the possibilities are limitless with your imagination!

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Sandy Feet Sand Castle Services has been the number one servicefor sand castle lessons, beach billboards, and other sand sculpture commissions for 20+ years in South Padre Island. Now, starting June 2019, we are excited to offer these services in Galveston, Texas. Headed by 10 year Sandy Feet veteran, Emerson, join him for a truly unique experience and have more fun on the beach forever.

Learn the fundamentals of sand sculpture and have a cool castle to show off in 1-2 hours. All equipment provided. Time and location of your choosing. For groups of up to 10. $100/hr. 1 hour lessons are available for small groups along the seawall, in most other cases 90 minutes or 2 hours is required.

We'll skip the basics and jump right into making something awesome. Don't worry if you don't remember everything, we'll review as we go. Equipment provided, but if you have your own, please bring it! Time and location of your choosing. For groups of up to 10. $100/hr 2 hour minimum

It's the same deal, but if we work hard we've got the chance to make something really, really big. All equipment provided. Time and location of your choosing. $100 /hr + $10 per person beyond 10. 2 hour minimum(example: 2 hours with 14 people = $240)

Sand sculptures are a great way to draw attention to an event, add some joy to a party, or even propose to your significant other. Ican make asculpture to fit your needs. Time and location of your choosing. $100/hr 2 hour minimum

Emersoncame loaded with tools to teach our group of 10 kids how to built a perfect sand castle. He was patient and our kids--even the big ones loved the experience. Our castle was the envy of the beach all day. Great memories for our kids.

First time to the beach with the children so I wanted to do it correctly!Emersoncame out with tools and ready to go! The children were very involved and had fun building. He was very good at getting the kids to understand what to do. Thanks!

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