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Under the new economic situation of 2012 , Chinese machinery market has produced a series of new magnetic separator equipment, which not only used in the mining industry, but also the timber industry, mining, ceramic, chemical, food and other plants! With China's sustained and rapid economic development, the steel industry is developing rapidly. the ore demand of domestic iron and steel enterprises has increased rapidly , domestic mine production has been far short of needs, therefore, they had to rely on high-quality iron ore resources abroad for decades, the majority of the beneficiation workers for China's iron ore resources "poor, fine " these two characteristics miscellaneous features carried out a lot of research work to solve many technical problems, have made great progress and development of Chinese iron ore beneficiation technology has greatly improved the overall level. Especially in recent years, the development and successful application of new efficient sorting equipment, new efficient flotation reagent, as well as a new separation process. The breakthrough has been made so that the beneficiation process indicators.The market new magnetic separator is mainly focused on the magnetic and beneficiation form, permanent magnet drum magnetic separator, dry magnetic separator, magnetic separation machine. Magnetic drum magnetic separator for cylinder surface magnetic field strength is much higher than ordinary permanent magnetic separator, easy to operate and maintain, and has a significant energy saving performance when used in various types of concentrator site. Permanent drum magnetic separator magnetic separator cylinder can be equipped with three tank that half countercurrent tank (CTB), downstream trough (CTS) and countercurrent tank (CTN), in order to adapt to the different sorting requirements. Dry magnetic separator for dry magnetic mineral separation, magnetic separation machinery, relative to wet magnetic separator liquid to use as a diluent to improve the efficiency of separation in terms of sorting minerals, dry magnetic separation machine requires dry mineral separation between particles can move freely into the independent free state, otherwise it will affect the magnetic effect, and may even cause the serious consequences of non-separation. Wet magnetic separator is commonly used in the iron ore equipment (iron ore magnetic separator) and manganese equipment (the manganese magnetic separator),which is a kind of mainstream high intensity magnetic separation beneficiation equipment. Wet permanent magnetic drum magnetic separator iron ore processing plants generally use the magnetic separator, which applies to the election of strongly magnetic mineral.

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The flow direction of feed ore slurry is consistent with the drum rotation direction, with co-rotation of drum, the magnetic minerals are absorbed on the drum surface when the slurry flow through the drum separation area, and discharged on the concentrate outlet tank located on the opposite side of magnets system. Meanwhile, the non-magnetic and weakly magnetic minerals are discharged on the tailing outlet tank. The advantages of CTS Magnetic Separator is high capacity and high concentrate grade.

The Flow direction of feed ore slurry is opposite with the drum rotation direction, with counter rotating of drum, the magnetic minerals are absorbed on the drum surface when the slurry flow through the drum separation area, and discharged on the concentrate outlet tank located on the same side of feed box. Meanwhile, the non-magnetic and weakly magnetic minerals are discharged on the tailing outlet tank located on the opposite side of magnets system. the advantages of adverse current type magnetic separator:It could discard low grade tailing in a large quantity, reduce the load of secondary grinding, improve metal recovery and save the power and washer consumption.

The ore slurry feed into the separation are from the middle of the tank. The direction of feed is nearly the same with attractive force direction of magnetic field. With the co-rotating of drum, the magnetic minerals are absorbed on the drum surface and discharged on the concentrate outlet tank. Meanwhile, the non-magnetic and weakly magnetic minerals are discharged after scavenging area on the tailing outlet tank by the opposite rotary direction of drum. The horizontal plane of slurry in the tank keeps steady. the advantages of Semi adverse current CTB Magnetic Separator: It could improve both concentrate grade and metal recovery.

Magnetic system consists of high-quality strontium ferrite and NdFeB rare earth magnets. The average magnetic field intensity on drum surface varies from 100 to 700mT. Concurrent, counter-current or counter-rotation tank configuration is available as required. Alternative multi-step tandem configuration saves site area and simplifies process. Stable separation, large processing capacity, easy to operate and maintain.

ZJH mainly focus on producing and supply crushers, ore grinding equipment, mineral Beneficiation equipment, laboratory and pilot scale ore dressing equipment for Mining and Mineral Processing Industry. Our aim is to work together with Mines, Mineral Beneficiation Plantsfor helping to reduce the operating cost ,to improve the operating efficiency.

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HMDS Wet type Magnetic Separator is widely used for fine-grained iron magnetite ores purification or separation.With the development and expansion of heavy media processing technique, drum separator for heavy media processing is widely used in the separation of various kinds of iron ores and coal ores. Fine iron magnetite separator are requisite equipment for concentration plant of iron mine, suitable for the wet magnetic separation of the materials whose granularity is below 3mm such as hematite, magnetite, pyrrhotite, calcined ore and ilmenite and can also be used for removing iron from the materials such as coal, non-metal ore and building material. the performance and steadiness plays a vital part in the economic benefit of ore beneficiation .

QJ-FK Dry Permanent Magntic Separator for Powder Ore is high-efficiency ore concentration machine newly designed by our company which is widely used to remove, purify or separate materials, allowing them to be of higher values. This kind of dry power permanent magnetic drum separator is characterized by its turbulent magnetic field and high separation factor, advanced structure, light weight, large throughout, reliable operation and easy maintenance. Rely on our elaborative efforts, it becomes great for the dry and arid regions to save water resources and reduce production cost, opening a new way for magnetite mining and utilization. The dry permanent drum magnet separator for fine ore also can be driven by diesel engine, if it is used in region which is short of electricity Apart from existing fixed types, this kind of dry type magnetic drum separator with different magnetic induction intensity and application for different magnetic materials can also be developed according to the specific requirements of customers. The current magnetic separator series are appropriate for the different size mines from large to small. Moreover, we have industrial prototypes and could provide pilot tests at customers' request. Dry drum magnetic separator is mainly used in the following applications: (a) For pre-separation of low-grade ores, to pre-concentrate ores, raise ore grade and reduce production cost. (b) For re-separation of tails, to recover relatively rich tails on the dry slope of tails dam. (c) For magnetic purification of dry fines of pyrite cinder. (d) To effectively remove iron from non-magnetic materials with lower cost. (e) For purification of concentrated fines, to remove lean associated materials and gangue from concentrated iron fines, lead to the grade improvement of fines and increase the technically-added value of products. TYPE Drum Dia*Length(mm) Rotational speed (r/ min) Magnetic induction on drum surface in separation(mT) Upper limit of particle size of raw material (mm) Capacity(ton/unit*hour) Weight (ton) Overall weight of plant(ton) 6.5 External dimension(mm)

High energy-saving magnetic separator: A dry magnetic separator for strong magnetic minerals with coarse particles, and it is also called magnetic pulley. Capacity:20-600t/h Permanent magnetic drum is also called magnetic pulley, apparatus magnetic equipment for magnetite ore, mainly used for pre concentration before fine crushing or grinding to remove the gangue, deads and tailings, and the tailings out rate is about 10%.