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The first time I ate in the space at 1047 Pearl St., I sat by a window inside Toms Tavern across from the bar and had a cheeseburger with fries and macaroni salad. I had just arrived in 1976 and the beer to try was the only Colorado brew: Coors Banquet.

The most recent meal I ate there was the first night Salt restaurant had been open since it went into hibernation around Thanksgiving Day, 2020. I ended up seated in the same spot I occupied at Toms Tavern.

Id forgotten the pleasures: the glow of candles, the cocktails, the good bread and butter, the hot plates, the soft murmur, clatter and clink in the background and the smiling service. Id forgotten the joy of not cooking, of not eating takeout from a plastic dish and of not doing the dishes.

I sat there sighing over perfect black mussels steamed with San Marzano tomatoes and vermouth, a Tuscan bean soup with sofrito, olive oil and rosemary. The Cara Cara orange and shaved fennel salad was coup de grace-d with a topping of crunchy-creamy polenta croutons.

Bradford Heap grew up in Boulder eating at Toms Tavern, attending Fairview High School and cooking in local eateries before heading to California. He graduated from the Culinary Institute of America where Julia Child told his graduating class to cook with the masters. He trained in France and Monaco before returning to Boulder.

I encountered him in the early 1990s when he began cooking at the Pearl Street Inn and I was the food editor at the Daily Camera. With partners, he went on to serve his fare at Chautauqua Dining Hall, Colterra in Niwot, Full Moon Grill, Wild Standard and Pepper the Noshery.

Then one day they said: No more indoor dining. We had 46 people working and could only keep five or six to try and do the to-go program. Everyone was laid off, Heap says. Then in November we just closed our doors.

After a dark winter of self-reflection, he started the process of reopening Salt in the spring with a new menu and a new service model that made pay more equitable for workers in the kitchen. With all the changes, he says he lost most of his managers and some servers. As he started to rebuild a staff he faced the restaurant worker shortage every Boulder eatery now deals with.

Ive changed. I used to say, Do good and do well, but I was mostly talking about the environment. Now, its about the people, too. Im so grateful for these people that put in so much effort getting Salt open again, Heap says.

The chef has had a thing for lamb since he opened his first eatery and his simplified French- and Italian-influenced menu includes a fall-apart braised Buckner lamb with penne pasta, Parmesan and garlic-seared chard.

Murphys North, 2731 Iris Ave., has closed after 37 years in business. Murphys South and Murphys Taproom in Louisville remain open. Sisters Jessica, Jill and Jennifer Emich have announced that Shine Restaurant will close on July 9. Opening this fall: Farrow Restaurant, 7916 Niwot Road, Niwot. Recent openings: Famille French bistro in Westminsters Origin Hotel. Lafayettes Tip Top Savory Pies is opening a second shop at 6565 Gunpark Drive in Gunbarrel. License No. 1 officially reopens July 8 in the Hotel Boulderado. The Boulder County Farmers Market is open for in-person shopping in Boulder, Longmont and Denver, but if you arent ready to arm wrestle for arugula yet, online ordering and curbside pickup are still available. Send Boulder County culinary news, and information about food events, tastings, farm dinners, classes and festivals to: [email protected]

I pulled off U.S. 287 in Lafayette as soon as I saw the sign for Charcuterie. The recently opened Als Artisanal Meats and Cheeses (489 N. US-287) offers freshly sliced artisan meats and cheeses, charcuterie boards, imported foods and a single sandwich of the day. When I stopped in it was an exceptionally tasty layering of finocchiona salami, cotto salami, buffet ham and hot sopressata with Dijon pesto and extra mature Cheddar cheese on a chewy loaf from Parkers La Baguette De Normandy.

basic aglio e olio - lidia

This is the quintessential Italian pasta: just about everyone in Italy knows how to make it and loves it. It is one of those magical dishes that the ingredients can be pulled out of the cupboard and turned into a glorious dish in about 15 minutes. In all its simplicity, or maybe due to its simplicity, it is a favorite of many and makes regular appearances at my table.

If using dry pasta, plunge it into the boiling water 5 minutes before starting the sauce; fresh pasta is added at the same time you start the sauce. Pour 3 tablespoons of the oil into the big skillet, scatter the garlic slices in the oil and set over medium heat. Cook for a minute, add the peperoncino and cook another minute, shaking the pan now and then, until the garlic slices are an even light gold.

Ladle in 2 cups of boiling pasta water (watch out for sizzling spatters) and cook rapidly for 2 to 3 minutes, reducing the liquid by a third or so. Taste the sauce; add salt as needed. Keep at low simmer until the pasta is ready. When the pasta is not quite done al dente, bring the sauce to an active simmer, and then dump the pasta in.

Finish the sauce and pasta by tossing them together in the skillet over low to moderate heat until the pasta is tender to the bite. If the dish is dry, incorporate more hot pasta water; if soupy, reduce with higher heat and a bit more cooking. Add the parsley during the initial tossing; off the heat toss in the cheese and the final tablespoon of olive oil just before serving.

35 best pasta recipes to make now

Pasta is probably in the top 5 list of the most versatile dishes to make for any level of home cook. It fits the bill when cooked for a crowd or potluck or makes an easy family meal or simple dinner for two. And with pasta, youll always have variety. Pasta can be made creamy or saucy, vegetarian or with chicken, fish, meat and more. Cooking pasta can be an all day affair, a 5 minute homemade sauce, or store-bought in the jar, and taste amazing every time.

TIP:What can I add to pasta for more flavor? The answer is simple: SALT! Once the cooking water comes to a boil and before adding the pasta, season the cooking water with a generous amount of salt, so it tastes salty like the sea. To avoid pitting pots, add the salt after the water has come to a boil. And kosher salt instead of table salt is best in my book.

The great debate of who invented pasta (was it China or Italy?) becomes less of a discussion when the noodles start cooking and the eaters start slurping. Whether its authentic Italian pasta like my Spaghetti Pomodoro, or the best American-ized mac and cheese to ever pass your lips, this list of 35 homemade pasta recipes are what you should be cooking now.

Cathy commented: I tried this recipe for your moms spaghetti sauce, and it was perfect ! Im Italian and was taught many years ago how to make a good sauce. But over the busy years, it started not tasting so good, and it seemed okay to just buy a nice jar already prepared. But after reading your recipe which was very close to my moms, and being inspired to try again, now Im hooked and loving it. Thank you for turning my cooking back on !!! This is a great recipe!

Vanessa commented: Hubby has congestive heart failure. This recipe is not only heart healthy but with few adjustments (no salt) he said it tasted like a delicious meal that he hasnt had for over a year now! Huge compliment! Please keep them coming! Absolutely Deeeeelicious!

Charlie commented: Great!!! I utilized an entire 19 oz. bundle of turkey. Additionally, I utilized a pound of child bella mushrooms. This was simple, beautiful, and the best part is that it tasted wonderful!

Ana commented: Made this recipe today and I think these are the best meatballs that I have ever made. I already shared this recipe with my mom. My husband is also a big fan of the sauce. Thanks for the recipe!

Nicole commented: This is the ultimate spaghetti carbonara! I love pasta, this recipe is going to be perfection. It is a dish that is required at dinner table at least once a week in my house. I cant wait to try it, thanks for sharing :).

Rachel commented: I just made this for a girls night in. I was looking for a go-to vegetarian-friendly lasagna recipe and this one delivered. I love that it uses jarred sauce since my homemade version never tastes as good. I highly recommend, especially because its not difficult to make.

Megan commented: I just wanted to comment since Ive made this recipe like 5 times and I love it so much! I use thin spaghetti instead of angel hair and I add the zest of the lemon in with the juice. I usually undercook the pasta and finish it in the sauce. Everyone loves this awesome recipe!

Marcy commented: I was looking for something that the whole family would like, including out two picky boys aged 8 & 12, and this recipe hit the mark! I already had all these ingredients on hand so it was pretty easy to throw together. It was really yummy! We our definitely going to add this our rotation! Yummy!

Adela commented: Omg, this is absolutely wonderful. I wanted to make it for dinner but couldnt wait. If you love spicy, this is perfect. If you want your significant other to fall in love all over again, definitely serve this. Delicious!!!!!!!

Kay commented: Just wanted to tell you I made this for a large group having Christmas dinner that I went to today. I used chipotle Gouda and the Havarti. People RAVED about it. I had no less than 10 people searching me out to see if I was the one who made it and to tell me how good it was. And I didnt even get one bite! Making it again for a NYE party. Thanks for the great recipe.

Matt commented: This is an awesome recipe! Have cooked it 3 times in the past 2 weeks. Its the height of brussels sprout season over here in Australia right now so it wont be the last we cook it this season. Thank you!

Beth commented: Ahhhmazing!! Ive made this twice now and we cant get enough. My husband thinks he doesnt like cream in anything, so whenever Im using it in a recipe I try to hide it. Well, per usual, he came snooping around and spotted the cream on the counter. He groaned youre not putting cream in it are you? I just smiled and told him not to worry. He took one bite and was hooked. This is soooo good! Thank you!

Ana commented: The dish turned out so well! This was the first time I have ever made a tomato-based sauce from scratch. Infusing the olive oil with the herbs from the outset was pretty cool. Thank you for the recipe! Its definitely a keeper.

Court commented: Made this a few times since I found the recipe over the past year and its amazing every time! We use the gremolata on our salad now too, its very tasty! Gonna try it tonight with some lobster tails I got on sale at WF. Im sure itll be delicious again, but cant wait for dungeness crab season to fully arrive for the holidays!

Rachel commented: I made this for dinner with friends. I was concerned that it was going to taste flat and one dimensional. I was wrong. I made it the night before so it was ready to go into the oven when I got home. I swapped out the zucchini for 8 oz of fresh spinach. I also left out the nutmeg as I find it overpowering. I would say the mozz is necessary. Definitely not light but great as a fall dinner.

Jennifer commented: Made this tonight and its delicious! Filing in the permanent recipe binder. I barely deviated from the original recipeonly variations were that I didnt measure the shallots and cilantro so there may have been a bit more in my version. The cinnamon seemed strange at first but it becomes a mystery ingredient at the end; you can tell theres something interesting there but you cant quite figure out what it is.

Ana commented: Love this combination of two classic sauce staples. Everything turned out well and I like your idea of mixing in the flour via shaking versus trying to chase down the flour clumps in the pan. Thanks for the recipe! Its another keeper.

Ruth commented: I love this recipe and have made it many times for my family. It has been my go to recipe for taking meals to families that just brought home a newborn. Add a nice a salad and garlic breadperfect!

Laura commented: Cauliflower and Parm cheese is like batman and robin, like PB & Jelly, like Snoopy and Charlie, like Tom Brady and his ego. I mean, its the best. Im loving your roasted brownish cauliflower, that is the way to go!!! Im like excited to make this and its been a looooog time since Ive been hyped about making dinner. You rock!!!

Amanda commented: I made this tonight and it was divine. I traveled to Boston last month and had some lobster mac and cheese that was really tasty, and Ive been craving it ever since. This was even better! They dont sell fontina here (at least in the part of New Zealand where I live) so I used gouda and it turned out great. The kids ate it and my husband had thirds. Success! Thanks for the great recipe.

Karen commented: I made this Clam linguini for a crowd and it was a hit. So easy and yet so satisfying. I did use a can of baby clams and fewer fresh clams and added fresh basil. We will do this dish again.

Danielle commented: Made this tonight for dinner, it was a big hit. It had everything my pasta and shrimp loving family craves. Made it as written, and got to use my spirolizer for the first time ever. What a neat gadget!

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spaghetti puttanesca (spaghetti with capers, olives, and anchovies) recipe

Something about late-summer weather really makes me want to cook dishes requiring minimal time, effort, and cleanup, whether that'scacio e pepeorpasta with cherry tomato sauce. Let's add spaghetti puttanesca to the list. The modern, classic Southern Italian pasta dish, flavored with garlic, anchovies, capers, olives, and tomatoes, is one of my favorite eat-it-by-myself mealsit's made 100% from pantry staples, it packs a powerful flavor punch, and, let's be honest, you probably don't want to hang out with someone who's been eating anchovies and garlic, even if you've been partaking of the same.

"Puttanesca" literally translates to "in the style of prostitutes," supposedly because the pungent aromas of garlic, anchovies, capers, and olives tossed with pasta were how Neapolitan sex workers would lead customers to their doors. This is one of those stories that seems, in the words of Douglas Adams, apocryphal or at least wildly inaccurate.

The first step in pasta puttanesca is very similar topasta withaglio e olio(garlic and olive oil): flavoring plenty of good extra-virgin olive oil by slowly sizzling garlic and chili flakes in it. Puttanesca ups the pungency factor a few notches by adding anchovies to that mix. You can either thinly slice or finely chop the garlic, depending on your moodhonestly, I use both ways equally oftenbut the anchovies should be chopped quite finely so that they dissolve into the oil as they cook.

Normally, I'm all for using the garlic press, the Microplane, or the grater to mince garlic rapidly for dishes in which it will be only briefly cooked with other ingredients. But for a dish like this, for which you want to really deeply flavor the oil from the get-go, garlic that is pressed or grated ends up burning well before it can infuse the oil.

In our guide on buying and preparing anchoives,we mentioned that in some applicationsparticularly those in which anchovy fillets will be served mostly intact, like aNioise saladwhole anchovies packed in salt are preferable. But for applications in which the anchovies are going to be dissolved, oil-packed fillets will do just fine. That's what I use here.

Chopping the capers and olives is probably the most difficult part of the prep for this dish, and I admit it can be a little tedious the first few times you trythose things just don't like to sit still! But follow ourknife skills guide to chopping capers and olives, and you should have no issues.

Once the garlic and anchovies have had a bit of time to get to know each other and the garlic starts to take on a slight tan, in go the olives and capers. The tomatoes should go into the pan immediately after. This will instantly stop the garlic and anchovies from over-browning (you don't want them to turn bitter). I use canned San Marzano tomatoes that I break up by squeezing them between my fingers in a bowl, resulting in a nice mix of pure and juicy chunks, then bring the whole thing to a simmer.

Meanwhile, I get the spaghetti cooking, using a 12-inch skillet or a saut pan; there's no need to waste energy, time, and water bringing a huge pot to a boil (especially in water-strapped California). In fact, the dish comes out even better with the low-water method of pasta cooking, as it increases the concentration of starch in the water, which will help the sauce thicken and cling to the noodles later on.

To finish the pasta, you'll want to fish your spaghetti out a little early and transfer it to the simmering sauce to finish cooking. This will improve the flavor of the pasta itself and it'll enter what Daniel refers to as "pasta bullet time." That is, the pasta finishes cooking drastically slower in the sauce than in the straight-up water, which gives you finer control over hitting that perfect al dente mark.

One other thing you will want to do is make sure to add a few spoonfuls of that starchy pasta cooking water in order to help the sauce come together. When you first add the spaghetti to the pan of sauce, it'll look loose and watery. But simmer it hard for a moment while tossing, stirring, and adding pasta water to keep it moist, and the sauce will tighten right up, coating each strand of spaghetti in a thin sheen of flavor.

Some purists may claim that cheese has no place in puttanesca. I claim that there is a seat reserved at the table for cheese in every conceivable gathering known to man. Once the sauce is properly emulsified, I add a handful of finely grated Pecorino RomanoParmesan would also work fine here if that's what you've got. A little bit of minced fresh parsley, some salt and pepper (go easy on the salt, since the other ingredients already add a ton), a final drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil for some fresh, grassy flavor, and our work is done.

But, truth be told, puttanesca tastes best when your senses have been slightly impaired and the whole thing is sloppy, there's more than a bit too much sauce (both on the pasta and on my camera), and the spaghetti is slightly overcooked. Man, does it hit the spot.

In a medium skillet, combine 4 tablespoons (60ml) oil, garlic, anchovies, and red pepper flakes. Cook over medium heat until garlic is very lightly golden, about 5 minutes. (Adjust heat as necessary to keep it gently sizzling.) Add capers and olives and stir to combine.

Add a few tablespoons of pasta water to sauce and set over medium-high heat to bring pasta and sauce to a vigorous simmer. Cook, stirring and shaking the pan and adding more pasta water as necessary to keep sauce loose, until pasta is perfectly al dente, 1 to 2 minutes longer. (The pasta will cook more slowly in the sauce than it did in the water.) Remove from heat and stir in remaining olive oil, parsley, and cheese. Season with salt and pepper (be generous with the pepper and scant with the saltthe dish will be plenty salty from the other ingredients). Serve immediately with more grated cheese at the table.

I don't recommend using a Microplane, grater, or garlic press in this dish, as the garlic will end up burning before it can really flavor the oil. Check out our guide on chopping capers and olives for detailed instructions.

wheatfields restaurant & bar saratoga - wheatfields restaurant & bar

Wheatfields Restaurant & Bar, 440 Broadway downtown Saratoga Springs, NY has been preparing and serving fresh-made pasta dishes since 1988. Wheatfields continues to make close to twenty shapes and flavors of pasta daily. Our menu offers a wide variety of vegetarian, beef, seafood, chicken and signature dishes.

Wed & Thu (Dine In, Delivery & Carryout) 11:30am - 9:00pm Fri & Sat (Dine In, Delivery & Carryout) 11:30am - 10:00pm Sun (Dine In, Delivery & Carryout) 10:00am - 8:00pm Serving Sunday Brunch! Mon & Tue Closed

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As we eagerly move towards life after coronavirus, we are faced still with many unexpected challenges in our industry which prevent us from reimplementing discount programs we had in the past. At this point we do not know when or even if our business will return to pre-pandemic operations.We are working hard to build up our teams, to teach and train our new team members, and to get up to speed so we can serve all of you! Thank you for your understanding and support!

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orzo pasta salad with lemon & feta (make ahead instructions, variations)

This Orzo Pasta Salad recipe is a fabulous side to practically every meal as well as an in-demand potluck, picnic and party side. Its also hearty enough to stand alone as a refreshing lunch or light dinner. This orzo pasta salad is loaded with al dente orzo pasta, crisp cucumbers, juicy tomatoes, crunchy bell peppers, charred, caramelized sweet corn, zippy red onions, tangy Kalamata olives, and salty creamy feta, all brightened by tangy, herb vinaigrette! Its easy to make, exploding with a rainbow of bright flavors and textures and the orzo pasta salad can be made ahead of time for the perfect stress-free win!

I am thrilled to bring you this winning orzo pasta salad recipe.Both Patrick and I are obsessed. Its hearty, comforting and refreshing all at the same time and belongs on your table all summer long and beyond. It is inspired by all my favorite fresh Greek flavors so it pairs beautifully with Chicken Souvlaki,Beef Souvlaki Chicken Gyros,but is is equally delicious with brisket, burgers, grilled chicken AKA anything that needs a refreshing side.

Just like all pastas, orzo is cooked by boiling in water (or in this case chicken broth and lemon juice) until al dente. You may use orzo instead of rice or pasta in many dishes. Orzo is often used in rice pilaf, in soups, and sides. Its a favorite of mine, so Ive already showcased it in:

Orzo is usually made from white flour, although it can be made from whole-grain flour. Both orzo pasta and rice are categorized as cereal grains but orzo is not gluten free. For this recipe, we are going to use the traditional white-flour orzo.

The orzo is first sauted with red onions in olive oil and butter and then simmered with chicken broth, lemon juice, salt and pepper. This requires a few extra pantry friendly ingredients other than just water and orzo, but I promise, the payoff is SO worth it. You will need:

Like other pasta salads, orzo can be served cold, but I prefer it at room temperature or only slightly chilled. To do this, transfer the dressing to the fridge for 10-15 minutes while the orzo cooks and you chop your veggies. Transfer the orzo to the refrigerator so it has time to cool to room temperature while you finish chopping your veggies (doesnt need long). Now everything will just slightly chilled the perfect temperature to enjoy!

This orzo pasta salad can be made almost 100% in advance. To make ahead, gently toss all the ingredients together with only HALF of the dressing, cover and refrigerate. When you are ready to serve, toss with desired amount of remaining dressing. If you use all of the dressing initially your pasta may soak up all the dressing and will taste dry.

Cover leftover orzo pasta salad with plastic wrap or transfer it to an airtight container. Store in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. It might sound funny, but I like to microwave my leftovers for 15 seconds or so because I think it tastes better at room temperature. The longer the pasta salad is refrigerated, the drier it can become. If your leftovers taste too dry, then drizzle with additional olive oil to taste. You may also want to perk up the salad with a fresh squeeze of lemon juice.

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I jen, I make greek orzo pasta salad and I have never heard of cooking the pasta in chx broth instead of water. Is there a big difference in flavor with the broth once you have added the dressing and feta than not.Thx Debbie

Hi Debbie, the broth definitely adds a yummy layer of flavor but you can use water if you prefer but just dont skip the lemon juice it adds the crucial lemon flavor. The dressing isnt as lemony because the orzo itself is lemony. Enjoy!

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ward eight recipe - chowhound

The Ward Eight is a unique variation on a Sour. Some classic cocktails, like the Bronx, have become dinosaurs, and others, like the martini, have engendered incalculable variations. The Ward Eight is one old-timer that has not been ravaged by time. While the name may have one conjecturing a drink so potent that it was named for a mental ward, the history of the Ward Eight is colorful but rather sober and sedate.

In 1898, bartender Tom Hussion was hired by the Locke-Ober Caf in Boston, and he brought with him many loyal followers. Among them were members of the Hendricks Club, a political club run by Democrat Martin Lomasney. Lomasney was running for representative in the Massachusetts General Court from Ward Eight that year, and the eve before the election, some club members at the bar asked Hussion to create a new drink to toast Lomasneys imminent victory. Hussion may have merely added some grenadine to a Whiskey Sour and called it the Ward Eight, but the grenadine was just enough to change the character of the drink. Ironically, the newly elected Lomasney was a staunch Prohibitionist, and when the Noble Experiment arrived, the owner of the Locke-Ober sorrowfully closed the bar. The Ward Eight outlasted Prohibition and was deemed one of the 10 best cocktails of the year in 1934 by Esquire magazine. The Locke-Ober reopened its doors in the early 1950s and has been shaking up this sophisticated cocktail ever since.

A Ward Eight is always shaken. The cocktail may be garnished with a cherry or an orange or lemon slice for color, but these were omitted in the original. Rye was initially used, but bourbon seems to have taken its place as the liquor of choice.

8 fresh pastas perfect for welcoming spring - the table

Spring is in bloom for most of the country. Sunnier days are helping us jump out of bed in the morning, and warm breezes are blowing the remnants of winter away. Its a fresh start, especially in the kitchen! As spring produce becomes available at the market, were craving colorful ingredients and lighter meals (green peas, asparagus and spring onions were looking at you!) When faced with an array of fresh vibrant produce, pasta is the perfect canvas to show off all those delicate flavors with minimal fuss. We couldnt resist sharing some of our favorite pasta recipes that celebrate the best of the spring season check out our picks below:

From our own archives, its hard to resist this light yet creamy pesto pasta. Young broccolini has a subtle flavor and more delicate texture compared to its cousin, regular broccoli, and red onion and bell pepper add some serious pops of color!

As good a side dish as it is a light WFH lunch, youre going to want to add this pasta salad to your spring rotation ASAP! Peppery arugula, tangy goat cheese, and asparagus come together with a touch of lemon for the springiest pasta ever. You can also make it ahead as part of your meal prep routine and toss in the arugula when youre ready to chow down.

For cooler spring nights when you need something light yet comforting, try this oven-baked pasta. Its an easy recipe with a short ingredient list that coaxes out the cozier side of spring. Plus, theres a crispy, cheesy topping.

Looking for something a little different? This take on classic Carbonara uses plenty of lemonand mint! Its a fun play on an otherwise hearty Italian pasta dish. Fresh peas, scallions, and lemon brighten up the salty pancetta and creamy cheeses. A sprig of mint right before serving makes this a fancy-ish dish perfect for date night.

Another Home Chef original, this pasta has light and bright flavors achieved with pantry-friendly ingredients. If youre ready for spring but the local weather isnt, embrace pantry-friendly ingredients like frozen peas, shallots, and flavorful sun-dried tomatoes. Between the colors and flavor, you wont mind those cloudy skies lingering outside.

This recipe gets a dose of color and nutrients thanks to a combination of asparagus, spinach, basil, and peas. Juice and zest of a lemon brings a sunny quality to this dish. (We love lemon with our spring pastas, have you noticed yet?)

Who doesnt love a simple pasta recipe? Theres a good chance you have most of the ingredients for this five ingredient wonder already. It uses the best of the season, like asparagus and cherry tomatoes, and cooks up ultra fast for the busiest of nights.

This recipe makes clever use of sheet pan roasting while the pasta comes to a boil. If youve never tried roasted radishes, youre in for a treat the heat really softens their bite and brings out their natural sweetness. Plus, theres bacon, so the whole family should be on board with eating their veggies when this is on the menu.

splendido at the chateau, beaver creek - menu, prices, restaurant reviews & reservations - tripadvisor

The food, if you can get it, is delicious. But we waited almost two hours to get our entrees. And when we complained to manager Billy, he all but shrugged. No apology, no comp of drinks, dessert, coffee. He really let us know he couldnt...have cared less. What a pity. Chef is brilliant, but management doesnt care. Save your money for other places, like the Golden Eagle Inn.More

We spend our Valentine Dinner here and - like during many recent visits to this restaurant - the experience was absolutely fantastic. Starting with the food, probably one of the best dinners we ever had. The beet salad, dover sole and especially the lamb where...great examples for the exquisite performance of the kitchen. Just outstanding dishes. The service - from the attention of management to especially our server Milan - was absolutely flawless and professional. A great evening for everybody to enjoy!More

This was supposed to be a very special meal out, for our first time out of our quarantine, in Beaver Creek. We had lovely meals at Grouse Mountain Grill and Mirabelle, but Splendido was supposed to be the very best of the best. We had...a hard time getting our waiter to pay any attention to us. We had a hard time having our waiter explaining any of the menu entries. We had a hard time getting bread. We had a hard time getting our cocktails. We had a hard time getting our single glasses of wine with our meal. It was very chaotic and unorganized. We had been told that if our reservation was at 6:00, they needed the table by 8:00. Fine, that was just fine by us, but by 7:45 we couldn't get our waiter to confirm our dessert and after dinner drinks. I haven't even talked about the food, which was so unimaginative that it can't even be compared with Mirabelle. Yes, the tenderloin was lovely, but the duck tasted completely uninteresting, the octopus was chewy (believe me, we know octopus, and know it shouldn't be so chewy that it was a chore to eat), and I guess we were disappointed with our evening.More

The setting was very cool and elegant in a castle like setting. The food and drinks were vey good. The seafood tower was not as elaborated voluminous as it should have been for the price. The lamb and duck were very good. Our service was...very good and pleasant.More

we booked this two months ago so wed have something magical for new years eve. they did not disappoint for atmosphere & fun even if the food wasnt quite as magical as the price. the pre fixe menu was priced similarly to what youd napa valley at thomas keller or meadowwood. it was delicious and the variation on caviar and blinis that was the first course was was lovely even if hard to eat. also loved the cocktails ..... but for $$$$$ id give it on the lower end of four stars.More

We have been here many times over the past year and always enjoyed the really great food and attentive and well-trained service. It is a beautiful location and truly among the 3 the top restaurants in BC. That would be a five star ... again....The sour point is the management. As stated in several reviews before: 1. When you book via OpenTable you are treated differently. From getting always the not so nice tables to less attention when it comes to special requests. So better call for a reservation. 2. When asking the deputy manager for a nicer table ... he refused rudely as all tables would be already reserved for their core customers and celebrations. Factually ... they all stayed empty all evening. 3. Earlier this month we ordered a sea bass for main course ... which arrived undercooked. When asking for a change the manager returned with the right temperature if the fish and his statement that nothing was wrong with the fish and maybe it was the poor lighting at the table that made my wife believe that the fish was undercooked. We were speechless! 4. Both managers are running around like big penguins making their own show, speaking loud, toughing guest and shaking hands ... of their core guest ... we assume. This really does not fit to this place and what it wants to represents. Well ... room for improvement here. While food and service remains absolutely great.More

Choose the restaurant for the dessert because I love souffle, it did not disappoint. The entrees and drinks were very tasty too :) The service was upscale, the views were awesome and the decor was very warm and inviting.

Splendido summer menu is off the charts good. The castroville artichoke puttanesca is outstanding. I thought it was pasta (spoiler alert) its not pasta but thats ok because its not missing anything. It is so very good. The artichokes are crispy on top of a...bed of grilled vegetables and quinoa with a tomato sauce and sweet olive that will make you ask how did you make this??? Its not something Id normally pick but its amazing. The swordfish is also perfect. I had the carrot appetizer that was excellent but it didnt hold a candle to the entree. And whatever you do DO NOT SKIP DESSERT! In fact, if you have to stop by just for dessert thats ok too. We ordered the birdie and its shaped like a golf hole. Such a mind blowing presentation but actually tastes amazing too! (A special thank you also for staying open during quarantine and feeding your locals.)More

This is one of my favorite restaurants in the states. On this trip I also visited Mirabelle and Grouse Mountain Grill as well. Both were good but did not compare to Splendido. I had the dover sole at both Mirabella and Splendido. The Splendido version...was outstanding. In rank order I would put Splendido as the winner with Grouse Mountain Grill nosing out Mirabelle for a distant second.More

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