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HST Single-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher is a new type of high-efficiency crusher independently developed and designed by ZENITH with many years of experience which absorbed the advanced crusher technology of the United States and Germany. The Cone Crusher combines mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, automatic and intelligent control technologies, and it represents the advanced crushing technology of the world.

When the HST Cone Crusher works, the motor drives the transmission shaft rotate through the pulley and the V-belt. The transmission shaft lets eccentric bush rotate through the large and small gears. The movable cone makes a rotary movement under the force of the eccentric bush through the main shaft, making the movable cone and fixed cone sometimes close to or sometimes far from concave. The material can be crushed after being extruded and impacted in crushing chamber between the concave and the mantle, and the broken materials are discharged from the lower port.

Location:Saham, Oman Material:Limestone Input Size:Below 720mm Output Size:0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm, (Oman standard) Capacity:300t/h

Location:Russia Material:Plagiogranite Input Size:Below 700mm Output Size:0-5mm, 40-70mm (0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm) Capacity:300-350t/h

Location:Mecca Material:Granite Input Size:Below 1000mm Output Size:0-10mm, 10-13mm, 13-20mm, 20-25mm Capacity:400-500TPH (12 hours per day)

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HXJQ cone crusher machine has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, high efficiency, low energy consumption, and uniform product size. It is suitable for medium and fine crushing of various ores and rocks withhighand medium hardness. The cone crusher machine is widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, roads, railways, water conservancy, and chemical industries. Choosing a hydraulic crushing machinethat is suitable for the customers crushing needs can increase the efficiency of the crushing, generate higher economic benefits, and bring more value to the customer. Therefore, the selection of suitable crushing equipment has become a matter of deliberation of units or enterprises with crushing demand. So, what is the difference between the appearance and performance of a single-cylinder cone crusher and multi-cylinder cone crusher?

Single-cylinder: upper frame assembly: upper frame, rolling wall, mat, upper bodyguard; lower frame assembly: lower frame, lower frame guard, lower frame inner liner, eccentric bushing, sealing bucket; moving cone assembly: main shaft, moving cone body, rolling wall; drive shaft assembly: sheave, driveshaft, bearing, driveshaft frame, small bevel gear; eccentric sleeve Into weight ring, eccentric sleeve, large bevel gear, spindle bushing; hydraulic cylinder assembly: medium friction disc, lower friction disc, hydraulic cylinder block, cylinder liner, cylinder bottom, displacement sensor. Multi-cylinder: lower frame: frame, main shaft, guide pin; eccentric sleeve: eccentric sleeve, balance ring, large bevel gear; transmission: driveshaft, bevel gear, bushing; support sleeve: support sleeve, lock cylinder, lock nut; adjustment ring: adjustment ring, rolling wall; moving cone: body, broken wall, hammerhead, spherical tile.

Single-cylinder: When the single-cylinder cone works normally, the oil pump is used to fill or drain the spindle cylinder. In this way, the spindle can float up and down (the spindle moves up or down) to adjust the size of the discharge port. This adjustment may cause the discharge opening to be difficult to lock when performing hard rock fracture. Multi-cylinder: The discharge port adjusting device of the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher adjusts the adjusting cap by a hydraulic pusher or a hydraulic motor, and drives the adjusting ring to rotate in the support sleeve (the fixed-cone spiral rotates up and down) to achieve the adjustment function. The advantage of this adjustment is that the discharge opening can be easily locked during the crushing process.

Single-cylinder: When the single-cylinder cone crusher passes the iron, the hydraulic oil will be injected into the accumulator. When a certain amount of hydraulic oil is injected into the accumulator, the main shaft will fall and the iron will pass smoothly. After the iron is passed, the accumulator will be hydraulic oil. Press back and turn back to the normal operation. The single-cylinder cone crusher is also operating with a hydraulic pump to clean the chamber. Multi-cylinder: In the operation process of a multi-cylinder cone crusher, when there is foreign matter entering the crushing chamber or causing excessive loading of the crushing equipment for some reason, the hydraulic safety system will automatically adjust to increase the size of the discharge opening to discharge the foreign matter. When the foreign matter is stuck in the discharge port of the crushing device, the clearing system should be used to enlarge the size of the discharge opening so that the foreign matter can be smoothly discharged from the crushing chamber. Under the action of the hydraulic system, the discharge port will automatically reset after the foreign matter is discharged so that the machine can resume normal operation.

Single-cylinder: The single-cylinder cone crusher lubrication system fills the two inlet ports, one way from the lower end of the main shaft, lubricating the spherical bearings, spherical tiles, frame bushings, and spindle bushings to lubricate the bevel gears. The other way enters from the end of the drive shaft, lubricating the drive shaft bushing, and the last two oils are discharged from the same oil outlet. Multi-cylinder: The lubrication system of the multi-cylinder cone crusher enters the crusher machine from the oil hole in the lower part of the machine. After reaching the middle of the main shaft, it is divided into three branches: the inner and outer surfaces of the eccentric sleeve, the oil hole from the middle of the main shaft to the ball bearing, and the bevel gear are lubricated through the tunnel. The other one is filled with oil from the hole in the transmission shaft frame to lubricate the transmission bearing. The oil returns through the oil return hole in the lower part of the small bevel gear and the oil return hole on the dust cover.

Single-cylinder: The single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is similar to the spring cone crusher. In the crushing process, the main shaft and the moving cone are combined together, and at the same time, it is carried by the bowl-shaped tile. The main shaft and the moving cone are equivalent to the base support, and the eccentric sleeve drives the main shaft to provide the crushing force. Multi-cylinder: The main shaft of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher tends to be short and thick, and its diameter can be designed very large. It stands directly on the frame (not in the eccentric sleeve). The multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is directly supported by the frame, providing high bearing capacity. The mechanical structure differences between the single-cylinder cone crusher and multi-cylinder cone crusher determine that the force of the frame is different when the two crusher machine crushing ore. The former frame is subjected to tensile stress, and the latter frame is subjected to weak tensile stress, so the multi-cylinder cone crusher is superior in the construction of the frame.

Generally speaking, the single-cylinder cone crusher and multi-cylinder cone crusher can be fully fed. The high bearing capacity of the multi-cylinder crusher makes it possible to achieve full feeding, and the lamination principle can be used to allow the stone to be carried in the crushing chamber. At the same time, the grain size will be very good because the crushing process has its own shaping effect.

The multi-cylinder cone crusher has a high content of fine particles, which will achieve a finer crushing effect, and a good lamination crushing effect. The single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has a better crushing effect and a large passing capacity. In the usual construction process, the multi-cylinder cone crusher and the single-cylinder cone crusher are generally combined.

When crushing soft ore and weathered ore, the advantage of large single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is more outstanding, and when crushing medium-hard and high hard ore, the performance of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher will be more outstanding. For the fine crushing of medium and hard ore, under the same specifications, multi-cylinder cone can produce more qualified products. Generally speaking, the higher the rock hardness, the greater the difference between single-cylinder and multi-cylinder operation.

Single-cylinder: The structure of the single-cylinder cone tends to be simple and reliable: a hydraulic cylinder has a simple and compact structure, low failure rate and low production cost (the simpler the mechanical system structure, the lower the failure rate, the higher the reliability and the more stable the operation).

Multi-cylinder: The top or side of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher can be disassembled for quick and easy maintenance: all parts can be disassembled and maintained from the top or side, and the moving cone and top cone can be easily disassembled without disassembling the frame and fastening bolts. In this way, ordinary replacement is more convenient.

Single-cylinder and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers all belong to the crusher machine with high-performance, high efficiency, and high production capacity. They have many advantages in structure, product performance, maintenance and purchase price respectively. Compared to single-cylinder cone crusher, multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher will be more advantageous in crushing medium-hard materials, while the single-cylinder cone crusher has advantages in crushing soft rock and ore. Generally speaking, the price of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher will be higher than the single one. In the actual production process, these two types of cone crushers should be chose according to the customers practical demand.

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Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is widely used in mining, metallurgy,construction, highway, railroad, and waterconservancy, etc. It can break or crush all kinds of medium hard or harder ore for mining, chemical building, materials and other industrial sectors. This kind of machine has the features of big crushing ratio, continuous operating, even granularity, automated hydraulic clearing system, high capacity, simple structure and low operating cost, suited perfectly for middle and fine crushing.

1.Higher rotating speed and stroke make production capacity which improved 35%-60% than old spring cone crusher;2.The Max feed size is bigger than other kinds of cone crushers;3.Better shape of final product than spring cone crusher. Less Needle flake;4.The design of hydraulic protection and hydraulic cavity clearing improves the automation and reduces the downtime and maintenance time;5.Auto system of thin oil lubrication makes the life time increased.

When the crusher works, the motor drives the small gear; the small gear drives the large gear; the large gear assembly (large gear, large gear rack) drives the eccentric bushing assembly (eccentric steel bush and eccentric bronze bush) and main shaft assembly (main shaft, inner cone, inner cone liner) to revolute within the bronze bush with the center of theoretical verticlal line, while the main shaft assembly can rotate around the main shaft within the eccentric bronze bush as the center line. When the crusher works without load, the eccentric bushing assembly and the main shaft assembly revolutes the large gear. When the materials fall into the crushing cavity, the main shaft assembly (main shaft, inner cone) slowly rotates within the eccentric bronze under the resistance of materials.

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MC series single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is developed from European and American crushing technology combined with experience. It is a new generation of cone crusher integrating mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, intelligent control technology. Combined with the optimized laminated crushing cavity, it has full intelligent automatic control system. It has high crushing efficiency, low production cost, convenient maintenance and adjustment, and the product is cubic. It is widely used in metallurgical industry Gold, construction, hydropower, transportation, chemical industry, building materials industry.

When the single cylinder cone crusher works, the motor drives the small gear of the crusher, the small gear drives the big gear, the big gear component drives the eccentric sleeve component and the main shaft component to revolve in the copper bushing with the theoretical vertical line as the center, and the main shaft component can realize rotation with the center line of the main shaft in the eccentric copper sleeve. When the material is added to the crushing chamber, the spindle assembly rotates slowly in the eccentric copper sleeve under the resistance of the material. The trajectory of the inner cone seems to swing back and forth in the crushing chamber, and rotate slowly at the same time. The material is crushed by the swinging inner cone, and the crushed material is discharged from the discharge port.

Remarks: The output in the table is based on the approximate throughput measured by the loose density of the material at 1600KG/m3. The actual result will be different due to the difference in feed, particle size, rock type and material moisture content.

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1, Good grain shape and efficiency. 2, Strong crushing capacity. 3, Run continuously and stably. 4, Just replacing the fixed cone can achieve a variety of cavity shapes for fine crushing. 5, Adopt direct meta-contacting method, which facilitates replacing liner plates of mobile cone and stationary cone. 6, Double insurance controlled hydraulic and lubrication system can ensure the machine's overload protection and good bearing lubrication. 7, Easy maintenance: The structure of cone crusher is simple and compact. It has the features of stable performance, not easy to fault and convenient maintenance.