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bentonite clay processing plant

Large crusher simulation process, large crusher in the process of design or production before use must carry on the corresponding simulation design stage. Large ore crushing process plant simulation image is clear. We can see clearly through the simulation process of large ore crushing process overall situation and how it works: according to the simulation and assembly and connection of the motor with large crusher movement process of the conveyor belt, we can observe in all work when the assembly relation between the various models.

Bentonite clay processing technology of bentonite is superfine grinding powder pattern in the body, fell in the middle of the superfine grinding mill body material, subjected to centrifugal force, the material move outwards, in mill grinding roller crushed and broken in a region. Had shattered the bentonite material under the leading role of the machine to plant around to continue movement, under the action of strong wind, taken away, does not reach the requirements of the fineness of bentonite particles continue to be grinding. That implements the grinding effect of bentonite, bentonite fineness output to meet the requirements.

Bentonite is composed of mineral composition, in the bentonite clay processing process can use jaw crusher, counterattack crusher and plant. The this equipment is the heavy industry after several experts to absorb the international advanced technology research and development of mineral processing equipment, application of bentonite clay processing industry market successfully. Its technological process is: large pieces of bentonite by the bunker by vibrating feeder evenly to the early broken machine crushed at the beginning of the jaw crusher, bentonite by belt conveyor after crushed to fine broken namely counterattack crusher for secondary crushing; Finely bentonite by belt conveyor after sent to vibrating screen for screening, screening out several different size, different specifications of the bentonite, satisfies the requirement of mill grinding particle size of bentonite by the elevator will be sent to the storage hopper, then through vibrating feeder will its uniform quantitative continuously into the indoor host euro grinder grinding of grinding, grinding of bentonite powder by the wind, the classifier for classification. Conform to the fineness of the bentonite powder with air pipelines, enter the new isolation type cyclone powder deposition apparatus, separation collection. Collection of bentonite powder products by discharging mouth and by conveyer into powder storehouse, ready for use. Unqualified after the particles are divided by a classifier is flung to the wall, along the wall after falling back to mill grinding. The whole system running under the negative pressure condition, dust spillover to ensure site clean.