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We have over 50 years of high quality precision grinding experience. Specializing on OD & ID grinding, surface & rotary grinding, multi-process OD & ID vertical grinding, centerless grinding, ID honing, flat lapping and repairs.

We have been an ISO certified precision grinding shop since 2004. Our ISO 9001:2015 based Quality Management System allows us to stay competitive. Our goal is to enhance customer satisfaction by effectively applying our QMS. The highest quality is at the heart of everything we do.

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The Situp Grinder kit above mounted on a 9 in, 230mm angle grinder is a powerful, low-cost concrete grinder and edger capable of economically completing 200 sq.m. (2,000 sq.ft.) jobs while the five inch dust extraction shroud below will take care of all small areas and into the corners. The steel construction of this equipment and the low capital cost make them an ideal pair as the perfect starter kit.

Rental companies hire general purpose equipment which will not be flexible enough for you to use for a business. The main reason hire/rental is not a good option is that you need to make money and hire/rental equipment very rarely helps you to achieve this outcome because of high costs and inflexibility with diamond tooling.

Hire equipment normally have the wrong diamonds fitted which maximizes their life so it will be economical for the hire company, but those diamond tools will take too long to complete many jobs. You need the flexibility of choice so you can use the most effective tooling for the job.

Floor preparation contractors are expensive for small jobs and they are not always available to do the job when you need it done which is critical. You run a risk of finding this out the painful way if you choose this direction. Sometimes they are just booked out when you want your work done because peak times for you are often peak times for everyone else. They are also very expensive for smaller jobs which means you will miss out on many quotes that have cost you plenty in advertising and time.

The answer is to have your own equipment for small floors up to 200 (2,000 sq.ft) and for the edges while you subcontract out the jobs where large area diamond grinding is required. It is more economical for big floor areas to hire in contractors who have invested in larger equipment. In time you will be financial enough to purchase your own, but in the meantime all you need is a small floor grinder & floor edger plus perhaps a polisher. The five inch concrete grinder with steel Cornerhood above will complete all the small areas like bathrooms, while the Situp Grinder above will grind floors quickly up to 40 sq.m./hr (400 sq.ft./hr) and do the edges of all large floors. With these two tools you can run a very successful concrete grinding business and if you expand just buy another combination of them for a second employee to use before you purchase large equipment.

You will need the Situp Polisher kit plus weights, chair and 180mm variable speed polisher plus some diamond tooling, adhesive for filling in the small holes, lithium hardener and resin pads. There are many processes with floor polishing which are explained at this Guide to DIY concrete polishing, but using a Situp Polisher will vary slightly in the steps and tooling. People want to rip out tiles and polish the concrete in bathrooms and on balconies for a softer, more natural and low maintenance floor finish. Entrance areas are also a perfect spot for polishing.

Many tradesmen such as tilers, vinyl layers, concrete overlay applicators and painters need concrete grinding completed while very few have the equipment which opens up opportunities for new business. When starting a new concrete grinding business you need to make contact with as many of them as possible in your area and explain the advantages. Below is a list of the most common benefits.

Tile grouting relies on adhesion to the floor which can only be achieved by concrete grinding it first. Rework jobs require the old grouting or glue to be removed which is achieved quickly by diamond grinding. It is easier and less costly to grind down the high spots in a floor than to apply thick leveling compounds to build up the low areas and dustless grinding with the above tools is clean so it can be done inside homes, or rooms without causing a mess, or on site without problems for other trades.

Builders There are many applications for concrete grinding to be done on construction sites especially refurbishments. New slabs have to sit level with old concrete which often need grinding to make them level. Spills of paint, plaster, concrete and general grime on floors need to be cleaned up at the end of a job before laying floor finishes or handing over the building to the new occupants.

Coating contractors and overlay applicators There are many of these small businesses who are unable to afford grinding equipment and rely mainly on acid etching. They spend far too long on removing paint and other contaminants that the acid will not affect and they cannot afford to hire a large grinding contractor to do it for them.

First look up all contractors in your area who advertise in directories or papers. Ring them one by one and send them a flyer. Look up every category that may contain the above trades. Next search over the internet for the same trades and ring them too. After that look for places where these people buy their supplies and ask if you can leave some cards on the counter at each of these suppliers. Using photos of every type of job regularly send updates in the form of a flyer or newsletter to each business you have contacted. Direct mail through the post is excellent, email is also effective if you have the right persons email.

You will need to own a very good vacuum dust collector like the one below which is powerful and small with self-cleaning filters that vibrate to remove the concrete dust. The vacuum pictured is made by Starmix and sold under various names such as Metabo, Bosch, Eibenstock, Milwaukee, Ermator and others. Do not choose a vacuum that has less than 35mm (11/2in) diameter hose.

Beware of models that require the use of paper bags because of the expense of these replacement bags. Also avoid vacuums that rely on a felt filter bag to remove the dust because these typically will clog within 5 minutes and take 10 minutes to remove and clean unless they are specifically designed with a self-cleaning function, however these should be avoided if you want to run an efficient concrete grinding business.

Always dispose of concrete dust responsibly according to local laws and safety requirements. One way to do this is to cover the base of the vacuum dust collector with a plastic bag when you empty it to enclose all the dust, or to line your dust collection base with a plastic bag so that you simply close it before emptying.

Every concrete grinding business will require a range of cupwheels to complete most jobs reliably and on time. Concrete varies in hardness according to the mix that was specified originally and you need to have at least one cupwheel for hard concrete and one for softer concrete. See Grinding Hard Concrete for more information. This is applicable to both the 5 edge grinder and the 7 Situp N Grind. Fortunately we now have Tearitoff wheels that take the guesswork out of choosing the right wheel.

This equipment will fit into the luggage area of most family cars so it is not necessary to purchase a separate vehicle. It is all able to be carried by hand in and out of the car, to and from the job, up and down stairs or in lifts. It will operate from domestic power outlets, both the vacuum dust collector and grinder can operate from the same outlet.

Without the Situp kits to attach to your grinders it would not be economical to begin a concrete grinding business or polishing business because of the fatigue associated with kneeling to grind and using your body pressure instead of weights to help the cutting process. Apart from the extra physical effort all your body weight on your hands and knees is dangerous to your health and restricts mobility. Placing your body weight on a mobile chair that moves with very little effort is far better.

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Aspecial form tool just fractured, and much to the dismay of the machine shop supervisor, that was the last special form tool in inventory. Worse yet, the lead time for a replacement is long. If were talking glass half full, this is, at best, a good learning experience to help the shop avoid this scenario in the future.

There is a need for job shops and other part manufacturers to bring CNC tool grinding in-house, and the need is increasing because delivery times for specials are getting longer, according to Eric Schwarzenbach, president of Rollomatic Inc., Mundelein, Illinois. He added that the delays are due to the strong U.S. economy and most tool grinding companies being filled to capacity.

Maybe they are even hesitant to add more equipment because of uncertainties in the economy, Schwarzenbach said about the tool grinding companies. It is a good time for job shops to think about bringing a cutter grinder in-house.

He pointed out, however, that Rollomatic isnt targeting this market segment because the majority of shop applications would involve tool resharpening, and its grinding machines are not built for resharpening. We would never try to promote a Rollomatic machine for resharpening.

But Strausak Inc., a member of the Rollomatic Group, does build grinders for resharpening tools, noted Joe Kane, president of the Mundelein-based company. Strausaks staple model is the U-Grind, which he estimates is used about 40% of the time for regrinding.

The 5-axis CNC tool grinding machine with an integrated six-position wheel changer helps a shop reduce setup time, which is what shops spend the majority of their time performing, Kane said. Because job shops typically operate in a high-mix, low-volume environment, he added that they lose money when a machine tool is not running.

The machine also comes standard with a quick-change collet system, a tool probe and a wheel probe. The thermal stability of the machine allows that first tool to come off right, he added. It is just little things like that that lend itself to being a quick-change job shop machine.

Star Cutter Co. is another grinding machine builder that sells tool and cutter grinders to job shops. Aaron Remsing Jr., product manager for the Farmington Hills, Michigan-based company, said its not necessarily the number of machines a shop has that makes it a good candidate for grinding tools in-house. It is a lot less based on size and more based on tool consumption. If you are spending 50, 60, 70, 80 grand a year in tool reconditioning, you really start to make the justification for bringing it in-house.

Not having to send those tools to a regrinding company is certainly one motivating factor for buying a CNC tool grinder, but many end users see a bigger benefit in being able to improve processes or make changes to standard tools, such as modifying the diameter or a specific geometry, according to Remsing. Having that flexibility of changing a tool or making a custom tool right there on the spot, thats the key for them.

In addition to machine tools, Star Cutter manufactures cutting tools, and Remsing said the company often targets large machine shops for tool grinder sales. If they are going through a high volume of tools, they want to at least have a conversation.

He added that Star is ramping up its focus on the job shop market as lead times for specials increase. Plus, the company expects job shops to account for 10% of Stars tool and cutter grinder sales next year.

Anca already sells about 20% of its CNC tool and cutter grinders to machine shops, said Pat Boland, joint managing director for Anca Australia, Bayswater, Australia. (Anca Inc. is in Wixom, Michigan.) A suitable prospect is based on not only tool consumption but the types of tools being applied.

It seems that screw machine shops where there are a lot of step drills and custom tools being used, which are also expensive tools, tend to justify the purchase relatively easily, he said, whereas a company that is mainly using cutters with inserts is a different kettle of fish.

Any of the companys models are suitable, Boland added, but those targeting the high end of the lineup are looking to perform unattended resharpening. A key feature that enables lights-out production is the use of radio frequency identification tags for each cutting tool and having the machine read the tag, which contains all the necessary regrind information, when the machine is loading a tool.

Controlling tool size is another important automation element. Probably the biggest driver is in-machine measurement, Boland said. At a micron level, we can measure the external features of the tool using a laser measurement system.

Matt Morgan, regional sales manager for Schtte Corp., Jackson, Michigan, concurred that in-machine measurement is important, but the machine tool builder primarily offers a touch probe for its tool and cutter grinder, the WU335 Linear. He emphasized that end users frequently probe tools to ensure that the tools produced during unattended grinding will not experience an unacceptable level of runout when applied. The software can be set up to compensate automatically for tool runout.

He noted that the companys single cutter grinder model can also be configured to produce medical parts. This is a very versatile model. We can do free-form surface grinding for medical knees, for example, Morgan said, adding that it can grind the flutes of cutting tools up to 19" long.

Automations role at job shops, added Strausaks Kane, is not necessarily to satisfy production requirements but to help bridge the skilled labor gap. For instance, a shop might need to grind only 10 tools, but each could have a cycle time of 30 minutes. The payback is there because it allows somebody to go do something else, he said.

Weve had customers tell us they are waiting 12 to 14 weeks, he said. The tools are expensive, so they are only buying what they need. It puts them in a pretty precarious situation when they are on their last one and they might have to wait three months.

According to Rollomatics Schwarzenbach, U-Grind doesnt require all the peripheral equipment often needed to run a tool and cutter grinder, such as one from Rollomatic. Because the Strausak grinding machine can probe and dress wheels inside themachine, it doesnt need a stand-alone wheel presetting station and an external wheel dressing machine. Not only do those external pieces of equipment cost money, they consume valuable floor space.

Star Cutters NXT grinder can produce a tool up to 10" in diameter and 16" long in a machine that is roughly 7.5'7.5', he added. We did as much as we could possibly do to have a small footprint with a very large grind zone.

Although the Schtte machine has a footprint of about 6'6', Morgan noted that it does require a coolant system with a chiller, which is a bit larger than the machine. With the linear motors, there is no ballscrew involved, so the motors are creating heat and we have to keep them cool.

Regrinding tools in-house can also significantly reduce tool costs by increasing the number of regrinds. Ancas Boland explained that because the cost of internal grinding is low, a shop that reduces the amount of time a cutter is used before regrinding it enables the shop to regrind the cutter many more times than when outsourcing the task.

Another option that Boland has witnessed at a few companies involves contracting a regrinding company to operate a regrinding service in their plants. They get the advantages of quick turnaround and dedicated service, but they dont have the requirements of managing the operation, training or finding skilled operators and so on.

Numerous machine shops have employed manual machines when reconditioning tools. However, as more and more skilled manual tool grinders retire, machine shops are finding that it is impossible to replace them, according to Ancas Pat Boland. As a result, those shops look at buying a CNC replacement.

Although someone at a shop must program a CNC grinder, the software is getting easier and easier to use, said Matt Morgan at Schtte Corp. Initially, when they first get their machine tool, there is quite a bit of training and support after the sale, but after a short time they can pretty much stand on their own.

A shop probably doesnt have a cutting tool engineer on staff, but it must have somebody who understands tool prints and geometries, such as a manufacturing engineer or machinist, Remsing said. Therefore, its just a matter of cross-training people to run a CNC tool grinder.

In addition to producing tools more consistently and accurately than manual grinding, a CNC grinder makes higher quality tools. This result is because manual grinding is done dry while coolant is applied during CNC grinding, said Rollomatic Inc.s Eric Schwarzenbach. Without adequate coolant, a grinding wheel can impart a poor surface finish or destroy a carbide tool, he added. Carbide can also burn, but often the material is more prone to chipping and the cutting edge is more saw-toothed than a good edge.

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Industrial Area- A, Ludhiana Plot No. 334, Industrial Area A, Near Cheema Chowk Adjoining Janakpuri Crossing, Link Road, Opposite Guru Angad Park, Industrial Area- A, Ludhiana - 141003, Dist. Ludhiana, Punjab

precision metal grinding & lapping services

Metal Cutting is known for our high-precision grinding and lapping services, which allow us to achieve sub-micron level tolerances and surface finishes unmatched by our competitors. Our ability to provide these services extends to tubes and wire with diameters almost too small to see.

Metal grinding has been one of our core competencies for 50 years, and today we offer an extensive range of CNC centerless, plunge, surface, profile, and double disk precision grinding services. We hold extraordinary tolerances, generate specific surface finishes, and create highly customized end features. And we pride ourselves on our ability to grind complex shapes in difficult-to-machine metals.

Surface grinding is an important capability that allows us to produce a unique range of products, achieving micron level tolerances and surface finishes down to Ra 8 microinch. Our combination of equipment, knowledge, and experience has made Metal Cutting a leader in the delivery of precision surface grinding services for the most demanding customer needs.

For small diameter metal parts, our highly efficient double disk grinding services are unmatched in their ability to produce high volumes of components to micron tolerances. Our vertical double disk grinders not only hold extraordinary dimensional tolerances, but also produce the surface finishes, end features, parallelism, and flatness designed to meet a variety of manufacturing needs.

Our combination of plunge, surface, and CNC profile grinding can efficiently produce complex multi-axis geometries on difficult-to-machine metals with surface finishes unavailable from machining centers. Complex profiles, forms, multiple tapers, narrow slots, all angles, and pointed metal parts are all produced with speed and accuracy.

We have two types of through-feed centerless grinders. One design has an open architecture that allows for high throughput speeds and fast change-overs; the other is customized to hold extraordinary sub-micron diameter tolerances. Our micron level tolerance surface grinders have rapid and creep capabilities; using our specialized attachments, the equipment is capable of end feature profiles up to and including a full spherical end radius. With vertical double disk grinders, we are able to grind high volumes of small metal parts to micron tolerances.

When you require highly polished part ends, extremely tight length tolerances, and extraordinary flatness unavailable by any other production method, we employ our unique in-house lapping machines. We can process both tubes and solids using our experienced lapping, fine grinding, and flat honing capabilities, allowing us to meet your precision tolerance and surface finish requirements. Additionally, our flexible production capacity enables us to meet both large and small volume needs for precision small metal parts.

For precision lapping of tubes and solids, we have the skills, experience, and know-how to deliver the tightest length tolerances, the smoothest end finishes, and unmatched flatness and parallelism for your metal parts needs. Our extensive inventory of equipment enables us to perform flat lapping, honing, and polishing of all metals, meeting the tight tolerance and surface finish requirements of a wide range of applications.

Whether you have a large or small requirement for highly polished part ends, extremely tight length tolerances or extraordinary flatness, our lapping services can meet your requirements with large lapping, fine grinding and flat honing capabilities. Our capacity may be large, but our specialty is the stress-free high precision grinding of small metal parts.

We have three types of lapping equipment, each of which offers specialized performance and easy set-up for small batch, fast turnaround. Our double disk grinders have huge throughput capacity and can handle your largest volumes. Solid parts or tubes, including thin wall tubes, can all be precision processed free of heat-affected zones and with significant surface finish improvements.

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Classic American Iron by Blanchard. For over a century, Blanchard Grinders have been synonymous with precision, quality, and holding tight tolerances. You can learn more about the history of Blanchard by clicking here. Our new Blanchard Surface Grinders are manufactured in our Rockford, Illinois plant by our highly experienced team of machine tool builders.

Numerous improvements have been made to the original design of the machine since our acquisition of Blancahrd in 2004. Check out this video to learn more about the improvements we have made to our flagship machine, the 22AD-42. Each machine comes with a one (1) year standard warranty. New Blanchard Grinders are built right here in America, just as they should be.

The Blanchard 54HD-100 Surface Grinder is designed for grinding large parts to extremely close tolerances. The 54HD-100 has a 54 diameter grinding wheel and 100 diameter magnetic chuck, with the ability to swing 126".

The Blanchard 72HD-120 Surface Grinder is designed for grinding large parts to extremely close tolerances. The 72HD-120 has a 72 diameter grinding wheel and 120 diameter magnetic chuck, with the ability to swing 144".

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Concrete is sturdy, and to grind, polish, or finish a concrete floor, and youll have to get yourself the best concrete grinder on the market. However, deciding on the one that best suits your needs may not be as easy as it sounds since there are tons of options. If youre not sure what features make a reliable concrete grinder, you can check out the buying guide at the end of the article. And if you want a comparison between the best options available, check them out below.

As for heat extraction, this grinder does an incredible job. It features a dedicated dust-control system that consists of a surface guard attached to a vacuum adapter. The latter is connected to a dust-control shroud that absorbs all dust and debris from your work environment.

The Bosch 1773AK concrete grinder is great for polishing and texturing surfaces, as well as removing coats and shallow, hardened grits. You can also use it for grating and smoothing hard surfaces like concrete, marble, and granite.

This is quite versatile, but not as versatile as the Bosch CSG15 concrete grinder that enables you to use both the 11-diamond segments grinding disc and the turbo-continuous rim disc as the Bosch 1773AK concrete grinderworks best with the former.

The Bosch 1773AK concrete grinder is a top-notch, hand-held, single-disc concrete floor grinding kit that comes with a 5-inch diamond grinding wheel with an ability to grind concrete, polish surfaces, and prepare them.

If youre searching for the best walk-behind concrete floor grinder, look no further than the MK Diamond.The diamond cup wheels are powered by a robust 15-amp motor that delivers 3500 RPM from its 5-inch diamond wheel.

The MK Diamond 166859 MK-SDG-7 concrete grinder stands out on this list because its the only walk-behind style concrete grinder on it. With a very powerful motor, this unit is capable of grinding and polishing practically any material.

Its no surprise that the Bosch CSG15 concrete grinder is a powerful unit as it features a robust 12.5-amp motor that can spin its wheel at a speed of 9,300 RPM. While the speed is lower than that of the 1773AK, this unit is more powerful.

Measuring 19.75 x 14.75 x 10.75 inches and weighing about 23 pounds, the Bosch CSG15 concrete grinder is not the most compact or lightweight. But its still good enough when it comes to accessing places that are harder to reach.

Combining ample performance with quality, the Bosch CSG15 concrete grinder is a great 5-inch small concrete grinder. It features a sealed motor casing and an efficient dust-guard system that contribute to its reliable performance.

While the Metabo US606467800 concrete grinder is quite powerful, capable, and comes with a set of ergonomic features, its a little pricier than our top pick the DeWalt DWE46153- which has superior performance.

While the Makita VC4710X1 isnt the best option out there, its still a good one for someone that wants a very clear workspace as the included vacuum works on getting rid of all the dust and debris of grinding.

Smaller, hand-held grinders usually have lower depth when compared to bigger, walk-behind industrial grinders. The latter also utilizes multiple discs simultaneously, so they have a superior grinding depth.

However, if youre going to work on a smaller task, a hand-held grinder will be the better option. Theyre lightweight, compact, easy to store and transport from one place to another. Moreover, they enable you to reach tougher places.

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CNC OD Grindersallow us to offer customers the quality needed on even the most difficult center-type grinding projects. We have both straight approach and angle head CNC capabilities, and all our CNC equipment is supported by in-process gauging for added accuracy. Capacities from .090" to 12" diameter and up to 40" long.

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Tire Block Crushing Line can make 5-40mesh(0.85-4mm) rubber powder and also can screen out some 40-120mesh(0.12-0.85mm) superfine rubber powder, if you want to want to get much more 40-120mesh(0.12-0.85mm) superfine rubber powder in future, you need rubber grinding machine to grind 5-40mesh(0.85-4mm) rubber crumb to 40-120mesh(0.12-0.85mm) superfine rubber powder, JYZM Series Rubber Grinding Machine is the right machine to do this job.

It consists of two parts, one part is JYZM-22 Superfine rubber powder grinder groups used to grind rubber crumb, the other part is JYLX-300 Centrifugal Screen used to screen out qualified superfine rubber powder, unqualified rubber crumb return to be grind again till be qualified, hereunder we instruct the both parts separately.

The JYZM-22 Superfine Rubber Powder Grinder Group normally consists of two sets or three sets of JYZM-22 Superfine Rubber Powder Grinders, blower, whirlwind collecting mechanism, water cooling mechanism, driving system, and electrical control system. Each Grinder consists of the frame, main motor for grinding, stepless variable speed motor for feeding material, speed reducing mechanism and a pair of grinding discs (a moving grinding disc and a static grinding disc).

Through the relative motion of two grinding discs, shearing and grinding material to achieve getting superfine powder purpose, using water cooling to control the grinding temperature effectively, ensure the output superfine rubber powder quality, feeding mechanism adopts stepless variable speed, the feeding speed can be adjusted according to different materials, so that to get the most ideal products and quality, through whirlwind collecting mechanism collect the finished superfine powder, the whole process without any dust fly.

Feed rubber crumb to the material hopper, the feeding screw will push the material forward and through the middle hole and the channel of the fixed grinder to the gap between the fixed grinding disc and rotation grinding disc, so that be grinded by two discs relative motion, the grinded material will be collected by whirlwind collecting machine and feed to the centrifugal screen, though the screen net rotation to form centrifugal force push qualified superfine rubber powder pass the screen holes and collected by another whirlwind collecting machine and feed to bag. The unqualified material will go out, so that to be feed to grinder to be grinded again.

Are you clear about the difference between 3-grinder type rubber grinding machine and 2-grinder type rubber grinding machine and 1-grind typerubber grinding machine? The following text and photos will be for helping you understand the difference.

Following photo showing a 3-Grinder type superfine rubber powder grinding line(Rubber Grinding Machine), which include 3 JYZM-22 superfine rubber powder grinders(each power is 22.75Kw), one 5.5Kw whirlwind collecting machine, one centrifugal screen(7.5Kw) and one 3kw whirlwind collecting machine.

Following photo showing a 2-Grinder type superfine rubber powder grinding line(Rubber Grinding Machine), which include 3 JYZM-22 superfine rubber powder grinders(each power is 22.75Kw), one 5.5Kw whirlwind collecting machine, one centrifugal screen(7.5Kw) and one 3kw whirlwind collecting machine.

Following photo showing a 1-Grinder type superfine rubber powder grinding line(Rubber Grinding Machine), which include 3 JYZM-22 superfine rubber powder grinders(each power is 22.75Kw), one 5.5Kw whirlwind collecting machine, one centrifugal screen(7.5Kw) and one 3kw whirlwind collecting machine.

Seeing is believing, following photo showing a corner of the rubber grinding plant of our customer, who bought a lot of our 3-Grinder type superfine rubber powder grinding lines (rubber grinding machine) from us since 1996, in 2007, we take our foreign customer to visit this factory and take this photo, that means the rubber grinding machines in following photo had worked more than 10 years.

Professional Cast high quality products, we are professional Rubber Grinding Machine Manufacturer, following photo showing the casting parts stock in open air, we cast these part ahead of time and lay them in open air for 12 months to eliminating of inside stress by natural aging, it is the best way to eliminate inside stress, this way can ensure the precise of the finished machine, and prolong the machine using life.

Meticulous Attitude Make Perfect Machine, following photo showing our Rubber Grinding Disc workshop, the grinding disc manufacturing process include cutting, milling, welding, drilling and grinding, etc.

Dont let cheap to be your motives, following photo showing finished rubber grinding disc(rubber grinder mill), which are the main part of grinding rubber crumb to superfine rubber powder, the disc with a middle hole is the fixed disc, the other one is rotation disc, the crumb rubber will be feed by a screw feeder through the fixed disc middle hole and divergent groove to be grinded by two grinding discs relative motions, both fixed and rotation disc inlaid a lot of Tungsten Alloy, the alloy cost price is about US$100/kg.

Experience is the best teacher and designer, following photo showing backing of both fixed disc and rotation disc, the small holes are for screw bolt use, the middle holes are for water cooling use, the big hole is for material feeding.

Safety is the first, following Photo Showing Electrical Control Panel Front View for one 3-Grinder type rubber grinding machine, it control the rubber grinding machines work effectively, safety and smoothly, it include one voltmeter, 3 ammeters, start buttons and stop buttons for 3 grinders, 3 feeding screws, 1 whirlwind collecting machine(another whirlwind collecting machines and 1 cooling water pump.

Following photo showing the inside of the electrical control panel, from it you can see that our electrical control panel wiring is very neat, and each cable with marked numbers on both end, very convenient for users to use and check them following electrical circuit diagram.

User experience is more important than machine cost, following photo showing our centrifugal screen of our rubber grinding machine, it has transparent glass fiber reinforced plastic window, ensuring the rubber screening process is closed and visible.

Some customers bought other companys rubber grinding machines, but can not make benefit at all, then turn to us bought little rubber grinding machines at the beginning, then they found our machines quality is very good and can make a lot of money for them, so that they buy our rubber grinding machines in bulk after confirming the quality of our machines is indeed high. Following Photo showing a 40ft container full of rubber grinding machines before shipping to our customers.

Facts speak louder than words, different customer want different machine color, we will paint the machine color according to buyers color chip. And Due to the machines is relatively large, we will dismantle them and load into container like following photo, the buyer can install them easily following the instruction manual.

We will provide good after-sale service and high quality spare parts at cost prices, following photo showing we packed a lot of rubber grinding machine discs in a steel case before ship to our customer, due to have a lot of rubber grinding machines and business is booming, use out a lot of grinding discs, so that they also buy spare rubber grinding machine discs from us in bulk.

If you have any question or commentabout our rubber grinding machine(superfine rubber powder grinding line) please feel free to contact us or leave your comment below. Every point of your idea will be valued by us.

We are one of the leading supplier of tire recycling machine, tire recycling plant, and recycled tire products further processing machines, such as rubber tile making machine,reclaimed rubber production machine,recycled tire powder tire machine,rubber powder porous pipe making machine,tire fiber nylon granule machine, recycled tire bead steel shot machine, etc.

Welcome visit us to see Used Tire Recycling, Include Tire Recycling Machine and Recycled Tire Product Further Processing Machines, JINGYUAN GROUP CO., LIMITED hope to establish mutual-benefit win-win relationship with you, creating our beautiful future together, hand in hand!

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