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At Schaffner Machine Company we provide precision grinding solutions. From a simple "clean-up" grind to improve the finish, to holding demanding diameter tolerances, we can meet your centerless grinding specifications at a competitive price.

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We are specialized in Centerless Grinding Services and offer solutions for your grinding needs. DEK aims to provide superior centerless grinding that you can rely on. We guarantee the peak performance of your parts for years to come.

DEK offers you the maximum advantages of centerless grinding for your round or cylindrical parts. We satisfy our customers through our high-quality and effective grinding services. Our advanced technologies and state-of-the-art centerless grinders are an ideal solution to get top performance parts with exceptional surface finishing.

To DEK, centerless grinding is an art. Our staff is consisting of top-tier engineers that assist you at every stage of the centerless grinding process. DEK handles your high-volume production needs with ultra-modern equipment and can process your orders within 2-3 days at most.

DEKs state-of-the-art centerless grinders are capable of processing high-quality industrial-grade materials with ease and can achieve the results that you endorse. Below are some of the most common materials available for centerless grinding.

Aluminum is one of the best options for centerless grinding. It has some of the exceptional natural properties that are admired by customers worldwide. Grinding and surface finishing aluminum can give you better quality, safety, and productivity. Aluminum has the ability to minimize centerless grinding downtimes and overall costs, as well as also offer your parts consistent and smooth performance.

DEK prefers brass because of its ability to form into various complex shapes easily. Moreover, its a good conductor of heat and offers great resistance against corrosion. The interesting thing about brass is that it requires great care during centerless grinding, and attention to detail is the key to machine it. DEK does a much better job of balancing the environment and produce exceptional brass parts.

In general, bronze is an alloy consist of copper and tin (12-12.5%). Moreover, based on your specific requirements, bronze also can contain aluminum, manganese, nickel, or zinc. You can achieve different properties using bronze, and this metal also gives you the freedom to customize your parts.

At DEK, copper is a solid option to produce market grade cylindrical parts. Its very easy to work with copper because it is cost-effective and highly machinable. DEK prefers working with copper to improve the parts elasticity, flexibility, hardness, color, and resistance to corrosion.

DEK is committed to providing industrial-grade high standard high-temperature alloys for centerless grinding. These alloys are effective against extremely high temperatures and can even handle 1000-degree C of temperature without losing the performance. There are different ways DEK selects the right high-temperature alloys for you based on your requirements and use.

Nickel alloys are highly customizable and high-quality materials for centerless grinding. These alloys are also known as controlled-expansion alloys, which contain a minimum of 29% nickel. Iron, copper, chromium, titanium is mostly used in nickel alloys to enhance the material properties of cylindrical parts.

Stainless steel metal for centerless grinding contains a variety of basic chemical elements that, when fused together, create a robust and powerful alloy. DEK choose stainless steel because it gives the parts high performance and a great surface finish. We also believe that cleanliness is a matter of high importance, and stainless steel can give you exactly what you want for your cylindrical parts.

At DEK, we prefer titanium because of its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio with excellent thermal and electrical resistance. You can have lightweight parts with better performance by using titanium as a centerless grinding material. Titanium is attractive and used for critical applications that prioritize precision.

Increased production along with holding the tighter tolerances will be a great return on your investment. DEK makes sure that you get cost-effective parts through its fully optimized centerless grinding services. High performance and longer life-span of your parts are well worth the money you will spend.

DEK's state-of-the-art 40+ centerless grinders with a highly educated staff of engineers are guarantee rapid, high-volume production with supersonic speed. We are able to give you quality results within 2-3 days and able to process your complete order in 1-2 weeks. Our advanced technology with the latest research reduces the defect rate per production cycle and increase reliability and efficiency.

DEK makes sure that its centerless grinding services are the simplest way to reduce part fabrication costs by cutting down material, energy, and resource costs. We believe that cost-effectiveness is as important as part quality and performance. Hence, we achieve this by tweaking part designs and effectively utilizing all the resources, and optimizing our centerless grinding processes. DEK invests in the latest machinery and advanced centerless grinding technologies to cut down material waste and energy losses, saving up to 20% of overall cost and increasing your part performance and quality.

DEK's ability to organize and plan the complete centerless grinding processes in regards to the dynamic quality perspective of parts is a guaranteed consistent part quality with exceptional performance. We define, manage, focus, and control the quality at each and every step of centerless grinding to achieve what we are committed to. At DEK, our overall success and experience are some of the key factors behind our ability to achieve consistency in quality.

DEK is a one-stop solution for your every centerless grinding needs. We have up to three types of centerless grinding methods, including through-feed, in-feed, and end-feed. Moreover, our ability to offer complete customization of your parts gives you the freedom you deserve to receive the parts that you desired. DEK's ultra-precision centerless grinding capabilities are a guarantee of rapid and high-level part fabrication. From your cylindrical part design planning to detailed inspection and shipment, DEK does everything involves in your part's manufacturing so you can be worry-free.

DEK's centerless grinding is exceptional and allows your parts to be held to tighter dimensional tolerances. This is also a potential reason behind its smoother surface finishes on your parts. DEK's greater frequency of quality and detailed inspections with more specialized equipment is a guaranteed up to +/-0.001mm dimensional tolerance of your parts. Moreover, a lower scape rate and eliminating the waste of raw material means lower costs for achieving higher precision levels.

DEK makes sure that you have tighter control over the centerless grinding processes, which allowing you to ensure that all your parts fit the standards and your specifications. With DEK, if a problem will rise or something require change, you will be able to catch it and correct it more quickly, which saves you both valuable time and money. You will be more confident while working with us because we follow higher safety and quality standards. Chinese manufacturing allows you to enforce greater safety practices, and China also has the highest level of safety and quality regulations.

DEK's optimized centerless grinding doesn't only save you a greater chunk of money but also is energy-efficient. By cutting down the material, energy, and other valuable resources waste during the fabrication of your cylindrical parts is our primary way to make the environment pollution-free. Most of our clients are concerned about the safety of the environment and conduct ethically sound and environmentally friendly business practices.

Our centerless grinding capabilities meet growing demands for precision and high-performance cylindrical parts with a great surface finish. DEK is capable of meeting the standard dimensional tolerances of 0.001mm with ease. We implement solutions to eliminate or fix potentially compromise situations and encourage you to explore our extensive list of centerless grinding services.

Furthermore, manufacturers believe that achieving tighter tolerances, adopting the latest technology, improving machines, and cutting superalloy challenges down to size can help get high-performance and exceptional parts in quality.

On-demand manufacturing is also known as cloud manufacturing because it makes international clients gain support for the production of cylindrical devices through centerless grinding services from a single source.

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Circle T Centerless has been serving our customers for the last 20 years backed by over 60 years of industry experience. Our family has been in the precision grinding business since the 1940's. Each generation has built their own businesses with their own ideas while sharing the same foundation of quality and service.

American Drilling & Grinding established in the 1940's is still in business as American Drilling. Missile grinding is still actively operating. And Circle T Centerless has continued the legacy by serving the aerospace industry for the past 20 years.

We own the finest equipment and use the latest abrasives and grinding techniques. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest level of quality and on time delivery that today's manufacturers demand.

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Since 1966, Asteroid Precision has been serving the precision grinding industry with its elite centerless grinding capabilities. We have become a recognized and respected name in the precision grinding space due to our use of cutting-edge technology and consistently excellent results for our clients.

We have established ourselves as specialists in aerospace, defense, medical, hydraulics, and automotive industries by building relationships with our clients and producing reliable results that are up to their exacting standards.

With over 50 years of experience producing consistent and reliable components for our clients, we have the experience to enhance your components. Our machinists undergo consistent training to ensure they stay ahead of the curve on the industrys best practices.

At Asteroid Precision, we never settle into our ways, and we are always improving the quality of our work. This dedication to ongoing excellence and achievement is what has earned us our reputation as a global leader in precision grinding.

Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to provide the highest level of centerless grinding for our clients. By maintaining an inventory of the most precise and technologically advanced machines on the market, we continue to be industry leaders in the precision grinding space.

In addition to relying on cutting-edge technology like the machines above, we also make use of the highest quality machine components, grinding wheels, lubricants, and coolants on the market to produce the best results from each and every grind

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Best of luck to Bernard Foley, Managing Director, Impact Ireland (Metals) Ltd., who will be introducing the Impact Ireland (Metals) NI Crossle at this weekends Roadsports Championship in Kirkistown. We will be keeping everyone up to date on Bernard and this years motor racing. It is great to see the racing back on the track. []

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With our centerless grinding services, EMC Precision delivers accuracy that exceeds conventional machining capabilities. Our facility houses state-of-the-art grinding equipment with robotic loading/unloading and CNC dresser heads to ensure consistent high quality while lowering production costs. We generate top value parts with tolerances of 2.5 micron (0.00005), and we have an extensive lineup of high-caliber metrology tools for dimensional measurement and inspection of surface quality, concentricity, roundness, etc. Our experienced production staff pays attention to every detail to produce consistently reliable results on projects of any size or complexity.

Our through feed and profile centerless grinding capabilities enable us to take on the most challenging requirements for size, surface quality, concentricity, etc. We monitor and control every facet of the process, such as dressing method, feed rate, wheel force, and rotational speed, to ensure accuracy. Automated loading and unloading enable us to continuously process large volumes of parts with a very high rate of productivity. Metals we work with include stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum, copper, and carbon steel, among others. In addition to centerless grinding, we also offer CNC honing of inner diameters to exacting tolerances and surface finishes.

We operate a full metrology lab and have an extensive amount of tools and technologies for quality analytics. Along with standard metrology tools for quality control inspection, we utilize CMMs, profilometers, air gauges, and roundness testers that perform at extreme levels of accuracy. Our centerless grinding services are certified to ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 standards, and we handle orders from low to high volume.