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I've wanting a Sumeet Multi-Grind from India for years. Apparently, they're great and both wet and dry grinding for curry pastes, etc. I've had one on order from the North American distributor since Feb. 06, but they're always "out of stock."

What would be the best replacement for one of these? Something that I can get in the US? I've seen references to various ones -- Rival, Ultra Pride, Excel -- but nothing about how they stack up against the Sumeet.

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the 8 best spice grinders of 2021

Whether you're looking to blend up your favorite whole spices, or wish to create a custom marinade, spice grinders are a fun and easy tool that will take your dishes to the next level. A cousin to the trusty food processor, choose any spice of your choosing, from whole spice leaves to coffee beans, and watch it transform into a ground spice blend before your eyes.

The options for this handy tool are endless, and you can choose how finely you wish to grind your favorite spices. From electric grinders to manual models, we've researched the best spice grinders for your needs.

There are several great spice grinders out there, but the Secura Electric Coffee and Spice Grinder earned the best overall spot for a few reasons. One of the biggest is that it has two separate milling bowls, one thats designed for chopping and the other thats made for grinding.

Aside from the fact that having two bowls helps prevent melding of flavors while grinding, the different blade systems ensure that youre getting the right grind for whatever spice or ingredient youre using. The bowls also have measurement markings on the inside so you can easily add what you need without using separate measuring spoons (unless you want to).

The Secura also brings power in a compact, counter-friendly size. The 200-watt motor can easily handle most spices as well as larger items like nuts or coffee beans, while the built-in overheat protection extends its lifespan so you can keep it around for a while.

If you need a spice grinder that can handle larger quantities of spices for batch cooking or meal prepping, the Cuisinart Spice and Nut Grinder is one of the largest and most powerful options out there. It has a 90 gram (or just over 3 ounce) bowl size and a 200-watt motor that was designed to tackle bigger spice-grinding jobs.

Probably unsurprisingly, KitchenAid, one of the leaders in kitchen gadgets, earned the spot of best multipurpose spice grinder with its dual coffee and spice grinder. Unlike other grinders, which require thorough cleaning between different spicesor when you switch from coffee grinding to spice grindingthe KitchenAid comes with three separate stainless steel grinding bowls.

These bowls allow you to quickly grind three different spices at a time without the transfer of flavor that inevitability happens when youre using the same bowl for the entire job. There are also two storage lids, so if you grind more than you need, you can pop a lid on two of the bowls and save it in your pantry for later.

Although there arent any programmed settings that allow you to control grind size, the grinder comes with a clear lid that allows you to see what youre doing so you can stop grinding when your spices reach the desired fineness.

Unlike other grinders, which can be obnoxiously loud, the Krups Silent Vortex Electric Grinder was designed with quiet in mind. If youre an early morning cook or you need something that gets the job done during a childs afternoon nap, the Krups is probably the best choice for you.

It comes equipped with patent-pending Vortex Spin Technology that helps pull ingredients into its blades for grinding thats as quiet as it is efficient. It has a one-touch push button that you can hold down for continuous grinding or tap to pulse grind.

The stainless steel grinding bowl is removable and comes with a storage lid, so if you need to store spices, you can pop the lid on and put it right into your pantry. However, unlike the KitchenAid, the Krups only comes with one grinding bowl, so you wont be able to grind new spices while youre storing any.

The Shardor Coffee and Spice Grinder was expertly designed to be the perfect cooking multi-tasking tool. It comes with two stainless steel bowls. The first is a two-blade grinder bowl that handles dry items, like spices and coffee beans. The other is a four-blade chopper bowl that can wet-grind garlic and herbs like basil, eliminating the need for manual mincing as you cook.

This also makes the Shardor an excellent choice for anyone with problems with manual dexterity, especially since, instead of pressing down on an on/off button, you can activate the motor by pushing down on the entire lid instead.

If youre looking for a budget-friendly way to freshly grind spices, the Brentwood Coffee and Spice Grinder gets the job done at a great price. While most electric spice grinders cost around $40 to $50, you can get the Brentwood grinder for under $20.

The 150-watt motor is slightly less powerful than some of the others on this list, but it easily can give you a medium-fine to coarse grind. It may have a little trouble pulling off a super fine grind, but thats generally not necessary for most cooking needs anyway.

If you dont need the power of an electric grinder, but you still want an easy and effective way to add some freshly ground spices to your dishes, the Kuhn Rikon Ratchet Grinder is one of the most user-friendly manual spice grinders on the market.

It has a door on the front of its body that you can open and use to easily fill the spice chamber with one dried spice or a combination to create your own spice blend. Unlike other manual spice grinders that require you to turn the handle in a full circle, the Kuhn has an ergonomic ratchet handle that you toggle back and forth to grind.

And its made of ceramic stone so, even after frequent use, it wont break down and corrode. Out of all the best spice grinders on the list, the Kuhn may also be the easiest option to clean. Instead of washing or putting it through the dishwasher, all you have to do is add some coarse salt to the chamber and grind it to clean the blades.

If you need a spice grinder mainly for salt and pepper, the Epare Dual Manual Mill can handle both at the same time. Its dual design combines two separate chambers in a sleek space-saving device that has separate milling blades on each end. Dials on the end of each blade cap allow you to independently control the fineness and coarseness of each spice.

And even though the design is sleek, each chamber, which can handle even the toughest spices like rock salt and whole peppercorns, is large enough to fit a full cup of spices. The chambers are also clear, so you can easily see when youre running low and need to refill.

If you need a spice grinder that can do it all, the Secura Electric Coffee and Spice Grinder has two grinding bowls that can manage all of your kitchen tasks. If you need a bulk-grinding option, you might want to go with the Cuisinart Spice and Nut Grinder, which has a larger capacity, instead.

Lindsay Boyers is a certified holistic nutritionist with extensive nutrition knowledge and cooking experience. Shes developed over 1,000 original recipes and is constantly on a mission to find the best kitchen gadgets, at the best prices, to help make life in the kitchen more streamlined and efficient.

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Beep alert at the end of set time.Minimum of 700 g and maximum of 11 LBSThe grinder will auto-shut off at 135 C motor coil temperature and will auto-resume.Once motor coil cools down to 100 C and hence ensures motor safety.Chocolate MelangerCocoa Nib Grinder Cocoa Butter Grinder Chocolate Conching MachineChocolate Refining Machine Chocolate Tempering Machine Black hard Granite StoneTension Adjustment 80 hours long running capacityHeavy duty Over heat protection SS 304 Stainless steel drumEasy Detachable Drum and Stones Drums serves as Storage vessel100 + machine In stock Same Day Dispatch 1 Year International WarrantyClick here for User Manual

Chocogrind is designed with high heat resistant class H insulation in the motor for continuous running up to 80 hours. It also has a timer that can be preset up to 99 hours. Grinding fineness is achieved even faster with the patented conical stones. The auto-motor shut off feature ensures Motor safety too.

Tension of the granite stonescan be adjusted to obtain different grades of shear at different stages of grinding and for different ingredients.Double granite roller stonesthat rotate over a granite base. This creates tremendous shear that reduces the cocoa nibs to fine chocolate liquor with a particle size of the order of less than 15 microns.

Thisamazing stone melangeris the perfect companion to your endeavors. We have made several key enhancements to the traditional domestic stone grinder make this perfect forChocolate, nut butters, Mexican masa, cosmeticsand other food processing. The elegant design and sturdy construction assure long and satisfying usage and comes in a rich silky maroon color.

The cocoa nibs are ground with stone rollers until they become a paste known as cocoa mass or cocoa liquor. This pure, unrefined form of chocolate contains both cocoa solids (the chocolate part!) and cocoa butter (the natural fat present in the bean).Cocoa butter can be extracted from the cocoa mass with a hydraulic press.

2) Can I grind rice & dal in Chocogrind?Yes, but we recommend that you buy an additional drum and stone assembly to avoid taste and flavor of one to affect the other when ground using the same drum & stone assembly. Please note that the timer function will not be useful for batter grinding as the minimum timer setting is more than batter grinding time.