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Super Asia SD-555 S Super Spin Dryer Machine is a Strong motor that promises to ensure high durability and efficiency to take heavy load. Just put your clothes into the machine and let it do its magic.

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Warranty for Super Asia Appliances This is your personal warranty from Super Asia MDS Ltd. and cannot be transferred to any other. It is claim able only for actual buyer subject to purchase of product from the Authorized Dealer.Motor Warranty: Motor Warranty is valid from the production date onwards Motor Warranty of Automatic Washing Machine is valid for 10 years Warranty for Double tub and Single tub Washing Machine Motor is valid for 5 years Warranty of Spin Dryer Motor is valid for 18 months In case of any technical issue in motor of Automatic Washing Machine/Washing Machine/Spin Dryer, the motor shall be replaced with a new or used motor (this facility is valid for one time only)Parts warranty and claims : In case of any technical issue within 18 months of production date, free of cost repairing shall be done with new or used parts (this facility is valid for one time only)Warranty Details: Warranty card should be filled correctly & properly. Dealer stamp and signature are necessary. Incomplete, cancelled or altered warranty card shall not be considered valid. Warranty and claims shall be considered void, if the product is repaired from a workshop other than Super Asia Customer Care Center or Contract Workshop. In case of fluctuations, low quality wiring and generator supply, short circuit, overload, carelessness, natural disaster, accident and product replacement, warranty shall also be considered ineffective. In case of inappropriate use of product and violation of manual book, warranty shall stand ineffective. In case of damage due to rats, warranty shall be considered void. Delivery & visit charges shall be borne by the customer. (There will be no visit charges within 6 months from the date of purchase) In case of products with compressors, the customer shall bear gas refill charges after 1 month of purchase. Warranty is not applicable to remote control unit, plastic, rubber equipment and knob switches. In case of use on trading basis, warranty shall stand ineffective.Warranty Terms & Conditions In case of any dispute, legal proceedings shall be held in courts under the jurisdiction of Gujranwala The company shall not be responsible for any physical/financial loss due to product usage Part of old model products or repairing shall be subjected to availability of stock