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This is an automatic Tablet De-Duster which can be incorporated into an existing line with any of our tablet presses very easily. The unit releases compressed air whilst a vacuum extracts any loose dust. Simultaneously the tablets are moved round a 5-layer agitating plate, which loosens any lasting dust. The unit can be fully detached for thorough cleaning. It is an essential item in large-scale tablet production.

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The UHDD-200 tablet de-duster removes excess powder from tablets after pressing. A good quality tablet de-dusting solution is key part of equipment for any production line where substantial numbers of tablets are being produced. The UHDD-200 was specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with almost any rotary tablet press. Once the de-dusted the tablets exit via a shoot at the top, meaning the machine easily fits in to an existing production lines.

By using compressed air and a carefully engineered agitation mechanism, the UHDD-200 Tablet De-duster loosens dust from the tablets surface as they pass through the machine, while keeping the tablets intact and undamaged.

Offering extremely broad compatibility and very high levels of effectiveness, the UHDD-200 Tablet De-Duster can process half a million tablets an hour. Featuring an efficient agitation mechanism that removes powder without harming the tablet surface, this GMP compliant design combines reliability, easy maintenance and simple cleaning. Its adjustable speed makes it suitable for use with a wide variety of tablets and other materials.

A tablet de-duster is a necessity in any large scale production line. Simply set it up so that the tablets from your tablet press dispense into the top of the de-duster, and you get perfectly clean, dust-free tablets pouring out of the bottom of the machine at an impressive rate.

A very simple machine to set up and operate, the UHDD-200 Tablet De-Duster integrates easily into a tablet production line with any of our tablet presses and does a superb job of cleaning off dust residues, leaving pristine tablets that move through your production facility much more easily.

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Salient Features of Tablet De Duster: cGMP model. Noiseless & maintenance free unit. All contact parts can be easily washed and / or sterilised. Electric power requirement less than other machines of the kind. No lubrication required. Tablet conveying route is so geometrically designed that tablet burrs can break easily. Telescopic design for height adjustment. Suitable for online application for all types of tablet press machine Technical Specification of Tablet De Duster: Model No. AI-TDDM Output (For 8 mm Size Tablet) 5,000 to 2,50,000 tablet / hour Power 0.25 HP / 3 Phase / 1440 PM Max. Tablets Diameter 25 mm Mini. Tablets Diameter 5 mm Overall Dimensions 400 mm (L) x 400 mm (W) x 800 (H) Net Weight 75 Kilograms