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India is short for the Republic of India and it is located in southern Asia. India is the largest country in the south Asian subcontinent, and it is one of the oldest ancient civilizations, which has a brilliant diversity and rich cultural heritage and tourism resources. India borders with Bangladesh, Burma, China, and Bhutan, Nepal and Pakistan and other countries.

India has the world's fourth largest reserves of coal. India has mica, coal, iron, aluminum, chromium, manganese, zinc, copper, lead, phosphate, gold, oil and other resources, which includes the largest mica production and reserves. Alumina production and coal production are fifth in the world, and the mica exports accounted for 60% of world exports.

The raw coal materials will be washed first for the next mining processing line. Coal types of crusher plant are the second mining step for the whole production line. Of course, the coal will be crushed and grinded through the crusher and mill machine.

Coal washing is an indispensable step of deep processing. The coal materials directly are from the mine called as raw coal. There are many coal impurities in the process of coal mining, and coal quality is different. Coal washing is to eliminate impurities from raw coal, and it will be industry skills to classify high quality coal and poor coal.

After the handing selection in coal mining line, it will need two jaw crushers used in the first crushing line. Among the various kinds of types of coal crusher plant, the jaw crushing plant is the suitable one. The crushed 50mm+ coal materials will be crushed with the next two jaw crushers. The crushed coal will be separated with coal separation machine.

After the coal washing stage, it will have the coarse crushing machine with jaw crusher and the impact crusher will complete the fine crushing. Through the screening step, all kinds of particle size of coal will come out, and then you can get around the long-distance transportation. Because coal is not a high hardness material, and the general jaw crusher, impact crusher can easily realize the crushing production. Secondary crushing will choose jaw crusher. This crusher is given priority to with extrusion, and bending, impact and grinding effect and it is suitable for crushing hard materials.

According to many years of experience in research and development of crushing machinery, large coal production enterprise commonly values the jaw crusher production capacity, quality, maintenance, and other comprehensive performance, the long-term use of costs and benefits to consider more. It has high requirements of jaw crusher and impact crusher. SBM is a professional coal jaw crusher machine manufacturer from China and it can provide the high quality machines for worldwide clients. High quality crusher can realize the efficient mass crushing and handling of raw coal and coal gangue, which will save equipment downtime, overall equipment used to reduce costs, and boost large coal mining enterprises to rapidly increase production, to create benefits.

The equipment and energy saving: part smooth, saving thirteen percent with single machine energy, system energy saving more than double; It can automatically adjust the discharging mouth and inlet, and can meet the requirements of different users. The mouth is reliable, convenient and the adjusting range is big, to increase the flexibility of equipment. Large fine crushing ratio, product granularity; and the finished product granularity surface is smooth. The noise is small, and the cavity depth and no dead zone, which improve the ability to feed and production. Simple structure, convenient maintenance, reliable operation, low operating cost, energy conservation and environmental protection.