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japan used heavy equipment, used construction machinery [world equip]

Type: EXCAVATOR MINI EXCAVATOR WHEEL EXCAVATOR BULLDOZER TRACTOR LOADER WHEEL LOADER GRADER SCRAPER ROLLER COMPACTOR CRAWLER CRANE ROUGH TERAIN CRANE Others Aerial Platform SKY MASTER FORK LIFT Dump Track Concrete Pump MOTOR GRADER TRUCK CRANE ALL TERAIN CRANE ASPHALT PAVER TRUCK SNOWPLOW ASPHALT FINISHER CRAWLER CARRIER CRAWLER DUMP OFF ROAD DUMP CRAWLER DRILL Mechanical Truck Crane 0.7M3 NEW LISTED DOZER SHOVEL CARRY DUNP CONCRETE MIXER COMBINED ROLLER BUS Generator Earth Drill Mobile crusher COMPRESSOR CRANE CUTTER Pile Driver ATTACHMENT hydraulic hammer ASPHALT COOKER TRUCK Crawler Crane with Hydraulic boom AUGAR CRANE SHIP CRANE BARGE Power Lifter Low Lift Parts BRAKER UNIC UNIC CRANE Telescopic Crawler Crane MINI CRANE JAW CRUSHER Vibro Hammer Outboard Motor Garbage Truck Road Roller sheet piler Fire fighting pump automobile CRUSHER TRUCTOR STONE CRUSHING & SCREENING PLANT SHIP FEEDER JAW CRUSHER (DOUBLE TOGGLE) JAW CRUSHER (SINGLE TOGGLE) HYDRO CONE (EXCONE) CRUSHER VIBRATING GRIZZLY FEEDER CONE CRUSHER AUTOFINE CRUSHER GYRADISC CRUSHER GYRATORY CRUSHER Harbor Crane CRAWLER CRANE AND PILING LEADER BREAKER BUCKET CHIPPER POWER SCREEN PILER CARGO CRANE Earth Boring Machine Tripodal Piling Rig Silent Piler Hydraulic Vibro Hammer Electric Vibro Hammer Electrical Rotatary Auger Hydraulic Rotatory Auger Used Piling Rig Earth Auger CAR COMBINE CARGO Tripodal Piling Rig with Hydraulic hammer FLOODLIGHT LADDER TRUCK TRACTOR fire engine ARM-ROLL FARM MACHINE CRAWLER LOADER CRAWLER TRACTOR Packer Truck HMC CNC machine Skid-steer loader ARM BOOM ARM ROLL All Terrain Mini Pile Driver Electrical Augar Machine Crawler Water Jets KANI CANE Telescopic Truck Cranes Telescopic Crawler Payloader Crawler Crane and Earth Drilling SKY LIFT Piling Rig with Auger Diesel Hammers Earth Drilling Machine Casing Rotator Machine Mechanical Boom crane Piling Rig Silent Sheet Piler Mobile/Truck Crane Crush Silent Piler Earth Drilling Oscillator WATER JET CUTTER Earth Drilling/ Bore Piling Machine Mechanical Mobile Crane Auger Drilling Machines piling job Barge crane Sand suction Barge Diesel Hammer DOZER Rough Terran Crane Soilmac-Bore Piling/Earth Drilling Genrator Piling Rig/Pile Driver WITH PIPING


10 places to shop secondhand online - going zero waste

Before I go shopping, I always like to have a list of the pieces Im looking for. As someone who previously had a shopping problem, this prevents me from over buying and really keeps me on task. Check out my post Why I Wait 30 Days Before Buying Anything for more information and why you might want to add a waiting practice to your shopping schedule.

One of the major advantages of shopping online is that you can search for the really, really specific things that youre looking for. Many online secondhand stores will let you filter your search by color, size, brand, and price point to find something matching your exact criteria.

And, if youre looking to sell some of your clothes be sure to check out my blog post were Ive rounded up the 7 best places to resell your clothes online like Flyp and ThredUp the first stop on our list of best places to shop secondhand online!

Im a huge fan of ThredUp*. I have probably spent a small fortune on all of the clothes Ive bought through them.Their search function works very well, and all of the clothes Ive ordered have been very high quality.

I received my first box from and the quality is amazing!! Unfortunately, everything in the box was wrapped individually in plastic. I will be sending the company an email because that was a real bummer.

This post contains affiliate linking. Its denoted with an asterisk. This means if you choose to purchase one of these items I will make a slight commission for referring you. You can read more on my disclosure page.

Ive used thredup and not had the same experience. I was very careful about the items I choose and waited until I could order several items at once to reduce shipping. However, the Items online say 100% cotton but once I received them the tags say 60% cotton 40% polyester. I refused to send it back because they arent clear about the return policy. Ive been told everything from $2-$9 processing fees for returns. It was great to be able to shop from home but Id prefer my local thrift store.

I would love if you went to my blog which is like this one at: or my store where I sell knitted and crochet items that are 90% waste free. At

hi ! Thanks for all your blog and amazing tips! But for the online shopping I would courage to go to a second hand store in your neighborhood or city, because when we order online we contribute to the carbon footprint; at least these shipping methods are buy bicycle ? and also we can help our community to growth. Thanks again for your blog, this is my new life, going zero waste, and all your recipes for the self care are amazing ??

Hi Kathryn! Thanks for your list. I am in love with already. Recently I have been dying to get to the thrift store for some shopping for the kids. I am expecting a new baby so he still needs more clothes and my daughter will be needing some size ups for her clothes and shoes. Having the online thrift option is helping me with both of these tasks so I can beat family members to the punch so they dont go and buy her brand new shoes or jackets.

Since ATL has a big thrift shop scene where I can usually find everything I need, I opt out of online shopping (unless Im looking for something super super specific). I have Poshmark for the times when I need to buy certain clothes and love that.One thing that I slack on a little bit is buying clothes with natural fibers I kinda go off the assumption that all ethical consumerism is accounted for by buying re-used. Plus, I found these bags that keep microplastics from exiting in the wash. Im not sure how well they actually work, but I figure its better than nothing?

I would not recommend The Real Real for shopping. Even though the clothes may be designer & look awesome for secondhand, all of their measurements are waaaay off! I have ordered clothing before that had measurements listed at my size (or larger for my second & third attempts at getting clothes that would actually fit) & have received garments that were literally 6-8" narrower/shorter at all points of measurement upon arrival.

Ive spoken to their customer service & their response is that designer fashion houses are allowed to copyright dimensions for clothingeven if theyre inaccurate! So thats what they have to put on their site. I even have a friend who works there, & she isnt allowed to update the measurements to reflect the actual size of the clothing for most brands, so they end up being listed as "10" when theyre closer to a "2". (My 36" bust, 30" waist dress actually clocked in at about a 28" bust & 22" waist.)

Since most of their items (at least on sale) arent returnable, & they dont refund shipping costs, it ends up being a waste of money & time. Plus, no one feels good trying on clothes that should fit them & having them be way too small! After placing 4 orders of ever-increasing clothing sizes, as my self-esteem was dropping correspondingly Ive given up & closed my account.

Hi! We are family owned thrift stores chain with 5 stores across the New Jersey. We have just opened our online store. If you are interested please visit: or see our instagram acc: @inspirationsonlinestore

Hi thank you so much for sharing. I currently have an Ebay Store called The Budget Chic Store. I sell Men, Womens, Plus Size Clothing & Accessories. If you are interested please visit my store

new to this site but so far I like the themes, the vibe of the entire site, and the willingness of the author/owner to share her gems with the rest of us. I can relate to what she writes about and will be back often to catch up on her other content. Thank You so much!

used mobility scooters - keep moving care

We do have more used mobility scooters that are not yet listed, please call01273 658001if you know what youre looking for.Get 150 cashback on a mobility scooter when you have a stairlift fitted. Looking to sell your scooter?Click here.

At Keep Moving Care, we believe in finding the right product for each individual customer. For this reason, we understand that new scooters wont always be the right choice for everyone. Were proud to offer a wide range of used mobility scooters that offer all the great quality of new at a more affordable price. The second-hand models in our product range have been used or previously owned, but theyve been refurbished to a high standard so you can be sure of receiving a great quality product.

We offer everything from popular high-end brands to budget-friendly options, boot and pavement scooters to those sited to longer ranges. All of the products we offer have been carefully inspected and restored to a great standard, as well as being fitted with new batteries. Our scooters also come with a six-month warranty.

Our range of used scooters are in great condition and are covered by a six-month warranty as standard, which can be extended up to a year for extra peace of mind. Eachmobility scooterin our range is also covered by free breakdown recovery in the West Sussex area. Your scooter will arrive with a user manual so you will know exactly how to use it, plus youll receive a battery charger and a free crutch bag.

There are many benefits to purchasing a second-hand scooter. In addition to the benefits listed above, theres also the fact that they are much cheaper than anew mobility scooter. Second-hand or pre-owned scooters are restored to a high standard and are checked thoroughly before we sell them, so you can rest assured that you are buying a scooter that you can rely on.

We offer a choice of class 2 andclass 3 usedscooters its important to understand the differences between the two before you decide on the type of scooter you need.Class 2 scootersare lightweight and portable, and theyre often referred to as boot scooters. These scooters can reach a top speed of 4mph, so they are ideal for shopping, visiting friends and family, or running errands. Class 2 scooters can only be driven on pavements, unless you need to cross the road, and while you dont need insurance legally to own or ride one, we recommend an insurance policy as a precaution.

Class 3 scootersare sometimes referred to as road class scooters and can reach up to 8mph. Class 3 scooters are larger and have more space, plus they are fitted with lights on the front and back, as well as wing mirrors, so they can be driven on roads. You dont need a license to drive a class 3 scooter, but it is a good idea to reacquaint yourself with the Highway Code for Mobility Scooter Users to ensure youre driving safely on the roads. Theres no need to pay vehicle tax on these types of scooter, but you do need to register the vehicle with the DVLA.

Accidents can occur at any time, even to the most careful of drivers, so insurance is a wise decision that will protect you and your vehicle should the worst occur. Mobility scooter insurance policies will give you peace of mind so you can use your scooter without worry.

why you should (and why you shouldn't) buy a used smartphone

However, that might not always be the case. Over the past few years, the budget and mid-range categories of smartphones have exploded, with brand new models sometimes performing as well or even better than other devices which cost twice as much. There are even newer companies that specialize only in phones that deliver a high-end experience for as little cash as possible.

Granted, sometimes you need something specific something you can only get from one particular brand or style of device. In that case, if you were to buy a used smartphone you might be making the best move.

In general, the only real reason to buy a used phone is if you absolutely need a certain feature, design style, or brand. The best way to decide whether or not to buy used is to think about your smartphone deal-breakers.

For example, one of the most important smartphone features for many consumers is the camera. If you are a shutterbug and use your smartphone to take tons of photos, youre going to need something that gives you the best output possible. However, if youre also on a budget you might not be able to afford the best-in-class Huawei P30 Pro or the Google Pixel 3 XL.

This would be the perfect reason to buy a used phone. If you could find those devices for a good price on eBay, Swappa, or another second-hand site, that would make sense. You could even go a generation back to save more the Google Pixel 2 XL, for example, has almost as good a camera as the 3 XL and has many of the same features.

On the other hand, the latest-and-greatest features may not be what youre looking for, and in that case you might actually want to take a step back. For example, almost every flagship device from 2018 features a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner or an in-display fingerprint scanner. If you really want a device with a physical scanner on the front, buying an older flagship used could be your best bet. In this case, something like the Huawei P20 Pro would be a great choice, which is much cheaper now than it was when it launched and is still getting softFsnware support from Huawei.

Maybe you have small hands and thus need a phone with a smaller design factor, or maybe you love the Galaxy Note lines included stylus and want the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 at a cheaper price. These are also good reasons to buy a specific device used.

It should be noted that used phones come with limitations. Some of them have no warranty, some will come with knicks or other cosmetic blemishes, some will be missing accessories, etc. However, if you desperately need a particular feature and the best (or only) way to get it at a decent price is to buy used, then thats absolutely what you should do.

The smartphone industry has changed quite a bit in the past few years. Previously, if you wanted the newest, coolest features, you had no other choice but to buy the latest-and-greatest smartphone. There was no way around it.

However, innovation within the industry as a whole has slowed down a lot. Nowadays, you could pick any Android flagship at random and chances would be good that it would have the same core features as any other. Yes, there will always be one or two things a flagship from Company A will have that Company B doesnt, but its not likely to be a deal-breaker for the general consumer.

With that in mind, the features of the high-end flagship Android devices and the features of the mid-range are quickly becoming very similar. As such, you can buy a brand new smartphone with all the core features you need for a similar price as buying a used flagship.

Take the Xiaomi Pocophone F1, for example. The device has a huge battery (4,000mAh), the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor (still a great processor), and either 6GB or 8GB of RAM. Depending on where you live, you can get this phone for between $300-$400, brand new.

The mid-range market is only growing, too. The 2019 Honor View 20, for example, is getting stellar reviews including from here atAndroid Authority and features a nearly all-screen display, a headphone jack, an IR blaster, and terrific specs and build quality. Although its only available in China at the moment, we anticipate its global price to start at less than $500.

Another thing that these newer smartphones will have over their older, used counterparts, is software updates. Every device given as an example in this section will get Android security updates for at least another year, probably two. They also will all likely receive an update to Android Q, which something not every older used phone is going to offer you.

With that in mind though, dont forget that there are still plenty of new units of older generations of flagships out there. A quick perusal of eBay shows plenty of brand new units of the Google Pixel 2, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the LG G7 ThinQ, the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, etc. Even though these devices are unused and still in the box, theyre selling for much less than their newer counterparts. Yes, they might not get updates for much longer, but they are still viable options.

If youre in the market for a new phone, you should think about what you absolutely cant live without. If one of those deal-breakers is a feature you can only get from a specific brand or specific model of a device, then buying used will be the best way to save money.

If you dont have too many deal-breakers or the deal-breakers you do have are relatively common (such as needing a headphone jack or a great camera), just buy a mid-ranger brand new. Youll get a warranty, youll probably be more likely to get software updates, and you wont have to worry about cosmetic blemishes, missing accessories, etc.