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Emulsifying Machine, Mixing Tank, Heating Tank manufacturer / supplier in China, offering 50L Stainless Steel Gas Cooking Jacket Kettle with Mixer Agitator, Liquid and Powder Mixing Dosing Machine for Milk Cheese Line, High Shear Emusifying Homogenizing Pump Transfer Pump and so on.

Guangzhou Hundom Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Was founded in 2003, after years of perseverance, is to become a set design, development, manufacture, installation, technical services, integration of modern enterprises.

Hundom Technology specializes in manufacturing and marketing of household chemical machinery, food machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, packing equipment manufacturers. My company processing equipment, process improvement, strong technical force, with excellent product development ...

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Zhengzhou LONGER Machinery is a professional food processing machinery manufacturer in China. Provides a complete solution for processing peanuts, almonds, cashews, walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, cocoa beans and chocolate.

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The fact that various industries are growing at an alarming rate in India has generated the need for industrial products sales representatives. With rising factories, industries and construction ventures like big housing projects, entertainment units, the usage of related equipment is applicable everywhere. The list of products you can sell is inclusive of industrial rollers, ventilators, pvc products, welding equipment, engine valves to several tools, equipment and machines. There is a good opportunity to earn good commission as a sales agent in this field.

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How to make peanut butter? Thousands of people have thousands of answers, today we introduce a wet grinder, it is a precise colloid grinding machine which can be used for grinding all oily nuts to make out creamy nut butter/paste. Multiple Peanut Grinding Machines can be assembled flexibly in peanut butter plant to increase the nut butter productivity, all related peanut butter machine can be found in Whats the function of the peanut grinder?

GMS series Peanut Butter Grinder is designed for grinding peanut, sesame, cocoa, almond, and fresh fruits& vegetables to get smooth peanut butter products, peanut butter maker combines multifunction on superfine grinding, emulsification, homogenization, and mixing.Nut butter grinder has an advanced design style; its structure occupies the first place in China. The main grinding data had reached an advanced level of similar products in China.

Peanut Grinding Machine has several functions in one machine, it integrates several kinds of functions of the following machinery, including homogenizer, ball grinder, three-roller grinder, and pulping engine, its efficiency is several times than that of them, widely applied for various industries of different types of raw material grinding.

After being grinded, the size of most nut butter processed will be about 3100 microns and the homogenize degree is more than 90%. It is a kind of ideal nut mill grinder in processing ultrafine corpuscles.

By means of the relative movement of the different geometric-shaped stator and rotor in high revolving speed, roasted peanut enters the colloid mill due to the gravity, ambient pressure, and centrifugal force and comes under the action of strong shearing, rubbing, impacting, high-frequency vibration and whirling forces during the variable annular grinding gap between rotor and stator. Then the peanut will be effectively dispersed, pulverized, emulsified, homogenized, and uniformed, thereby the peanut butter product with ideal size and quality will be fulfilled.

The Nut Mill Grinders grinding room has a 3-step grinding area, 1st is the coarse grinding area, 2nd is the fine grinding area, 3rd is the superfine grinding area, through adjusting the distance between the rotor and stator of the peanut butter grinder, it can reach to ideal grinding result. (the recycle-grinding process is available)

l GMS series nut butter grinders keep up all the merits of traditional colloid mills such as well-designed construction, simple operation, low noise, easy servicing, small in size, etc. Moreover, it has also the advantages of wide adaption, easy variation in speed, mounted differently type motor, nut butter mill can satisfy special materials grinding

l GMS series nut butter grinder mill is a multi-patented machine: It has the characteristics of compact design, practical new type, beautiful appearance, good sealing, stable performance, convenient operation, simple decoration, durability, wide application range, high production efficiency, etc. It is the most ideal grinding process for handling fine nut butter equipment.

l Except for the motor and some parts of the colloid mill, all the parts in contact with the material are made of high-strength stainless steel. In particular, the key moving and static grinding discs are strengthened, so they have good corrosion resistance and wear resistance. , So that the processed materials are pollution-free, sanitary, and pure.

l Critical parts, i.e. rotor and stator of nut grinder, are made of high-grade stainless steel and processed precisely by advanced technology, hence have good hardness, high yield strength, and deformability, which make the wearing parts more wear resistance and longer life.

In our daily work, the most constant question we were asked is why your colloid mill machine is more expensive than others? Or even some people turn to us seeking technical support due to the previous supplier cant solve their grinder machines fault. Based on those points that everyone cares about most, we show our peanut butter mill and others, in order to prevent you from being misled when choosing peanut butter machines. The left side is a qualified stainless steel butter mill to be shipped, with beautiful appearance, good sealing, and compact structure. The right side is a running grinding machine for peanut butter, you can see the motor, the wire is naked, operators security cant be guaranteed. Our Nut Grinder: all parts material we adopted is complying to country standard, peanut grinders hopper is mirror stainless steel 304, the processing is smooth, no nut/paste/powder residual, Compliance with food hygiene standards.

This is our key parts of nut butter grinder, rotor, and stator, from outlook, you cant feel whats difference between others nut grinding machine, actually, it is made by two types stainless steel, go through special processing, hence it obtains both hardness and toughness, such character enhance our nut colloid mill have excellent performance and strong durability. And this is poor quality rotor and stator, once the nut grinder starts, you will find the nut butter isnt so good, because the peanut grinders heart cant provide super grinding pressure, also, you need to contact with the seller to buy new rotor and stator parts in a short time.

So you should get to know our efforts lie in those places you can't see, but we do it best always. We kindly remind customers not to make the wrong choice because of the slight price difference, otherwise, it will bring numerous & unsolvable troubles to the future peanut butter production.

2.3. For mass-produced peanut grinder, at least two sets of grinder machines shall be randomly inspected each year, and the test shall be conducted in accordance with the regulations of JB/T9820.3, and the results shall meet the regulations.

Golden machinery has many years of experience in nuts industrial processing, e.g. peanuts, almonds, cashews, pistachios, hazelnuts, sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds, etc. We provide complete solutions for individual process stages and control systems, includinghigh efficient mechanic equipment and modern PLC control system- all from the one single supplier- Golden machinery, food processors have flexible options on the production line on request. Golden machinery has proper process solutions for all processing steps, from the raw material into the finished peanut/nut butter, all highly efficient and in compliance with international food safety standards. These are end products of this line, organic creamy peanut butter, crunchy peanut butter, and whole blanched peanut(sub-products). We are always here waiting for your visit and inquiry.

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Drake GS:TI internal thread grinders are fully programmed and delivered with a grinding process optimized to run customers parts. The internal thread grinder is typically used when grinding ball nuts, thread gages, power steering components, and more.

All Drake Internal thread grinders are designed and built with customer needs in mind. Constructed with premium materials and equipped with Drake software, we give our customers a competitive advantage. Operators control all process parameters through PartSmart menu-driven screens, allowing for minimal mechanical adjustments, efficient changeover time, and increased productivity.

TouchDress:TouchDress uses Acoustical Emissions Monitoring (AEM) to enable the grinding wheel to find the diamond roll at each dress and make certain the entire wheel periphery is trued. AEM of dress process ensures consistent conditioning of CBN and ceramic abrasive wheels, yielding a productive grinding process.