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about amkco - manufacturer of screening, sieving, and separation equipment for the food, chemical, pulp & paper, and other processing industries

If your operations involve dry trash screening / classifying / de-dusting, or wet screens to filter or dewatering bulk solids, AMKCO offers a vast range of screening and process equipment to suit your needs. Our Products

Our Singapore operations manufacture to ISO9001:2008 and various other industry standards ensuring AMKCO delivers equipment that meet and often exceed customer expectations with regards to quality, performance, and reliability. Industry Applications

With over 30 years combined industry experience, our team of applications specialists are always on hand to look, listen and develop efficient, reliable and innovative screening or separation solutions to meet your requirements at the LOWEST possible price. Request a Quote

We also supply competitively priced OEM quality consumable spare parts & replacement / re-meshed screens to suit AMKCO and ALL major brands of circular vibratory screeners & sifters operating in ASIA. Spare Parts

Our objective is to provide the highest value to our customers by having the best ideas, products, and customer service in the market. AMKCO has been accredited the ISO 9000-2008 Certification now for three years running. Get in Touch

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AMKCO Separator Screens are compact production machines which make mechanical separations according to particle size through proven use of multi-plane inertial vibration techniques. They are designed and built to solve the most difficult classifying, separating and dewatering problems.One to five screen surfaces are superimposed to yield up to six fractions. Separators are used to make accurate separations ranging from 2" clear openings to 25 micron (500 mesh). Eight standard models, sized from 18" diameter to 84" diameter are equipped with the epoxy or spot welded screens, and all wetted parts are built of stainless steel. Other construction materials or protective coatings can be supplied if required.

Whatever brand of screener or sifter you operate, to keep you up and running 24/7 AMKCO stocks an extensive range of consumable spare parts & major components including gaskets, clamp rings, anti blinding balls, cleaning rings, support springs & mounts, flexible connectors, spacing frames, top covers & vibrator motors. We can also promptly manufacture additional or special components to suit most brands of vibratory screeners.AMKCO also has full in house test facilities to ensure our customers process requirements are met. Most products whether dry or wet can be tested either in our facility or on site with our mobile test unit. Comprehensive test reports and product samples are issued together with your equipment proposal.

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Quick and easy screen changes are obtained by a sugar producer using a 2-deck Separator to simultaneously classify sugar into 3 products. For smaller units, quick release clamps and no screen center tie downs make changes even faster.

Minimum screen blinding for all separation processes is achieved through the use of and combination of several techniques. The vibration of the Separator itself, use of sliders, bouncing balls, ultrasonics, water sprays, wipers, and last but definitely not least, the use of good well tensioned screens.

Long screen life is our goal. Removing fiber from coconut milk prior to packaging adds little to the cost of the product because the screen lasts nearly a year. Proper tension, high quality wire, and bonding or welding achieves quality product at low cost.

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New food products were made possible with ultrasonic application to the screen. The material would not otherwise have processed at the required screen mesh. Now, the end product is unique with fast pay back to the producer.

This was a need for a dairy and juice producer. The AMKCO separator is mounted on a portable stand, easily movable to different locations for different products. The various locations have floors that are not always level. Quick and easy shims under the legs keep the screen level for good separation.