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Certain things in life are unavoidable and for any busy family, a pile of laundry is one of them. A rotary washing line can be a great way to keep on top of your washing with minimal fuss. Drying clothes and sheets outside gives your laundry a nice fresh smell and you can save on electricity bills by not using your tumble dryer as often. Plus the space-saving design of a rotary means you can hang out loads more washing than by using a normal clothes line whatever the size of your garden.

When it comes to recommendations for rotary washing lines on the Mumsnet forums, one brand comes up again and again Brabantia. Mumsnetters love the durability of the Brabantia rotary washing lines, and the manufacturer backs this up with a five-year guarantee, covering both the line and the included ground spike to fix it in your garden.

This model has a lift-o-matic system designed to hoist your washing up to 187cm off the ground, which is great for sheets and other large items. The 50-metre line length can take up to five loads of washing, it has integrated holes for clothes hangers, and the 6kg weight means its pretty easy to store it away in the winter, if you prefer.

If youre looking for something simple that will let you dry a full load of washing outside to get that fresh air smell, the B&Q three-arm silver effect rotary dryer is worth a look. The no-fuss design has three arms, which support 30 metres of lines. And when it's fully opened out, it measures 1.92 metres across so could be a good choice if you have a smaller garden.

It comes with a line tidy strap, to keep tension in the lines and stop them from drooping, and a plastic ground socket for installation using concrete so make sure you have somewhere suitable to fix it before you take the plunge.

The clues in the name you fix it to a wall rather than the ground, and it comes with the fixtures you need as well as clear step-by-step instructions detailing how to put it up. You just need to decide what height you want it to be when you're putting it up, then you fold it out when you need it, using the handy grip. It offers 24 metres of line space when it's fully unfolded, and its 184cm diameter should fit all but the tightest spaces. Once you're done, you can easily fold it back and use its protective cover to ensure durability.

Does your family produce a seemingly never-ending pile of dirty clothes and sheets that you struggle to find space to hang up and dry? In that case, the Home Laundry Company's Premium heavy duty 60m rotary washing line could be the one for you.

Its 60 metres of line and crank-handle hoist system can be used to hang out up to six loads of washing at once, to give you more of a chance of getting on top of your laundry mountain. Of course, even with the space saving design of a rotary dryer, this one will take up more room than others on this list it has three arms, and a whopping 3.16-metre diameter when fully extended, so make sure you've got room. It comes with the fixings you need to put it in the ground.

If the idea of digging a hole in your garden puts you off the idea of getting a rotary washing line, the Minky freestanding airer offers a neat solution. It has tripod legs to support the base so you don't need to put it in the ground and it can even be used indoors.

Got a cheap one from Wilko three years ago when we moved and weve had no probs with it so far. It has a cover and I bought a proper twist-in spike with a closing lid. It stays out (with cover on) all spring and summer and goes into the shed in autumn. I think if you look after it a cheap one will last ok, but I've never had an expensive one to compare!

As with most rotary airers, you can fold away the collapsible arms when you're not using it, so it won't spoil your view out the back window. The trade-off here is that the supplied plastic ground socket has mixed reviews for its durability, so if youre worried about its stability, you might want to buy a stronger metal spike separately.

Have you ever reached for your washing line and run your finger along it before hanging up your laundry, only to find the lines are a bit grimy? Well, the Leifheit Linomatic rotary washing line offers a handy solution to keep things clean: the lines automatically retract into the rotary arms when not in use, keeping them free from dirt, moisture and cobwebs.

It offers 50 metres of drying room, plus eight hooks for hanging shirts. Of course, it is a fair bit more expensive than others on the list, but the aluminium frame is lightweight and rust free, so you probably won't spend any time worrying about it once it's up.

Part of the attraction of rotary washing lines is the fact they are a real space saver compared to a traditional washing line. This three-arm rotary dryer from Brabantia hits the sweet spot for smaller gardens. Its 266cm diagonal span doesn't take up too much room, even when its fully extended, yet the 30-metre line can cope with up to three loads at a time.

Brabantia's rotary dryers have a good reputation for being well made. This models robust plastic ground spike keeps the dryer stable even in windy conditions and the rotating arms dry your washing quickly.

We have one. We use it a lot in the summer and a bit in the winter as you can leave things out there for days if you want. It's good just to not have to think about rain and leaving it out overnight.

As if doing the laundry isn't already a chore, the Great British weather (hi rain!) can make getting things dry even more of a challenge. That's why the Chimney Sheep Large Laundry Mac laundry protector could come in handy. It's a cover with a diameter up to 2.5 metres designed for rotary dryers to keep the rain off and let you leave the washing out longer.

Its a large circle of waterproof, breathable fabric that fixes to your rotary dryer. As well as a rotary dryer, you will need a clothes prop to extend from the centre of the dryer to keep the cover clear of your clothes. This can be bought separately.

The first thing to think about is the size of your garden, or whatever area you are thinking of using for your new rotary washing line. There are a range of different styles of rotary washing line, some of which need to be fixed in concrete while others can be driven into a lawn or garden theres more info about how these work below.

Depending on your needs, there are rotary washing lines to suit almost any budget, from about a tenner up to 100+. As you might expect, the more expensive models tend to be made from better materials and are likely to last longer, but this might not matter as much to you if you think you might be moving house soon, for example.

One of the benefits of rotary washing lines is that they fold away when not in use, but even the most compact fixed rotary washing lines need around 180cm square to be used. If you have a space that's even smaller than that, don't despair there are portable rotary washing line options that can be used inside or in a garage, as well as some that fix to a wall rather than into the ground.

Of course, the more space you have, the bigger the rotary washing line you will be able to consider. Some offer as much as 60 metres of washing line space enough to dry about six loads of washing in one go, but there's probably no point in getting one that size unless you think you will need it (the biggest ones take up about 3 metres squared when in use).

Traditional rotary washing lines are fixed into the ground using a ground spike essentially a plastic tube that is either driven into the ground or fixed in concrete. Many rotary dryers come with a ground spike included, but if youre concerned that your garden is in a particularly windy spot, it is possible to purchase more heavy duty metal fixings for some models. Just check the manufacturer's guidance to make sure it's compatible with the line you have chosen.

According to some Mumsnetters, using a heavy metal parasol holder (which you would need to buy separately) can be a way round having to dig a hole or use concrete to secure your rotary washing line. This seems to work well for lots of people and has the added benefit of being able to move it around but bear in mind it probably won't be as secure as fixing it properly in the ground.

As with any outdoor washing line, rotary washing lines can attract a bit of dirt and grime. The most expensive rotary dryers have retractable lines, which can help keep them clean, but if you need to give yours a wash, the easiest way is to use soapy water. Just dont do it when you have clothes up in case it stains your garments.

The best rotary washing line is the Brabantia Lift-O-Matic Rotary Airer Washing Line. Mumsnetters really rate the build quality of this brand. And the 50 metres of line combined with the lift-o-matic hoist system, means you will be able to get that lovely outdoor clean feel when drying more of your washing than you thought possible.

Because we know that theres nothing like real recommendations from real parents, we first headed to the Mumsnet forums to find out which rotary washing lines discerning Mumsnet users had bought. We compiled a list of rotary dryers they recommended, noting how effective they found them, and whether they were particularly good for any certain needs.

We then did some research across the wider web, looking at which rotary airers had won accolades or been featured in best buy lists across websites and print media, and what customers reviews said about them.

We work hard to provide unbiased, independent advice you can trust. We do sometimes earn revenue through affiliate (click-to-buy) links in our articles. This helps us fund more helpful articles like this one.

tesco washing line options - clothes airers, washing lines and clotheslines

Tesco is among the major retailers internationally with supplies spread through 12 nations, members of staff are more than 500, 000 and serve lots of clients a week both in physical stores and online. It is based in Britain with its headquarters at Cheshunt, United Kingdom.

Tesco was founded in 1919 by a man known as Jack Cohen who had a business motto pile it high and sell it cheap. Tesco only began as a group of shop stalls, and eventually expanded into selling of other items such as; books, clothing, electronics, furniture, petrol, software, financial services, internet services, telecom and music downloads.

Currently, It has evolved into being a chain of supermarkets and spread across countries like; UK, South Korea, China Ireland, Turkey, Poland, India, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Malaysia, Hungary and Thailand.

Tesco also has a variety of wash lines at their stores and the clients can choose the one the like most or depending on their interests. The wash line types come in different models which are all manufactured to meet the needs you have. These models include the following;

This is a heavy duty rotary clothes dryer that offers much space, particularly in lesser rooms, to dry fabrics and clothes. Due to the solid holding and the strong material used during its manufactured, the wash line is very strong and rigid.

This is a wash line with so much in assembling and dismantle after use. It offers you with much space to hang your laundry, has a bottom sleeve that has a lid thus making it more strong. It weighs about 3 kgs, which is an appropriate weight for a wash line. It is as long as 50m to enable you hang as many clothes as needed in one go.

A rotary dryer is basically the finest way to air dry your clothes. Its energy competent, looks after your garments, and offers you that perfect air dried scent you cannot get from indoor dried clothes. It has 164 foot of line; that provides you with enough area to hang down your households laundry. It also included is a ground socket just fix this in place, and you can remove and replace your dryer easily. It is designed with four arms that allows you to hang more clothes of up to four wash loads, and durable because of the aluminum coating. This wash line is unique due to its protective cover, which maintains it clean during storage or when not in use. These models is manufactured in many different colors such as green, blue and silver so you can choose the color you like best.

The Minky 45m telescopic rotary airer is an open-air airer which can hold up to 3 regular wash loads. This Minky airer is easy to carry and store because it is compact. It has an arm fastening device and an artless to use lift & lock method. This outdoor wash line is prepared using galvanized steel material which makes it have strong lines that are resistant to sagging. These wash lines are 45 m which is appropriate for hanging many clothes of up to 4 regular wash loads. They are manufactured in a shiny silver color which appeals to the eye.

This is a three-arm rotary wash line that is fitted with an earth plug for setting up into concrete, and 30m of easy rub clean PVC-coated polyester line. It has a spinning disc of 1.92m, which makes it appropriate for smaller grounds. It can hold up to 20kg of laundry which is approximately 3 wash loads.

The shop has both the rotary and the retractable wash lines which are efficient for hanging your clothes. The retractable ones are adjustable depending on the size of your space, which makes them suitable for people living in a small compound homestead.

However, if you do not have outside space at all, you can opt to hang the clothes indoors. You can find variety of washing lines at Tesco chain of supermarkets in any of the 12 countries they have their branches. They also have many more wash products which you may need at your home.

abru rotary dryer airer 30m

The Lift and Spin dryer is designed to remain taut, reliable and durable. Easy to install and smooth to operate. 2 line tension positions to avoid line sag whilst wide spaced inner lines allow for increased air circulation and faster drying. 32mm pole. Usable line length 30m (98ft) Comes with a dryer cover and ground socket for concreting installation.

Covid-19 Update FREE Next Business Day delivery is available for orders over 25 for orders placed before 9pm Mon-Thur and before 6pm Sunday Saturday and Sunday delivery is available for orders placed before 6pm on Friday for Saturday Delivery and 4pm Saturday for Sunday delivery. Items over 30kg can only be delivered next Business Day Mon-Fri. Orders placed after 9pm Thursday will be delivered the following Monday see here for details Pre-12 delivery service is now available for weekday deliveries. Place your order before 9pm Mon-Thur for next business day delivery by 12pm. Orders placed after 9pm Thur and before 6pm Sunday will be delivered by 12pm Monday. UK mainland only Once your order has been dispatched you will receive an invoice email with the courier details and your tracking number Alternatively go to MyAccount, click on your Order History, click on the TRACK icon to link through to the carrier website and the tracking details for your delivery Delivery direct from suppliers is available and specific delivery times will be displayed on the product page Order Value: Under 25 Over 25 but less than 75 75 & Over Next Business Day Mon-Fri (order by 9pm Mon-Thur & Sun by 6pm) delivered before 6pm 5 Free Free Pre-12 Delivery Mon-Fri (order by 9pm Mon-Thur & Sun by 6pm) delivered before 12pm next day 10 5 5 Remote areas standard delivery (2-4 days) 5 Free Free Saturday Delivery (order by 6pm Friday) delivered before 6pm 10 5 Free Sunday Delivery (order by 4pm Saturday) delivered before 6pm 10 5 Free Please note items delivered by our suppliers are not available for the options above. Delivery times may vary. More about Delivery & Returns

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Washing machine agitator directional cogs. These parts are also referred to as "dog ears." 4 per package. If the upper section of the agitator isn't turning properly, then these cogs are likely worn and will require replacement.

Washer drive motor coupler. New style with metal sleeves for added strength. This version replaces all previous motor coupler styles and versions. For direct drive washing machines. Common symptom of failed coupler is washer will fill, not agitate or spin but will drain the water from the tub.

Dryer drum drive belt, 93 1/2 inches long, 4 ribs 3 grooves. The drive belt is a very long, slender belt that wraps all the way around the dryer drum, around a tension pulley, and then around the drive motor pulley. If the drum will not turn when the dryer is turned on the belt is likely broken.

Washing machine tub suspension rod kit,. Set of 4 rods, 4 suspension balls and 4 bushings. The suspension rods help to dampen the movement of the washer tub. If one or more of the suspension rods are broken, the washer will vibrate or shake.

Washing machine drain pump. The pump mounts directly to the motor with two clips. If the washer does not drain then the pump could be locked up or a small object may be clogging it. A small leak in front of the washer could be caused by a defective pump.

Washing machine agitator repair kit with a medium length cam (there are other kits available for different models). This kit should be used when the top part of the agitator is not moving properly but the bottom part is.

Washing machine clutch assembly with hardware. *Blue spring for regular, large, extra and super capacity washers, black for compact models. A worn clutch often causes a slower spin speed which leaves the clothes soaked after the cycle.

Door strike/catch for front-loading washing machine. The washer door must be latched shut in order for the washer to start. If the door strike is damaged or defective, the washer door won't latch, and the washer will not be able to start.

the 8 best rotary washing lines 2021 - reviews radar

If you are looking for a more efficient way to dry your clothes, then you should consider how beneficial it could be to have the best rotary washing line on your side. Dryers cause static cling and can take up a good amount of electricity. A rotary washing line, on the other hand, utilizes the sun to dry your laundry, leaving behind a fresh scent you will love.

It has four arms with nine tiers of line on each side, which gives it the capacity to accommodate as many clothing items as possible. The outermost line is wide enough for spreading bedding out comfortably as well.

It has a sturdy frame that can be adjusted to different heights to suit your needs. The risk of waist pain from bending is minimized when using this washing line. The lines come pre-strung for ease of use. You just need to extend the arms until it locks into place before use.

The washing line has a ground socket that makes it possible to insall it on the ground firmly. It has a rotating diameter of 4 metres when the arms are raised. When not in use, it can be easily folded and stored away until it is needed again.

The Brabantia Topspinner is available in 40, 50 or an impressive 60 meters of line drying space. Unlike other rotary washing lines where you have to walk around to hang your clothes on each line, the Topspinner conveniently lets you stay in one place as it rotates.

You spin the top of the frame to access any side of the line easily. It has four arms, and its designed so that you can adjust it three ways. The lines are tough and water-resistant, and a ground spike keeps the frame stable.

This is another rotary washing line from Brabantia, the popular home care products manufacturer. This washing line uses a smart umbrella system with a unique mechanism that facilitates the extension of the four arms until they are locked into place. It ensures that putting up or folding the equipment is easy and convenient.

The lines are 40 metres long and are made of UV-resistant material for improved durability. The vertical pole is adjustable, to allow you to increase or decrease the height accordingly. It also has specially designed holes along the arms that can accommodate clothes hangers.

The product comes with a concrete anchor tube that can be installed on concrete floors where the socket of the rotary washing line fits into. There is a loop made of sturdy material at the top of the vertical frame, designed to aid easy storage of the equipment after use.

The Addis rotary washing line is suitable for households looking for an affordable way to dry their laundry naturally. It has a solid frame with various levels of height adjustment to suit your needs. It is made of durable material that can withstand extreme weather conditions.

The four arms can be spread to expose the lines where the clothes are hung. Those arms can be adjusted to attain different levels of tautness for the lines as required. It can hold loads of laundry as long as they do not exceed a weight of 25kg.

Because of its aluminium construction, its sturdy and can withstand rain and moisture. A protective cover is also included to shield the line from the elements when it is not in use. This model has a ground spike as well to keep it steady and secure.

The Minky 40m 3 Arm Easy Breeze Rotary Washing Line stands out from the rest for its remarkably long drying line. It provides up to 60 metres of line space. This line is equipped with four arms and 10 tiers to hold more than one load of washing, just right for a large family.

The water repellent steel frame and heavy-duty lines make this a worthwhile investment for any household. Another great feature is its adjustable height so you can hang all your clothes quickly and without overextending your arms.

It offers 50 metres of line length for drying up to five loads of wash, including eight hooks to hang shirts. It has an easy-opening with retractable line pull-cord and deluxe easy-closing mechanism with a push-button release, so you dont have to bend down.

This Elex4 arm rotary airer washing line was built to last. It is a stable and extra heavy-duty washing line. It has a mould, rust, and weatherproof coated tubular frame to withstand the elements. There is also 45 metres of PVC coated rope drying line that is ideal for a larger family. With this purchase, you will have a protective cover and ground spike as well.

It is easy to install and requires no assembly. Sink the included metal ground socket and spike into the ground to provide your rotary washing line with a sturdy and stable base. It will also keep it strong enough to withstand wind.

You can also choose from four different height positions so you can achieve the ideal working height for hanging your wet laundry. You can also vary the tension in the drying lines. To retract it, hold the soft grip handle while depressing the catch and it will close gently.

Years ago, most people had washing lines that were strung across poles in their backyard swishing in the wind. These days, very few houses have large outdoor spaces where they can spread clothes the way they like.

Small households can still find ways to use a simple clothesline, but it is not very efficient when you are doing a lot of washing. With the limited space, you can only sun-dry a few clothes at a time. Therefore, we need to find better ways to sun-dry more clothes evenly within the limited space available and at a more affordable cost.

Your wet clothes will dry naturally while being rotated in the wind with a rotary washing line. This ensures that all parts of the fabric get a turn under the sun and can all dry evenly. Rotary washing lines are not installed permanently; they can be folded and stored away when not in use to create more space in your backyard.

Apart from the fact that the rotary washing line is compact and saves space, it is durable and does not shrink, fade or damage your clothes. It is safe to use without risk of electric shock, which is possible when using a tumble dryer. When clothes are sun-dried, they are exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sun which kills off disease-causing microorganisms that may be on them.

The rotary washing lines are not made of heavy metals that are toxic; hence, they are eco-friendly and do not lead to environmental pollution. Climate change is one of the major concerns in the world today; you are doing yourself a great service by getting a washing line for a greener environment.

The rotary washing line is an improvement over the traditional clothesline. It has a compact structure and can be installed and taken down easily when necessary. They rotate freely in the wind, which enables clothes to dry evenly at a faster rate.

The structure of the washing line consists of a number of lines connected by a few extended arms on the upper end of a vertical pole. The lines can contain a good number of clothes while you save space in the yard for other activities.

A good rotary washing line should be easy to use. It should be built in such a way that there are no exposed fasteners that may hurt the user while trying to set it up. They usually come in an umbrella design with three or four arms.

Some rotary washing lines have arms that may be pushed up manually until they are locked into place to achieve stability when in use. Others have a smart mechanism that requires a push of a button to achieve the required stability of the arms. These are easy to fold after use for easy storage.

For easy installation, some models come with ground spikes that help keep them in place on the lawn of your garden. Others have sockets that enable you to mount them on floors or walls. This ensures that you do not have to worry about the rotary washing line being blown over when the weather is windy.

For people that have dogs that may chew on clothes when bored, a rotary washing line with an adjustable height feature is ideal. It enables the users to adjust the length according to their needs away from the reach of the pet.

Washing lines are mostly used outdoors; that is why the materials used in its design is very important. A good model should be able to withstand harsh weather conditions. The pole should be hard and sturdy and preferably made of aluminium or steel because iron rusts easily in moisture.

The lines on which the clothes hang should be made of UV-resistant plastic reinforced polyester filaments to ensure that it remains taut without sagging when in use. This also ensures that they do not wear out from exposure to the sun or snap when heavier loads of laundry are hung on them.

You have to know the amount of space available in your garden, as well as how big your family is. Rotary lines come in various shapes, designs, and sizes to choose from. Some models have three arms, while others have four. Some models are wall-mounted for household owners with limited garden space.

The smallest rotary line has a turning circle of 1.8 meters but can still give you 30 meters of washing line. This is already enough for two people. If you have a large family, a rotary line that is five meters in diameter and up to 60 meters of washing line should be perfect for a group of three to six people.

The length of the warranty indicates how confident a manufacturer is when it comes to the quality of their rotary lines. It is best to buy one with at least a five-year warranty. Some units even offer ten-year warranty coverage.

An eco-friendly way to dry your laundry is by hanging them on washing lines under the sun during the summer. They dry naturally without mould growing on them while you take advantage of huge savings when it comes to electricity costs that may be incurred while using a tumble dryer.

The rotary washing lines can be used in homes, hotels and lots of other places for air-drying of clothes naturally. Regardless of the type of place you live, it is an ideal product that will make your summer a memorable one and leave you with freshly laundered clothing and linen.

Still have questions you need answered before you make a decision and purchase the best rotary washing line for your family? Read through our FAQ below for answers to some of the more commonly asked questions.

To get started, you need to dig a hole and then insert the ground spike. The ground spike should be placed vertically into the hole with the spike pointing downwards. If you want the line to be more stable, this is the point you can add concrete if you want the line placed permanently. Once everything is inserted, make sure the line is level and adjust it as needed.

Since your rotary washing line stays outdoors and is exposed to the elements, it can begin to accumulate dirt. When you see this kind of debris, clean it immediately. If you dont, the dirt and debris can ultimately stain the clothing you place on the line.

You will also want to regularly inspect your line for any damage and have it repaired immediately. Some even recommend you use a good polish on the metal components of your rotary washing line at least twice per year to maintain its durability as well as appearance.

When deciding which rotary washing line is best for you, it is important to consider the space you have available for the washing line as well as the size of your household. You want to make sure it is big enough to accommodate all your laundry. You also want something that is durable and can withstand the elements.

The biggest benefits of using a rotary washing line are the money savings as well as the time and energy you will save. The wind and sun will dry your clothes properly without any extra energy expenditure. It is also a durable and cost-effective way of drying your clothing while preserving its lifespan.


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