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It can be any types of agro-forestry waste and forest waste, such as sawdust, wood branches, rice husk, coconut shell, coconut fibers, coffee husk, bagasse, cassava, elephant grass, groundnut husks, old cartons and cardboard papers, news papers, maize stalks, soybean stalks, cotton stalks, rape stalks, sunflower stalks, wood chips, coffee husk, bamboo, mustard stalk, nutshell, etc .

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Start to Make Your Own Biopellets Whether your interest is making pellets from sawdust or leaves or even cardboard, this small wood pellet machine with diesel engine is an entry level pellet machine that can get you not only started making burnable biomass pellets but also make extra money by selling pellets to your neighborhood. Help yourself to freefrom your backyard: leaves, hay, grasses, and sawdust are just the beginning. Whatever kind of biopellets you want to make, this portable diesel flat die wood pellet mill is a good answer. With a pellet machine you can also make feed pellets for horses, rabbits, goats, and fish!Or you can make bedding pellets for animal stalls from cardboard with our pellet machines.

Advantages of Portable Wood Pellet Machine with Diesel Engine 1. Mobile flat die wood pellet machine with capacity ranges from 40kg/h to 550kg/h. 2. Driven by a diesel engine makes wood pellets production possible especially in the rural area with shortage supply of electricity. 3. The diesel wood pellet machine runs smoothly with low noise and long life. 4. As the core unit of wood pellet mill, rolls and dies are all made of high alloy metal to ensure a low consumption. 5. Pellets size is from 2-12 mm upon your requirement. When making different size, you just need to change the die mould.

Small Diesel Flat Die Wood Pellet Machine Application For small-scale pellet business or home use. Suitable for biomass pellets production which can be used to stove, boiler for warmth in winter. Materials can be straw, alfalfa, wood waste, cornstalks, cardboard, grass, leaves, clippings, rice husks, branches, wood shavings, sawdust, etc. Moisture content of material: 14%-18% Material size: less than 5mm.

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Wood pellet machine is used to turn wood into pellets. Pellet is a new and renewable type of fuel option. As the promotion of environmental awareness, pellets is gradually taking the domination role in the heating area. Therefore, it is very worthy of investing in pellet making business. Obviously, you would make a great deal of money if you concentrate more on your pelletization project. As a professional manufacturer, Beston promises to supply superior and high efficiency wood pellet making machine for you. If you are intending to buy the machine, contact Beston now. And get a competitive wood pellet machine price from Beston Company.

Wood pellets are the most common type of pellet fuel. Wood pellet is one of the good options for heating. It is an excellent alternative resource for coal, natural gas, fossil fuel, and electricity. So, its high profiting to make wood pellets when you have a large quantity of wood. Of course, there are more advantages of using wood pellets as fuel. If you like, welcome to share them with us.

BKL-10, BKL-20, BKL-25, BKL-30 pellet machine are designed to meet different customers demands. They are applicable for large scale business and small scale business. So, you would obtain the proper model from Beston Company. If you need us to help you to choose the wood pellet mill machine, leave us your message and describe your situation and demands, such as raw material, output, factory area, destination, etc. Then, we would give you professional suggestions as soon as possible.

Quality guaranteed: all products of Beston are certified. We have CE, ISO certificates. The wood pellet making machine for sale adopts Q235B and the mold adopts 20CrMoTi which have high strength and toughness, especially high and low-temperature impact toughness. Good materials ensure a long service lifetime. If you buy the machine from Beston, you would save a lot of maintenance costs and use it for a long time.

High-tech: we equip timing and quantitative feeding device, automatic lubrication system, and automatic breaking andautomatic dischargingdevice for wood pellet maker for sale. Therefore, it enables 24h continuous work automatically and no maintenance.

Simple operation: it adopts a simple touch-tone to start up the machine. Then, it would begin the normal pellet making process automatically. There is no need to train the worker on how to use the machine. Just do the following guidelines that the manufacturer provides for you.

We just list five advantages of Beston wood pellet mill for sale. In fact, there are more advantages, such as cost-effective, clean and tidy, eco-friendly, and competitive price, etc. Want to know more about our machine, welcome to contact us. Then, you would get more detailed introductions on biomass pellet making machine.

Wood and wood pellets all can be used to make a fire to provide thermal value. Through deeper and comprehensive research, it is verified that wood pellet is obviously more superior to wood. Maybe you have many doubts and suspicions on some questions. For example, what are the differences between them? And, what are the advantages of them? Here, Beston would like to make a comparison from the four points to show them visually and vividly for you.

Volume: wood pellets are made by the process of crushing and pressing. So, wood pellets are smaller than wood. They are more convenient for storage and transportation. While, most types of wood have a larger size. If you want to buy fuel resource from a long distance place, youd better choose wood pellets that are made by wood fuel pellet making machine.

Safety: burning wood pellets is very safe and clean. There is no harm. While, if you choose to burn wood directly, it would give off flame sparks that may lead to burns. You are taking a big risk using the wood for heating. Thus, it is better to choose wood pellet considering your safety.

Eco-friendly: there is no smoke and harmful substance production when you make pellets with sawdust pellet making machine and burn pellets. As we all know, burning wood directly are forbidden by the government in many rural places. It would make lots of smoke which would make pollution to the air and affect our health. So, wood pellets are more eco-friendly.

Although burning wood directly is cheaper than wood pellets, wood pellets are more cost-effective and eco-friendly in the long run. Wood pellets made from wood pellet machines for sale have no pollution and high calorific value. Now, believe you already have a right and proper choice between the two options. Its welcomed to contact us at any time.

Shred to the required size: use the crusher to make raw material: 2-5mm in diameter. If your raw material is 1-2cm that can be pelleted directly without a crusher. Crusher is equipped for large diameter raw materials. So, it is optional for your project. Whether need or not depends on your raw materials.

Packaging: pour the cooled pellets into bags and keep them in a dry and well-ventilated area to prevent the finished wood pellets from moisture. Certainly, you can use a temperature and humidity controlled warehouse to store the wood pellets if you have large batches.

The above are the five working process to make wood pellets. It fully demonstrates how to make wood pellets for you. Hope you have a complete understanding of them. Surely, you can watch the video mentioned to learn them deeply and clearly.

-2. Whats the diameter of the finished wood pellets? Commonly, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm are the standard wood pellet diameter. If you need customized service, please contact us. Note: diameter is proportional to output. You will make more wood pellets if you make them in a larger diameter.

-3. How many container cabinets are needed? For the BKL-10 and BKL-20 biomass wood pellet machine, a small cabinet is enough. For the BKL-25, BKL-30, a large cabinet is required. Note: it is for one set of machines. It would be different if you order many sets of wood pellet makers from Beston Company.

-4. Whats your delivery time of wood pellet manufacturing equipment? One set: 20 workdays. Above five sets: 25-40 workdays; 40-50 workdays are needed when you order the accessory equipment: crusher, dryer, etc.

Wood pellet machine turns dried sawdust, wood shavings, and wood chips into wood pellets. Wood pellets are a kind of renewable and cost-effective resource. They will have a broader market in the near future. So, take a big step toward the wood pelleting business now! You would definitely achieve huge success through investing wood pelleting project. Meanwhile, pyrolysis plant, charcoal marker machine, waste oil distillation equipment, and egg tray machine are also Beston main products. The products of Beston Company are widely sold to more than 60 countries and regions in Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and so on. So, rest assured to purchase what you need from Beston Company now. And, leave a message to get a competitive wood pellet machine price now! Please feel free to give your inquiry in the form. We will reply in 24h. Product Model: Your Name (required): Your Email (required): Your Tel(required): Your Country: Your Company: Your Message (required):

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Wood pellet machine for sale uses different kinds of wood to make pellets as the fuel. Because of environmental-friendly and high-return features, this kind of machine has been widely applied. Beston offers four models to process 1-3 tons of wood. Besides, fast shipment and installation are available.

Wood in different shapes or different kinds all can be pelletized into pellets, for example, wood logs, round wood, wood branches, wood chips, wood shavings. Use pellet machine to make high-profit pellets now.

Final wood pellets can be widely used as fuel. It has the following features: Wood pellets have a small size. It is to transport and store. It has a high heating value, which can reach 3000-4000 kcal/kg.

This machine has a long service life because it is made by good materials, for example, Q235B steel (machine body), 20CrMoTi (mould). Besides, heating treatment makes the spare parts have good resistance.

Wood pellet making machine for sale is a good option when customers do this wood pellet making business. It is easy to operate and maintain. Moreover, customers also can get returns from final quality products quickly. Beston has some cases in America, Thailand, etc. Sometimes, Beston offers some discounts. Contact us now.

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Wood pellets are the biofuels made from the compressed sawdust and similar industrial waste products. Commercial wood pellet manufacturing plants are now providing more wood pellets globally as the consumption of this biofuel is increasing due to an increase in the prices of other fuels. The world is trying to take control of global warming, so, now governments are putting more emphasis on the consumption of eco-friendly fuels over fuels like petroleum, coal, etc. (Read more: Biomass Pellet Making Machine >>)

Wood pellet has gained its popularity as one of the mostly used renewable fuel sources in recent years; as a result, wood pellet manufacturing has become a sunrise industry, which means it is promising and profitable. Now in many countries, there are wood pellet manufacturing plants. It can make pellets from wood shaving, sawdust, wood chip, branches, logs, and so on.

Wood Pellet Machinery is the key part in the complete biomass pellet plant. Its quality determines the quality of wood pellets, so you need to keep an eye on choosing the proper wood pellet machine manufacturers. (Read more: How to Choose Your Own Fuel Pellet Mill >>)

As one of the world leading commercial wood pellet machine manufacturers, GEMCO has years of experience in researching and developing machines to manufacture wood pellets as well as other types of biomass fuels. For your specific raw wood material, GEMCO will choose the most suitable equipment for you, and the wood pellet making equipment will has the best compression ratio (which determines the quality of your wood pellets) for your raw material.

If you want to manufacture wood pellets or start wood pellet manufacturing business, it is wise to make a business plan first. The plan shall include your raw material, your capacity, your budget, your funds, your workshop, and so on. (Read more: Starting a Charcoal Briquette Business >>)

If you have soft wood as raw material, you choose large wood pellet machine or D-type small pellet machine; if you have hard wood as raw material, you choose large pellet machine or R-type small pellet machine.

If you are planning to start wood pellet manufacturing business, but have related knowlege about how to choose a right wood pellet manufacturing equipment, please contact us, we are professional, we can offer the customized plan based on your budget, help you to get the BEST equipment. You're welcomed to contact us at anytime. We will give you reply asap!

Buy High Quality Wood Pellet Manufacturing Equipment to Make Biomass Pellets Fuel: Hot Sale Wood Pellet Making Machines Offered by Wood Pellet Machinery Manufacturer or Supplier, Guide on Process of Wood Pellet Production and How to Start Wood Pellet Manufacturing Business with Limited Cost in Tanzania, Egypt, Morocco, Ghana, South Korea, etc..

If we look into the past decade, then according to stats annual growth of wood pellets has increased every year. Its growth was 19.5 million metric tonnes in the year 2012 and reached 35.4 million metric tonnes in the year 2018. Various factors have affected the production and consumption rates of wood pellets. The most common reason is that economies are thriving gradually which means they have more fuel needs today. So in order to meet those needs industries prefer biofuels as they are cheap and environmentally friendly. More and more commercial wood pellet manufacturing plants are being developed all over the world to produce more pellets according to the worlds demands.

According to the studies, the estimated global wood pellet manufacturing market price was USD 9 million in the year 2017. Marketing experts have estimated an increase of 8.7% in compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from the year 2017 to 2027. Western Europe is the actual winner in this field as it is manufacturing wood pellets in large amounts and supplying to numerous countries to make its presence known in the market. America that has a global wood pellet market share of 7.8% comes after Europe in this field. The Asia Pacific and the Middle East and Africa are also estimated to play a major role in the wood pellet manufacturing in the near future.

There are numerous reasons that will cause an increase in the manufacturing of wood pellets in the future. In North America, an increase in the wood pellets consumption on commercial, industrial, as well as on domestic level is expected. It is because the prices of coal and petroleum fuels are increasing so people are moving towards wood pellets leaving the expensive fuels behind. In Western Europe, the government is putting much more focus on reducing carbon emissions as it is destroying nature slowly and causing issues like global warming, floods, etc. (Read more: Pellet Mill Canada >>)

The Canadian government is also making new regulations to decrease coal usage and increase consumptions of other heating sources such as wood pellets. They have planned to decrease the usage of coal by 12 million tons by the end of 2030 which will eventually boost the consumption and manufacture of wood pellets. As people rely on coal for so many reasons so when they will be asked to replace it with a better source they would come for the wood pellets sooner than later. So the world needs more commercial wood pellet manufacturing machine today as people are turning towards wood pellets for their basic needs.

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With over 24 years of combined experience in the biomass, wood, and farming industries ELF Systems is proud to bring to the market, specialized grinding and pellet making systems designed for the smaller operator who wants absolute quality.

We understand that buying a piece of quality equipment is a large investment and comes with numerous anxieties and concerns, not only of the equipment but of the process itself. Thats why we offer a 4 stage peace of mind guarantee for each customer.

We offer peace of mind, with modern and innovative designs. Our systems are heavy duty, built to the highest quality, using the best materials available at an affordable price. Our HB lines of pellet mills have low cost of production, with very little downtime for the operator. Our models include

We manufacture our systems in the heart of the Czech Republic, just outside of Prague. We welcome tours of our facilities so you can have peace of mind that the equipment is made with the highest of quality. We are leading suppliers of turnkey industrial-grade small grinding and pellet making machines in the USA & North America. Our Pellet Mills utilize the latest machinery, designed by us built by us! We guarantee our equipment to work and offer full training via internet or even in person.

Make your own pellets from just about any material alfalfa, hops, grass, wood, hemp, municipal waste (MSW), algae, biomass etc for use as feed, fuel, fertilizer, litter or anything you require. Accomplish this efficiently with our custom-built turnkey specialized mini pellet plants. We offer systems that handle everything from grinding to packaging. Our turnkey pellet mills are suitable for 100kg up to 300kg per hour (depending on model and material)

All of our equipment is designed with efficiency and longevity in mind, also our main goal is to make our clients operations profitable and sustainable for years to come. We deliver you quality turn key systems that will run for years.

complete biomass wood pellet production line

The complete biomass wood pellet production lineIncluding chipping section, grinding section, drying section, storing materialssection, pelletizing section, cooling section, packing sectionand computer control terminal system. Depending on the raw materials used, the equipment used will vary.

The biomass wood pellets can be used as a new energy for power generation in lager power plants ; can be used for fireplace, BBQ, etc. ;can be used for boiler;provide comprehensive nutrition for crops; increase and renew soil organic matter.

There are many different raw materials can be used in the biomass wood pellet production line, for example wood log, wood chips, wood sawdust, rice hush, straw, palm shell, EFB, wet or dry grass, alfalfa, hemp, tire fiber, organic fertilizer, waste paper, and so on.

The dried wood chips from buffer silo to belt conveyor, then wood chips will be conveyed by the belt conveyor into the wood hammer mill evenly, to be grinded there , then grinded powder move into the cyclone.

The stove offer heat by burning, fan blower pass the heat wind to rotary dryer. The rotary dryer can adjust the rotary speed to control the flow and transport speed of material. All of above parts guaranteed the final output capacity and drying effect of the rotary dryer.

The wood pellet machinein pelletizing section, after some times storage , the moisture of material in the material, silo is evenly, easy to formation, rotexmaster new biomass wood pellet machine , high efficiency, strong stability, low maintenance cost ; each device highly independent, more reasonable program design.

The counter flow circulating wind cooling wood pellets to room temperature . The cyclone collecting the dust , ensure clean. There is a simple screener below the cooling silo, screening cooled wood pellets, make pellets quality better, more standard.

We have professional After-sales service center with experienced and skillful engineers. When problem of equipment occurs, our engineers will be assigned to your site to solve problems timely. Also spare parts can be provided timely due to oversea warehouses.

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Biomass burner is a kind of heating equipment. wood pellet burner use the wood pellets, wood chips, nut shell as the fuel. biomass burner for boiler is suitable for boiler, greenhouse heating and othe heating place.

The rotary dryer is mainly composed of a cylinder body, a roller ring, a base retaining roller and a tail dust removing device. The hot air and the material are contacted in the cylinder body, and the material is designed to make the material and the hot air fully contact to achieve the drying effect.

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Pelletizing mill / Granulating machine for wood pellets Descriptions: wood pellets mill is specially designed for biomass industrial production of wood pellets, the raw materials are easy to obtain, like groundnu...

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Pelletizing Mill / Granulating Machine Briquetteing Machine for Wood Pellets Descriptions: wood pellets mill is specially designed for biomass industrial production of wood pellets, the raw materials are easy to ...

Pelletizing Mill / Granulating Machine Briquetteing Machine for Wood Pellets Descriptions: wood pellets mill is specially designed for biomass industrial production of wood pellets, the raw materials are easy to ...

Pelletizing mill / Granulating machine for wood pellets Descriptions: wood pellets mill is specially designed for biomass industrial production of wood pellets, the raw materials are easy to obtain, like groundnu...

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Im looking for a turnkey flat die pellet mill plant. Id like to be at 1200 lbs an hour. My raw materials is green softwood hemlock with 50% moisture . I will also need a bagging system as well. What do I need to make a high quality wood pellet as far as equipment? I will also need a bagging system as I will be selling the pellets I make

Hello Josh, you put this question up on my new blog and I dont really know how to use a blog effectively yet. So sorry for the very late reply. My email address [email protected] is the best way to reach me until I get this blogging thing down. Being the cheap bastard that I am I would use a cheaper way to do the bagging on a small system like you are thinking about. You are going to need a hammermill (assuming your Hemlock is already in chips the size of your thumb or smaller) a wood pellet mill and a dryer. Total for these three pieces of equipment shipped to most any major US port is about $15,000.00 US or less. For the bagging on a small plant I think you are better off building some 12 inch by 12 inch by 12 inch plywood boxes with 1/4 inch hardware cloth (kind of like used in a rabbit cage) on the bottom. Fill them with pellets and allow them to cool off for 15 minutes or so, shake the hell out of the box of pellets to remove any sawdust then fit a bag over the top and flip it over to fill the bag. Sell them as a cubic foot of pellets and explain that it will still be approximately 40 lbs of pellets in each bag to your customers. A pellet cooler will cost $5,000 or so with the vibratory sieve a conveyor to move those pellets to a surge bin for a bagging machine is another $1,500.00 and the bagging machine with calibrated scales to weigh each bag is another $10,000 or so. You dont need to spend those dollars on such a small pellet plant. But dont get me wrong, Id still sell it to you or anybody who wants it, but I want you to be aware that there are less expensive ways to go.

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Due to unique ring de assembling and independent drive on all parts from feeding to pelletizing and lubricating, our ring die pellet machines are featured of elegant structure design, high output, low power consumption and easy operation.

Small Pellet machines with flat die design are mostly applicable in households and normal life due to their low price, easy operation, small size and output. However, for industrial or commercial wood pellet production, a ring die pellet machine is needed.

Ring die pellet mill machine fro industrial pellet production line generally consists of the following systems: feeding, driving, pelleting, lubrication, safety device, ring die assembling and disassembling.

The key components of pelleting system in a industrial biomass pellet machine is ring die and rollers. The ring die is a honeycomb zone which contains a plethora of aligned pores. The ring die is fabricated by using high-chromium stainless steel alloy alongside with good heat treatment. The ring die unleashes good wear-resistant quality, strength and super high hardness property. It can be used to produce pellets within the range of 2.5mm to 12mm as the clients requirements. The universally approved standard for a ring die is 8mm or 6mm.

The rollers are sitting on the eccentric shaft. With the help of a bearing, you will be able to assemble the rollers. The bearing can be lubricated via the middle oil duct linked directly with the backside grease pump. This will help for constant lubrication while the pelletizing process is on. At every end of the eccentric shaft, bearings are protected. With advanced heat treatment and top-notch alloy steel, you will be able to also forge the housing of the shaft. This will help to increase performance of the press rollers.

A grease pump is located behind the biomass pellet machine. In the pelletizing chamber, the function of the grease pump is to help in lubricating the two press rollers. Pelletizing is a normal condition requires a consistent and steady lubricating system. It helps the roller bearings to work in both high temperature and pressure conditions. If this condition is not satisfied, you'll discover that the longevity of roller bearings become limited because they may be prone to a quick damage. This feature makes ABC Machinery a outstanding pellet mill suppliers in the entire industry.

This box is basically designed with two system systems. Driving torque is moved to the primary shaft through the coupling technique when the main motor starts operating. This will help to lessen vibration and reduce noise as well. The hold hoop is used to tighten the ring die to one corner of the primary shaft. Which this occurs, you will quickly experience a gyration on the shaft. (Our BPM250 & BPM350 Pellet Presses are directly operated by V-belt, while BPM420 & BPM508 Pellet Presses are driven by gear box. )

The ring die pellet machine is designed to provide a gamut of pelletizing solutions. In most cases, you can use this well-designed wood pellet machine for the processing of biomass wastes, sawdust, wood chips, sun flower stalk, forestry wastes, hulls, paddy straw, solid power items and other wastes. The key parts of industrial wood pellet machine is ring die and press rollers. After pelletizing, the bulk density of biomass raw materials can be increased from 130kg/m3 to 1100kg/m3. The final density is comfortable for storage & transportation at a high fuel value.

Across the national and global landscape, ABC MACHINERY is known as a specialized producer and supplier of biomass pellet machine. In recent years, we have been able to export our pellet mill across the globe such as Africa, Asia and European nations. Our well-trained experts are always ready to render a professional service to customers in a time of need. Feel freee to contact us anytime when your want more information!

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Wood pellet machine is a pelletizing equipment for wood pellet production and is one of the components of wood pellet plant. wood pellet making machine uses wood waste such as crop straw, firewood, wood chips, grass, hay, alfalfa, rice husk, palm kernel shell and sawdust as raw materials. The raw materials are made into pellets through the pellet plant process. Wood burning pellets are widely used for civil heating and domestic energy, such as pellet stove fuel, wood pellet furnace fuel, power plant fuel, etc.

As a professional wood pellet machine manufacturer, supplier and exporter, Double Crane Machinery has dedicated to manufacturing and supplying one stop biomass pellets production solution to worldwide customer since its foundation in 2005. Our biomass equipment mainly includes wood pellet mill, grass pellet machine, crusher, dryer, pellet cooler, pellet sifter, automatic packaging equipment and complete wood pellet plant. Product quality and customer satisfaction are our long-term commitment to global customers. Our biomass pellet equipment has been exported to more than 60 countries. Sincerely expect to be your partner.

Wood pellet machine can be divided into two types: the flat die pellet machine and the ring die pellet machine. The raw materials are usually composed of compacted sawdust and related industrial wastes from the milling of lumber, manufacture of wood products and furniture. Other industrial waste sources include empty fruit bunches, palm kernel shells, coconut shells and branches. They are solidified into high-density pellet fuel by processing. They are widely used for pellet stoves, biomass power plants, etc. More information available

Wood hammer mill may be used to reduce the size, or change the form, of biomass waste materials so they can be more easily disposed of or recycled. It is your best choice for crushing all kinds of coarse fiber materials such as grass, wood chips, wood sticks, corn cob, cotton straw, crop stalks, palm fiber, PVC foam board, waste rubber etc. Wood hammer mill has the features of compact structure, high efficiency, widely used in many areas and safe in use. More information available

Wood pellet plant is a complete pellet production process, from raw material crushing to final wood pellet packaging. It is mainly composed of wood crushers, wood pellet mill, dryers, coolers, pellet sifter and packaging machines. The capacity of our wood pellet plant for sale ranging from 200kg to 20 tons per hour, is widely used in farms and large-scale commercial pelletizing plants. We offer a wide range of solutions for biomass pellet plants. More information available

Sticking on the product developing ideas of simpleness, perfection, quality and innovation, we have been always focused on designing and manufacturing pellet machines since the foundation in 2005.In recent years, we were continuously investing in technology and manufacturing. We had invested up to 60 million RMB to build 19200 square meters manufacturing base, and 10 million in technological innovation, automatic and integrative technology development. The capacity of our wood pellet making machine for sale ranging from 200 kg to 20 tons per hour. We have always worked harder to become the leader in biomass pellet machine manufacturing, marketing and service, we try our best to develop innovative products, keep high product quality, shorter delivery time and control competitive cost to meet the demands of our worldwide customers. Welcome to visit our factory.

Shandong Double Crane Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.(Double Crane Machinery) is the wood pellet machine expert who has been dedicated to deigning and manufacturing the wide range of pellet machine. As a professional pellet machine manufacturer, supplier and exporter. We has dedicated to manufacturing and supplying one stop biomass pellet and feed pellet production solutions to worldwide customer since its foundation in 2005.

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RICHI wood pellet making machine ensures high output and efficient control of the wood pelleting process. The wood pellet mill machine is dimensioned for large forces and designed with exchangeable wear parts.

Regarding the wood pellet manufacturing equipment to be discussed in this topic, we usually call it a wood pellet machine or wood pellet mill, because this type of processing machinery came into being in response to the demand for wood pellets. However, with the continuous development of wood pellet making machine technology, wood pelletizers can be used to process various biomass pellets, mainly containing agricultural waste and forestry waste pellets, etc. Regarding its application, there will be more possibilities in the future. Nowadays, more people will name this equipment after the raw materials they use, such as: wood pellet machine, straw pellet machine, palm shell pellet machine, rice husk pellet machine, hay grass pellet machine, and other biomass wood pellet machine, etc. What these different raw materials have in common is: biomass waste.

Pelleting requires just the right combination of force, moisture, and temperature to achieve the perfect consistency. Our ability to achieve this perfect combination comes from configuring the right wood pellet manufacturing equipment in your wood pellet production line. RICHI pelleting solutions include everything for turning your waste resources into the perfect pellet, from the conditioning and extruding to drying and cooling and everything in between.

On the top of the wood pellet machine with a anti-caking bin . Inside the bin, there have two rollers for breaking the sawdust to avoid becoming cake . And the bin can keep wood pellet machine working more smoothly.

Because the wood sawdust is too light , so it is difficult to enter into the wood pelleting chamber , so we add a force feeder here to improve the efficiency of the wood pelleting process.

Optimized structure of the wood pelleting chamber ensures the uniformity of the material and maximizes the working potential of the wood pellet machine. Through the pressure between ring die and rollers, to make pellets. After pelleting , the wood pellets temperature is high about 70-80. And have 98% qualified pellets, 2% powder.

This is the 304 stainless steel ring die, it determines the final sizes of the feed! For the ring die, it has the following data: d, which refers to the diameter of the ring die ; h, which the the depth of the hole, or you can say the thickness of the hole. (d/h=compression ratio). The bigger the h is, the long time is needed to press the materials out from the ring die, more power will be required to press them, so the final wood pellets will be harder. Because thedis fixed.

To control the length of final wood pellets , means through adjust the distance between cutter and ring die to get the different length of wood pellets.

When the pellet machine running , inside the pelletizing chamber ,the temperature is very high, and the moisture of sawdust enter into the pellet chamber is 15%-17% ,so it will produce a lot of steam . In order to keep the pellet machine good working, so we open a hole here, to connect with draught fan and cyclone, to exchange the steam inside the chamber and also reduce the temperature in the chamber.

Siemens electric motors are synonymous with quality, innovation and the highest efficiency. The high efficiency level reduces energy consumption and directly saves costs for users. High protection level to ensure the safety and reliability for users.

Generally speaking, the wood pellet mill does not need to be equipped with a conditioner. If customers have special process and application requirements (such as processing grass, sawdust and other biomass as raw materials to feed animals), we can configure conditioners and customize the volume.

Due to the difference in electricity consumption in many countries, if clients have special electricity requirements on the machines, clients should pay the extra cost of electricity special needs.

The customers can choose the position of the motor, stainless steel pellet chamber door can be left-hinged or right hinged to suit the installation, the size of the feed screw, colour, etc., and many more are available depending on the wood pellet machine type.

RICHI led the way in developing specialized wood pellet mills and ring dies to produce various types of pellets both efficiently and economically. Innovative engineering and design have been combined with the latest manufacturing technology. The ring die wood pellet mills are built to operate 24 hours a day under tough running conditions to match the output requirements.

With RICHI you have complete control over every step of production, and we offer tailored solutions for the whole process of pelleting, grinding, conditioning, screening and cooling. With strong reliability and easy operation, your RICHI wood pellet mill is backed by the finest service, and support groups within the industry.

Our extensive experience combined with our expert test facilities allows our engineers to accurately calculate whether your biomass can be economically pelleted. Furthermore, were continuously investigating pelleting of alternate biomass species. Below we will list the selection of wood pellet granulators for some of our projects.

Materials: Wood waste from furniture factories, paper mills Wood Pellet Machine: MZLH520*4 Sets Pellet Size:6-8mm Wood Pellet Machine Price:180,000 USD Project Cost: 1,300,000 USD Project Location: United States

Use a wood chipper machine to crush the wood waste materials into small wood chips, and use a wood hammer mill crusher to crush the small wood chips into wood sawdust to meet the requirements. Since the average water content of the wood pellet raw materials of this project is about 20%, it needs to be dried to a water content of 5% before production. The dried wood powder is conveyed to the wood pelletizer through a conveyor for pelletization. The pelleting process is a physical process without any adhesives and no chemical reaction. The unformed or unqualified pellets are screened out through the rotary grading sieve, and the unqualified pellets enter the wood crushing device for reuse, and the qualified products are packaged and put into storage.

The raw sawdust is sieved through a roller screen, and the impurities (wood blocks) are screened out. The wood sawdust meets the requirements of granulation. The wood sawdust is conveyed to the wood granulator by a belt conveyor. After the wood sawdust is forced into the ring die by the pressure roller, the cylindrical granules are continuously extruded and cut into the required length by a cutter. After extrusion, the wood pellets are cooled by a pellet cooler, and finally packaged by a baler, and the product is put into storage for sale.

Materials: 50% moisture wood chips , 50% moisture sawdust Wood Pellet Machine: MZLH520*1 Set Pellet Size: 6-12mm Wood Pellet Machine Price: 46000 USD Project Cost: 200000 USD Project Location: Canada

Due to the relatively small size of the wood waste raw materials in this project, they can be directly fed into the wood crusher via a conveyor belt for crushing treatment. The crushed materials are screened and processed by the screen that comes with the wood sawdust crusher. Since the moisture content of the raw materials cannot meet the production requirements, the raw materials need to be dried. The dried materials are transported to the wood pellet making machine to press to form biomass pellets, the qualified products after pelletizing are transported to the cooler for cooling using a belt conveyor, and then the biomass pellets are packaged in a packing bag.

First, the raw materials need to be crushed, sieved, magnetically separated, and dried. Then use a forklift to shovel the dried material into the silo of the pelleting system, and then use the conveyor to transport it to the granulation hopper for granulation. The granulation is made into finished products by extrusion. The extrusion process is a physical process, no adhesive is added, and no chemical reaction occurs. The granulator adopts electric heating and the set temperature is about 80C.

First, the wood chip material is pulverized by a wood sawdust pulverizer to make the particle size less than 5mm. The purchased raw materials have a high moisture content due to rain or irregular stacking. In order to ensure product quality, a wood dryer is required to dry the raw materials so that the moisture content reaches the granulation requirements (the moisture content is less than 15%) ). The dried raw materials are sent to the wood pellet maker machine through the bucket elevator to be granulated. The temperature in the wood pelleting machine is controlled at 110~120, and the raw materials are compressed into granules by using the moisture inside the raw materials that are not completely dried. The wood pellet granulator pressurizes the uniformly stirred raw materials into granules. Through the compression of external force, the lower pressure is transmitted to the biomass particles, so that the arrangement structure of the loosely stacked solid particles begins to change, and the internal voids of the biomass are reduced. The extruded material is formed at the exit of the pelletizer. The whole process is physical extrusion without adding any binder. The pelletized biomass particles of the project are cooled by a pellet cooling machine, and then packaged by a fully automatic packaging scale, and then ready to be sold.

Waste wood scraps are crushed by a wood pulverizer to make the particle size less than 5mm. In view of the high water content of some waste wood scraps, it is necessary to dry the pulverized particles using it as the raw material to make the water content reach the granulation requirements (the water content is less than 5%). The raw materials are fed into the ring die wood pelletizing equipment through the feeding screw conveyor, and the finished product is formed by extrusion molding. The wood pelleting process is a physical process without any adhesive and no chemical reaction. Except for the connection of the feeding screw conveyor and the discharge port, the extrusion process is a physical process. In addition, the equipment is sealed. The finished wood pellets are naturally cooled through transportation, so that the temperature can reach the conditions of packaging, and finally packaging and storage for sale.

First, the raw materials are sliced, crushed and dried. Then use a forklift to put into the feed port of the screw conveyor, manually sort out the raw materials that do not meet the requirements in appearance and volume before feeding, so as to avoid damage to the equipment, and send it to the wood pellet making machine by the enclosed screw conveyor, and physically extrude the material. Granules (specifications: 6-8mm in diameter, 4-5cm in length), the final product is sent to the cooling chamber by a belt conveyor to cool, and then the belt conveyor enters the ton bag, which is the finished biomass wood pellets.

After the beech wood raw materials are subjected to magnetic separation and sieving, they are added to the wood crusher for pulverization, and the pulverized semi-finished products are transported to the wood drying equipment through the sealed pipeline under negative pressure to dry the moisture. The dried semi-finished product is sent to the wood pellet press through the sealed pipeline for granulation, and the finished biomass beech wood pellets are cooled by the pellet cooler and then packaged by automatic bagging equipment.

The wood raw materials are screened by the screener and are mainly used for the screening of raw materials. The sieve hole of the rolling screen is about 1cm. Large pieces of material enter the wood crusher, and small pieces of material directly enter the wood pelletizer machine. The sifted raw materials are sent to the wood hammer mill crusher by a belt conveyor, and then the crushed raw materials are dried by the wood dryer. The dried raw materials are sent to the extrusion bin of the pellet processing machine by the screw conveyor, and the crushed materials are squeezed into the ring die through the pressure roller, and the hot extrusion molding of the mold is performed, and the extruded materials are being pelletized. The extruded material is cut into cylindrical pellets at the exit of the pelletizer, and the whole process is physical extrusion without adding any binder. The temperature of the formed material can be 60~80C. The product is cooled by a fan in the cooling chamber, and then the finished wood pellets from the discharge port are packaged and stored.

Use a chipper to perform primary processing on the raw wood waste, and chip the raw materials on the original basis to meet the subsequent processing needs; the particle size of the raw material after chipping is still large, which is not easy to granulate, and the wood hammer mill crusher is used to further crush it. The moisture content of the raw materials is about 40%, which is not conducive to subsequent processing, so use a wood dryer to dry. Use a belt conveyor to send the biomass waste materials to the new design high quality biomass wood pellet making machine to be compacted and granulated to form finished pellets. Rice husk is directly made into rice husk biomass pellet fuel through this process.

Various agricultural and forestry waste materials are crushed using a slicer and a pulverizer, and the particle size after crushing is less than 1 cm. After two times of magnetic separation and one time of screening, the sieved materials are conveyed to the wood granulator by the closed conveyor belt for granulation. The raw materials are compressed into granules with a diameter in the range of 8mm~10mm and a density in the range of 0.8t/m3~1.2t/m3 by using wood pelletingmachines. Qualified products enter the next process; unqualified products are returned to the production process for use as raw materials; in the process of pressurizing the biomass to form the biomass due to physical effects, the biomass will rise slightly to 75-80C. The pellets from the wood pellet mill machine are conveyed to the finished product warehouse for cooling, and the moisture content of the finished product is about 5%. The qualified biomass pellets are measured and packaged to obtain the finished product, which is temporarily stored in the finished product warehouse of the factory for external sale. The formed pellets have a large specific gravity and a small volume, which is convenient for storage and transportation. It is a high-quality solid fuel with high volatile content.

After drying, the material is conveyed to the biomass wood pellet pressby the conveyor belt, and is fed by the leucorrhea feeding equipment of the ring die biomass wood pellet making machine. The biomass raw material is sent to the feeding chamber of the wood pellet maker machine, in the distributor and scraper. Under the combined action of the dies, it is evenly spread on the ring die, and then the material is squeezed into the die hole. The material undergoes forming and shape retention processes in the die hole. Due to the increase in pressure in the ring die biomass wood pelletizier machine, the particles themselves deform and flow plastically, and generate a lot of heat under the action of friction, which causes the lignin contained in the raw materials to soften and increase the adhesion force. The combined action of cellulose makes the biomass gradually shape, and after a certain period of time, it is extruded in a cylindrical shape. The rotating cutter cuts the material to form a cylindrical shape and sends it out through the discharge port. This 400kg/h simple design biomass wood agricultural waste pellet line project does not add binder during the pelletizing process.

The scale of biomass wood pellet production. If the scale of production is expanded, the number of equipment or production lines needs to be increased, and the total investment price will basically increase proportionally.

Equipment model selection. There are many types. When choosing, be sure to consult experts in biomass pelleting, or ask those wood pellet manufacturing equipment sales personnel for details, and pay special attention to economic indicators such as operating power consumption and maintenance costs.

The characteristics of raw materials. The processing technology of different raw materials is very different. The more difficult the type of pellets to process, the higher the investment cost of the biomass pellet production line.

Different regions, different suppliers, different quality of pellet machine, and different prices. What you need is an absolutely reliable wood pellet mill manufacturer.

Appropriately increasing investment in high-quality equipment can extend the service life of all accessories, reduce maintenance costs, and greatly increase production. This means that costs can be recovered in a short period of time, and profits and returns can be effectively increased.

Not only wood pellets, our wood pellet mill can also be used to process urban organic matter pellets, organic fertilizer pellets, etc. Waste by-products can be highly valuable! A wide variety of materials that are considered waste can be transformed, in most cases, into marketable recycled goods. Among many other pellet production processes, pelleting can further increase the value of these products.

The composted wastes are passed through the dryer and sterilizer, and purified from all harmful bacteria, fungi etc. Some of raw materials include: dried chicken, pig and cow manure from intensive animal production, kitchen waste, agricultural waste straw, etc.

Even at the end of their useful life, many of the components in waste ties contain valuable raw materials, and RICHI has the pellet processing technology and expertise to extract and reuse it.

Cat littler is used to bury cat feces and urine, usually in cat litter box or cat toilet. According to the different raw materials and processing technology, a feed pelletizing machine can also be used to process cat litter pellets.

PET is mainly used for fibers, and a small amount is used for films and engineering plastics. The molding process of PET includes injection molding, pelletizing, blow molding, coating, bonding, electroplating and so on.

Developed from a design concept proven on more than 2000 operating machines sold throughout the world, the RICHI wood pellet mill machine series continues to advance and offer reliability, maximum efficiency, and ease of operation and maintenance.

RICHI supports its customers all over the world, before, during and after delivering a machine, plant or project. If you have any questions or concerns, do please contact our support service, and a sales manager will contact you as soon as possible to give you all the support you may require.

electric flat die wood pellet mill | pellet making machines supplier

Electric flat die wood pellet machine is an ideal choice for small-scale wood pellet production at home, on the farm, in the yard or outside in the open air. Driven by an electric motor, the flat die wood pellet press is more energy-saving and environmental-friendly. It is important to emphasize that pellets can be easily produced from various biomass wastes, like corn stover, sawdust, bagasse, rice husk, etc. The wood pellets can be used as fuel for heating, cooking, BBQ or animal bedding, cat litter, etc. The flat dies of our flat die wood pellet mill are of various diameters to meet your different application needs.

1. High capacity, low consumption, competitive price, small floor coverage and low failure rate make the flat die pellet machine economical and durable. 2. Small size makes it portable and convenient to move around. 3. Adopt screw center regulating structure, the clearance between rollers and flat die can be adjusted freely. 4. Adopt high precision gear transmission gearbox, ensuring reliable and efficient pelletizing process. 5. Equipped with quick disassembling type precisely-cast die clamp, able to change the new die and rollers fast and conveniently. 6. Both sides of flat dies can be used, so the service life is doubled. 7. Visible pelletizing process, easy to operate and maintain.

1. It is suitable for crude fiber pelletizing, the raw materials can be agricultural and forestry wastes, like corn stover, wood chips, rice husk, cotton stalk, cotton seed hull, weed, etc. 2. It is also applicable for processing the materials with low cohesion rate or shaping rate, and pelletizing the biological bacterial fertilizer, organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer. 3. Flat die wood pellet mill is also good pelletizing equipment for animal bedding. Wood pellets can absorb up to 4 times their weight in moisture and ammonia to keep their house clean and fresh.

The flat die wood pellet mill is worked with rotating rollers and stationary flat die. The raw materials are fed into the feed hopper first, then fall down directly into the pelletizing chamber because of gravity. Under the effect of friction, the materials are compressed into the flat die holes. After shaping, the materials are squeezed out in the form of pellets. The rotating sharp cutter would immediately cut the exposed pellets into certain length.