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thorium ore farming routes (wow classic and tbc)

Some of the areas changed in Burning Crusade Classic because some mobs became non-elites, but the farming routes are still the same for both Classic Era and TBC Classic. Level 70 players will just have an easier time farming because you can avoid pulling most mobs.

The red line is filled with level 57-58 elites, so if you have bad gear, you should probably just skip that part entirely unless you have stealth. With some practice, you can usually get through only aggroing a few of them.

If you see that the mining nodes are not respawning when you get back to the hive where you started, you should try to mine a few small thorium veins around the edge of the map while moving between the hives. (only level 70 players will have this problem)

thorium ore farming in winterspring

Winterspring is another amazing location when it comes to farming Thorium Ore. All around the edges of Winterspring you will find Small Thorium Deposits as well as Rich Thorium Deposits as well as an occasional Truesilver Vein, all of which are worth stopping for. I have found that it is best to start in the eastern section of Winterspring by the Winterfall camp. From here you just fly around the edges of the zone and collect all of the Thorium as you go. Generally in a single cycle around the zone you will be able to get 5 to 6 stacks of Thorium as well as quite a few rare gems which will double your profits.

Much like farming Thorium in the other zones, Winterspring can support multiple players at once, and does so quite well. In the far western section of the zone, just southwest of Everlook you will find a Yeti cave. Now there is some Thorium in here but since the zone is so big and it respawns so fast I honestly can't recommend wasting time running through the cave for 3-4 nodes where you could get double outside in the same amount of time.

If you want to maximize your profit from farming here be sure to watch my video! Learning where all the nodes are and how to fly around Winterspring to make sure you get a good chance to see them all is very important. For example, in the southern part of Winterspring you will have Frostwhisper Gorge, which you have to fly over in a unique way in order for all of the veins to pop up on your minimap. I would try to explain it but it is difficult to explain. Once you complete the path just fly back north to the starting point and restart it if you would like to continue for more Thorium Ore.

thorium ore farming guide - best places to farm thorium ore

This Thorium Ore farming guide will list the places where I was able to farm the most amount of Thorium in the least amount of time. There are a two types of Thorium Veins you will encounter on these routes, small and rich. It's recommended to have Mining skill 200 before you start farming, because you will get more ores.

I believe Winterspring is the best place for mining Thorium, there is so much Rich Thorium veins in this zone. You could actually just go off the route that I recommend and you will still find Thorium everywhere.

Silithus is also an excellent place to farm Thorium. There are a bunch of caves filled with bugs, but don't go inside them. You will have to fight mobs and you will get dismounted ifyou go inside. (You might also get lost in those caves because it's hard to find out.)

IMPORTANT! If you are level 50 and have done the Argus questline, Silithus will be phased and most Thorium Veins will not be there. But, if you talk to Zidormi, she will allow you to switch between phased/low-level and Legion/level-50+ versions of the Silithus. (if you open the map, she will be marked with a white text bubble at northeast)

thorium ore and the best routes for farming them as of

Within these nodes, theres also Dense Stone. I never had a use for it back then, (except to toss them on the Auction House, because I never had any kind of blacksmithing or engineering profession), so I didnt think there was much point in gathering it. With my autoloot turned off, I manually collected the ore and gems whilst passing up the stone.

In case they arent, you might want to check out VanillaGuides, as they might have updated Mining routes for Classic. I dont think Ill dive into the Classic era, as the hype seemed to have died down pretty quick.

First off, Mining, because you cant exactly mine without said profession to begin with. Though you can still possibly acquire ore through other meanssuch as treasures and chests you pick up while fishing. Not to mention some mobs that can actually be mined for the ore as well.

Jewelcrafting allows you to prospect ore in stacks of five (5), in order to obtain gems, which in turn a Jewelcrafter can craft items out of. Now, some of the gems obtained from Thorium Ore actually sell for a decent chunk on the AH, so thats something to think about. Others not so much, but theyre always good for making rings and necklaces.

Youre going to want to gather every single mining node you find in this zone, in order for the respawn to kick in after a complete look around the route. Which means youll be needing to go into the cave and gather all the ore in there, as well as everything on the outside.

Heres the continent with all of the zones that grant the most amount of ore. The positives with the above, is not many people are going to farm a route with bad respawn value, which makes it so the zones below might have more competition.

I love farming this location because it nets a ton of Thorium, however, there are several ore in underground hives that I dont go into. Despite this, the amount of ore you can get in this zone is great. Also, you dont get too close to any opposing faction areas.

Im actually surprised UnGoro didnt net as much ore as Id thought it would. The nodes arent as clustered and close together as the ones in Silithus, however its a very simplistic route that circles the border of the zone. So much so, that you wouldnt even need to follow a route.

This route in Winterspring isnt a bad one and can net you a lot of ore. This zone has a lot of trees that could get in the way of your finding one of the ore nodes, but thats the only annoyance. Initially, Id had three routes to followone for the upper area, one for the lower, and the third that connected bothbut to simplify it for you, heres the one.

If youre curious as to how much gold you can possibly gain from the items listed below, you can alwayscheck out The Undermine Journal, choose your region, and then your realm. After that, search for the items below and see what theyve been selling for lately.

Greater Stoneshield PotionSkill: 280 | Usable | Learned via World DropWith a boost in defense that lasts 15 seconds with a pretty short cooldown, this potion can be helpful for tanks in dungeons, as well as certain instances in BGs.

Due to how much of this ore you can obtain in so many zones, its one of the best stacks of ore that you can prospect into gems. So if youve got Mining, and youve got JC, and you need gems, use the ore to your advantage.

Thorium Bar (via Thorium Bar)Used by Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting, Enchanting, Alchemy, Mining.This bar has aton of uses for a variety of professions, but it mainly helps out the blacksmithers. That doesnt mean it doesnt craft other helpful items in other crafting professions though.

thorium ore farming in silithus (classic - wotlk)

Silithus is another great zone for farming Thorium Ore. The amount of minds that litter the outer mountains of the zone will just simply blow your mind. If you are the only person in the zone then it would just be beyond impossible for you to run out of Thorium while circling the zone. In addition to Thorium you will get some Mithril as well as an occasional Truesilver deposit too. The biggest question people ask is, why don't you enter the bug hives? Well the answer is simple. Running through them is really just a waste of time since there is more than enough Thorium outside of them. Below is the exact path that I use to farm Silithus (same as the path seen in the video) - Click the image to enlarge it

The same thing I said for Un'goro also applies to Silithus. If you bump into someone farming this zone either start flying in the opposite direction or switch zones. Flying in the opposite direction as them will split the amount of mines you both get in half but at least you both will still be getting something. Below is a video of me farming Silithus for anyone interested in seeing how much Thorium is there with there own two eyes!

thorium ore mining route - silithus | rpgtutor wow gold guide

If you need Thorium, to sell or raise Mining, Jewelcrafting or Blacksmithing skill, the best place to look for this mineral is Silithus. This is the zone where I got the most of it. Heres the route that Ive been following, whenever I need a couple of bags full of Thorium Ore.

If youre going to farm Thorium with a level 85+ plus toon, teleport to Orgrimmar or Stormwind City, use the portal to teleport at Ramkahen (56,34) in Uldum. From there take a flight to Cenarion Hold (54,34) in Silithus. Or, teleport to Orgrimmar, and fly to Cenarion Hold (54,34) if youre Horde, or take the boat to Theramore Isle and from there fly to Cenarion Hold (54,34) in Silithus if you play Alliance.

Your main objective is to get as much Thorium Ore as possible.The route I usually follow is very simple. I do laps following the rocky edges of the zone. There are loads of small and rich Thorium Veins to gather here. Within 30 minutes I manage to complete 2 full laps, with a fast flying mount.

Before the Shattering the best places in Silithus to gather Thorium were the Silithid lairs. However, nowadays there arent so many mineral veins inside these insect lairs and you shouldnt bother diving in any of them. Unless I see a mineral vein near a lairs entrance, I stick to the normal route.

Thorium Ore x 263 = 75g/stack = 986g Truesilver Ore x 6 = 3g/each = 18g Dense Stone x 329 = 2/stack = 32g Star Ruby x 2 = 8g/each = 16g Azerothian Diamond x 2 = 12g/each = 24g Huge Emerald x 6 = 14g/each = 84g Blue Sapphire x 1 = 2g Arcane Crystal x 8 = 3g/each = 24g Large Opal x 3 = 11g/each = 33g

Before selling your Thorium ore, check the prices for bars. Sometimes the price for a stack of Thorium bars is much higher than a stack of ore, so in that case it would be a good idea to smelt it and sell the bars.

Also, check the prices for Arcanite bars. An Arcane Crystal and a Thorium bar combined make an Arcanite Bar. Sometimes the prices for these bars are high and you might make more money selling a part of these resources as Arcanite Bars.

If you have Jewelcrafting, you can use your prospecting skill on all the Thorium Ore you gather, and sell the crystals that you obtain. These can be: Huge Emeralds, Large Opals, Star Rubies, Blue Sapphires, Azerothian Diamonds and Arcane Crystals. Sometimes its much more profitable to sell the gems instead of the ore. For this, you need 250 skill points in Jewelcrafting.

Before going after Thorium at these spots in Silithus its important to check the AH prices. Dont farm Thorium if the price for Thorium is lower than 40g/stack, or if the Azerothian Diamonds and Huge Emeralds are under 10g each.

To diversify your loot, you can stop an kill some of the wind elementals in the northwestern corner of the zone near The Crystal Vale. Youll get Essence of Air from them, which is quite a valuable reagent.